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Archive-name: Fantasy/mindstar.11

Archive-author: Jeff Buser - (C) 1990

Archive-title: Those Of A Mindstar Born -11

"I'll be shipping out when the last of the ore is loaded, probably tomorrow 

evening", Carli stated a bit too matter-of-factly.

"I hope you find what you're looking for," Sarah said.

"I've already found it; that's why I'm going".

"You must really love it out there".

"I do.  And others might too.  I know that you'll change things.  You're a 

planetary hero, Sarah.  You've got to make them see that opening to trade is 

a good thing".

"First I have to make them see that they have to consider forging an alliance 

with some of the other Free Planets; the Kirellians are already interested 

and when word spreads, others will be too.  After that, the trade will come 


"I guess you finally got your place on the history crystals.  It's only a 

sentence now, but before long I bet you have a chapter or more".

They both laughed.  Then Sarah looked at Wendy, who was still staring ahead, 

the faintest trace of a smile on her lips.

"Wendy, what is it," Sarah asked.

"Hmm?  Oh nothing.  Just thinkng".

"You're thinking about it pretty hard for nothing," commented Carli.

"The future.  What's going to happen.  Light stuff like that," Wendy said, 

smiling and seeming to return to their common plane of reality.

"Oh, I get it.  The converted cynic becomes a prophet," grinned Carli.

"When was I ever cynical"?

There was a moment of silence and they all burst into laughter.  When it 

subsided a little, Wendy got up.

"Come on, I have something to show you.  One of the advantages of life in the 


They stood and Wendy wrapped an arm around each waist, guiding them toward 

her room.  In the center of the room was one of the most unusual 'jacs they 

had ever seen; it had a long slender body as big around as a woman's waist 

which coiled on the ground.  It was impossible to tell how long it was, but 

the coils were stacked waist high in a mound about two meters across.  One 

end was suspended above the rest of it's body and turned to face them; there 

seemed to be dozens of waving necks and heads which sprung from the end of 

the body. All the heads seemed to be between the thickness of a thumb and a 

wrist, and the necks were all about two or three meters long.

They noticed that this was not the only other being in the room; through an 

open window flyjacs came in and out and there were numerous other smaller 

'jacs roaming about.

Wendy guided them into the room and took them over to the large 'jac.  It's 

skin was very smooth and warm; it was a darker brown than their own skin but 

slightly transparent, letting a slight purplish hue show through, most 

noticably around the heads.  They stroked it's sides and rubbed it's necks 

and it nuzzled against them, quietly drawing a loop around their legs to pull 

them closer.  There in the 'jac's embrace they hugged, a close, warm triangle 

of sharing.  When Carli looked into her eyes, Wendy could not resist cocking 

her head to meet Carli's lips with her own.  As they kissed, mouths open and 

hungry, Sarah softly stroked their bodies, caressing and massaging them.  

When their lips had parted, Wendy turned her head to Sarah and kissed her.  

Sarah's mouth was more demanding than Carli's; her tounge was harder and more 

insistent and the force of her lips was stronger.  Carli kissed Wendy's 

shoulder and neck while her hands dropped to knead the buttocks of both 


They had barely noticed the 'jac wrap three or four more coils around them 

until that point, when it lifted them all from the floor and gracefully slid 

across the room to deposit them on the bed.  They were then lying in a 

tumbled heap, making no attempt to disengage but rearranging some limbs for 

more comfort and better access.  The big 'jac withdrew a little, gliding up 

onto the bed to outline the edges with it's length.  Sarah lay flat on her 

back, legs spread and tangled with the others'.  Wendy was facing down on 

Sarah's right;  her knee was rubbing the outside of Sarah's right thigh, and 

her tounge was still in Sarah's mouth.  Carli was on Sarah's other side;  her 

crotch was astride Sarah's left thigh and her face was buried between the 

other women's breasts.

Carli smothered herself in the four lovely boobs, licking and sucking them, 

first sqeezing them together with the left hand she managed to get in on the 

action and then pulling them apart.  She rubbed the erect nipples on two 

breasts together and then forced her tounge between them, flicking it back 

and forth to separate them and let them tap back together several times a 

second. She began humping her pelvis against Sarah's leg as she began soaking 

her face and both women's chests with her gyrating head, mouth wide, and 

tounge extended.

Wendy curved her back and scooted her knees up further on the bed to bring 

her pussy within reach of Sarah's straining right hand.  The memory of 

Sarah's fingers inside her made Wendy's head spin and she groaned into 

Sarah's mouth as Sarah started rubbing her palm over Wendy's hairy mound.  

Wendy moved her own right hand to Sarah's cunt and was surprised to find it 

not only wet but already wide open.  As her fingers began to type on an 

imaginary keyboard with Sarah's clit as the space bar, Sarah returned Wendy's 

moans and the little noises which escaped between their lips and tounges 

filled their heads.

Three equal parts of the same growing fire centered in their bodies as they 

moved, not yet forming an explosion but making one inevitable.  Carli removed 

her head from it's position, hearing the breasts plop wetly back together. 

She slid her crotch gracefully up Sarah's thigh; her own left leg made 

contact and pressed Wendy's hand hard against Sarah's crotch.  Carli felt her 

lips part slightly as they moved around Sarah's pelvic bone; she stopped and 

rocked back and forth on this projection for a minute before sliding back 

down to integrate her crotch and Sarah's.  Wendy removed her hand and slid it 

up bewteen her own chest and Sarah's.  Carli's left thigh was now snug 

against Sarah's crotch and Sarah's left thigh was against her own crotch and 

they began a rythmic series of short thrusts against each other.

Carli reached over to Wendy's ass, stuck high in the air, and guided her with 

firm squeezes to straddle Sarah's stomach.  Wendy drew her hands from between 

her body and Sarah's and planted them firmly on either side of Sarah's head. 

Sarah brought her own arms up to pinch and tug at Wendy's nipples.  Carli 

then firmly grasped Wendy's hips and lifted her lower body from the bed.  

Wendy spread her legs wide, stretching them out into the air at almost right 

angles. The muscles in Carli's arms bulged as she lifted Wendy's crotch to 

her face, resting the fronts of Wendy's thighs on her shoulers for support.  

She then began to eat Wendy's cunt, turning her head from side to side and 

coating her already wet face with Wendy's womanly perfume.  Her extended 

tounge followed the contours of Wendy's crotch as it traced it's arc from 

thigh to cunt to thigh and back again.  At the center point of one of her 

cycles, Carli stuck her pinkness out between her lips as far as it would go 

and began tounge-fucking Wendy's cunt.

Wendy's mouth was still interlocked with Sarah's, and between their slurps 

and moans occasional fragements of sentences escaped; "Oh Wendy, yes" "Sarah, 

Sarah!", and together "Carli, oh god don't stop, ohhhh"!

Finally, Wendy turned and said, "I'm sorry, but my arms are really killing 


"No problem.  Hold on . . ."

Carli gently put Wendy's body down beside Sarah's and those two rolled to 

face one another, kissing again.  The momentary lull served only to fan the 

flames of their desire;  Carli clenched her little tits in her hands and 

growled, "Oh, yeah .  .  .  I'm so hot;  I want to fuck forever"!

The groans increased from the two interlocked faces in response.  Carli 

rolled them the rest of the way over, so that Sarah was on top of Wendy.  She 

lifted Sarah from the bed just as she had with Wendy.  Her hands reached up 

and over and squeezed Sarah's ass over and over.  Sarah's wetness was 

unbelievable; her neatly trimmed black hair was drenched and dripping and she 

was creaming against Carli's face in what seemed to be actual spurts of pussy 

juice which Carli licked up as fast as she could, lavishing much attention on 

Sarah's dripping thighs and lips.  She started to position her own crotch 

with Wendy's, when Wendy spoke.  "Wait, hold on just a minute".

Wendy reached to the head of the bed where a two-headed ropejac had found 

it's way.  It was about half a meter long and not quite as big around as 

Wendy's wrist.  At each end was a beautiful head with the usual single 

ejaculatory orifice.  

"I remembered you were pretty intrigued by this, the first time you heard 

about it," Wendy managed to say.

Wendy positioned the 'jac between her legs and it instantly began a soft 

burrowing motion against her pussy.  It's way was easy due to the lubrication 

already present and soon almost half it's body was buried in her cunt, slowly 

wriggling and shifting.  Wendy guided the other end to Carli's pussy and it 

strained to reach it, pulling back out of Wendy a few centimeters.  Carli 

lowered her crotch very close to Wendy's, close enough that Wendy's pubic 

hair tickled the bare skin of Carli's crotch.  The ropejac dug into both 

cunts, linking them together with it's own motion as Wendy continued to 

stroke it with her hands.  Wendy and Carli both felt it's motions and gasped, 

nearly screaming, with delight;  the 'jac was slowly rotating inside them, 

turning round and round with periodic throbbings that drove them crazy.  The 

fire was burning much brighter, threatening to engulf the powder keg of 

orgasmic release and detonate it.

Now Sarah's arms were tiring.  Carli lowered her onto the bed, taking care 

not to dislodge the ropejac still turning inside her.  Sarah swung around, 

planting her knees on either side of Wendy's head and begged, "Please Wendy, 

nobody eats my cunt like you.  Oh, come on Wendy, eat me Please"!

Sarah spread her knees a little further to lower her nest against Wendy's 

face.  Wendy started licking her, and an involuntary contraction rippled 

through her thighs.  She raised her head to face Carli, and something in 

those ice blue eyes sparked old memories.  "I thought I'd never get to lick 

my cunt juice off your face again," she said quietly.  She started licking 

Carli's face, tasting her own sweetness there.  When her tounge slipped 

between Carli's parted, moaning lips, Carli sucked on it, beginning to devour 

Sarah's mouth with her own.  Sarah put her hands behind Carli's head, 

stroking the short, bristly growth there and pulling her closer.  Carli 

locked her own hands in Sarah's curls and they kissed passionately, fiercely.

"I'm glad we . . . oh god that's good . . . we're getting to do this, oh 

Wendy, I can't even think when you . . . ohhhhh . . . do this once again, 

Carli, it's been . . . ohhh yesssss . . . so long . . ."

"Just shut up," Carli sighed, "and kiss me."

Carli threw her head back and Sarah bent forward to kiss her breasts.  Sarah 

hadn't remembered how much smaller than her own they were, how round and dark 

and smooth and hard her nipples were.  Carli's little erections felt like 

warm, round rocks in her mouth.  They had none of the rolling contours of her 

own, no puckered subtlety, just small, smooth hardness.  As she flicked them 

with her tounge she felt how tight they were, how they hardly moved at all as 

she played with them and instantly snapped back to position when she released 

them.  And then Wendy's toungelashing overcame her again and she moaned and 

twisted her body violently.  Her mouth found Carli's once again, filled with 

the taste of love, and they groped at each other with terribly uncoordinated 

movements as their tounges and lips thrusted and strained together.

Wendy felt a contraction between her hands, rippling outward from the exposed 

center of the ropejac.  A split second later, she and Carli both felt the 

explosion of jism from both ends of the 'jac, filling them and spraying out 

around the edges onto the bed and their thighs and buttocks.

Hearing the squishing sounds from below, Sarah looked down and saw the freely 

flowing cum from the crotches there.  "Oh, Carli, let me suck the cum out of 

your cunt," she pleaded.

When Wendy had disengaged the 'jac and laid it softly aside, she prodded 

Sarah to lay down.  Sarah, leaning up on ler left elbow, spread her legs and 

allowed Wendy's face to reconnect with her crotch.  Wendy rolled onto her 

side and spread her legs, admitting Carli's probing tounge to clean her 

thighs of the stringy white fluid there.  Carli, also on her side, shifted 

her hips down to where Sarah's face was and Sarah, mimicking the others, 

rested her head on the inside of Carli's left thigh, lapping furiously at the 

jism receding from Carli's pussy.  The fire was now burning all through the 

perfect triangle now;  an explosion was imminent.  

Sarah pulled her head slightly away from Carli's cunt, trailing thick,

dripping strings of cum between her lips and teeth and the interior of 

Carli's pussy.  She pursed her lips and sucked, and the slimy material oozed 

out of Carli and up along the dangling cables of jism in sticky globs, 

finally passing between her lips and sliding down her throat in wonderfully 

whole clumps.  The mixed taste of the cum and Carli's cunt juice brought her 

close to the edge and her entire body started to shudder like a flier in 

strong turbulence.  Wendy's mouth responded with by giving a sensation that 

Sarah could not possibly imagine the source of, and the first microseconds of 

her orgasm were the spark that set off the already unstable, explosive 

interior of their union.

It seemed as if all three women were suddenly stripped of all flesh and bone; 

their souls melted into one unit in the furnace of orgasm that gripped them 

all.  They were a single firey ball that shifted and coalesced, suddenly 

expanding to create universe of stars and galaxies of light, all pinwheeling 

around the center flame which was the shiny residue of the initial explosion. 

Slowly, over what seemed like centuries, or millenia, the galaxies and stars 

spiralled in toward their creating flame, crashing into it and sending up 

showers of sparks which caused little showers of their own as they floated 

down.  Eventually the original flame was back to a slowly churning ball of 

star-stuff which cooled a little, countless little whirlpools of yellow and 

orange shadow on the white surface pulling the heat back down inside.  As the 

surface cooled, the fireball faded in intesity, allowing some sensations of 

the cold, ordinary world back in.  As the women slowly regained their 

perception of common reality, the fire faded into the background, dimmer but 

not completely out.

It did not go out.

It would never go out.


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