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Archive-name: Fantasy/nmusic01.txt

Archive-author: Flying Pen

Archive-title: Night Music -  1

This story Copyright (c) 1993, by the Flying Pen. All rights reserved,

permission granted for a single copy in paper form for personal use.

Retransmission of this story in its electronic form are permitted as long as

no alterations are made to the text, and this message is included in its



		Chapter 1: What's A Nice Girl Like You...?

   I saw her sitting at the bar.  She had full lips, set in a pretty face.

She had round cheeks, very brown eyes, and curly jet-black hair that came to

her shoulders.  There was something foreign and exotic about her face, and

the way she was sitting made her all the more attractive.  She was surrounded

by men, obviously enjoying all of the attention.  She put a cigarette in a

holder, and six flames appeared.  She selected one, but smiled at all the

gentlemen, and basked in the attention again.  I ordered my drink, looked at

the spectacle fifteen or so feet away, and shook my head.  Yeah, she was

gorgeous, but all those guys?

   I looked up from my drink, hoping to steal another look at the foreign 

beauty, but I picked the wrong time.  She was looking in my direction at the 

time, and our eyes met.  Or rather, locked.  I couldn't turn my head away,

and my feet suddenly grew roots.  I was embarrassed.  She stood up, smiled

at the crowd of guys, and walked through the crowd of shocked, would-be

suitors.  Our eyes were still locked, and there was no doubt in anyone's mind

whom she was headed for.

   She stood in front of me and smiled.  Her eyes danced, and she spoke in a 

musical, accented voice.  "Hello, I am Victoria."  She held out her hand.

   The accent had left me unsure of what to do, so I kissed it.  "I'm D-

David..." I stammered.

   "I am pleased to meet you, David.  I am -- new in this country, and I am

not familiar with American customs."  She pouted a little.  "Some of the men

make fun of me when I smoke, but I see other women smoke too?"

   "Well, cigarette holders went out of fashion in the 1920's.  It's almost 

never seen these days."

   "So I am -- how you say -- old fashion?"  She said that smiling, with a 

lovely twinkle in her eyes.  For the entire conversation, our eyes were

locked. We talked the rest of the night, standing at the bar.  Frequent

interruptions were the rule, since many of the men she had left at the bar

simply moved to where we were.  As time passed, though, one by one they gave

up, and left us alone.

   Last call sounded, and Victoria gave me a questioning look.  "What is this 

'last call'?" she queried in the voice and accent I had fallen in love with.

   "It means that the bar is closing soon, and if you want another drink, you 

have to order it now," I explained.

   "Ah.  I see.  But I do not want another drink... of wine.  May we leave?"

   "Sure.  Where's your car parked?  I'll walk you to it."

   "I..."  She paused, searching for the word.  "Rode in taxi here.  I would 

like to... spend longer with you.  You are... interesting to me."

   So we left and headed to my place across the street.  "Hey, GEEK!!!" came

a loud shout.  Victoria looked at me quizzically, but I said nothing, and we

kept walking.  Three guys ran up to us, and then blocked our way.  I

recognized them from the crowd around Victoria earlier.  They were definitely

drunk, and all _much_ bigger than I was.  "Baby, you need a REAL man, not

this geek-ass punk," one of them said.  "Yeah, I can beat him up with one

hand," another said, getting in my face.  More accurately, putting his chest

in my face.  I was beginning to feel worried.

   Victoria spoke.  This time it wasn't the light, clipped, musical tones

that I had been happily listening to all night.  "Leave us alone.  Go away."

The voice was cold, commanding, stern.  Much to my surprise, the men walked

away quietly. I looked at her with a little bit of wonder in my eyes.  She

turned to me, and I looked into those deep brown eyes.  I listened to the

sweet, musical voice that greeted me, and promptly forgot any questions I

might've had.  "Shall we continue to your place, David?"

   We arrived at my place, and she sat down with an amused expression on her 

exotic face.  "So we have selected each other this evening."  She regarded me 

with interest, while I could only look at her, dumbfounded by her

pronouncement. "Kiss me," she requested, and I happily complied.  She sighed

as we broke our embrace.  She walked into the bedroom and posed seductively

on the bed.  "Do you want me?" she asked unnecessarily.  I sat next to her

and kissed her passionately.

   "Stand up," I gently urged.  


   "So I can undress you properly."  I removed her clothes slowly, paying

great attention to each new area of skin that was revealed.  I kissed,

tongued and nibbled Victoria, listening to her sigh and moan as my mouth

worked on her neck, arms, shoulders, and back.  She undressed me, kissing,

tongue probing, searching for my tonsils.  We fell on the bed, kissing


   I kissed my way down her body.  "What are you do-unnhhh!"  She moaned as I 

started to lap at the folds of her cunt.  My tongue rolled along her outer

lips, and Victoria's legs shook in delight.  She grabbed at my head and

pulled my face deeper into the soft, warm, wet place between her legs.

"Oh... oh... ohhh... OHHHH!!!"  Victoria's whole body shook with delight as I

stuck two fingers in her, probing for her G-spot.

   "Yes... yess... yesss... OHHHHHHHHHH!  Oh -- OH -- OHHHHHHHHHHHH -- 

HUUUUNNGGGHH!!!" she grunted.  Victoria bucked wildly as my fingers found

what they were looking for.  Her cunt gripped madly at my fingers, and a rush

of liquid hit me in the face.  She moaned and her body convulsed as if she

were being electrocuted.  "Uhhh -- uhhhh -- uhhhhh -- OOOOOO..."  I sucked on

her clit; she stiffened, her body arched high off the bed, and she moaned

loudly.  She bucked furiously, jerking like a drunken puppeteer's marionette.

I worked at leaving Victoria awash in pleasure until my neck and jaw got too

sore to continue.


continued. She was still moaning and bucking, even without my stimulation.

I watched in fascination as Victoria's orgasm continued for at least five

minutes without me touching her.  Eventually, her frenzied moans became quiet

whimpers, and she wiggled slowly instead of bucking madly.  Her breathing

became more normal.  The sheets were damp with her fragrant juices.

   "I think I love you, David.  I've never had a man do that to me," she

quietly said.  "I ask you again, if you want me?"

   "Of course I do, Victoria," I whispered, kissing her ear.  My cock had

gotten hard from just listening and watching.  The smell of Victoria's

arousal didn't hurt.

   "Then you shall have me, my love," she said, spreading her legs.  I wasted

no time in burying my cock in her, and she wrapped her arms and legs around

me.  Our eyes locked again as I pumped at her.  Her pursed lips issued a

stream of grunts with each stroke, and her pussy molded itself to my cock.

I felt a very quick ejaculation coming on.

   "Victoria... I'm... I'm..." I panted, ejaculation imminent.  I remember 

seeing her open her mouth, but she didn't make any sound.  I only remember

the incredible orgasm that exploded through me.  It felt like the greatest

sex I had ever had!  I almost couldn't stand the feeling, and I really

wasn't even aware of Victoria, at least until the last drop had left my body.

My cock immediately went soft, and I remember Victoria looking at me.  She

said, "And I shall have you."  Then I passed out.


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