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Archive-name: Fantasy/mikar.txt


Archive-title: Mikar

	Mikar looked at the man approaching him.  He was a warrior.  A very big

man with wild, dark brown hair and dark eyes.  He was dirty with travel and

very tough looking.

	"Boy how would you like to earn some gold?"  The man looked down at

Mikar with a hunger in his eyes.  Hunger and anticipation.

	"What would I do to get this gold?" he asked, brushing his long golden

hair out of his face.  His eyes looked up warily at the stranger.

	"Follow me," said the warrior.  Mikar followed.  The warrior took the

lad to an anonymous inn, and up to his room.

	"Sit down."  Mikar sat on the bed.  The man leaned against the door to

the room, there was no window.

	"I am on a quest and have sworn myself to the cause of killing the

sorceress Achthyl.  I have also sworn not to lie with a woman until my quest is

done.  Achthyl has placed a curse of lust and passion on me.  I am in need

of... companionship."  Mikar saw the great difficulty the man was having in

keeping himself under control.  Well, he thought, I am trapped already so...

	"Funny word for it... what's your name?"

	"Nikola, Nikola Lastchilde."

	"Why do you hunt this witch, and why the vow of purity?"

	"Achthyl is, among other things, a lust witch.  She could entrap me in

any form she chose.  Any female form, thus the oath.  I hunt her because she

destroyed my village and enslaved the people for her vile pleasures and magical

experiments.  I am the only survivor.  After performing experiments on me, and

using me as  her plaything, she left me for dead.  I was found by a druid who

raised be to adulthood.  I have sworn a bblood oath to make her pay for what

she has done, to me and to all her other victims."

	"Do you normally like men?"

	"I prefer women."

	"I don't care either way," Mikar said as he removed his clothes.  "know

this Nikola Lastchilde, I am going to accompany you on this quest, for you are

my escape from the life I lead.  I am a theif, a trickster, and a whore.  I

have spent my life on the streets of Generica.  If you lie with me tonight you

wil;l creat a bond, we will share this quest, I will help you towards your

goal, and youwill teach me the skills of a warrior."  Mikar was naked, and

fairly clean underneath his urchins rags.  His young body both muscular and

soft.  The warrior stood at the door, torn between lust and fear...

	"Very well.  Tell me boy, what is your name?"  The boy pressed himself

against the man's large, strong frame and whispered in his ear...

	"I am Mikar."  Then he pressed his lips to Nikola's mouth...

	Mikars' tongue opening his lips pushed Nikola ove rhte edge, he hugged

the boys body to his own, his hands kneading Mikars bottom, and rubbing the

soft flesh of his back and sides.  He carried the boy over to the bed and undid

the drawstring of his pants letting his 9 inches of manhood free of it's


	Mikar looked at the cock fearfully, he knew what the warrior needed,

but it had been over a year since he had sold his body, this will hurt he

thought.  At once dreading and welcoming what was about to come next.  He

lifted his legs in the air, presenting his puckered bottom to the warrior, his

6 inches of cock harddening rapidly.

	"Get it wet," he said "there is no way I could take that thing dry." 

	Nikola spat into his right hand, then rubbed it in the head of his

engorged member.  The spit combined with the pre-cum, the sensation making him

even hornier.  He grabbed the boy's bottom placed his cock at the opening, and

then rammed himself in.

	Mikar screamed.  The warrior had lost all control, he was slamming his

trobbing pole in harder and harder.  The warrior leaned over Mikar and began

to kiss him violently, his arms hugging Mikars legs to his torso.  His belly

rubbing against Mikars cock, making it hotter and harder by the moment.

	The pain of the warriors reaming him combined with the thrilling

grinding of his cock against the warriors belly and drove Mikar into a frenzy,

he came violently. 

	The boy began to buck against his thrusts, anbd Nikola felt a wetness

on his stomach.  The boy moaned and suddenly his but-hole, which had been tight

before began to throb and contract with the boys moans. 

	Nikola started to cum, each thrust bringing a new rush of sensation and

fluid.	He stood, lifting the boys body up with him in one final thrust before

collapsing on top of the boy in exhaustion.

	Nikola turned over on his side so as not to crush Mikar.

	"I.. I am sorry..."  he began.

	"It.... is alright.  It's my job," the boy panted.  Then Mikar slid off

the bed and began to undress Nikola.  Removing his boots and then fully

removing the giant man's pants.  Then he mounted the warriors lap and heled him

remove his tunic.

	Mikar was beggining to recover and looked down at his new companion for

the first time.  He was well over six tall, and his beard and mustache were

nicely complemented by the dark hair on his chest and stomach.  The was some

flab, and that was deffinatly a beer belly, but there were substantial muscles


	Nikola was also busy examing Mikar.  The boy a couple inches under six

feet and very muscular.  But his muscles were those of a tumbler or acrobat,

and there was still a softness to his skin and his flesh.  There were sparse

areas of blond hair under his arms and around his cock.

	"Tell me Nikola, what do you think of men now?"

	"I am not sure, I have very little to compare you too." he said

grinning in embaresment.

	"There have been NO others?" Mikar said and regretted as he saw the big

warriors reaction.

	"Only one."

	"The witch?"


	"Quiet, we will talk more in the morning."

	And then they slept.

	Mikar awoke to pleasant sensation on his chest snd stomach.  He opened

his eyes.  He was against the wall and Nikola was lieing on his side with his

back to the door.  He had pulled back the covers and was gently stroking Mikar

with his hands and fingertips,  The calusses on the fingertips were

particularly stimulating.

	"What time is it?" Mikar asked, shifting so that he would be more

accesible to Nikola's strong hands.

	"Around midnight, you slept a good five hours." Nikola smilled down at

the young man.  "There is some food on the table, I thought you might be


	"Maybe latter," said Mikar, for he had noticed that Nikola's hardness

pressed against his thigh.  He stroked it gently and looked into Nikola's eyes,

waiting for the question.

	"Are you ready, for another...?" he asked hopefully.

	"I am afraid not.  But if I make you wait it will only be more...

intense the next time..." Mikar smiled.  "Just trust in me warrior, I have an


	Mikar had Nikola roll onto his back, leaving less room fo Mikar between

the warrior and the wall.  Mikar climbed on top of Nikola and began kissing

him.  He started in the middle of the mans forehead, kissed each of his eyes

shut and then kissed him on the lips.  Their tongues intertwined and Nikola

began to rub his hands up and down Mikar's body.  They stayed like that for a

while, the kisses and the rubbing getting more insistant.

	Then Mikar disengaged his lips from Nikola's and bit the warriors lower

lip in an insistant and angry way.  This startled Nikola who began to protest

when Mikar bit him on the chin, burying his face in the man's beard.  Mikar

then took his time, slowly going down to the warriors chest.  Here he play his

tongue over Nikolas hairy chest.

	Suddenly he bit Nikola's hardened left nipple, Nikola cried out and

grabbed the boys head and pulled him away from his chest.  Mikar stuck out his

tongue and licked the reddened nipple.  Nikola pushed the by downward and let


	Mikar ran his tongue over and around Nikola's stomach and sides, the

tikleing sensation made Nikola moan with pleasure.  Then Mikar slid his wet

mouth and tongue down Nikola's side and into the crevice between the warriors

thigh and ball sack.  Nikola shuddered at the sensations he was feeling,

wondering what would happen next...

	Mikar then began to suck on the warriors heavy, tightened ball sack. 

Nikola groaned and began to violently stroke his cock.  Mikar stopped what he

was doing, and grabbed Nikola's hand...


	"I need to release!" Nikola growled.

	"You will, I promise!" said Mikar with a grin.  Then he leaned down and

placed his lips around the head of the warriors penis.  It was very hot, and

dripped salty pre-cum.  Nikola froze, and then slowly released his grip on his


	Nikola moaned as the boy began to suck on his cock.  Nikola had never

imagined that such a thing was done.  The boy began to take more and more of

his cock into his mouth.  The moist heat of the boys mouth felt like nothing he

could imagine.  Suddenly Mikar pulled up and let Nikola's member stand there. 

he looked at the purple head  for a moment and then licked the base of of the

cock, lovingly running his tongue up and down the veins of the shaft.  Mikar

kept playing with the giant member, sometimes lightly kissing it, sometimes

biting it gently or not so gently, and sometimes taking into his mouth and

sucking on it with all his strength.

	Nikola twisted and writhed as the boy kept bringing him the the edge of

release and then bringing him down again.  His hands grasped the mattress to

either side of him as the boy played with him.

	"PLEASE!" he moaned as the boy, once again, placed his lips around the

head of his cock.  Mikar stopped what he was doing and Nikola whimpered

"please!" once again.

	"Since you asked nicely" said Mikar in an evil tone.  Then he began to

thrust his head up and down, in and out of his mouth went Nikolas manhood, each

time a little deeper.  Nikola began to thrust his hips in time with Mikar's

movements.  Mikars thumb was pressed against the base of Nikola's shaft and as

he felt the first spurt comming he thrust his throat down onto Nikola's cock

taking all nine inches of it and burying his face in the mans pubic hair.

	Nikola shot what seemd like gallons of fluid into Mikar's stomach, and

moaned his wordless pleasure.

	Mikar lifted himself from Nikola's softening member, lifted himself up

from the prone warrior and went over to the table.  After taking a swig from

the pitcher of mead, Mikar looked down at Nikola.  He doubted the man

before him would suffer from the effects of the lust/spell for many many hours.

	He got back into bed and cuddled up against the dazed warrior.

Mikar 2- Nikola has a dream


	Nikola twisted in his sleep, he had been dreaming of a village.  A

village being attacked by an enemy of great power.  Suddenly the mists swirled

and he was in a room.  There was a sleeping platform in the middle of the room.

It was a circular room with no roof and a door.

	Standing in the door-way was a beautiful woman.  She was six feet tall

with long black hair and green eyes.  She stood there naked looking at the

warior.  Nikola realised then that he too was naked.

	"Where am I?" he asked covering himself with a sheet off the bed.

	"In a safe place.  Don't you recognize me?" she asked playfully as she

advanced towards him.

	"You look like Seline, the priestess of Besht?"

	"No, silly man, she looks like Me," the woman smiled.  "When next you

visit my house come visit me, and you will see that this is real."

	The woman took the sheets from Nikola and pressed herself up against

him kissing him insistanlty.  The warriors knees buckled under the passion of

the kiss and he fell back onto the bed.  Nikola started to explore her body

with his hands.  Her skin was soft and supple.  Nikola began to become aroused.

	He stood up and lifting the woman off of him, he sat her down on the

bed.  He began to kiss her warm lips.  Somehow she was now wearing a Cat mask

that covered the upper half of her face, her green eyes showing through the


	He stopped kissing her and played his hands up and down her body.  Then 

Nikola smiled an evil grin, for he had though of how to please this woman.

	He parted her lips and kissed her once more.  He held her breasts in

his hands, his thumbs playing with her hardened pink nipples.  Slowly he began

to travel down, kissing her cheek, her neck, her throat... tracing a path down

to her right breast he began to kiss and suck on her nipple.  Her hands

clutched at his mane of dark brown hair.  He played with her breasts for a

while, kissing and licking and sucking on them.  She seemed to enjoy this play,

but Nikola knew that he must do more, he must please her.

	He stopped playing with her breasts and bid her lay back on the bed,

her legs hanging over the edge.  He began to lick the uppermost part of her

thigh.  His mustache and beard gently touching her vagina.  Slowly circled her

crevice, never actually touching it with his mouth, but letting his facial hair

become drenched in her juices.  Her scent arousing him more and more, but still

he resisted, wanting to please her.

	Suddenly she grabbed his head in her hands and pulled his mouth to her

hungry hole.  He began to lick and bite and tounge her in earnest for the taste

of her juices had him painfully aroused.  His manhood throbed in time with the

writhing of her body.  He felt her hole began to twitch and thob of it's own

accord and he stood, and thrust himself into her.  The twitching and throbbing

of her hole grasping his manhood and pumping it violently.  He layed himsefl on

top of her and began to kiss her violently.  Their bodie rocked in time to

unheard rythms.  Nikola began to come, the pleasure of the orgasm mixing with

the pain of her nails clawing into his back....


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