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Archive-name: Fantasy/mortsubj.txt

Archive-author: Ariel Witch

Archive-title: Her Mortal Subject


  Ariel was soaking in the hot tub in the Wizard's room, relaxing

after a long day of tormenting mortals in The Land. She was

tired, and bored with dropping zombies and rats all over for

mortals to stumble across. She was in need of a new and amusing

diversion. She began looking over the mortals from her lofty

vantage point above the forests and mountains, wondering if there

was some unwitting fool she could hit with her potent Finger of

Death, terminating their existence.

   Suddenly, she heard someone singing... she glanced around. How

DARE a mortal sing in MY domain!" she thought, looking for the

doomed perpetrator.

   There! There he was, in the main bedroom of the cottage!

   Cloaked in invisibility, Ariel transported herself to the main

bedroom. Sprawled across the unmade bed lay a young and handsome

mortal, bearded and clad in the garments of a wanderer.

   Ariel studied him closely, walking around the bed, wondering

how any mortal could be so happy, and son unaware of her mighty

presence.  She tapped her foot impatiently... was he blind?

   Then she remembered her invisibility  and incanted the proper


   "Hello, oh wondrous witch!" the mortal smiled at her, as she

took form in front of him.

   "Who might YOU be, mortal?" she asked, her voice cold, her

eyes glaring down at him.

   He rose, towering over here, and enfolded her in a warm hug.

   "I am Kalthanas," he told her, "And you must be the fair


   Ariel disengaged herself from his embrace and gave him a

steely stare.  "hmmm," she thought, "The mortal has spunk! Maybe

he needs to be taught a lesson in respect."

   Ariel quickly transported herself to the Royal Bedroom and

explained her plans to the Dwarf Queen. The tiny lady chortled

with glee on hearing what Ariel had in mind and gladly

relinquished her chambers to the witch, closing the door behind

her.  Ariel closed her eyes, and uttered the spell of summoning.

   In a flash, Kalthanas was before her, but to her astonishment,

showed no surprise or fear. He coolly looked around the room,

taking in the small but ornate furnishings.  "Nice place you have

here," he told her, "But a bit small for a witch as magnificent

as yourself."

   Ariel stamped one foot in exasperation. "Rise, mortal!" she

exclaimed. "I do believe you need to be taught a lesson!"

   The young man smiled. "A lesson? Hmmmm.... you may find that I

am quite a fast learner.!" he told her.

   Ariel stamped a foot in exasperation. THIS mortal was not

making it easy!

   Kalthanas bowed low. "What is your wish, M'Lady?"

   "Undress me, mortal, and the lesson will begin."

   Kalthanas approached her and slowly removed her robes, laying

them gently across the bed. Then he stepped back, his eyes raking

over her, taking in her lovely form. Ariel felt a blush creep

from her cheeks to her breasts.

   "Do you like what you see, mortal?" she asked him. She could

feel herself becoming excited beneath his steady green gaze.

   Kalthanas smiled, a slow, lazy smile. "Indeed, I do, M'Lady,"

he told her. "Now what is your desire?"

   Ariel stretched across the bed and parted her legs slightly,

giving him a glimpse of her dark, moist tunnel. "Pleasure me with

your mouth," she told him, "That is, if you know HOW to pleasure

a woman that way."

   Still smiling, Kal slid onto the bed, and moved Ariel's legs

farther apart.  He slid his hands beneath her buttocks and lifted

her cunt to his face. He breathed in the heady aroma of her

passion and lightly flicked her swollen clit with the tip of

his tongue, feeling her cheeks clench in his hands.

   Ariel moaned softly, her juices beginning to flow copiously as

his mouth moved over her. He slid his stiff tongue into her juicy

cunt, lapping at her, savoring the sweet honey of her desire. He

began licking her in low, slow licks, moving his tongue from cunt

to ass and back to her throbbing clit. Ariel began to writhe

beneath his touch. He started to lick faster, sucking and

nibbling on her clit as Ariel bucked her hips, thrusting her cunt

into his face. With a loud moan, she let go a flood of

juices, which he eagerly devoured, lapping up every drop.

   Kalthanas arose and quickly removed his own clothing. His cock

was erect, a glistening pearl on it's tip. It bobbed and swayed

as he approached the bed, moving it within inches of her mouth.

   "I am sure that a fair-minded witch such as yourself wouldn't

mind returning the favor just granted," he told her.

   Ariel licked her lips. She had not seen such a magnificent

wand on a mortal in many a day. She took it by the thick base and

began feeding it into her hot wet mouth, pausing to lick the pre-

cum from the swollen head. Inch by inch she took it, until it was

wholly buried in her mouth, savoring the taste of him, loving how

his hot meat throbbed in her throat. Grabbing his ass, she pulled

him towards her, sucking deeper and faster, wanting him to fill

her mouth with his cream......

   Kalthanas seemed to know what the witch wanted and he slid

from her mouth, his cock glistening from her efforts. He moved

between her legs, the tip of his cock at the entrance to her

pulsing cunt. He slowly moved the head inside her cunt lips and

held it there, feeling her cunt trying to suck it inside her.

   "Nay, M'Lady," he told her. "First you must tell me how much

 you want it."

   Ariel twisted beneath him. This was NOT going as she had

planned. This mere mortal had HER begging HIM to fuck her!

   "Fuck me, mortal, do it now! Plunge that magnificent cock into

my cunt!"

   With one swift lunge, Kalthanas buried his cock deep inside

her. He placed her legs over his shoulders and pushed deeper,

getting every hot hard inch inside her steaming pussy. He began

to fuck her in long steady strokes, pulling his cock almost all

the way out each time then plunging it all the way in. He could

feel her cunt gripping him tightly, trying to milk him and knew

that he was close to cuming. Ariel met his every thrust with one

off her own. He could feel his orgasm nearing and he began to

move faster, harder... he felt the contractions of her cunt

around him and the sudden rush of juices from her as he began to

spurt hot streams of cum into her eager cunt.

   "Oh yes, oh yes, she screamed. "I'm cuming, I'm cuming!"

   Her hips thrashed beneath him, her cunt sucking his cock of

every drop of cum. He fell across her, his cock still throbbing

inside her. Slowly he withdrew it and offered it to her lips.

   "Clean it, M'lady," he ordered her, and Ariel sucked their

combined juices from his flaccid but still large cock.

Kalthanas began to dress, and Ariel watched him.

   "I had intended to make you my slave," she told him, "But

instead I am your slave for life."

   "I know," he smiled gently. "You may look forward to many more

of these encounters." He kissed her hand and slipped from the


   Ariel lay back and closed her eyes, already dreaming of the

next time.



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