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Archive-name: Fantasy/mindstar.05

Archive-author: Jeff Buser - (C) 1990

Archive-title: Those Of A Mindstar Born - 5

At the meeting, it was decided to allow the ejaculoid to stay at Carli's and 

recover.  Kate had already removed the prophylactan to her own quarters where 

it had died within twenty four hours of removal from the 'jac.  The 

post-mortem had shown nothing which was not already known.  Maria mentioned 

that a source at the starport had told her people that a free trader which 

was now rummaging about the moons of the planet for valuable minerals had 

contacted the government about the Prophylactan ship but had been rebuffed 

for unknown reasons.  Carli offered to try to get a message through if the 

ship sent down any cargo shuttles for groundside goods.  Wendy suggested it 

might help the 'jac if everybody sat with it for a while; everyone in the 

room keyed several different available times into the local net and it 

generated a schedule.  Sarah asked if Wendy would perform a security check on 

the local net they were using since a lot of sensitive data was being entered 

and she agreed.

There were several guests who had not been there at the previous meeting and 

one suggested using 'jac juice as a lure to entice the Prophylactans away 

from their victims where they could be killed with weapons.  Volunteers were 

selected and an evening chosen for a trip to the natural sectors.  Sarah 

seemed more intense than ever and by the end of the evening, everyone was 

filled with excitement and hope for accomplishment.

After the meeting, Wendy and Carli made love.  They looked in on the 'jac and 

returned to bed.  As they lay there, Wendy felt her melancholy slowly seep 

back into her.

"How will you get a message to the ship?  You don't even know if anyone there 

really knows anything, much less who to contact or why they're interested".

"This ship's been here before, so they know that we'll pay for any 

information that might help us.  So I figure, now that they know the 

government isn't going to deal with them officially they'll have feelers out 

among their groundside crews for unofficial channels".

"But even if they do know something, what can we offer?  We're not the 

government, you know.  I mean, if the council won't talk to them maybe they 

know something we don't".

"There's only one way to find out.  Besides, every time a ship comes in 

somebody has something they want to smuggle in or out.  Maybe turning my head 

is all it'll take to get their cooperation".

"I don't want you to get in any trouble.  It's too early to . . ."

"I'm not going to get into any trouble.  Don't worry about me.  We all have 

to take risks sometimes, and this isn't a very big one".

But Carli's enthusiasm was not contagious, and Wendy pressed her body close 

to her lover until morning, even through sleep.  Wendy awoke and looked at 

the clock.  It was still more than an hour before she needed to be up, but 

she could not fall back asleep.  She kept thinking of the time before the 

invasion, the time before she had felt this awful burden of responsibility 

for another race.

She was in control systems training in another compound, halfway around the 

planet.  She was used to the Capitol; the towering seedship monument and all 

the sealed domes and passages at the center of the sprawling outskirts made 

this gathering of a few dozen major structures seem tiny by comparison.  

There were probably no more than a thousand inhabitants, and not much in the 

way of culture.  Wendy spent most of her spare time on the roof of her 

residential unit, entertained by the flyjacs that nested there.  This day she 

was studying, and had just returned to the roof with another crystal for her 

reader when she stepped in a puddle of cream which had run down from the 

corner where the flyjacs nested.  She flopped heavily onto the old-style 

mechanical lounger and lifed her foot onto her knee to wipe off the discharge 

when two of the flyjacs fluttered down onto her leg.  Wendy was amazed; she 

had never seen a flyjac get this close to a human before.  As she watched, 

motionless, the 'jacs crawled over her ankle and clung to her foot with a 

funny-feeling suction.  Their wings still beating for balance, they sucked 

her foot clean and flew off.

Wendy had an idea.  She walked to the puddle in which she had just stepped 

and scooped up an overflowing amount with both her hands.  She walked back to 

the lounger and reclined in it, opening her hands over her body and smearing 

her shoulders and chest with the fluid.  The flyjacs once again came to rest 

on her legs, shuffling up toward her body with what Wendy assumed was their 

suction orifice.  The 'jacs covered every inch of Wendy's body that had the 

cream on it with gentle suction and amazingly dexterous mouths.  Upon closer 

observation, Wendy noticed that the 'jacs had long, liplike organs which 

folded into the bottoms of their bodies during flight but which they used to 

eat and crawl when on the ground.

The lips seemed to stretch and pull Wendy's skin in a thousand directions at 

once to expose the fluid to the suction cavity.  The effect was tantalizing. 

By now Wendy had experienced several human lovers but none of them had been 

like this.  As the 'jacs covered her breasts, Wendy moved her hand to her 

crotch, slowly pressing and rubbing her rapidly moistening mound.  As her 

nipples hardened, their contours made it more difficult for the 'jacs to suck 

the jism off and they redoubled their efforts in that area; they sucked first 

at one impossibly tiny point and then instantly expanded their openings to 

engulf the whole erection.  After a few moments of this, Wendy was breathing 

hard and her fingers were rubbing her clit directly, stopping periodically to 

plunge into her vagina and rotate for a short time before returning to her 


Suddenly the roof door opened, and before the startled flyjacs took to flight 

she heard a human voice.

"Wendy, are you up . . .  Oh, shit, that's really sick".

It was Treece, who Wendy had forgotten she had invited over to study.  

Wendy's roommate must have told her to look on the roof.  Wendy rolled onto 

her side to face the door, smiling, face as red as sunset.

"Sorry, Treece, I didn't realize what time . . ."

But Treece had apparently only stayed this long to look Wendy in the face 

with the look of revulsion frozen onto her features since she had opened the 


"Forget it.  Just forget it.  You need help".

And then she was gone.  Wendy lay back and started to cry.  Eventually the 

flyjacs returned, but she batted them away with her hand and they left her 

alone on the roof.  No one said anything to her about it, which made it worse 

since Wendy really saw nothing wrong with what she had done, but there were 

rumors, and little snickers behind her back that she ignored.

When overall evaluation results were announced and she had top honors

everyone applauded, but behind their eyes there was still that look that said 

'Well, genius has it's price'.  Knowing she was no genius didn't help; she 

had been more surprised than anyone else at her status.  There were others 

(not many, but enough) with superior technical ability, others with more 

sheer intellegence, but Wendy always seemed to be the one who knew what the 

evaluation staff thought was important.

Laying there, the thoughts of her past washing over her, Wendy smiled. 

Empathy has it's price.


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