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Archive-name: Fantasy/mindstar.03

Archive-author: Jeff Buser - (C) 1990

Archive-title: Those Of A Mindstar Born - 3

The console buzzed.  Wendy answered; it was Sarah.

"I hope you're not still angry".

"It doesn't matter".

"I think I really made a mistake by telling you that I had planned what 

happened.  I mean, the thought had come up, but when I was there what I did 

was completely spontaneous.  It wouldn't have been any more misleading to say 

that I hadn't planned it, actually, so if .  .  ."

"Look, I really don't care," Wendy lied.  "Just tell me about the


"It doesn't have a name.  We plan and implement strategies to assist the 

'jacs in their current struggle for survival.  We're meeting tonight at 1900. 

Here's the address".

Sarah flashed the addess across and Wendy hit the save bar.

"OK.  I'll be there.  But please, just don't try to come across all chummy to 

me in front of your friends or I won't be sticking around".

"Whatever you want".

Wendy started to say something and stopped.  "All right," she said , 


She broke the connection and brought the address back up on the screen.  It 

was in another residential section of the compound, near the seedship 

monument.  She noticed that she had saved the whole screen and not just the 

address, so she separated the text and filed it.  Then, before clearing the 

screen she ran a hardcopy of the remaining image.  She tore off the output, 

wondering as she did so why she had.  Sarah's smiling face stared from the 

paper.  She pulled off the edges and put the paper with her other pictures.

At 1830 Wendy threw her document pack and other stuff in a shoulderbag and 

left her rooms.  She had decided to walk rather than take the transit, 

something she had once done more often than not, but recently had stopped. 

The evening air was warm but she felt slightly chilled, not necessarily cold, 

but unprotected.  The morning's enthusiasm had worn off and had been replaced 

by a growing, malignant melancholy.  Maybe tonight there would be others with 

the same feelings, others with ideas.

As she approached the central compound, Wendy began feeling a little more 

secure.  Soon she was within the oldest, sealed part of the complex, walking 

through tunnels bright with artificial light.  The glow of the residential 

dome to which she was going shone on Wendy through the skylights above as she 

approached.  Many transits whistled by, but she saw few pedestrians.  She had 

expected the meeting to take place in a public conference room or activity 

center, but when she reached the level specified in the address all she saw 

were living quarters.  This was one of the oldest domes in the compound, and 

seemed in relation to her new place in the outskirts very spartan and dull. 

She pressed the announcer, noticing it was an quaint old style mechanical 

contact switch, and was buzzed in.

The room was abuzz with conversation.  The host (at least Wendy assumed she 

was the host) introduced herself as Carli Silver and offered Wendy a drink; 

Wendy took an unflavored water.  Carli was a particularly attrctive woman; 

her face had bold features which she chose not to accentuate with any 

cosmetic aid; in fact, she wore no face or bodypaint at all.  She had deep 

set blue eyes, pale as ice with long black lashes, nose straight and thin as 

a laser, full red lips with just a trace of pouting, downturned corners, and 

a chin and jawline so gracefully curved that Wendy thought they must surely 

have been computer generated.  Her thick blonde hair was cropped close to the 

skull in a spacer cut, somethng not ordinarily considered too fashionable;  

on Carli it was the coup de grace that marked her as one of the compound's 

truly beautiful residents.

There were some brief introductions but the walk had taken longer than Wendy 

had anticipated and the meeting started only a few minutes after she arrived. 

There were about a dozen people in the room, only a few of whom Wendy 

recognized.  Sarah was there, and beside her was Vera Ellefson, another 

co-worker from BTech.  Vera was from Control Systems, Wendy's own department; 

she and Wendy knew a lot of the same people professionally and socially.  The 

only other person whose face was known to Wendy was Maria Dio, a local 

representative of the information service.  Maria was also a highly 

attractive woman, but her appearance was that of Everywoman;  she was the 

true generic standard by which all who were really interested in keeping up 

with the latest fashion would be judged.  Her long, brown hair was curled in 

just the right places, pulled at just the right angles.  Her face had an 

uncanny symmetry; perfectly spaced eyes balanced a perfectly formed mouth and 

her perfect nose turned up at just the right angle.  She used just the right 

amounts and shades of subtle, natural facepaint and bodypaint which a casual 

observer might not even have noticed she was wearing to direct one's 

attention to the right spots, and was so poised and graceful that there 

seemed to be no wrong spots. Wendy thought she looked amazingly close to her 

on-screen appearance. 

When the meeting began, Carli began by welcoming everyone and presenting 

Wendy officially to the group and then turned the meeting over to Sarah.  She 

came to the first order of business immediately.

"As always, our first priority is to locate others who may be interested in 

our goals.  If anyone has thought of an acquaintance who has ever expressed 

as much as a little dicontentment over the present state of affairs, please 

mark it in the register".

Wendy noticed that everyone had produced a datapad.  Carli, was apparently 

taking minutes, as her fingers were flying over her pad keyboard-style. Wendy 

wondered why they didn't just use one pad and set it for A/V record. They 

talked about some prospects, and about recent experiences and observations 

that were relevant to the discussion.  Finally, Sarah dropped her bombshell;  

she and Kate Jons, the exobiologist, had procured a specimen of an affected 

ejaculoid and had smuggled it into the central compound.  They were going to 

try to save it.  She asked Wendy to assist.  Wendy felt a little 

uncomfortable, being new and yet chosen out of all these other members, but 

everyone looked as if they had expected her to be asked, so she consented.

Kate was a pretty girl with an intellegent face;  it was always difficult to 

tell, but Wendy knew she couldn't possibly be more than thirty years old.  

She was very thin, with small breasts and narrow hips;  the bright red sash 

she wore at her waist offset this somewhat, but Wendy thought that it was 

probably worn because Kate liked the nonconformist image it lent her and not 

because it made her look fuller.  Kate explained some of her theories, 

obviously uncomfortable in front of the group.  She keyed on what was known 

about the ejaculoid life cycle and how the Prophylactans, by absorbing the 

discharge of the 'jacs were interrupting not only the reproductive cycle but 

probably the food chain as well.  Soon following this, the meeting broke up, 

and after some perfunctory 'good nights' four of them were alone in the main 


Wendy followed Carli, Sarah and Kate to the 'examination room', really just a 

spare bedroom with some space cleared and a few pieces of equipment.  There 

in an electronic cage sat a 'jac, covered by a Prophylactan.  The 'jac lay 

motionless, about half the size of a human.  It's neck was long and about the 

thickness of a human wrist, ending in a rounded head.  The body was an almost 

perfect sphere and at the front where the neck connected to the body were two 

swollen convex projections like breasts.  The prophylactan covered very 

nearly the whole body;  it constricted at the neck to fit the 'jac like a 

glove.  The only opening was a slight gap where the Prophylacatan's perimeter 

had drawn up after covering the 'jac.

Kate seemed now to be in her element.  She switched off the cage barrier and directed the others in the removal procedure with a speed and grace which amazed Wendy;  she was able to communicate her instructions with such clarity and efficiency that within twenty minutes the Prophylactan was stuggling madly in their hands.  It was fortunate that the 'jac had not been discharging at all recently;  only the crisp dryness of the Prophylactan's skin allowed the four of them to hold onto it at all.  Kate stomped a switch to open another small cage and they threw the creature in, fluttering and thrashing.  Kate touched a pad on the control panel and the invisible barrier snapped on, signalling it's activation with a warning buzz. 

They turned immediately to the 'jac.  It lay still, motionless on the table. 

Kate administered a moisturizer to it's cracked, dry skin.  She examined it, 

but could not get it to respond.  She looked to Wendy, questioning.  "The 

sacs seem to be full, but there's no discharge at all.  It must be a 

defensive reaction to the Prophylactans; trying to starve the invaders 

without starving themselves.  It looks like it's not working . . ."

Wendy moistened her hands in a basin of water and carefully stroked the skin, 

feeling the damage done by the invader;  the flesh was soft and limp.  She 

pressed her face against it's body, nuzzling her nose between the sacs and 

licking tenderly.  The head moved a little, straining to reach her loving 


Wendy took the ejaculoid's whole head into her mouth.  It was all she could 

do to get it in to the rim, but when her lips slipped over that edge and 

brushed the the 'jac's neck, she felt it quiver and begin to stiffen.  She 

splashed her hands in the water again and ran her hands up and down it's 

neck; it responded by growing firmer as she touched it.  She gently stroked 

down to the base of it's neck, massaging it's body and holding the two 

rounded organs lightly cupped in her hands.  When she softly squeezed them in 

her palms, the 'jac went fully hard; she felt a surge of movement beneath 

it's skin which rippled up through the neck, pulsed through the head, and 

erupted down her throat as the thickest, hardest, longest wad of discharge 

she had ever felt from a 'jac this size.  She swallowed madly, but it was no 

use.  The juice sprayed from the tiny gaps between her lips and the 'jac's 

head at high pressure, spattering large droplets on the 'jac's body and on 

the watching group members.  

As the wave subsided, Wendy allowed the 'jac's head to slip from her drenched 

lips.  The juice was thicker than she had ever seen it, almost like putty;  a 

strand from the wad still running down her throat extended out of her open 

mouth to the 'jac's discharge orifice, tenaciously hanging in midair, silvery 

droplets running along it's length to the center point.  She pulled the 

strand to one side with her tounge, shaking it;  some of the running droplets 

dislodged and began rappelling from the thickest line of jism to the floor on 

little streaming trails of their own.  Wendy closed her lips and pulled her 

head back and the line finally broke.  One end of the strand now was hanging 

from the 'jac's head;  the other swung backwards and contacted Wendy's 

breast, sticking and forming a shiny little buttress from her nipple to her 

chin.  Carli looked hungrily at the residue on Wendy's body.

"May I?"  she asked.


Carli moved over to Wendy and began licking the jism from her face.  Her 

tounge circled the perimeter of Wendy's mouth and then dipped between her 

lips, scooping the sticky fluid from between her teeth and gums.  She moved 

her mouth down over Wendy's chin, lapping up the remaining gobs dangling 

there and then followed the slimy trail down to Wendy's breasts.  She cleaned 

all around the area and finally sucked the last traces from Wendy's hardened 

nipple.  This last was a little more difficult due to the corrugated contours 

of that surface and Carli lingered there, tasting the last few minute 

portions of juice flowing into her mouth.

"Thanks.  I needed that," Carli smiled.

"My pleasure," Wendy grinned back.  With some relish, Wendy noticed that 

Sarah was conspicuously ingnoring the whole exchange.  A little guilt, 

perhaps?  Or, more likely now that she thought about it, Wendy figured that 

Sarah really was totally absorbed in assisting Kate with the 'jac.  A born 

leader.  She and Carli set about cleaning up, though Sarah and Kate did most 

of the real work. When everything was secure, they went back to the main 


"So now," Sarah began, "we obviously can't let this guy back outside; it'd 

just be attacked again as soon as it got outside the seals".

"I say we wait until the next meeting and put it before the group," Carli 


Kate disagreed.  "No, they'd probably want the Prophylactan destroyed, and I 

want to examine it further".

"Why bother examining it?," Wendy asked.  "They've captured specimens before 

without results".

"If they had tried everything, they might have had results.  There has to be 

something they missed," Kate answered, "or something they never thought of".

"Alright," Sarah decided, "you keep the Prophylactan and we'll decide next 

time about the 'jac.  Do you have facilities"?

"Already set up".

"Good.  Carli, can the 'jac stay here"?

"It seemed to respond better to Wendy; don't you think she should take care 

of it"?

"Too dangerous.  It's too big to move inconspicuously, and if anybody found 

out we had native life inside the seals we'd be history".

"Then maybe Wendy should stay here," Carli said, turning to face Wendy, "if 

that's OK with you".

"That might be a good idea, especially if it's ok to have the next meeting 

here as well", Sarah added.

"Well," Wendy began "I don't . . ."

"You'll be closer to work, and it won't be long.  Maybe two days," Sarah 

explained.  Being chummy she wasn't; this was stricly professional.

"Good.  Then it's settled.  We'll meet here the day after tomorrow at 1900. 

See you then".

Sarah and Kate left together, talking excitedly in hushed tones about their 

success and their chances for further actions.  Wendy excused herself to 

return to her rooms and get together a few things for the stay.  She caught a 

transit back to the outskirts.  As the transit slowed for her stop she lifted 

her head from where it had been resting, propped up on her elbow.  She was 



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