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Archive-name: Fantasy/mindstar.12

Archive-author: Jeff Buser - (C) 1990

Archive-title: Those Of A Mindstar Born -12

When they had come to, the big 'jac had been wrapped between them, twined 

among their bodies, supporting and holding them.  The pile of bodies was 

covered totally with the richest, heaviest cum any of them had ever seen.  It 

ran slowly off them, dripping down the sides of the bed and onto the floor. 

When they got up, wiping the warm juice from their eyes and faces, it trailed 

behind them like melted cheese, running and stringing until they were all 

connected throughout the rooms by a dripping, oozing lattice of jism.  They 

cleaned up somewhat, and then the call came that the last shuttle up to the 

merchant ship was leaving in an hour.

"I love you, Wendy, Sarah.  I love you both." she said.

"I love you, Carli," said Sarah.

"We all love you.  I love you," whispered Wendy.

"I love you," they wept in unison as the three of them embraced for the last 

time together.

After the final, emotional farewells to Carli, Wendy and Sarah lounged on the 

bed once more.  Sarah's hand moved again to Wendy's crotch;  the hair was 

still soaked and sticky.  There was still some warm 'jac juice dagling from 

her hair, but the cunt excretions and saliva were cool now from evaporation. 

It was the first time Sarah had touched her there since that first seduction 

which now seemed so long ago.  Wendy's excitement grew with the slow, much 

calmer motions of Sarah's hands.

"Eat my pussy again, Wendy".

But this time, Sarah pulled Wendy's crotch toward her own face as well. 

Laying on her back, she moaned as Wendy's mouth found her snatch; Sarah then 

began to lick playfully at the residue on Wendy's cunt.  They spent the rest 

of the evening fucking each other's cunts, mouths, hands, any anatomical part 

imaginable, with and without the aid of the roaming 'jacs.

When at last they lay totally spent and exhausted, Sarah asked, "Will you 

come and stay with me"?


"Well, you know the 'jacs; you know what they need and those needs are going 

to be a major part of the plans I take to the Council.  And, you can fuck a 

body to death," she smiled.

"Is that it"?  Wendy's face was solemn.

"No.  No that really isn't true at all.  I mean, both things are true, but 

neither one is the reason.  The real reason is . . . I love you".

"Oh, Sarah, I love you too.  I'm sorry, I really wish I could stay.  I want 

to help you and I love the way our bodies fit together.  And I really, really 

do love you very, very much.  But there are too many things that have to be 


"The 'jacs"?

"Yes.  I'm setting up a camp in the natural sectors.  They need me.  I don't 

know what for, yet, but I know they need me.  And we need them, don't you 

see? Someday the Empire will be back, or if not them then some maniac from 

the Free Planets, or if not them some total alien, but someday, somebody will 

want what the 'jacs have and we'll have to stand together to keep our world 

the way it should be".

"Oh Wendy, I love you so much, and I do understand.  I wouldn't really expect 

anything else. But I keep thinking how beautiful we could have been 


"Keep hoping.  Someday our callings might bring us together again".

"I love you, Wendy".

"Oh Sarah, I'll always love you.  I won't ever, ever forget you".

"Niether will I".

"I love you".

"I love you".

When Wendy finally closed the door and Sarah was gone, she fought back the 

tears that threatened to bring events to an unnecessarily tragic close.  She 

walked to the bedroom to rest her mind and her sore, swollen cunt.  When she 

entered the door, she wasn't sure if it was just the silvery mist caused by 

the tears or if there really was a light glow coming from each of the large 

and small pools of shiny white discharge in the room.  Whichever it was, she 

could feel the colony talking to her as it always had, even when she hadn't 

been listening.  The messages were becoming ever clearer, rising through the 

black layers of the unknown.  What had once been no more than a vague 

impression that disappeared when she thought about it, was now a clear 

identification of the emotions and desires of the colony.  Someday, she knew, 

those emotions would become words, words of breathtaking beauty and clarity, 

words that would change her life and the lives of everyone from that day 

forward.  But for now she was content to snuggle amidst the warm wetness of 

the 'jacs who sought her out for comfort and companionship, relief and 


Her dreams were warm and white, and filled with love.


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