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Archive-name: Fantasy/nmusic03.txt

Archive-author: Flying Pen

Archive-title: Night Music -  3

	    Chapter 3: I've Heard of Shotgun Weddings Before...

   The next morning I woke up dazed and alone.  My mind seemed to be shrouded

in fog.  There was something important in the fog, too, but I couldn't find

it.  The only thing I knew for sure was that I had had sex with somebody the

night before.  The room reeked of pussy.  I got up groggily and fixed myself

some tea.  I went out to get the Sunday morning paper, intending to read it

as I drank my tea.  After four cups of English Breakfast and half the comics,

I gave up.  I went back to bed.

   I woke up with a start.  It was almost dark outside, meaning I had been 

asleep for almost seven hours.  I sure felt a lot better, but I was sure that 

getting back to sleep and getting up Monday morning was going to be a bitch.

I brushed the fur off my teeth and fixed dinner.  I ate a _lot_, even using

the Thanksgiving definition of the word.  After dinner, I read the abandoned

paper, waiting for the after-meal "sleepies" to hit.  With all the food I had

eaten, I knew they'd hit me hard.

   They did - sort of.  Within three minutes of lying down, I was asleep.  

Instead of the heavy duty power nap I had anticipated, I slept lightly, 

fitfully, having a recurring dream of a beautiful dark-haired woman with

brown eyes.  I kept dreaming that she was everywhere I went.  She called me

by name, her arms were outstretched and she kept repeating the word "open..."

   Suddenly, I woke up.  Victoria was naked, straddling me.  My bedroom

window was open, but I didn't (still don't) remember having opened it.  My

questions went unasked, however, for Victoria settled onto my hard (don't

know how THAT happened, either) cock with a happy sigh.  She pumped at me

slowly, eyes closed, moaning softly.  Her cunt held me in its velvet vise,

and I moaned with her.

   She silently pleasured both of us.  She acted as if she were testing the 

effects of various movements astride me.  She'd bounce herself up and down

for a while, then she rolled her hips forward and back.  Victoria then rolled

her hips from side to side, then changed to a circular motion.  Her eyes were

closed throughout.  She finally settled on the sliding forward to back


   Abruptly, she leaned forward and looked deeply into my eyes.  Her hands 

pinned my arms to the bed.  I descended from nirvana long enough to realize

she wanted something.  "Of your own free will, David, do you want me?" she

softly asked.

   "Ohhh, goddd, yesss, Victoriiiiaaa!!!" I moaned.  The sensations were

intense now, and coherent thought was becoming more difficult.

   She kept talking, however.  "You can say no.  Will you have me then,


   "As much a - a - as  I - c - c - ca - cannnnn."

   "Then I happily claim you as mine, also," Victoria gently said, and my 

ejaculation let loose.  I shuddered with each spasm, arching my back way off

the bed.  I felt very light-headed.  Victoria's tongue was flicking back and

forth against my neck.  Her hair and scent filled my nose, and I was

oblivious to anything else.  I came for as long as I sensed her tongue

lapping at my neck. She finally sat up, with me still in her.  There was a

tender, loving expression on her face.

   The blood around her mouth, bright red eyes, and sharp fangs contrasted 

greatly with her facial expression.  "I love you, David."  She leaned forward 

and kissed me on the cheek.  As my consciousness fled, and my vision went

black, I thought I heard her say, "Happy wedding day, darling..."

   I called in sick to work about an hour after I was supposed to be there on 

Monday morning.  I remembered all of the last three days clearly, especially

the sight of Victoria atop me, eyes shining blood red, my blood smeared all

around her mouth.  Her fangs were long and sharp.  They were particularly

vivid in my mind's snapshot of her.  I kept the blinds closed, and worried

the whole day. The trip of it was that I felt fine, no, perfect!  Except that

I hadn't eaten all day, and my stomach's complaints became more frequent as

the day passed.

   Great.  I'm a fucking hypoglycemic vampire, I brooded.  And it won't be

dark for another three hours.  Maybe I could call for pizza and have the

delivery person...  Nahhh.  That wouldn't work.  They'd know exactly where to

look.  I pulled out my copy of Bram Stoker's book, and began to read the only

source of information that I had about my new life.

   Half an hour later, I went to the john for the first time.  Where I made a 

startling discovery.  I wasn't invisible in the mirror!  I checked my mouth -

no fangs.  Of course, there were a couple of holes in my neck, but that

didn't stop me from heading for the kitchen to cook.  Using garlic liberally,

I made a wonderful meal and attacked it, polishing my plate.  I sat back in

the chair after brushing my teeth.  My stomach was happy, I was happy, and I

was almost ready to believe that it had all been a dream.

   At least until I heard the key in the lock, and the front door opened.  

Victoria walked in, a gigantic smile on her face.  "How wonderful to see you, 

darling!  I was out in the sun all day, I could not resist!"  The musical

voice and accent were exactly as I had dreamt.  This was not a good sign.

Before I could ask any questions, Victoria kissed me deeply and passionately.

I couldn't help responding.  Her eyes, brown once again, sparkled.  "Honey,

I'm home -- is that not how you say it?" she joyfully asked.  She sat down

and looked around the apartment.  "You have so little furniture -- but it

will make moving easier," she said brightly.

   I sat in the chair next to hers'.  Moving?  I wasn't planning on...

Victoria faced me, obviously expecting me to say something.  I figured that

asking the earliest question on my mind might be a good place to start.  Any

new ones could wait.  "Excuse me, but I know your name is Victoria, and we've

had really great sex the past three nights, but exactly _who_ the fuck _are_


   Her eyes got a faraway look when I said "great sex."  Victoria nodded, 

smiling, and half to herself said, "Yes... _wonderful_ sex."  My cock

stiffened.  NOT NOW, I forced myself to think.  She came back from her

reverie a few seconds later, and in an "I'm-surprised-that-you-would-ask"

tone of voice, replied, "I am your wife.  You said you wanted me, and that

you would have me."

   I took a deep breath.  "R-i-i-ight."  This wasn't going anywhere.  "OK, so 

suppose that we are married according to some native custom of your home 

country.  That doesn't work in this country, so, we're not really married.  

Don't you see?"

   "We _are_ married, my love," she insisted gently.  I groaned inwardly.

The marriage question wasn't getting answered to my satisfaction.  Maybe I'd

better try a different one.

   "OK, we're married.  That's all fine and good.  Putting that aside, I have 

puncture wounds on my neck, and I very clearly remember you sitting on me,

with _my_ blood all over _your_ face.  So would you _please_ tell me just

what the fuck I've married, and why I'm here talking to a figment of my

imagination!!!"  Whew.  That was a lot for one breath.

   Victoria smiled sweetly.  She narrowed her eyes, and said in a husky voice, 

"If I tell you, will you -- eat my pussy?"  There was hope written all over

her lovely face.  I almost laughed out loud despite my near-hysterical mood

at the way she said "pussy."  It came out sounding like "poo-see" in her

accented English.  OK, she was cute, but I still didn't have any answers.

Victoria waited, but got no reaction from me, so she started her story.

   "I am Victoria, Countess of Carpathia, daughter of Vlad and Mina, wife to 

David.  I am half -- no, _quarter_ now, vampire.  By desiring, and accepting

me, you have freed me from the bounds of the night.  It was wonderful to walk

in sun again."  My head spun, and I was having trouble grasping the

implications of what she had just said.  My wife was about three times older

than I was, for one.

   "Uhh... er, ummmm...  About this wife business," I tentatively began.

   "It would be very bad to disclaim each other now, after exchange of vows

and blood.  We would both turn into full vampires."  I gave her a blank look.

"Like my father, in book," she finished.  Crushed hope and realization hit me

like a ton of bricks.  Victoria shifted in her chair.  "Do not worry.  I am

not bad wife.  I have much money, and I will always be pretty.  I came back

to America to find mate, break night curse.  I do not like Carpathian men,

they are... uncivilized.  Besides, they are all afraid of me, walk around

smelling like garlic."  She made a face.

   "So divorce is out of the question?" I weakly asked.

   "Unless you want to sleep in coffin, never eat food or drink anything but 

blood, yes."

   "Victoria," I began, trying to reason (with a vampire, shows how clearly I 

was thinking at the moment), "I... I... You... You just don't realize how 

difficult this is for me.  I just can't go around telling people I'm married

all of a sudden.  I mean, my family and friends won't believe this happened

so quickly.  What about my day job?  I like garlic bread.  This apartment is

really too small for two people..."  My concerns flowed freely in no

particular order.

   Victoria listened to me calmly.  "Is custom for engagement in America,

yes?"  I nodded, my complaints interrupted by her voice.  "Then we must --

date -- for while.  Then we can marry in church and live together."  I nodded

dumbly again. She pouted.  "Then I will be alone in house I bought today."

   "You did WHAT???"  I gaped at her.

   She sniffled, a tear trickling out of an eye.  "We need a place to live 

together.  You said this was too small just now.  I saw a nice house today,

so I buy it.  It would make a nice home.  But it will not be home until you

move in." The disappointment in her voice that covered the last sentence made

me feel funny.

   "Victoria, I'd make a lousy vampire.  I'm not a night person," I pleaded.

   She shook her head.  "There is no way to break vows.  You are wonderful

man, I choose you in bar right away, you accept me.  I love you."  Her face

brightened.  "I will teach you how to be vampire.  I will teach you how to

get pretty girls with fangs."  She got my attention with that one.

   I gave her a funny look.  "Sex with only me for next 500 years will get 

boring, I think.  I will -- find other men for myself, too.  We will always 

return to each other, for we are bound by our vows."  She kissed me on the

neck, and I shivered involuntarily.  "Don't be afraid," she whispered.

Victoria leaned on me and nibbled on my ear.  "Bite _me_.  On my neck.  Think

about fangs and biting."

   I did, and my mouth felt funny, like I had too many teeth.  I tentatively 

fixed my teeth on her neck and bit, gently at first, then harder as her skin 

resisted.  A warm, salty fluid filled my mouth, and Victoria sighed, "Ohhhh!"

I felt her sag against me, and as her blood flowed, it felt as if she were a

part of me.  I felt her mouth against my neck, and Victoria bit me.  My body

and soul sizzled as we drank each other's blood.  The feeling made me suck

harder, and it grew more intense in return.

   It was much more intimate, much more fun and fulfilling than normal sex

could _EVER_ be.  Yep, I'd found something exponentially better than coming.

I reluctantly stopped, because the ecstasy was making the room start to spin.

Victoria sat on my lap, kissing me lightly on the face and gently kneading my 

shoulders.  I could definitely get used to this, I decided.  "Married?  Can

you have kids?"


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