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Archive-name: Fantasy/mindstar.04

Archive-author: Jeff Buser - (C) 1990

Archive-title: Those Of A Mindstar Born - 4

Wendy and Carli sat in the main room, talking about the evening's events.

"What you did was really beautiful.  I thought the poor thing was dead for 

sure.  I've never seen anything like it".

"I just knew what it needed".


"Why do you say that?  It doesn't seem that extraordinary to me".

"Because even if I had thought to do what you did, which I wouldn't have, it 

probably wouldn't have worked.  They say that's what makes you special".

"They?  Who's They?  Where exactly," Wendy cocked her head suspiciously, "did 

you get this information"?

"Well, at a meeting we were talking about people with special relationships 

with 'jacs, and Vera mentioned something she had seen someone do at a party 

once.  Everybody must have been green with envy;  I know I was!  She said you 

made love to a two-headed ropejac and brought it's heads to discharge 

simultaneously with your cunt and mouth".

"Yeah, I do remember that.  So"?

"Well, ropejacs are notoriously stupid.  They do what they want to do, when 

they want to do it.  Not to mention shy; to have gotten it to even show 

itself in a closed roomful of people is a feat in itself".

"I still don't see what the big deal is".

"When your name came up, Sarah remembered you too, from Btech.  She said you 

always complaining, being sarcastic about the usual fuckups and so on.  I 

said that that was the kind of person we needed.  So we did a little checking 

and found . . ."

"A little checking?  What are you guys, Intellegence"?

"No," Carli chuckled, "just careful.  We occasionally do things which aren't 

totally by the book and we want to make sure that nobody causes any official 

trouble for us".

"Oh, that's good, coming from somebody who works in Security".

Carli laughed.  "Anyway, we got hold of your psi report and when .  .  ." 

"My psi report?  I can't even get access to that," Wendy lied.  Anyone with a 

little control systems know-how could get into supposedly private 

information, and someone with her skills could get access to highly 

confidential official information if they really tried.  She even knew some 

of the real information crime biggies from contact over the net, but nobody 

knew who they really were.

"I wouldn't count on it.  We got your BTech file too.  You're really good, or 

at least they think you are," Carli said, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah.  I know they do," Wendy grinned back, "but I've never had a real urge 

to see what's inside my head on a screen, and I'd kind of like to keep it 

that way, unless there's something you really think I should know".

"We didn't look at any of the really private stuff, personality matrices or 

all that, but we did want to know about any paranormal manifestations and 

guess what?  You have a demonstrated meta-emotional empathy".

"I know what people want".

"At least some of the time, right.  Most importantly your ability works as 

well or better with the natives than it does with humans".

"I guess I do, except it seems that when I try to figure out what somebody 

wants, I'm usually wrong".

"You probably only receive when you're in an emotional state too, or not 

thinking about it.  Whenever you consciously try to second-guess somebody, 

you don't do any better than a normal person would, and to you that seems 

like you're wrong a lot of the time".

"Mmm.  Well since you know so much about me, mind if I ask you a personal 


"Fire away".

"Are you and Sarah lovers"?

"We have been, off and on".

"Currently off"?

"Yeah.  The past few years, she hasn't done much other than this.  It's an 

obsession.  I think she wants to be future history - 'how Mother Liman saved 

the ejaculoids' or something".

"Must be rough".

"Nah.  I always tell people that when I hit fifty I started to prefer younger 

women, but that's bullshit, because I find someone like you more physically 

attractive than I ever found her.  I guess if I analyzed it closely enough I 

could figure out what the deeper attraction is, but on the surface she's 

really not my type at all.  We both have too much will".

"What is your type"?

"I like somebody who knows what I want".

Wendy looked closely at Carli's body.  It was as lovely as her face, very 

smooth and angular with clean, well defined lines.  Every muscle stood out 

clearly, lean and strong.  Her breasts were smallish, the nipples tiny little 

perfect circles of dark brown pointing perkily upward.  Her crotch was bare 

and smooth, her beautiful pink lips folding over one another almost coyly.  

No bodypaint to hide anything, and nothing which needed to be hidden.  God, 

the woman was the most beatiful thing Wendy had ever seen.  Wendy looked back 

up into those eyes.  She saw ice on fire;  the shadow of Carli's strong brow 

cut across the clear, pale blue of her eyes and where the light fell on them 

they gleamed like gemstones.  As Wendy fell into those eyes Carli hooked her 

knees over the arms of her chair, the muscles of her thighs flexing with a 

dockworker's strength and a dancer's grace.

"Do you know what I want, Wendy"?

Wendy went to her.  She sat of the edge of the chair, perched between Carli's 

legs.  She laid her head down on Carli's breast, feeling the slow rise and 

fall of her breath.  She wrapped her arms around Carli's torso and felt the 

rippling strength beneath her skin.

"Oh, my beautiful, beautiful Wendy," Carli crooned, "oh where have you been 

all my life?  I already know I love you; just let me hold you now".

They sat together a long time, motionless but for their breathing; then Wendy 

tilted her head up from Carli's chest.  Carli leaned down and kissed her, 

slowly at first, gently biting and sucking Wendy's lips, and then fiercely 

with an open mouth.  At long last, their heads parted.  Never taking her eyes 

from Wendy's face, Carli lifted her with fluid ease and carried her into the 

primary bedroom.

Carli laid Wendy on the bed and began making love to Wendy's body with her 

mouth.  She covered every inch of the supple flesh from her face to her feet 

with long, soft kisses.  She rolled Wendy onto her side and spread her legs. 

Then she maneuvered one of her own legs between Wendy's and eased forward 

until they were joined at the crotch.  Slowly, she began to rotate her pelvis 

clockwise.  Wendy matched her motion in the opposite direction, and soon they 

were moving much more rapidly in a strange syncopated rhtymn which included a 

momentary delay in each cycle when their clits brushed together.

"Oh, Wendy, you cunt feels so hot, it's hotter than mine.  Oh god, look at 

your cunt hair;  mmmmmmm, it's so bright red and so long and wild, don't you 

ever trim it?  Ooh, it feels so good, it tickles my bald pussy, ohhhhhh, it 

scratches my cunt lips, it drives me wild"!

Carli raised her body off the bed face up, arms outstretched behind her and 

both feet planted on the bed.  She twisted her body slightly to the left to 

maintain contact and continued her motions.  Wendy tried to mirror Carli's 

position, and for a minute a gyrating, eight-legged spider was formed, but 

Wendy lacked the stamina to keep it up for long and soon collapsed back down 

on her shoulders.  Her right thigh was still hooked over Carli's left, 

supporting her pelvis' suspension in midair.  Wendy's left foot was planted 

on the bed again, but Carli's left was supporting most of the weight of 

Wendy's lower body and she showed no signs of letting up.  Wendy thought she 

knew some moves that would make Carli's head spin, but this woman had a sheer 

athletic prowess that was unbelievable.

The wetness at the point of their unison was growing, and Carli finally 

disengaged, rolling over onto her stomach after what Wendy thought must have 

been fifteen minutes of well-paced grinding.  Carli backed up, lifting her 

knees over Wendy's flat shoulders and planting them to either side of her 

head.  She rested her elbows to either side of Wendy's hips and, wedging her 

hands under Wendy's behind, lifted the soaking crotch to her face.  As Wendy 

lifted her head to Carli's bald opening Carli squeezed her thighs around 

Wendy's head and rolled over on her back, positioning her guest on top of 

her. As Carli began nibbling at Wendy's cunt, she spread her legs wide and 

locked her heels behind Wendy's head, forcing her guest's face hard against 

her smooth pussy.

"Oh, Wendy, your cunt is so beautiful, I love eating it," Carli said, lifting 

her face away from the wild, red, unrestrained tangle of fur for a moment.

Stifled moans and slurping noises came from both ends of the arrangement, 

growing in intensity until finally they ended in muffled screams and then 

silence.  After a minute Carli swung around and cradled Wendy in her arms. 

They fell asleep together.


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