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Archive-name: Fantasy/mindstar.06

Archive-author: Jeff Buser - (C) 1990

Archive-title: Those Of A Mindstar Born - 6

The expedition had been a complete failure.  The Prophylactan enveloping the 

'jac they had found had showed no interest whatsoever in reliquishing its 

grasp on its victim for a vat full of discharge collected from the recovering 

'jac.  Even more disappointing, they had been forced to leave the afflicted 

'jac in the wilderness.  They were barely able to keep the captive 'jac alive 

by recycling it's own jism, and were having to find outside sources already 

because of losses like the one just experienced.  The mood gloomy, the party 

returned to Carli's rooms for a discussion which led nowhere and soon 


Wendy was in the examination room tending to the 'jac when the console 

buzzed. A moment later Carli entered, face serious but excited.

"This could be it.  One of the cargo hands wants me to meet her in half an 

hour at the starport.  I'm going out for a while; I don't know how long this 

will take.  Stay here in case I need you for anything".

"Shouldn't I go?  What if it's dangerous"?

"If it's dangerous, which I highly doubt, then that's an even better reason 

for you to stay here".

"But shouldn't we call someone else?  Sarah, at least"?

"No.  This might get pretty illegal and I don't really trust open


"Well at least take a weapon".

"Too hostile.  And I am armed, anyway," Carli said as she wheeled and lashed 

out into midair with a lethal-looking kick at about head level.  "We in 

Security take our jobs very seriously".

Wendy couldn't help but smile;  she loved it when Carli showed off her body 

and the control she had over it.  "Seriously enough to consort with 

smugglers, harbor a native life form in your apartment, and skulk around at 

night like somebody in Intellegence", she grinned.

"Yeah, about that seriously".

They both laughed.  Wendy moved to Carli and held her, pulling her close and 

kissing her lips passionately.  "Be careful," she said as Carli grabbed the 

shoulderbag she had waiting and opened the door.

"I always am".

Carli was still not in by morning.  Worried, Wendy got ready and went to 

BTech; she had missed several shifts recently and didn't want to draw 

attention to her now-missing host.  She got a call around midday from Carli. 

There was some small talk, mostly nonverbal reassurance that Carli was ok and 

a brief notification of a meeting that night.

At the end of her shift, Wendy went with a few of her co-workers for a meal 

and drinks.  When time for the meeting arrived she excused herself and walked 

to Carli's place.  Sarah and Carli were conferring in a far corner, very 

serious and very quiet.  Not all the members were present; besides Carli, 

Sarah and herself there were only five other people present.  Wendy walked 

over to Maria Dio who was sitting slightly apart from the other four, 

watching them discuss the reason for the meeting.

"What's up"?

"I don't know.  Sarah called and told me to be here".

"Any ideas"?

"No.  I suppose we'll find out soon enough".

Wendy nodded.  A few minutes later, Kate entered.  Sarah looked up from her 

conversation with Carli.

"Well, now that everone who is going to be here is here, we can start.  The 

big news is that last night, Carli made contact with the starship crew.  The 

reason the government refused to deal with them is because their captain 

refused to deal through intermediaries . . ."

"So?  What's wrong with that?  Why would that stop them," Wendy asked.

"That's easy enough.  Allow me to introduce you to Free Trader Captain Akira 


On cue, the captain emerged from the spare room in which Wendy had been 

staying.  Even Wendy felt a small gasp escape from her mouth.  She knew, of 

course, that on every other world in the Old Empire and in the Free Planets 

human reproduction functioned very differently than here.  She had seen many 

shows which vividly represented this fact.  But the difference between 

watching a crystal and seeing the first living man to walk the planet's 

surface in nearly four hundred years was quite a difference indeed.

The effect was not a pleasant one.  The man was oddly proportioned, thin like 

most spacers and well-muscled, but his shoulders were wide and his hips 

narrow.  The lower half of his face was covered with a close black growth 

that resembled pubic hair and the remaining portion was wrinkled and creased 

like those of most offworlders.  His body was entirely covered by his 

skinsuit; the hermetic seals at the cuffs and neck for his gloves and helmet 

dangled like ugly bracelets and necklace.  His head showed a shiny smoothness 

that could only have been acheived by having all of his hair permanently 


The man seemed undaunted by the staring faces.  "Ladies," he began with a 

thick trader accent, "I know you haven't seen a man in hundreds of years but 

please, I'm not just a piece of meat".

There was polite laughter which broke the silence, though no one really 

understood what he had meant.

Sarah spoke.  "Captain Salvay has asked to speak to us, since we are the only 

group onplanet which is interested in hearing what he has to say".

The captain explained.  "Ladies, I have an interest in what's going on here, 

a personal interest that means a lot of money.  I'm going to be honest and 

tell you right up front that I am one crass, materialistic son of a bitch, 

and if I didn't think your problem would cost me anything I wouldn't be here.  

Now that you know what motivates me, there shouldn't be any questions about 

my motives.

I agree with you totally that these pests that have invaded your planet have 

to be eliminated.  That's as important to me as it is to you, and it's 

probably a lot more important than you realize".

Wendy spoke.  "So we sit here and listen to the ravings of some man who comes 

here, doesn't know our culture, doesn't know our problem, and admits the only 

reason he's here is so his profits don't drop?  Why?  What can you do for us 

that we can't do for ourselves".

The captain smiled at some private joke and continued.  "I'll tell you.  

While you ladies sit here fucking around with your little animal welfare 

society, the balance of power is shifting.  You're so totally blissed out, 

here on a rock that nobody wants, that you don't even have a standing army.  

Your Security division makes the cooks in my galley look like kill-mutants in 

powered battle armour".  

Wendy glanced toward Carli and saw that she was bristling at that, but was 

keeping amazingly silent.

"You don't communicate with anybody, you hardly do any trade;  the only 

reason you're not still part of the Empire is that the revolution pushed 

their borders back so far that they weren't willing to send ships out here 

any more".

At this, Sarah stood.  "Look, Captain, you said you had something to say to 

our members before you told us what you know, but insulting our culture and 

our lifestyle isn't what I expected.  Get to the point, or I might let my 

cook here," she gestured to Carli, "toss you out on your ass so you can see 

how our Security reacts to illegal, male, aliens".

"Sorry.  I may have been a little out of line, but you've got to realize that 

things are much more dire than just the extinction of your local pets".

Wendy couldn't stop herself.  "They aren't pets.  Some of these life forms 

are just as advanced as you or I.  And besides, the extinction of any species 

is a crime against . . ."

Sarah stopped her.  "OK, I think the captain understands our position.  We 

will not be patronized".  She turned to the captain.  "Say what you have to 

say about the Prophylactan origins".

"Look, I'm just going to tell you what I know without discussing terms or 

asking for anything.  If what I'm about to say doesn't convice you to 

cooperate, then I'll leave and you'll be signing away all of our freedom for 

ever more".  He paused for dramatic effect and saw only cold, waiting faces. 

"OK.  The Prophylactans and the ship which brought them are from Earth".

This raised a few eyebrows.  Kate was the first to speak.  Wendy was shocked, 

having become accustomed to Kate's usual shyness.

"That's ridiculous.  The Prophylactans conform to no known life form type, 

particularly not to anything of Terran origin".

"I know you don't keep up with the latest news here, but I take it you have 

heard of genetic engineering?  What do you eat, the native life?  Or do Teran 

plants just grow here without . . ."

"We eat genetically altered Earth life forms.  But the Prophylactans aren't a 

mutation, they aren't recombined, tailored or otherwise derived from anything 

known to human science".

"No they aren't, and if you'd listen, I'd tell you.  It doesn't take much of 

an engineer to take a kernel of corn and change stuff around in it so it'll 

grow on a planet that doesn't have any seasons.  But it does take quite a bit 

to custom design a new life form from a few molecules up".

"You mean . . ."

"That's right, little lady.  Your friends and mine on Mother Earth sat down 

at a console and created a completely new creature in the universe for the 

explicit purpose of collecting the discharge from your pets".

"But why"?

"You got me, but it's got to be big.  We're talking billions of Earth credits 

for this project, maybe tens of billions.  And you can rest assured that they 

wouldn't have spent it for your benefit alone; they could practically have 

bought this worthless little rock you call home for that amount".

Sarah interrupted the silence that fell.  "That's it?  What proof do you 

have? It's easy enough for you to come in here and blame our problems on 

Earth; your kind have been blaming everything that goes wrong in the Free 

Planets on Earth ever since the revolution".

"I take it the little lady with the red sash is your biologist or something? 

She'll want to look at my proof, if and when we reach an agreement about 

solving our mutual problem".

"What proof," Sarah asked patiently, "is that"?

"I have on my ship a crystal with the entire specification for the creature. 

Gene matrices, physiological summaries, all kinds of stuff that doesn't make 

any sense to me.  Our biologists haven't made much out of it since they don't 

have any live specimens to work with, but I have what conclusions they have 

drawn on file as well".

Kate looked at Sarah, nodding.  Sarah spoke.  "OK.  If Kate looks the data 

over and tells me it's legit, we will abide by any agreement we make 


"Wait a minute," Carli interjected, "we don't even have a plurality here for 

a vote tonight, much less a majority".

"It's OK.  They'll have to trust my judgement, just like you will".

Carli looked at her for a long time.  "Then it's your decision," she said 


"What do you want," Sarah asked the captain.

"All I want is your assurance that you will cooperate in any action we take 

to stop this Imperial plot".

"We already have an action team for that purpose.  We would, of course, 

appreciate any assistance you could render us".

The captain looked into her eyes.  Their unwavering darkness reminded him of 

a black hole he had seen from much too close, once in his youth.  "Six of one 

and a half-dozen of the other," he said, "as long as we can count on each 


"Then it's settled.  Kate, make arrangements to see the captain's ship. 

Carli, I want you to go as well.  Take whatever equipment you feel you need, 

both of you.  And everyone, keep this to yourselves.  For now, all anyone 

needs to know is that we may have located a source of detailed information 

about the Prophylactan physiology".

After the meeting broke up, Carli and Wendy lay together in bed.

"I guess you'll be gone a while, since Kate decided to set up a lab on their 


"It was a good diplomatic move.  And a good practical one too.  She can set 

up a much more well-equipped lab there than she could here without arousing 


"Mmm.  Be careful.  I don't trust these spacers".

"They're OK.  They all just have an attitude.  I might be a spacer, if it was 


"I still don't trust them.  I don't think Captain Salvay was telling us 

everything he knew".

"Would you"?

"No, I guess not.  Just be careful".

"I always am".

They made love fiercely that night, Wendy submitting totally to Carli's hard, 

hungry body, reflecting and concentrating Carli's passion further with her 

own desparate desire.


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