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Archive-name: Fantasy/moonmadn.txt


Archive-title: Moon Madness

	It's me again! A conversation a friend and I were having led me 

to write this.  Enjoy!

	This is fiction, of course, and is not intended to correspond 

to anybody I know, or anybody _you_ may know.  I retain all rights to 

this piece of work, and it may not be published in any form for 

commercial purposes without my _express, written permission_.  You may 

keep a copy on disk or paper for your own pleasure, or to share; just 

don't sell it to anybody!

	DESCRIPTION: Well, this is a little harder to define.  Let's 

try heterosexual domination with some degree of bestiality.  

(Obviously, I'm not writing "what I know" anymore!)


	The door to the darkened bedroom opened.  Jessie came in, 

leading Tom by the hand.  She closed and locked the door, then walked 

to the window and pulled the curtains open.  The moon, not quite full, 

filtered through the window and gave the whole room a powdery silver 


	Jessie turned to Tom, and kissed him.  He broke away and said, 

"Look, Jessie.  Are you sure you want to try this? I mean, I know it 

sounds thrilling, but I can't guarantee that I won't accidentally hurt 


	Jessie leaned forward and kissed him, silencing any further 

protest.  "Shhh.  I'm sure.  I'll admit, the idea seemed dangerous at 

first, but after thinking about it, it seems kinda exciting.  Besides, 

it'll give me a chance to fulfill another wild fantasy of mine..." She 

winked seductively, and began unbuttoning his shirt.  He said, "OK, 

Jessie.  But this is what has to happen.  You have to do whatever I 

say, and not get scared.  You have to trust me." He pulled at the hem 

of her t-shirt.

	Jessica considered this for a second, then said, "Fine.  Now be 

quiet..." She began kissing him again, and her fingernails began 

playing with the small patch of hair on his chest.  He pulled his 

shirt off and pulled hers up over her head.  She lifted her arms and 

allowed him to remove her shirt completely, exposing her breasts; 

while they weren't big enough to cause Jessie any embarrassment, Tom 

always enjoyed playing with them.  He unhooked her brassiere and she 

pulled it off, throwing it in the corner.

	While she played with his hair, his hand cupped her left 

breast, and gave it a slight squeeze.  Jessie smiled, and kissed him 

again.  Her tongue found its way into his mouth, and began doing its 

own peculiar mating dance with his.  Tom cupped both breasts and 

squeezed.  His thumbs found their way to her nipples and began small, 

light, swirling strokes.  After a few seconds of his attention, her 

nipples were standing erect.  He broke the kiss off and bent over 

slightly to kiss each nipple lightly.

	Jessie cooed.  She looked up at the ceiling as his lips and 

tongue teased her left nipple first, then her right one.  As his lips 

and tongue tiptoed their way around the tender hemispheres of her 

bosom, her hand reached down and undid his belt buckle.  Tom stopped 

as she pulled the belt off, and chuckled softly as her hand found his 

zipper and pulled it open.

	His cock was already beginning to stiffen from general arousal.  

As her long fingers began tracing the outline against the fabric of 

his shorts, it became fully engorged.  Tom began lightly sucked the 

tips of her breasts as her hand continued to rub against his hard-on.  

He stood straight and kissed her again, with more passion than before.

	Jessie's fingers pulled the waistband down, and her fingernails 

began to tease his swollen glans.  Tom's breathing slowly became 

heavier, and his tongue has more frantic in her mouth.

	He broke the kiss off, and stepped back, breaking all contact.  

"Take your clothes off," he ordered.  Jessie paused for a second, 

shocked by the commanding tone in his voice, then unzipped her jeans 

and slid out of them.  Her red cotton panties were showing a slight 

residue of her arousal, but as she stepped out of them, the moonlight 

caused her dew to twinkle in darkness of her pubic hair.

	Tom pulled his pants off as well, and as his underwear came 

completely off, the nine inches of pure masculinity stood a straight 

ninety degrees from his waist.  "Give me head," he commanded again.  

Jessie obeyed, sitting on her knees in front of his throbbing member.

	Without touching it with her hands, she extended her tongue and 

gave the tip of his cock a brief lick.  Growing more aggressive, she 

began licking along the length of his shaft.  Her hand came up and 

began slowly squeezing his scrotum, and playing with the hair between 

his legs.  Tom arched his back and moaned as she played with his 


	Finally, after a few minutes of slowly moistening his hard-on 

with saliva, she took the glans in her mouth and gave it a light suck.  

Tom moaned again.  She slowly began taking the whole thing into her 

mouth, her lips drawing him ever further into her mouth.  She stopped 

about halfway down the shaft, and rolled her tongue along the length 

of the meat she had swallowed.  Then, taking his shaft with one hand, 

she slowly began pumping his cock in and out.  Her other hand reached 

around and traced gingerly along the crack of his ass.

	Tom's breathing became more labored.  He could feel his blood 

racing, and Jessie's exquisite blow job technique was not failing in 

getting him aroused.  As she pumped away and his crotch, he began to 

concentrate.  He looked at the moon, and felt its light reflecting in 

his eyes.  He closed his eyes, and began breathing deeply.

	"Stop", he said.  Jessie stopped.

	"Get on the bed, on all fours." Jessie withdrew his slippery 

cock from her mouth and climbed onto the bed as he instructed.

	Tom came around behind her, and kneeled onto the mattress.  He 

licked his finger, and began teasing the opening of her sphincter.  

Jessie gasped, but didn't flinch.  He lubed her hole as best he could, 

then slowly forced the fingertip in.  He withdrew, and placed the tip 

of his cock at her back door.  "You're going to enjoy this," he said, 

and pushed the head into her ass.

	Jessie yelped; she'd never taken Tom in the ass before.  She 

wiggled, getting used to the sensation.  Tom's spit-slick penis slowly 

probed her rectum, and Jessie's mind whirled at the strange new 


	Tom finally set up a regular rhythm as her ass adjusted to its 

new occupant.  He pumped her slowly, and his hand reached around to 

play with her tits again.

	Jessie sat up as best she could, and reached behind Tom and 

grab his clenched buttocks.  Her fingernails left small scratches on 

his backside, and her slit became slick with pleasure at his invasion 

of her body.

	Tom began to suck on the back of her neck, leaving small 

hickeys.  Finally, he felt the long-awaited sensation building up in 


	Jessie's blood chilled as she heard Tom began to growl.  "This 

is it", she thought.

	His hands became more insistent at her breasts, and she could 

feel his fingernails becoming longer and sharper.  His nails started 

leaving their own scratches, and she winced at the treatment.  As Tom 

grasped her to his chest, she could feel the hair on his abdomen 

growing.  His penis was spasming and distorting inside her, at one 

point almost stretching her tortured anus to the point of agony.  

Incredibly, his cock was getting LONGER inside her!

	Tom's breathing became interspersed with soft growling.  She 

felt his long wet tongue lick her earlobe--the rough surface tickled 

the skin--and his presence in her ass became more frenzied.  She was 

getting off on the rough treatment--she slipped a hand between her 

legs and began slowly rubbing her clit, eventually matching the speed 

of his pounding in her ass.

	Tom could smell the musk of her passion.  It filed his head, 

and drove his sexual frenzy even more.  Finally, he pulled out of her 

ass with a barely audible pop.

	"Turn over," he growled.

	Jessie complied, and her eyes widened as she saw what he had 

become.  "He wasn't lying," she thought.

	The werewolf's dark gray fur shone like mercury in the 

moonlight.  His gravelly voice rumbled, "Spread your legs."

	She complied, feeling a twinge of fear.  She remembered the 

sensation of his now-enormous cock in her rectum; what would it do her 


	Tom growled, and began roughly licking her nipples.  The rough 

surface of his tongue brought out more pleasure in Jessie than any 

other man who had savaged her breasts.  She threw her head back and 

gasped in ecstasy.  He settled between her legs, and with one quick 

thrust, buried himself as far as he could in her pussy.

	Jessie almost lost control right there.  Tom's passion combined 

with his animal savagery were making him into a more potent lover than 

any normal human she'd had.

	Tom began pumping in and out of her furiously.  Jessie's clit 

was being tortured, as his immense penis stretched her to the limits 

of her endurance.  Her gasps turned to moans, which quickly turned 

into screams of undiluted joy as her first orgasms finally hit.  "Oh, 

God! YES!" She wailed, as Tom brutalized her opening.  His tongue was 

sliding all over her body.

	Suddenly, he pulled completely free of her.  She opened her 

eyes again, he see his shaggy head descend between her legs.  "Oh God, 

he's not going to..." she thought.

	Her unconscious desires were answered, as Tom's thick tongue 

slithered out of his jaws again and slapped wetly against her bush.  

He slurped and licked on her as a dog would drink water from a bowl.  

Jessie's mind was blown; all she could concentrate on was the presence 

of her bestial lover between her legs.

	Tom's tongue slithered into her dripping pussy.  The size of 

his tongue, coupled with his gruff nature, reminded Jessie of one of 

those dildoes with the ridges on it.  Only this toy was being wielded 

more expertly than her own ministrations could provide.

	Finally, she had an idea; as he teased and pleased her, she 

squirmed around so her face was near his crotch.  His monstrous cock 

was hanging between his legs.  Jessie gasped; it had grown to nearly a 

foot in length!

	She began to tease and lick his incredible phallus.  He growled 

as he felt her tongue on his shaft.  Again find some hidden reserve of 

courage, she began to gorge herself on his monstrous meat.

	After satiating themselves in the bestial sixty-nine, he sat 

back, picked her up, and set her back on all fours.  "Relax," he 

rumbled.  Jessie moaned and writhed in pleasure as his cock slid into 

her pussy from behind.  He wrapped his muscular arms around her waist, 

and pumped in an out of her with a renewed frenzy.  Suddenly, he began 

to grumble and howl.  Jessie felt the palms of his hands beginning to 

roughen and scrape her belly.  Again his hard-on writhed in her, and 

she felt his weight shifting on her back.

	Within minutes, Tom had finished the transformation; his slate-

grey lupine form was fucking her doggy-style with complete and total 

abandon.  Jessie began crying out as she felt another wave of orgasms 

beginning to swell.  His bestial cock was reaming her pussy out, and 

she could stand it no longer.

	"Oh God, Tom, not AGAIN! Agh! Oh! Ohmygod ohmygod ohmyGOD!" She 

panted through clenched teeth as the most intense wave of orgasms she 

had ever felt in her life slammed into her.  The wolf began panting 

and growling, and finally yelping as his come finally broke loose, 

filling her with geyser after geyser of primal lust.

	She finally lost all motor control, and collapsed to the bed.  

Tom pulled himself free of her, and lay down at her back, nuzzling her 

shoulders with his damp nose.  "Oh...Tom...that was 

so...incredible..." she mumbled.  She was at a loss for words.  Tom 

whimpered, and continued to nuzzle at her back.  The moon shone 

through the window, causing the glistening diamonds of her sweat to 

glimmer on her lithe form, and his dark fur to twinkle softly in the 


	As Jessie, overloaded, lay there feeling pure exhaustion sweep 

through her body, she felt his transformation back into a human taking 

place.  He clasped her belly with his hands, and pressed himself close 

to her.  He purred and whispered in her ear as she drifted off to 


	"Wait until the full moon, Jessie..." Tom teased.


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