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Archive-name: Fantasy/mindstar.09

Archive-author: Jeff Buser - (C) 1990

Archive-title: Those Of A Mindstar Born - 9

Wendy wasn't quite sure why she was with the team.  They surely didn't need a 

control systems specialist for something as simple as a remote detonator, and 

she couldn't think of anything else they would need her for.  But Sarah 

always swore by 'better safe than sorry' so here she was, waiting for the 

shuttle to descend.  In a matter of minutes Carli and Akira would be here 

with others from his crew to wreak havok upon the invaders.  It was all so 

foreign to Wendy that she could hardly anticipate what her feelings would be 

upon completion of the mission, exhiliration or repulsion, who knew. 

Unexpectedly, the communicator she carried burst into life.  

Akira's voice, under some unknown strain, shouted, "We thought you should 

hear this in case things get really hairy up here and we don't make it . . ."

Her voice urgent, Wendy activated the communicator, "Open channel, lock on 

current frequency.  Hello Akira, what . . ."

But before she could finish, Sarah had sprung forward and knocked the

communicator from her hand.  "Close that channel," she hissed.

"But they're . . ."

"Do it!  Whatever's happening, we can't give ourselves away no matter how 

worried you are about your lover.  Now close that channel"!

Wendy complied, stunned.  The chatter on the communicator continued.

"Kirellian Federation Free Trader 'Morning on Loriar', Registration Number 

AT-4917912346H, this is Imperial Battle Carrier 'Deaths Head'.  Stand to be 


"'Deaths Head', this is the First Officer of the 'Morning on Loriar', we copy 

your message, but question the authority on which you base your demand.  We 

are a vessel of the Kirellan Federation, and protected by the Writ of the 

Free Planets.  We will allow no boarding attempt by your vessel".

"'Morning', this is 'Deaths Head'.  Please put your captain on".

"The captain is not on board".

"Then you, as first officer, are acting captain in his absence and I advise 

you to stand down from battle stations and prepare to be boarded.  If you do 

not comply, then you will be blown from the sky like all pirates".

"But you have no . . ."

"I have the authority of the Emperor and the authority of my guns, and that 

is all the authority I need.  If your shields are not deactivated and your 

weapon pods retracted within five minutes, we will open fire.  'Deaths Head' 


The channel went dead.  "My god, an Imperial battle carrier, here," Wendy 

whispered in disbelief.  "What's going to happen to us"?

"Get a grip on yourself," Sarah admonished.  "We don't even know what they 

want yet".

"It doesn't matter.  They're here and they're going to take whatever they 

want, and we all know what it is".

"That's enough.  We have a plan and we're sticking to it.  When the shuttle 

arrives, we unload the gear and proceed before the Imperials can coerce the 

government into cooperating.  It would take everything they've got to break 

through the planetary defense batteries, so they'll try bribery first, and 

then intimidation before they resort to force.  By that time the 

Prophylactan's ship will be history".

"Why?  What difference does it make with that carrier hanging over our heads? 

Once they've landed, and they will, eventually, they'll just round us up and 

kill us".

"I've told you for the last time to lock it up.  We'll deal with the Imps 

when they get here, but for now we've got a job to do".

As if on cue, the shuttle appeared over the ridge and settled into the rocky 

valley.  Akira emerged, hands on his head.  Behind him came the shuttle crew 

and the volunteers from the ship, also apparently captive.  Sarah and her 

troops stayed under cover, weapons leveled at the shuttle airlock.  Finally, 

Carli and two of her assistants emerged, weapons leveled at the spacers. 

Sarah rose and walked toward the shuttle.

"It took some persuasion to convince these fine crewmembers that their place 

wasn't with their ship," Carli shouted, "but I think we about have them won 


Akira dropped his hands and started shouting, "You bitch, you're as bad as 

they are!  You hijacked my shuttle; oh I should have known better than to 

trust a planetful of dickless pacifists, fuck fuck fuck YOU"!

"Are you finished," Sarah asked.  "I have people on your ship too.  But going 

back to get captured wouldn't have accomplished anything.  Good work Carli".

"Thanks.  If these people decide that it's too late to try anything I suppose 

they could put their hands down".

"All right, everybody," Akira ordered, "we're here to stay".

Carli lowered her weapon.  The contingent filed into the transport Sarah had 

arranged and they reviewed the plan one more time as they flew through the 

night toward twilight.

A few hours later, they arrived at the central compound.  Having traversed 

the time zones at high speed, night was just falling here.  No one bothered 

them as they unloaded the crates containing their deadly cargo.  Not until 

they were near the site of the Prophylactan ship did they notice the gaurds 

posted there.  The were from Security, wearing armour and armed with what 

Carli recognized as deadly, rapid fire rifles that were about the most 

effective personal weapon in the armory.

"How did they know," started Wendy.

"Not now," Sarah cut her off.  "They don't know, but whatever's going down, 

it has to do with that ship.  The Imps probably just told the Council that 

the ship was theirs, and the Council did the rest.  Those idiots wouldn't be 

able to figure out that that's exactly what the Imps want.

"OK, this changes nothing.  We go, but carefully.  Carli, take someone and 

sneak through; set those charges.  Wendy, we'll get you as close to the 

perimiter as we can before we blow the ship; they won't be able to locate the 

detonation signal as easily".

"They won't have to.  They'll be right on top of us".

"Don't worry.  We'll make it.  Now let's do it"!

Carli and one of her assistants snaked off through the grass.  Sarah, Wendy, 

two of their companions and two others from the ship began working their way 

around the perimiter of the guard patrols to a position directly across the 

field from the guard command post.  They were waiting for a signal that the 

charges had been planted, but before it came, one of the guards walked within 

twenty meters of the prone group.  Her helmet light flashed over them, but 

she did not stop, her rifle still slung over her shoulder.

Wendy stood up, not really knowing why; something just wasn't right.  

"Please, don't shoot," she cried, "I'm unarmed"!

The gaurd nearly jumped out of her armour and turned, the barrel of her rifle 

shaking.  "Don't move.  Stay where you are and put your hands on top of your 

head," she ordered and then spoke something into her helmet communicator. 

Within minutes everyone was in custody, the explosives in a containment 

vessel and other equipment piled in a heap on the post commander's desk.

No one spoke, though the post commander asked many questions.  She was 

prticularly insulting to Akira, but he was remarkably restrained.  Finally a 

transport came and took them to a detention center in the central compound.

Wendy wasn't sure how long she was locked up, alone, but she thought it was 

about two days.  Except to deliver meals, no one came to her cell.  When she 

finally got a visitor it was a woman in a uniform Wendy didn't recognize but 

which must have been Imperial;  high boots, dull black synthetic pants and 

jacket with decorations over the breasts and on the shoulders, battle helmet. 

Wendy stayed on the bed and the woman remained standing though Wendy offered 

her the only chair.  The woman pressed a pad and the console which Wendy had 

tried vainly to activate countless times flickered to life.  Not speaking, 

the woman dropped a crystal into the receptacle and typed a few commands.  

The console screen brightened showing a still frame of an large, white empty 

room with a single chair in the center.

"Wendy," the woman began, "I'm sure that you are aware that there is a 

delicate diplomatic situation currently in progress.  I am here in lieu of my 

commanding officer as a concession to your government's sanction against any 

male presence upon your planet.  You see that we are reasonable people, 

willing to negotiate".

She paused but Wendy said nothing, staring into the hideous face across from 

her.  It was difficult to tell where the scars of old battles ended and the 

inevitable cracks and wrinkles common to all offworlders began.

"I am Imperial Marine Major Jenifer Andria.  I am going to ask you a few 

simple questions.  You will answer them truthfully.  In my generosity I have 

consented to abide by the rules of this detainment facility in my 

interrogation, but I warn you, if I find your testimony unsatisfactory in any 

way your government has agreed to deport you and the rest of your terrorist 

comrades for prosecution under Imperial law for crimes agains the Empire".

"What's that"?

"This?  This is merely an informative crystal which will provide background 

on the situation.  The background information was gathered from pirates 

captured in interplanetary space who were dealt with in the usual Imperial 


"Since you seem so interested, let's watch".

She pressed a pad and the crystal started it's display.  A woman Wendy 

recognized as one of Carli's staff was walked into the room by two Imperial 

guards.  As they reached the chair they stopped and one guard bent to release 

the ankle cuffs on the woman's feet.  When the first cuff snapped free she 

released a savage kick at his groin and he doubled over.  As the other guard 

drew his gun, she wheeled on one foot and contacted his head.  He dropped the 

gun and she fell on it, firing behind her back.  The energy blast threw him 

across the room to lie in a heap in one corner.  Looking over her shoulder, 

she turned the gun on the other guard still grovelling on the floor;  the gun 

took his head off from the chin up with very little gore and a thick wisp of 

smoke.  She knelt beside his body, the gun dangling from one hand while she 

fumbled in his pocket for something.  

The camera angle was wide and Wendy couldn't see exactly what happened, but 

she supposed the woman had found a key because she suddenly brought both 

hands out in front of her, gun at the ready.  Then there were shots from off 

screen, below the camera, which splattered against the far wall with little 

flashes of light.  The woman returned fire, apparently successfully, because 

there was no motion for about ten seconds.  Then suddenly she started firing 

madly at something below the camera before a shot impacted directly on the 

chair she was kneeling behind.  She spun out and away from what was left of 

the chair and as she fell, Wendy saw a gout of black-brown smoke rising from 

the ragged emptiness that had been most of the woman's stomach.  Then the 

scene skipped and the room was once again empty and clean.  The chair had 

been replaced.

Major Andria stopped the display and looked at Wendy.  Wendy was revolted by 

what she had seen, but the woman's defiance in the face of overwhelming odds 

had strengthened her.  The Major must have seen this because she hesitated a 

moment before speaking.

"A dramatic gesture.  One worthy of an Imperial soldier, I must admit.  You 

have a right to be proud.  And you will have no reason for shame at the next 

segment.  After all, not everyone is a soldier.  Some are technicians like 

yourself.  Some are theoretical scientists".

She reactivated the console but before it even started Wendy knew what was 

coming.  A single, friendly-looking man entered the room and turned to face 

the doorway beneath the camera.

"Come on, there's nothing to be afraid of," he said.  "We're both scientists, 

aren't we?  I really wish I could do something about the shackles, but 

regulations, you know"?

Through the entrance below Wendy saw a woman enter with straight, dark, 

medium length hair and a narrow red sash tied around her waist.  Wendy, over 

and over, thought, it's not her, it's not her, but when the woman turned and 

sat at the man's request she saw it was Kate.

The man knelt at her feet.  "I'm afraid I can't free you, but this might be a 

little more comfortable".  He undid her ankle cuffs and positioned her left 

ankle in a shackle attached to the chair.  He moved to the other leg, putting 

the cuffs in a compartment on his uniform.  He moved her other ankle to the 

far side of the chair, spreading her legs, and fastened the other shackle 

attatched to the chair there.  He moved behind her, adjusting something on 

the back of the chair.

For the first time the camera panned in.  The screen now showed only Kate, 

almost straddling the small seat, and the man pacing first in front of and 

then behind her.  The fear on her face was obvious; she was in tears and for 

the first time Wendy could hear the small whining noises she was making.  The 

man walked to stand behind her.  His face was cut off at the top of the 

screen but his voice was still audible, reassuring.

"Relax.  There's nothing to worry about.  You are safe here.  I am going to 

ask you a few simple questions.  You will answer them truthfully".

Wendy saw the man produce something black that looked like a short whip from 

another compartment on his uniform.  He was still speaking as he raised it, 

removing it temporarily from the screen.  "You really needn't worry.  The 

first question is . . ."

Wendy closed her eyes, but she couldn't stop the screams coming from the 

console.  When she could hear him over the cries, the man was still 

cheerfully chatting away.  At the first, short lull, Wendy heard Kate rush 

the names and places and deeds out between her sobs.  Before she was even 

finished, there was another wet thump and the screams returned.  There were a 

few such breaks, during which Wendy heard Kate pouring out streams of 

information.  Toward the end she was babbling, making up things, spouting out 

reams of formulas and equations, pleading for mercy.  And then finally, the 

screams started again and did not stop; they were punctuated by occasional 

unidentified noises which were always followed with even worse screams.  

Finally, there was silence.

Major Andria spoke.  "Wendy, I really think you should see this; this is my 

favorite part".

Wendy opened her eyes and the major started the crystal again.  Kate's body 

had been destroyed;  Wendy could not believe she was still alive.  "Now 

little Kathrin, you've been such a good little girl," he crooned.  "I have a 

present for you if you want it".  He undid both sets of cuffs, put his arms 

very gently around her waist, and hoisted her to her feet.  She almost fell, 

so he carefully walked her to the wall.  The camera followed.  "Here's a nice 

solid wall to lean against so my little baby won't fall down.  But what's 

this old rag you have on"?

Kate's sash was amazingly intact.  Though not a single square inch of her 

body was not swollen, bruised, cut or burned, the sash had but a few dark 

blood stains on it.  "This is filthy.  We must get this off".  He hooked his 

hand under the sash and tore at it.  Her neck snapped back as his motion 

pulled her whole body forward.  The sash did not come loose.  He tried 

several more times before he finally lost patience and cut it with a knife 

which he produced from his uniform.  He dangled it in front of her face.  

"This can't be fixed.  I know it's your favorite but you've ruined it.  I'm 

sorry, but this is the way it has to be.  You ruined it, and now you won't 

have it any more".  Then he burned it right in front of her face.  When the 

flames had almost reached his fingers, he dropped it.  It fell and went out, 

one tiny corner of red still visible.

Kate's body was now racked with spasms, and tears streamed down her face. 

Wendy couldn't tell if her gasps were due to some internal injury or if they 

were just sobs.  The man pulled her away from the wall, holding her tenderly 

in his arms.  Into her ear, he whispered, "Poor little Kate, ruined her 

favorite sash.  It's all right, Kate, I have something even better for you. 

Do you want it"?

He held her away from him so he could look into her face.  "Do you know what 

it is"?

She shook her head.

"It's lovely, lovely death, Kate.  Beautiful death.  Do you want it now"?

She nodded.

"That's my good girl.  You stand right here and I'll get it for you".

She leaned back against the wall.  He turned away for just a split second and 

then wheeled back.  His left hand clenched her throat as he pummelled his 

right fist into her face.  He hit her again and again, pulling his punches to 

make his gift last longer.  Kate could no longer scream;  the only sounds 

coming from what was left of her face were disgusting gurgling noises.  He 

lowered her body to the ground by the throat.  Only when his hands were 

covered with blood and the very last of her convulsions had stopped did he 

make another sound.

When he was very, very sure she was dead, a scream built from a low rumble in 

the back of his throat to a wail that lasted forever in Wendy's mind.  He 

cursed her for dying, begged her body for forgiveness, threw foul epithets at 

her eternal soul and then wallowed, crying, in her gore.  Eventually two 

guards entered the room and reported to him, saluting.  "Cleanup detail 

reporting as ordered, sir".

The man straightened and returned their salute.  He was covered with blood. 

His face became totally expressionless.  "Proceed," he said, and then left.


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