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Archive-name: Fantasy/mindstar.08

Archive-author: Jeff Buser - (C) 1990

Archive-title: Those Of A Mindstar Born - 8

"As you already know, the discharge of the 'jacs is actually a colony of 

billions of single-celled organisms.  They are photosynthetic and store this 

energy in dead organic cells which then split from the living cell.  The 

'jacs then reabsorb this discharge, using the dead cells as food.  I have 

found that the 'jacs also produce more organisms than they consume, emitting 

the familiar discharge which I have found to be almost purely living cells.

"The next supporting observation to my thesis is another which is already 

known, that the living cell colonies posess a poorly understood form of 

telepathic communication.  We have always assumed this communication to be 

purely empathic, an adaptive trait which allows the 'jacs to locate one 

another for socialization or reproduction.  I believe there is another 


"Finally, I have found that the 'jacs themselves fertilize about one living 

cell every local year, completely replacing the portion of the cell which, 

for lack of a better term, I will call it's 'genes'.  This cell is discharged 

with the rest, lives and grows within the colony feeding from the dead cells, 

and if environmental conditions allow, eventually develops into a young 'jac.

"My theory is this: the highest life form on this planet is not any of the 

varieties of 'jac, but the discharge they emit".

There were excited murmurs around the room.  Kate continued, "The 'jacs 

themselves are nothing more than reproductive engines which keep the colony 

alive.  And the colony is not bounded by the physical dimensions of any one 

puddle of 'jac juice, but consists of all the cells on the planet, all linked 

telepathically into one huge organism".

Questions were hurled from the floor, but in the general chaos no one could 

be heard.  With more difficulty than she was used to, Sarah managed to quiet 

the crowd of members and spacers.  "Ok, assuming we accept this premise, what 

conclusions have you drawn about techniques for assisting the organism and 

the 'jacs?  And do you have any ideas why the Prophylactans are trying to 

destroy it"? 

"I don't believe they are tyring to destroy the organism, though that is the 

effect they are having.  The Prophylactans are designed to feed on the dead 

cells just as the 'jacs do;  in fact, they should be able to exist wholly on 

the few dead cells that pass through the ejaculoids' system undigested.  They 

only filter the living cells through an organ that I don't yet fully 

understand, and then eject them.  It's the 'jacs themselves that have sucked 

up all the organism's cells and refuse to pass them through except for the 

barest minimum needed to produce food".

"Great work, Kate.  Recommendations"?

"For now, other than to suggest finding a way to make the 'jacs ejaculate 

while afflicted, no.  I don't fully understand the Prophylactans' physiology 

yet and when I do I may be able to recommend more active measures".

"Well, I have a suggestion," bellowed Akira.  "I say that since no government 

will claim that ship out there, we blow the shit out of it.  It probably 

won't help but I know it won't hurt and we might get some idea of who sent 


One of the members spoke up.  "What if it is from Earth, like people have 

been saying"?

"They've already denied it," said Akira, "so even if they did they couldn't 

complain".  Good rumors travel fast, he thought.

"That's where I think you're wrong," corrected Sarah.  "I think that if they 

did send it, then they'll be pissed off if we blow it up, whether or not they 

admit it.  And then they'll be breathing down our necks hot and heavy".

"And your government has the distinction of being the only one in the Free 

Planets that doesn't maintain a fleet of military starships.  Why, any 

Kirellian Free Trader is required by our government to keep up a military 

reserve status, which means armed to the teeth.  I'd take that fat old cargo 

boat in orbit up against anything short of an Imperial light cruiser just for 

the exercise"!

"That just proves my point.  I will not have," and as an afterthought she 

added, "and our government will not have," and then continued, "you or 

anybody else turning this planet into a battlefield for the Free Planets and 

the Empire.  If you want to provoke them into attacking you, go home and do 


"I agree with him".  Carli stood from the planetside section.  "They won't 

come out here for one little ship that they say isn't even theirs".

Sarah glared at her.  How far apart they had drifted.  "And which we aren't 

even sure is theirs," she corrected, knowing that by now nobody would believe 

that it was from anywhere else.  "But we still can't take the risk".

"I say we can and I call for a vote".

"Very well.  The question asked is:  'Should we attempt to destroy the alien 

craft?'.  Answers are:  'Yes', 'No', or 'Undecided', forty five second time 

limit.  'Undecided' counts as 'No' for decision tabulation, expired time 

votes are discarded".

The members made brief entries on their datapads.  Wendy looked at Carli, who 

quite dramatically remained standing and pressed her pad with a flourish. 

Sarah was equally intense, standing in front, her vote cast already.  Wendy's 

finger hesitated over the 'Undecided' rectangle and then descended and 

pressed 'No'.  She avoided Carli's gaze as she scanned the room, looking 

instead at the numbers flashing away the time limit on her pad.  Things were 

out of her control;  her personal reality was succumbing to the forces of 

politics and personality whirling and eddying around her and she felt as if 

she might go under.  She had already lost her only two human lovers in years 

to the current;  she felt she might lose more.

Finally, the numbers flashed double zero and then the results were displayed. 

There were twelve 'Yes' entries, five 'No', four 'Undecided' and five votes 

with expired time limit.

Sarah, emotionless, recited the results.  "We destroy the craft.  Carli, 


Carli, supressing a smile, answered.  "We could try deomlitions.  I can get 

appropriate equipment from Security, I think, but probably the best way to do 

it is to bombard the ship from space.  The trader's weapons are designed for 

ship to ship combat".

"What about government repercussions?  If these guys open up on our planet 

with heavy weapons they'll probably get blasted immediately by the planetary 

defense batteries, and at best they'll be ejected and never allowed to trade 

in this system again".

"Right," confirmed Akira, "I think demolitions might be the best route.  But 

we have some stuff on board that'll save you the trouble of stealing it. 

Nice, state of the art explosive packs that are designed for blowing holes in 


"All right.  Carli, coordinate the mission with the starship crew and our 

people.  Next item of business . . ."

As the meeting ended and people began to filter out, Sarah stopped Wendy. 

"Could you work on trying to get our captive 'jacs to cum with the 

Prophylactans still attatched"?

"I really don't think that will help.  I think they're holding back for a 


"Yes, but Kate suggested it might help their chances of survival until we 

find out what's really going on".

"They're still alive now, and if that's the only reason behind forcing them 

to discharge, then it's pointless".

"Kate doesn't think so".

"Kate knows biology.  I know the 'jacs, and I know that they're doing what 

they should be doing".

"If that's really the way you feel, then I won't force you to be in charge. 

Thanks anyway; I know you're doing what you feel is best".  Sarah turned away 

and began giving orders to her new aide, Sanny.

Wendy interrupted her.  "You mean if I don't do it, somebody else will"?

"Somebody has to try".

"All right, I'll do it".

"Good.  There's nobody better for the job.  Whatever you need, we'll get, 

though with your ability I doubt you'll need much other than your self.  Good 


And then she had turned around and was dictating again.  Wendy left quietly, 

drowning in the sea of things beyond her control.


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