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Archive-name: Fantasy/mindstar.01

Archive-author: Jeff Buser - (C) 1990

Archive-title: Those Of A Mindstar Born - 1

Wendy sat through the show frustrated and bored.  Most of the entertainment 

crystals had not been accessed in hundreds of years and were hoplessly dated, 

even by the less than current standards of the compound.  Many of the 

crystals, which were supposed to have an indefinite lifespan, no longer 

played, and she had seen most of the ones that did still work several times 

each in the years since the invasion.  Of course, until the invasion, no one 

had had much interest in crystals.  Life had seemed too vital then to waste 

time on passive entertainment. Now that had changed, and many of her friends 

now favored increasing the trade limit so that new crystals from off-world 

could be purchased.  Wendy felt her old resentment for the Prophylactans 

building again.  If only their gleaming ship had never touched down .  .  .

But Wendy had never been much interested in politics.  The founders of the 

colony had seen to it that their governmental system was a self-sustaining 

one;  those few who did maintain a historical interest in their heritage 

sometimes debated whether less stability would be beneficial, but hundreds of 

years of peaceful, comfortable existence had eliminated any serious desire 

for change.  This most recent change had been forced upon them, but the 

inertia of social conditioning seemed to make most people view the invasion 

as another act of nature and something that, like the cycles of day and 

night, must simply be lived with.

A knock at the door intrrupted her thoughts.  Wendy killed the show access. 

She punched the door monitor up on the screen and saw the face of Sarah 

Liman, someone she knew vaguely from the plant.  She punched in sound.


"Wendy, it's Sarah from BTech.  Could I speak with you a few moments?"

Wendy wasn't really in the mood for visitors, but anything must surely be 

better than the third or fourth repeat of a show she hadn't really liked the 

first time she saw it.


She buzzed the door and Sarah entered, glancing casually about.  Wendy saw 

with some interest that she was covered.  Unusual, and a little exciting. 

Maybe this visitor would be entertaining after all.  Wendy offered a chair 

and a drink.  Sarah accepted both, and when she took the drink she showed 

none of the disappointment that Wendy would have.  Since the invasion, 

flavored water and liquor were the only readily available beverages, and 

liquor brewed from the biocustomized terran vegetation seemed to Wendy to 

pale next to the local fare.  Sarah seemed nonetheless content with a tall 

glass of vodka.

Her curiousity aroused, Wendy sat and gazed at Sarah.  She had long, luscious 

black curls which dangled to her shoulders.  Her face wasn't what Wendy would 

have called beautiful, but it wasn't really unattractive either, and had a 

strange intensity of expression that compelled one to look at her.  Her legs 

were long and, like nearly everyone's, were deep bronze from the sun's mild 

UV spectra and the seasonless year.  While she had no facepaint on, she wore 

decorative bodypaint in strong colors;  an abstract pattern wound from her 

knees up the fronts of her thighs.  The two segments then disappeared under 

the cover, but Wendy could imagine that they met at her abdomen and continued 

up between her breasts, because a similar pattern emerged from her cleavage 

and ended in a point under her chin.  From her angle Wendy couldn't tell, but 

she thought a similar pattern graced Sarah's back.

Sarah's flat, black footpads were ornately carved, and projections twisted up 

around her ankles to the knee.  Her cover was of a style with which Wendy was 

unfamiliar;  perhaps it was a black market purchace from one of the free 

traders, or perhaps Sarah had made it herself.  It was made of some black, 

heavy cloth with a shiny appearance and fell loosely down her back to 

mid-thigh.  The front was of a similar length and was tied to the back panel 

with double-laced bindings;  the panels were also connected by a thin strip 

of material over the left shoulder.  Wendy saw Sarah several days a week at 

BTech, but she had never seen her covered.  Wendy felt a strange curiosity 

building within her;  the way Sarah's breasts gently prodded the fabric as 

they swayed gently from side to side and the way the garment folded on the 

flatness of her stomach made Wendy realize that though she had seen this 

woman a hundred times she had never really looked at her.

"What brings you," Wendy asked, smiling.

"You," Sarah said.  "I belong to an organization which I feel you might be 

interested in joining, and I came to tell you a little about it.  But first, 

I have something for you.  May I"?


Sarah strode over to Wendy's autochair, the cover floating out away from her 

hips with each graceful step.  She pulled something from a concealed 

compartment on the garment and reached around Wendy's neck, brushing her long 

red hair away from her back.  A long, thin black cord dropped over Wendy's 

chest; something warm was suspended from it and nestled between her breasts.  

Sarah lingered with her arms around Wendy;  she seemed to be having some 

trouble with the catch.

Wendy felt Sarah's breath hot on her neck.  Wendy clasped the back of Sarah's 

neck with her right hand, gently massaging the base of her skull.  Sarah 

dropped her head another centimter, bringing her hot lips into contact with 

Wendy's neck.  She pursed her lips and sucked on the skin, then releasing, 

and then moving and reapplying the gentle suction.  Sarah moved her lips up 

Wendy's neck to her ear, drawing the earlobe between her lips.  After her 

tongue had circled the lobe several times, she ran it around and into Wendy's 

ear;  as it was darting in and out of the canal, she stopped to nibble at the 

edge occasionally.

Sarah brought her head around to face Wendy.  Her hands moved down to Wendy's 

shoulders.  Wendy stared into Sarah's dark eyes.  They were the deepest brown 

Wendy had ever seen;  the line where iris met pupil was barely 

distinguishable.  Sarah's lips were parted slightly and moist from kissing. 

Sarah bent her head forward and planted her lips softly on Wendy's.  Wendy 

opened her mouth and kissed her back.  On the first tentative probings of 

Sarah's tounge, Wendy circled it with her lips and sucked it deep into her 

mouth.  She flicked it with her own tounge as she felt it writhe along her 

teeth and gums.  Wendy intertwined her tounge with Sarah's, thrusting between 

her lips and devouring the sweet taste of her mouth.

Sarah's hands moved down Wendy's chest to her breasts, cupping them with her 

palms.  Wendy moaned into Sarah's mouth as the visitor pinched one of Wendy's 

nipples into hardness between the second and third fingers of her left hand. 

Sarah squeezed her hand gently, compressing the flesh and then releasing it. 

Her right hand flattened out and stroked slowly down Wendy's side and along 

the outside of her thigh.  It moved over to the inside of the thigh and 

worked up to Wendy's crotch.  Her fingers separated Wendy's hair and began 

exploring the contours of her labia with short tugging motions.  Her left 

hand circled Wendy's breast and then again squeezed the protruding erection 

there between her first finger and thumb.

Sarah disengaged her tounge, dragging it heavily over Wendy's chin and down 

her neck.  She trailed it wetly into Wendy's cleavage, using her hand to 

press the breasts closer and to rub her face with them.  As the fingers of 

her right hand eased Wendy's vagina open, her left lifted a breast so that 

her tounge could lick it's underside.  Wendy moaned again as Sarah began 

sliding the entire length of her first and second fingers lightly from 

clitoris to anus.  As Sarah's tounge completed the circumference of Wendy's 

breast it spiralled inward, ending with a thick swipe at the nipple still 

held between finger and thumb.  She moved her hand away and, beginning with 

the merest portion of the tip of Wendy's reddened firmness, gradually sucked 

as much of the large breast into her mouth as was possible.

Wendy, now almost constantly issuing a low growl from the back of her throat, 

fumbled at the side of the autochair for the controls.  Finding the panel, 

she tapped a key and the memplast began to metamorphosize.  As the autochair 

silently changed, she reached for Sarah's body.  The fabric of her cover was 

thick, and as Wendy brushed the swaying breasts beneath it she noticed for 

the first time that Sarah's nipples were as hard as her own.  She pressed the 

garment to Sarah's body with her hands, rubbing it between them and the flesh 

beneath.  Sarah's breasts seemed quite firm and were as large as her own, or 

larger;  it was difficult to tell through the cover.  As the autochair 

carefully lowered them to a reclined position, Sarah brought her knees onto 

it and kneeled perpundicular to Wendy's prone form.  Her mouth still 

connected to Wendy's right breast by gentle suction, she then opened her 

host's vagina fully with her first and third fingers and slowly slid her 

second finger in to the knuckle.  Wendy released a short cry and started to 

groan even louder.

The autochair was now fully transformed into a wide, soft mat.  Wendy lay 

with her legs spread wide and her knees propped up, hips rythmically rising 

and falling from the surface and Sarah's hand thrusting and gyrating between 

her thighs.  As Sarah's mouth engulfed her breast, Wendy brought her right 

hand again to Sarah's breasts, bobbing under the cover with her motions.  As 

she stroked them, she began to inch the material up over Sarah's ribs.  Her 

movements somewhat jerky due to the pulsing of her lower body, she finally 

exposed thin crescents of skin at the bottom of Sarah's breasts.  Just as 

they were about to fall free, Sarah got up on her knees, causing the cover to 

fall back down to her thighs.  As it fell, Wendy got a quick glimpse of 

Sarah's crotch, the curly black hair closely trimmed and styled into a 

perfect diamond shape.  Wendy's suspicions about the bodypaint were confirmed 

as well;  the pattern trailed up Sarah's stomach and between her breasts.  

The motions of Sarah's hand stopped, though she did not withdraw her finger.  

Wendy continued to hump against Sarah's hand as Sarah opened her mouth to 


"Eat my cunt," she said, her voice deeper, husky and forceful.

Sarah drew her left knee over Wendy's head and lowered her crotch onto the 

waiting mouth.  She slid her left hand down to Wendy's groin and plied her 

labia further apart with the fingers of that hand.  She then slipped her 

third finger into Wendy's pussy alongside the second and began shifting them 

both slowly in and out.  Wendy's increasing gasps were stifled by Sarah's 

cunt, now riding back and forth over Wendy's outstretched tounge.  Wendy 

brought her hands over and on top of Sarah's buttocks, pulling her closer.  

As Sarah rocked forward on her knees, Wendy thrust her tounge as far into 

Sarah's dripping snatch as it would go , then withdrew it a little and 

flicked it back and forth as rapidly as she could when Sarah's return motion 

brought her clit into reach.  The sweet secretions covered her mouth, nose, 

and chin, and were running down her cheeks onto the autochair.  Sarah added 

her first finger to the others already inserted into Wendy's wet hole and 

increased the speed of her strokes.  Wendy's pelvis now bucked wildly to meet 

Sarah's thrusts as Sarah began spreading and pressing together Wendy's pussy 

lips with the fingers of her left hand in time with the motions of her right.  

Simultaneously she started rubbing Wendy's clit between her left and right 


Sarah had started moaning as well, her throaty voice mumbling an almost 

incoherent stream of pleas, "Oh yes, come on Wendy, oh please, come on, oh 

lick it faster, please please, faster, oh eat it eat it eat it!"

Wendy realized that Sarah was nearly coming, feeling a gradual buildup of 

quick spasms in Sarah's thighs that were not at all in time with the now 

quicker back-and-forth motion of her groin.  Wendy opened her mouth further 

and flattened her tounge against Sarah's clit, following it forward and 

backward with a slow, hard, swirling motion.  Sarah's rythmn disintegrated 

completely;  she was jerking wildly to and fro, her thighs closing and 

clenching Wendy's head so hard that Wendy thought it would burst.  Wendy 

kneaded Sarah's buttocks roughly, and furiously twisted her head and mouth in 

what little free space she had.  Sarah's violent reaction threw Wendy over 

the brink as well and she felt herself try to engulf Sarah's whole arm with 

her cunt, flinging her crotch madly at Sarah's hands.  Sarah fell forward 

onto Wendy's stomach and they thrashed wildly, rolling from side to side, 

bucking and humping until they lay half on and half off the autochair.

Gradually their flailing quieted to a slow twitching and eventually they lay 

quivering on the floor, stomach to stomach, Sarah's crotch snuggled against 

the underside of Wendy's chin and her head resting on a pillow of damp 


When Wendy regained consciousness, Sarah was not in the room.  Her cover was 

thrown casually on the chair she had originally been sitting in.  Wendy hit a 

button and the autochair began to reform into it's original shape.  She got 

up and went to the kitchen where she heard activity.  Sarah was there, fixing 

a small pot of water.

"I hope you don't mind; I thought you might like some," Sarah said.

"Mmm," repiled Wendy wistfully.  She embraced Sarah from behind.  "Is your 

organization's usual method to seduce potential recruits"?

Sarah arched her back and tilted her head to rub cheeks with Wendy.  "No," 

she smiled, "but you're not a usual recruit".

Wendy stiffened fractionally, still smiling.  "So this was part of your 


"As some Mother said once, 'I cannot tell a lie'.  Yes it was".

Wendy was floored.  Looking at Sarah, Wendy knew that she was the type that 

never lied and never apologized.  "You mean . . . You mean you really . . .  

I don't believe it!  Oh, you . . . you man!  Just get out . . ."

"Now wait, I had no idea tha . . ."

"No idea?  Get out!  Take your cover and leave!  Now!"

Sarah had set the pot down and was moving toward the door.  As she picked up 

her cover, she spoke.  "Look, it wasn't like you think.  We decided . . ."

"What was it like then?  And how do you know what I think?  Look, I don't 

care! I don't want an explanation and I sure don't want a sales pitch right 

now. I'm sorry, I kind of lost my head for a minute there, but this really 

does piss me off and I really do want you to leave".

Wendy reached for the access pad by the door.  "So just . . ."

"It's about the Prophylactans".

Wendy stopped.  No one talked much about the invaders, and Wendy didn't know 

of any organizations that would care to make them a topic.  She was 

intrigued, but not deterred.  "Fine.  Goodbye".  She opened the door.

"May I call you"?

"Later.  Goodbye".

As Sarah left, Wendy watched her walk away.  Now really seeing it uncovered 

for the first time, Wendy closely observed the contours of her receding body. 

The bodypaint was applied to her back as well; it was a good job and Wendy 

wished she knew where Sarah got it done.  She didn't really believe that the 

lovemaking had been completely passionless;  quite the reverse, in fact.  But 

the mere fact that Sarah had contemplated the act beforehand bothered Wendy.  

When Sarah was gone, Wendy went back into the room.  Then she remembered the 

strange object dangling between her breasts.  She hadn't yet had a chance to 

look at it, and would probably have returned it if she had remembered it.  

She removed the necklace and held it in her palm.  

Attatched to a chain which looked very delicate but which, from the weight 

and color Wendy guessed was probably made from strong monofilament braid, was 

a small crystal sphere no larger than the nail of her fourth finger.  Inside 

the crystal was a white substance.  Wendy gasped.  She held the crystal to 

the light, her fingers trembling.  The substance was a thick fluid, rolling 

around the interior of the crystal.  It looked like .  .  .  Wendy pressed 

the small prize to her breast;  yes, it did give off it's own warmth!  Surely 

it must be the precious discharge from the native life, which had been so 

common before the invasion.  Where had Sarah gotten it?  And Wendy had thrown 

her out.  If only she had looked at the gift before .  .  .  But no matter.  

Sarah would call again.  Wendy curled up like a child on the autochair, the 

necklace embraced tightly in the pit of her stomach.


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