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Archive-name: Fantasy/mindstar.07

Archive-author: Jeff Buser - (C) 1990

Archive-title: Those Of A Mindstar Born - 7

Over the next few weeks, many afflicted ejaculoids were transported to the 

traders' ship.  Wendy accompanied these shipments at Sarah's request, 

comforting the 'jacs as they were lifted out of their natural environment.  

On one such a shipment, Wendy saw Carli alone for the first time since her 

departure for the ship.  The ease with which Carli wore her skinsuit was 

somehow depressing;  Wendy loathed the feel of the space gear more than any 

other part of the trips.  They embraced, but immediately Wendy could feel 

that it was the touch of a friend and not that of a lover.

"How are things planetside," Carli asked when they separated.

"Fine.  The net's still secure, and from what tapping I've done it looks like 

nobody suspects anything".

"And you're always telling me about illegal stuff?  Shit, Wendy, they'd 

better not find out".

"And you're always telling me 'don't worry, I know what I'm doing', so 


They both smiled.  "And how are thing up here"?

Carli's face lit up.  "Great.  I'm really learning a lot.  You know, things 

have been happening out there in the Free Planets that would amaze you.  

Plus, Kate thinks that she's close to some real answers.  She's really 

amazing, you know".

"Yeah, I know.  I see her every time we bring one across.  Look, I've got to 

get back to the shuttle.  I hope to see you planetside sometime".

"OK.  It's really good to see you.  Catch you later".

When she was out of sight, Wendy leaned against a wall, or, as she had been 

corrected by the spacers a hundred times, a 'bulkhead'.  She took a deep 

breath and wiped the beginnings of a tear from her eye.  Quickly, she strode 

back to the shuttle.

Carli went off duty at 2100, ship's time.  She went to her cabin and stripped 

off her skinsuit.  She checked her console and confirmed the appointment she 

had made.  When the captain entered, he stopped for a moment, looking at her 

outstretched body.  Then he straightened, looking quite seriously at her 


"Sorry," he said, "I'm not used to seeing naked women in many of my 

appointments.  Most people keep their suits on even when they're off duty. 

What did you want to see me about"?

"Close the door," Carli said.

"There.  Now what can I do for you"?

"In my culture, nudity is simply fashionable.  However, in my culture, a nude 

woman reclining on her bed before a visitor in her cabin with the door closed 

is doing the same thing as a nude woman reclining in front of a visitor in 

her cabin with the door closed in your culture.  Figure it out".

"I see.  It's just, well, in the first place it's wierd that you're older 

than me but look like my daughter".


"And, you've never had a man before".

"So?  You've never had a woman before, either".

"I'm not sure where you get that idea, but it's not quite true".

"I mean, not 'til you've had me, you haven't".

"Ah.  I see".

Carli got up and went to him.  She undid his skinsuit with the casual 

spacer's ease that most people from planetside never develop.  "Aren't these 

things too inconvenient?  I'd go nuts if I wore one 24 hours a day".

As she began to stroke his chest with her fingertips, raking through the 

dark, curly hair there, he grabbed her shoulders.  Looking into her clear 

blue eyes he shook her and said, "You'd better be sure you want this.  I've 

wanted you from the first time I landed on your planet.  I want you like I've 

never wanted a woman before.  But I like it a little rough, and I dont like 

to be disap .  .  ."

He started to drag her back onto the bed, shaking her like a toy, but somehow 

when they landed they were not on the bed but on the deck, and his face was 

being shoved into it.  And his arm was twisted behind him.  And Carli was 

sitting on him like he was a chair.

"Disappointed?  Gee, asshole, I'd just fucking hate to disappoint you.  But 

if I'm not rough enough for you, I guess I'd better just go back down to the 

planet and live in that gravity that I've had to fight all my life while you 

were up here floating around like a fucking fairy.  How's that"?

"OK, OK," he grinned, his voice straining somewhat to get the words out 

through the half of his mouth that wasn't pinned to the deck.  "I get your 

point.  But you know, an ally can quickly become an enemy . . ."

He uttered a short burst of command syllables and instantly the artificial 

gravity in the room was lifted.  They had no momentum in relation to the 

floor and so they didn't actually move far, but the sensation momentarily 

disoriented Carli and in that second Akira pushed off and they were floating 

across the room. Akira twisted his body around to face Carli and got her arms 

pinned behind her.  Carli locked her legs around his waist, and as they 

drifted toward the far bulkhead she stretched her neck to nibble at his 

throat.  Just before impact she felt the slightest contraction in his 

buttocks.  At the second his feet made contact with the bulkhead she flexed 

her legs, kicking at the backs of his knees, and his legs folded; he 

released her arms to slap the wall with his hands to prevent his head from 

crashing into it.  His frantic flailing sent them spinning, drifting slower 

but rotating wildly.  Akira was amazed.

"Where did you learn to handle yourself in free-fall like that"?

"Yeah, I've been meaning to compliment you on your ship's facilities, Cap'n. 

You have a really great gym".

"I hope you haven't learned everything, 'cause there are a few things I'd 

like to teach you personally".

Carli pulled her body down Akira's stomach with her heels, still locked 

behind his knees;  she stopped as she felt his cock, hot and erect, pressing 

against her longing entrance.  His organ was stiffer than a 'jac but seemed 

to lack independent control;  it didn't nuzzle against her or try to wriggle 

it's way in except in reaction to the movements of Akira's pelvis.  She made 

no attempt to stop him as he deftly controlled their impact, sending them in 

a long, slow journey across the room.  She locked mouths with him, their 

tounges penetrating and receding, lips pulling and sucking, throats tasting 

the delicate flavors of a mouth from across the stars.  Their bodies had made 

one slow, graceful rotation as they drifted so that Akira's feet once again 

struck first.  

This time, however, he used the energy of their motion carefully, bending 

slightly at the knees and then bracing, driving Carli's cunt onto his cock. 

Once he had penetrated her outer lips, her wetness engulfed him and he slid 

smoothly into her.  He then stretched out his legs once again, forcing 

himself in to the hilt and propelling them once again across the room.  Carli 

cried out, a little yelp of surprise, pain and pleasure.  Never before had 

she felt a penetration so swift with something so hard; nothing like the slow 

burrowing she was used to.  Her skin felt raw where he had first rammed her 

doors open, but it was a pleasant rawness; she arched her back in ecstacy as 

they soared across the room.  He bent to kiss her breasts and she gripped his 

head to her chest tightly, rubbing her tits to and fro with his bearded chin.  

When he next shoved off from the wall she began humping her hips against him, 

but with nothing to press against she found it impossible to establish any 

rythmn.  The distraction of his mouth around her nipple made it all the more 

difficult, and she nearly separated from him before finally violently pulling 

him back inside her with her heels pounding his ass.  In a low, rough voice 

which was little more than a clarification of the growls she had been 

emitting, she began to command him.  "Come on, Cap'n, fuck me!  I want to 

feel you pound my cunt.  God, you're so hard, use it!  As deep as you can go, 

as fast as you can go, fill me up.  I want your cock to swell up 'til it 

bursts me open.  Come on, do it, fuck me now!"

Akira removed his mouth from her breasts, gently swinging his hips in a short 

rapid oscillation that stretched the walls of her cunt deep inside with the 

tip of his cock.  "Hard and fast doesn't work in zero-G without a lot of 

practice, which I hope to eventually give you but which you don't have now; 


"Then fuck zero-G.  I want you to ram my cunt with that big, solid dick until 

I can't take it any more".

Akira angled their next rebound toward the bunk and when they reached it he 

held on.  They bounced away to the extent of his arms, then floated back, 

bounced away and floated back again.  With each bounce his cock shoved a 

little further into her and then eased back.  When they were stabilized, 

floating a few inches away from the bunk, he turned the gravity field back on 

and they fell to the bed.  His weight forced his cock even farther into her 

than she had thought possible and she groaned long and low with the feel of 

it.  She spread her legs wide, opening herself entirely to his thrusts.  He 

began to tease her with short, slow strokes and she began kicking his ass 

with her heels again to spur his movements.  She arched her back to bring her 

breasts up to meet his face; he began sucking them, quickly alternating 

between them with brief hard kisses and tounge flicks.

Akira's strokes were now gaining length and pace, and at the end of each he 

stopped and rotated his pelvis to make his cock dance inside her.  She moved 

her legs up so that her calves rubbed his sides.  He threw his head back and 

began to moan as she clawed at his chest, pulling his hair and pinching his 

nipples.  He lifted first one arm, hooking her leg and positioning it so that 

her ankle was at his shoulder, and then the other.  Her cunt lips were now 

tight on his cock, a narrow, constricting passage to the heaven beyond.  With 

each time he rolled forward to thrust into her, her ass now lifted from the 

bed, opening the entire length of her channel as a straight, slick tube.  His 

movements became furious and his voice melted with hers in a chorus of 

uncontrolled gasps and outbursts.  His cock was now moving even faster, 

emerging almost totally from her pussy so that only the very tip remained 

nudged between her lips and then ramming forward so that his cock was 

entirely submerged and his hips compressed her thighs even more while his 

heavy, tight balls slapped her ass.

With each of his strokes she jerked her ass upward to feel him strain into 

her as far as he could, filling her up and then some.  She whipped her head 

back and forth and gripped his shoulders, arms and chest spasmodically.  Each 

of his breaths was now a stacatto burst of pleasure and then she felt his 

cock lash like a whip inside her.  His cock head seemed to swell to twice 

it's previous size with the pressure of his cum, which then spewed into her 

with unbelievable force.  With each continued stroke another burst of his 

love juice squished into her;  the sensation was more than she could take and 

feeling the slowing pulsations pump his last reserves into her waiting hole, 

her body rippled like the surface of an ocean with waves of orgasm that tore 

through her body like the tide.

His body collapsed on top of her, heavy, sweaty and panting.  As his cock 

softened it slipped from her; she felt his semen trickle down the crack of 

her ass to form a puddle under her.  Soon he was snoring, and under his 

weight she closed her eyes and dreamed of zero-G.  She fell asleep with 

visions of stars on her eyes.


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