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Archive-name: Fantasy/nmusic02.txt

Archive-author: Flying Pen

Archive-title: Night Music -  2

		Chapter 2: Look, The Fog Is Rolling Innn...

   I woke up the next morning feeling like shit.  I was _massively_ hung

over, and felt really weak.  I stayed in bed most of the day, dozing on and

off.  I dreamed of an exotic woman who picked me up at a bar.  I finally got

up around five, showered, dressed, and fixed dinner.  I felt a lot better

after eating.

   I wondered what I was going to do with the rest of the night; after all,

it was Saturday.  I quickly checked to see if any of my favorite bands were

playing close to home.  Unfortunately, nobody I wanted to hear was even

remotely close.  Oh, well, we can always go and drink...  "Daviiid... open

the window in your bedroom."  I blinked at the voice.  It sounded as if I

should know whose voice it was, but I live alone.

   "Pleeease ooopennn the winnndowww," the voice said again, seductively.  I

was sure that I was going crazy, and resolved to get out of the apartment and

get some fresh air.  "You must open your bedroom winndowww," were the next

words I heard, and it sounded like a great idea.  So what if it was 90

degrees outside and there wasn't a breeze to be found for 30 miles?  I opened

the window.

   A light mist seemed to fill my room.  It flowed through the screen and 

gathered in one spot.  Victoria???  She smiled.  "Hello, darling.  I am very 

happy to see you.  Kiss me?"  I walked over to her, my mind a complete blank, 

and we kissed madly, wantonly, lustfully.  Her face was blushed when we came

up for air.  "I missed you.  I want you... I neeed you," she cajoled.  Her

musical voice and accent had started the blood rushing to my cock.

   She lay on the bed waiting.  "Come.  Take my clothes off so that we may

make love.  I wish," she began, then paused.  Her voice got throaty, and

softer.  "I wish for you to do what you did to me last night.  Again,

tonight.  Now."  I undressed Victoria in less than a minute, and was out of

my clothes in fifteen seconds.  I attacked the naked woman with my mouth.

   We kissed briefly, then I moved to her breasts.  I used my fingers, teeth, 

and tongue to play with them.  Victoria gasped in surprise and joy.  I played 

with the underside of her breasts while she stroked my hair, tenderly.  I 

absolutely worshipped her tummy and belly button, eliciting squeals of

delight from her.

   My tongue slid around her knees and I nipped at her thighs lightly.

Victoria wriggled in anticipation.  She tried to bring my head to her pussy,

but I wouldn't let her, and teased her mercilessly.  After getting her good

and hot, I ran my finger around her lower lips.  "Oooohhh," she sighed,

arching her back and trying to push her cunt against my finger.  I traced

lightly around her outer lips, and watched her eyelids flutter.  The rise and

fall of her chest was irregular now; she moaned softly as I explored her


   Without warning, I plunged my finger into her.  Victoria cried sharply, 

"Uhhhnnn!" and threw her head back.  Her body stiffened at the sudden 

stimulation.  I started to lick around her pussy while twisting and turning

my finger inside her.  Victoria's body bounced on the bed, and she yelped

with each breath.  I made slow circles around the outside of her cunt with my

tongue.  Victoria's hips rotated counter to my circles.

   "Ohhhh, ye-e-esss, darllinnnggg!  Doooooo iiiiiiiittttttt!" she moaned.  I 

stopped briefly, getting a look of confusion and desire from her.  Before she 

could speak, I flicked my tongue back and forth rapidly over her engorged

clit.  Victoria almost hit the ceiling, issuing a loud wail and some pussy

juice.  I strummed her clit with my tongue, and she sang like a 200-year old

violin.  Amplified to eleven.  "UUUNNNGGGHH!  AAAHHHH!  OHHHHHH!  HUNNFFF!

MMMFFF!! AWW-OOHHHHHHHH!!!!!"  Her last wail rose in pitch as her cunt

clenched my finger rapidly.

   I stopped to rest.  I _knew_ the neighbors had heard this, and probably

half the neighborhood, too.  Victoria continued to writhe and moan after I

stopped, as she had the night before.  When she finally came back to earth,

she looked at me with the oddest post-orgasmic expression I'd ever seen.

There was a combination of joy, love, wonder, lust, and -- hunger (???) on

her face.  "Come here.  I want to... fuck, yes?  I want to fuck you," she

said in a low, throaty voice.  Hearing Victoria's accent with the word "fuck"

was almost enough to make me come right then.  I slammed into her a little --

well, a _lot_ less tenderly than I would've liked.

   Victoria didn't even grunt with surprise.  "Yes!  Ohhh, fuck me, my

love!" she somehow managed to sigh.  Her tongue flicked like a snake's in and

around my mouth.  I grunted with each thrust.  Her pussy seemed to send

little electric shocks through my whole body via my cock.  I had never felt

this way with any other woman.  Victoria wrapped her arms and legs around me

and squeezed, making me slow my frantic pace.  My thrusts became circular,

and Victoria responded to my new motion.

   "OOOOOHHHH!!!  O-O-Uh... Aaahhhhh!  You are wonderful lover, David," she 

whispered as her hips circled with mine.  "I l-o-o-ve you..."  The emphasis

on "love" made me want to kiss her, so I did.  She was panting for breath

when we stopped kissing.  She looked into my eyes.  "David, do you want me?"

As I was still happily buried in her as far as I could go, I wondered briefly

to myself why she asked, but I said, "More than you can know."

   "I doubt that, my darling," was her response.  I felt her nuzzle my neck,

and something tickled my thr-

   I saw stars as my cock exploded inside her without any of the normal

warning signs.  My brain was cooked to mush instantly.  I was in complete

heaven as wave after wave of ejaculatory spasm coursed through my very soul.

I saw nothing but a blinding white light and my toes curled.  Every other

muscle in my body was taut, stiff as a board, and I could no longer feel

Victoria's body beneath me, but I didn't care.  I couldn't breathe, I

couldn't speak.  Ecstasy was so total that I was only faintly aware of a soft

sucking noise somewhere...


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