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Archive-name: Fantasy/labeat.txt


Archive-title: L.A. Beat - part 1 thru 4

Though this fictional story might remind you of a popular TV

series, this story has nothing to do with it. No-one saw me do

it, nothing can be proven. This story contains lots of

consensual lesbian sex between teenagers, so hit n if this

doesn't suit you. Sorry for my bad English, since I don't speak

it as native language. Feel free to correct all errors you

happen to find. This is public domain, so distribute it freely

as long as you don't make any profit of it.

The ending of the original version was bad, giving no room for

sequels. I've altered it to something less raunchy. If you have

the older version, please do not distribute it, and replace it

with this. Thanks!

Oh yes: if you imagine that this is a 90210 story and use those

world famous characters with your imagination when reading this,

remember that here in Finland we're pretty much behind in airing

and the events of this story would best take place at those

times when David's father Mel proposed marriage to Kelly's



The deadline was coming like an avalanche. For the first time

for months Andrea felt a little horrified - she'd made their

school's newspaper the absolute best there is, but now half of

the articles were missing, photographers were out of reach,

everything went wrong and no-one seemed to care. Andrea sat

behind her desk, telling herself to calm down. Yelling and

screaming at the staff wouldn't help her, and it wasn't her

style. One by one everyone else had drifted out of the office to

attend their lessons, until there was only Andrea and a

typewriter that refused to produce anything she'd print.

"Is there something wrong", she heard a familiar voice say.

Brandon had loitered into the office.

"No.... yes, there is", Andrea said, knowing that she couldn't

hide her emotions from Brandon, who sometimes seemed to be able

to read her like a book. They's known for a long time (in fact,

Andrea had once offered her virginity to him) and were good

friends, part of the gang of eight.

"It's this newspaper. I don't know why, but everything seems to

go wrong, no matter what I do. I don't know why", Andrea said,

her voice losing its strength as the words went on. She was a

master in holding her emotions inside her, but now she was

almost in tears. She jumped up and pulled herself against

Brandon, who held her in his arms like a friend. Nothing more,

though Andrea wanted more in her dreams. In her most intimate

dreams, in her most intimate moments with her body, he imagined

Brandon doing everything a dream lover can do to a woman. Andrea

had never felt man's love, and she was getting more and more

desperate every day.

"It's all right, Andrea", Brandon said, having never seen her

behave like this. "It's all right. I'll help you and we make the

next paper the best one ever."

"It's no use", Andrea said, now crying. "There's no way anyone

can do it, and it's all my fault. I left things unattended, and

now everything is falling apart. It's my fault! Mine!"

"No, it's not", Brandon said, hearing the door open behind him.

Andrea turned her face away for a second, trying to wipe the

tears off her face.

"I thought you were here..." Brenda said to Brandon, stopping at

the sight of Andrea crying. She walked over the room and touched

Andrea's arm gently.

"It's all right", Andrea said and told them that she was going

to be fine. Brenda asked Brandon if she could borrow his car,

beacuse she and Kelly were going to catch some rays at the

beach. And maybe watch the hunks playing volleyball, comparing

their butts to Mel Gibson's. After some persuasion Brandon

agreed, since he wasn't going to need it himself tonight and

Brenda promised that Dylan would drive him home from the school.

He passed the keys to Brenda, warning her that he'd kill her if

anything happened to his car.

"Would you mind if I joined you", Andrea asked, having wiped all

the tears off now. Her eyes were bright again, like after a

spring rain.

"Sure... but what about the paper?" Brenda asked.

"As I said, there is nothing I can do about it. So, why should I

ruin my day thinking about it inside these four walls?"


"Earth to Brenda, Earth to Brenda, pass me the oil", Kelly asked

Brenda, who was focused to a gorgeous guy walking into the

waves. As usual, the day was perfect without a single cloud

anywhere. "Oh, sure", Brenda said, finally noticing what her

best friend had said. She passed the little bottle to her. Kelly

started putting the oil slowly on her body, enjoying the

California sun and hot sand.

Andrea sat up and looked at the guy, whose head was now visible

among the waves. Nice hairdo, though, but such things had no

importance for her. She cared about what was inside a man, his

intelligence, his compassion, his willingness to help the world.

Brandon has all these charasteristics. She took a look at her

body, which had become noticeably more tanned during the

afternoon. She didn't look bad - what was it with her that no

man ever showed interest in her? God, she'd give anything if she

could change parts with Brenda, who could live with Brandon

every day!

"I wonder if I should call that guy here and ask him to spread

the oil over your back", Brenda said jokingly to Kelly. Kelly

answered by throwing a pinch of sand on her, and they both

giggled for a while. Kelly turned on her stomach and said that

she wouldn't say a word until someone did the honors.

Andrea took the bottle, poured some oil on her palm and started

spreading it on Kelly's back. The oil added to Andrea's touch

felt nice, so Kelly closed her eyes and stretched her body for a


"Shall I put it on your legs, too?" Andrea asked.

"Go ahead", Kelly said, now looking at the volleyball field with

Brenda. There were no cool guys present right now. Andrea poured

some more oil and spread it all the way to the ankle along

Kelly's leg. Her legs were so much better than Andrea's, and her

skin was also smoother. Andrea felt confused about what her

fingers felt. She felt the Kelly live, and she thought that she

could feel every heartbeat, every single cell of blood pulsating

in her body. She closed her eyes and went on what she was doing,

her motions slightly strengthened.

"You know, Andrea should start a career as a professional

masseur", said Kelly and moaned. Brenda giggled and pointed her

finger at a new guy on the other side of the beach. Andrea

didn't see. Her fingers now run on the inside of Kelly's legs,

the oil killing almost all friction. Her breathing became

heavier as she moved her fingers closer to Kelly's pussy.

"Andrea, what are you doing?" Kelly asked in a voice that was a

mixture of denial and pleasure. Andrea was woken off her dreams,

she opened her eyes and saw where her hands were. Kelly turned

her head toward her. So did Brenda, who was smiling, because she

had no idea what was going on. Andrea's fingertips were only

inches away from Kelly's pussy, feeling the warm flesh the

swimsuit had not hidden.

"Nothing", said Andrea quickly with her normal voice,

embarrassed. She pulled her hands back and closed the bottle.

Kelly sat up, facing Andrea. "What's going on?" asked Brenda,

still not noticing anything. Kelly nod her head to the right and

looked at Andrea's eyes, smiling a little cute smile. Andrea was

ashamed and couldn't look back. Kelly put her hand on Andrea's

shoulder and turned her to face her.

"I'm not angry", said Kelly a few times, trying to make Andrea

understand. "You're not?" asked Andrea back, very shyly. For her

whole life she'd kept her emotions under strict order, being

very careful not to show them to others. Now she'd done the

unthinkable. Gossips would ruin her reputation. Everyone would

giggle when she walked by. She'd have to leave the newspaper.

"In fact I'd like you to do it again", Kelly said and gave her a

small kiss. "It felt really nice. I don't think I've ever felt

it as nice as now."

After a while the girls had moved to a more quieter place where

no one could see them behind the bushes and dunes. Kelly lay on

her stomach and moaned as Andrea slid her fingers along her

legs. Brenda was very curious to watch, and she felt an almost

irresistible need to touch her pussy. The sight of Kelly with

her eyes closed and her mouth turning from a big smile to a

little o-shaped pit was something awesome. Andrea was a lot more

liberated than ever and seemed to really enjoy herself. For a

few times she touched Kelly's pussy with her forefinger, which

made Kelly moan sharply every time, then giggle.

Andrea adjusted her position for a bit and used her right hand

to massage Kelly's neck and shoulders. Her left hand was holding

Kelly's pussy, rubbing it under the swimsuit. Kelly's body

seemed to enjoy it so much that it was too much for Brenda. She

sat up, looked quickly around, took off her trunks and spread

her legs. Her pussy felt so hot and itchy that she HAD to

something about it. Andrea saw what she was doing and smiled,

not stopping what she was doing. Kelly also nodded her head

approvingly, taking a good look at Brenda's little show.

"Take them off", said Kelly smoothly at Andrea. "I don't want

you to grow too anxious over Brenda, at least not before you've

done it me!"

Kelly turned on her back and spread her legs, while Andrea

pulled her trunks off. The sight of Kelly's sweet love hole

drove Andrea almost crazy. She inserted her forefinger in it and

started moving it back and forth, feeling Kelly's wet passion

growing inside. Kelly had taken off her bra and fondled her tits

with her both hands, her head moving from side to side with

lust. Brenda took also her bra off, making Andrea go ohh over

her beautiful tits and hard brown nipples. Kelly stared at them,

remembering the day when they had learned to search possible

tumors in their breasts. Both Kelly and Brenda were now buck

naked and moaning with pleasure.

Kelly put her hand behind Andrea's neck and pulled her gently

but irresistibly down. Not that Andrea resisted, at least not

much. She positioned herself between Kelly's legs and put her

head where it belonged. The smell of Kelly's pussy juice and

sweat was like knockout gas. Kelly felt something she'd never

felt before - something soft and wet penetrating her pussy lips.

Andrea's tongue. "Oh god", said Brenda, not believing her eys.

Every motion of her finger was so powerful that she felt that

they could tear down a house. She'd come real soon.

Andrea moved her tongue inside this gorgeous blonde's pussy,

exploring every little mound and corner. Then shen moved to

clitoris and started nibbling it, almost teasingly. She sucked

on the taste, feeling that she could never have enough. Andrea

placed her hands on Kelly's ankles and spread her legs a bit to

get a chance to suck better. Then she slid her hands along

Kelly's feet, ending to toes. She tickled them, which made Kelly

laugh and moan at the same time.

"I'm gonna come", Brenda yelled, breathing like a steam engine.

She closed her eyes and saw the stars. Her very blood set afire

inside her, and she yelled some more. After this orgasm came

another, this time even bigger, and Brenda prolonged it as much

as she just could. Andrea watched this with amazement, but then

Kelly's pussy became alive. Kelly was coming too. Suddenly

Andrea was snapped into real world again, while these two

gorgeous creatures were having the time of their life. What the

hell had happened in this beach?

Kelly thanked Andrea with a kiss, while Brenda lay on her back

looking at the sky, unable to do anything else. "Quite a ride",

she said, and Brenda agreed.

"But someone hasn't had her full share here", Kelly warned and

looked at Andrea. She gave her a French kiss, tasting her own

pussy inside Andrea's mouth. Kelly put her arms around Andrea

and tried to open her bra. Suddenly Andrea pushed Kelly's arms

away from her. Kelly looked at her with amazement.

"What's the matter, Andrea?" said Brenda, having sat up.

"Because... because... I've never done this before! I'm a

virgin!" Andrea said with sudden anger. "I don't want my first

time to be with a woman. I am not a lesbian!"

"Come on, Andrea, you are in love with Brandon. That means you

are interested in guys", said Brenda. "We are your friends, and

we want you to feel the same pleasure as we did. We are not much

more experienced than you are. And to be brutally honest,

Andrea, you're the last person I'd ever have imagined to have

something against alternative sexual preferences."

"And you wouldn't be the only one. You remember Matt, the guy I

used to date last summer? He's homosexual, too" said Kelly,

sharing the secret. "You're kidding!" said Brenda, mouth open

with amazement. But they could see in her face that she wasn't.

Then she told them that surprisingly many girls in their school

have tried lesbian encounters, she even many times. No-one just

ever told anything to anyone, because if they did, they would

lose their own reputation too.

Brenda stood up and walked right next to other two girls. Andrea

looked quite unsure, but not angry. Brenda sat down and started

caressing Andrea's ear nipple. She licked her ear and finally

put her tongue inside. Meanwhile, Kelly completed opening

Andrea's bra, this time with no resistance. She gasped at the

sight of Andrea's nice pair of tits and tasted them both. Andrea

put her arms around both girls and pulled them closer. Brenda

moved her tongue in her beautiful brown hair and neck.

Kelly licked Andrea's tits wet while inserting her hand inside

her swimming trunks. Even though they hadn't swimmed that day,

they were wet. Andrea moved her hips a bit forward and let her

back fall a bit lower, closer to position of laying down, so

that Kelly's hand could operate more freely. Brenda set Andrea

gently down and proceeded to her other tit. Andrea smiled at the

blue sky and moved her hands playfully in both girls' hair. She

had never felt so good before. This was much better than doing

it alone, though she'd become quite good at it during all these

years after her fourteenth summer.

"Do it to me", she moaned. And they did. Brenda approached head

face again and they kissed; first gently, then with tongues,

sharing turns to explore each other's mouth. Sometimes they

stopped for a while and smiled at each other. After that day,

their friendship would be in a new level, sharing a secret the

nerds at the school would never know. Andrea's face seemed to

melt, when Kelly finally started licking her virgin pussy. The

problems in the paper meant nothing for her now.

Andrea couldn't resist the sight of Kelly's beautiful ass

hanging front of her, but out of reach of closer inspection. She

told that she wanted Kelly to do a 69 session with her, and

blushed when she realized what she had said. Kelly and Brenda

winked their eyes and promised that they'd give Andrea something

she'd never forget.

After a minute the session was going on, but slightly altered

from Andrea's original plans. They were all laying on the sand,

doing a threesome in a form a triangle. Andrea was sucking

Brenda, who was operating on Kelly, who did the honors for

Andrea. Andrea had noticed that both girls tasted different, but

good. Kelly was sweeter, but Brenda was... deeper. If they were

wines, Brenda would have been a rarity from the 18th century.

"MMMMM", moaned Andrea when Kelly proceeded to her sweet

asshole. And that felt GOOD. She wrapped her legs around her

body , demanding more. The feeling of her tongue in her asshole

was something beyond words. This was as good as the moment of

normal coming with masturbation, and she could hardly wait the

big orgasm that was sure to follow. In her excitement her tongue

found new ways to excite Brenda, which made her do even better

with Kelly, and that made her set Andrea's asshole on fire. The

reaction travelled in all girls, causing them to reach a new,

unexplored level of pure ecstasy.

Then it was time to come. Like at a signal, they all started

rocking their hips rhythmically, flooding juices into each

other's mouths. Screams of pleasure were hidden by sweet female

flesh as the moment seemed to go on forever and forever and

forever. Finally they let each other go, tilted over and

remained there, too tired to do or say anything. The orgasm was

still caressing their insides as they breathing lost its

intensity. They were like this for a few minutes.

"Oh damn, I run out of tape", a familiar voice said. The girls

opened their eyes with terror and shame. The whole gang was

there. David had lowered her video camera and was taking out the

tape. Fortunately there was no-one else to see their little

show, at least not visible.

"I thought that the day was so beautiful that I'd hit the

beach", David said, grinning like the sun. The girls cried and

started collecting their clothes frantically, trying to hide

their naked bodies. "This is going to be great material for my

video about the life of a teenager", David said, obviously

having fun.

"David, if you EVER show that tape to anyone, I'll kill you!"

Kelly yelled, being the first one to regain her self-control.

"Give that tape back", added Brenda in a voice as loud and

authoritative as Kelly's. David took a look a each girl, trying

to act as cool as possible. To his disappointment, Andrea had

been the first one to discover the possibilities of using a

towel as clothing. Seeing her do this, the other two followed

her example.

David started retreating slowly, watching each girl. "Don't try

anything", he said. "I can run much faster than you. Much

faster! And I don't think that you would follow me wearing only

those towels", he said and added a little cool smile.

"David. This is your last warning", Kelly threatened. "Give that

tape back right now." David stood at least 40 feet away from

them. She'd never catch him. In fact, she'd have to drop her

towel to be able to run, and she could never do that. Behind her

angry mask she was ashamed and scared.

"David! Let's negotiate about this", asked Andrea, trying to

sound as convincing and friendly as possible. He now stood

almost 50 feet away from them. The video camera weighed a ton in

his hand.

"I think I'll keep the tape, though I'll never show it to anyone

else", David said and started running. The girls took a quick

look at each other, dropped their towels and went after him.

David looked back, yelped and changed to highest gear. Andrea

lost her courage and couldn't follow any further, afraid that

someone would see her naked body. The fear of what David would

do with the tape - he could show it to all his nerd friends -

made Kelly and Brenda run faster than ever. David looked back

again and saw them merely 20 feet away. And they were closing.

David tripped over something and fell. Before he could get up,

the girls were all over him, beating and strangling him. He

tried to surrender, but Kelly gave him no chance. She sat on

David's chest, and for a split second he realized that her pussy

was only a foot away from his face. The thought didn't comfort

him much when Brenda took the cassette and camera from him.

"I think I'll just smash this camera into thousand little pieces

and make this sucker eat them", Brenda screamed, waving the

camera. Kelly strangled David and sobbed something he couldn't

make out. "But I have a better idea" Brenda added.

David felt a strange sensation when he felt Brenda pulling his

trousers down. His erection bent painfully when the trousers

went down. Kelly's tits dangled close to his face, and Kelly

yelled something but everything was quiet and slow motion. He

was running out of oxygen with no strength to fight back. Brenda

took off his shoes and socks and pulled the trousers and

underpants out. His stiff dick was now visible, and for a moment

he thought Brenda was going to suck it so he wouldn't tell

anyone what he had seen them do in this beach and then kelly

looked back and laughed and stood up leaving his throat free

letting him breathe and then kelly pulled his shirt off without

noticing his effort to prevent it and he was buck naked and

girls run away waving his clothes and andrea stood over there

and laughed aloud and he was now able to breathe thank God!

David realized he was as naked as the girls had been a little

while ago. He looked around and saw dozens of faces looking at

him curiously. "Wait! Come back!" he yelled and stood up,

covering his shrunk penis with his hands. Everybody was laughing

at him, and he ran after the girls.

"I was just joking", he shouted, but the girls had already

dressed and ran to their car holding his clothes and the

cassette. "Wait! You can't leave me like this!"

Brenda got the car going a little before David could grab it.

Andrea gave him fingers - both of them. Kelly was just laughing.

David tripped again, falling on his face. The car turned to the

road and accelerated. They obviously had no intention to come

back to him.


LA Beat sneak previews of the next week!


"Dylan? Mom? What are you doing?"


"Kelly, I can sure tell you are your mother's daughter!"

-"Andrea, you are going to write about... WHAT?"

L.A. Beat - part 2

"I can't believe that jerk!" Brenda really needed some cooling

off when she steered the car on the fast lane and accelerated.

They felt the highway underneath and its sensitive vibrations

when the car slided smoothly forward like a puck on the ice.

"Well, we definitely taught him a little lesson", Kelly laughed

and slapped a high five with Andrea, who had laughed almost all

the way from the beach. "I don't think that he will tell anyone

what happened. Andrea, did you see his face when Brenda pulled

his pants down?" Andrea gasped some breath and shook her head

before answering. "No, you were sitting on his chest, but soon

after that, yes!"

"Hey, wait a minute", said Brenda. "Who's got the tape?"

"I have it right here with his pants", Andrea answered

cheerfully from the back seat. One could have never believed

that this little brat was the same person who had, a couple of

hours earlier, grieved over the failure of her work. "What are

we going to do with it?"

"We'd better destroy it completely", Brenda said and overtook a

truck that crawled forward. "I'm not going to stay awake every

night, worried if someone will find it tomorrow."

"Come on, Brenda", said Kelly, "don't be such a party-pooper. I

could very well keep it. My mom never touches my things. I mean,

girls, shouldn't we at least watch this tape once?" Kelly turned

again to Andrea and they both burst giggling. Brenda wasn't as


"The state of your privacy could soon change, when David becomes

your brother", Brenda reminded the others.

"Tell me more about it and I'll puke", said Kelly, causing

Andrea fall laughing down to the back seat with sudden

deceleration. "That dweeb got to see my tits and pussy a bit too

close. I don't want to think about him ever again." Kelly kept a

little pause, the continued. "And guess what I'm really mad

about? I had just began thinking that he might be a decent human

being, after all."

Brenda slowed down and steered the car into the turnpike. The

sun was still well above the horizon, and there was surprisingly

little traffic. "Are you going to tell Donna about this?" Andrea

asked. "After all, she is David's girl."

"I don't think that she'd be too happy to hear this", answered

Kelly. "Did she tell you that while her parents were gone a

while ago, she invited David to their house and David had asked

her to sleep with him?"

"Sounds like our boy has reached his poberty", Andrea snapped,

casually searching through David's clothes. "And I'm not the

only virgin around here. At least I'm not even close to be the

most inexperienced one. I still got my maidenhead, but that

doesn't mean anything to me. At least not much anymore. Thank

you, Kelly, for what you did to me. It was so close. It could

have turned out so much differently."

Kelly appreciated Andrea's thanking her, but reminded her that

her magical fingers started the whole thing. "But we're not

going to do this again", Brenda said and the others agreed.

Their life was too complicated and difficult without a

relationship like that. Happening only once, indicents like this

could be a paradise, but prolonging them would gradually make

them hellish.

"We've been friends for so long and gone through so much

together", Kelly said. "In a way, I'm happy that this happened.

We can talk so much more freely now." Andrea nodded and turned

her attention from David's clothes, having checked them inside

out. She asked how much Kelly and Brenda talked about their sex

life to each other. After all, they were the best friends.

Brenda stopped at the red light and told Andrea that it really

didn't happen too often. Kelly agreed with that.

"How often do you do it to yourselves?" Andrea snapped quickly,

turning both heads back. A honk from the car behind them made

Brenda turn her face back to traffic, where the lights were

green again. "Come on, we've had more intimate moments than

this. I confess that I do it often. Not on a daily basis, but

often. In fact I know now what I'm going to write the editorial

about. Masturbation... the beauty of."

"You're going to write the editorial about WHAT?" Kelly asked

with an extreme expression on her face. Andrea looked at her as

if she didn't understand what the fuss was all about.

"Masturbation. I wonder why I never got that before. It is a

really big thing in our lives. Brandon, Steve, Dylan... they all

do it. Everyone does it. I must write about it, try to wake some

conversation. The boys can talk about in their locker rooms.

Time has come to rise to next level."

"I guess you're right", said Kelly and took one little breath

before continuing. "I do it three or four times a week. When I'm

in the mood." Brenda succeeded in turning to the right lane. "I

remember when I first discovered it", Kelly continued. "I was

thirteen. My mom was drunk as usual, fallen asleep downstairs. I

took a bath and dreamed of the boys in the high school football

team. Then... well, it just happened."

Andrea and Kelly giggled again. After a short silence, while

Brenda slowed down to avoid hitting some skateboarding kids,

Andrea dared her tell her story. "Come on, Brenda, we've already

told about us. And if I can tell anything about the show you

gave me when I was doing Kelly, you're no beginner in it. It

looked really delicious."

"All right then, if you really want to know. I was thirteen, and

it was winter in Minnesota. I was all alone, and I was supposed

to be doing my homework. Well, Mom had that book in her library,

and I used to read it when no-one was home." Brenda's voice was

exciting, as if she was telling the others some secret. And in a

way, she was. "Was it one of Henry Miller's books? I sure have

read them all", Andrea asked.

"Nooo.. it was... no, I can't tell you. It's too embarassing",

Brenda said. Kelly punched her softly on her arm, urging her to

tell. It was one of those moments in a girl squad, when the

tension was thick enough to be carved with a knife and yet it

felt so nice. "OK then, but promise me you don't laugh or think

that I'm some sort of a maniac or anything", she said. Kelly and

Andrea promised not to do so.

"It was Wild Boys by William Burroughs", she confessed quickly.

The other girls broke their promise and exploded laughing.

Andrea had read the book, of course, and Kelly, even with not

having read the book, was amused by the title. "Calm down now,

you promised me", Brenda yelled in a slightly angry voice as she

turned the car to the street they lived in.

"The title tells it all", Andrea said, calming her laughter

down. "It's all right, Brenda, I also read the book twice and

enjoyed the scenes with all those guys doing it to each other.

Sorry about our laughing. We don't think anything about you."

"Why is it that boys, and I mean all them, not only David, like

to watch women doing it to each other", Kelly asked. Brenda and

Andrea took a little timeout to answer. Brenda told how she had

a few years ago found a copy of Penthouse in Brandon's room,

which made other girls gasp their breath. Brandon had read

Penthouse? "I guess he didn't do it for the articles", Brenda


"I once leafed through a copy", Kelly said. "I think that men

are sick. Or why aren't there magazines for us women, showing

gorgeous hunks doing it together? Because we don't want them. We

are sane", she told the others. Andrea shook her head and said

that men like visual stimulation, women prefer reading books.

And men like lesbian scenes, because if there are men in the

picture, there is competition.

The car pulled over to the yard, and Brenda invited girls for a

soda. They agreed readily, because it had certainly been a hot

day. They walked over to the kitchen door. Jim Walsh was on a

business trip and wouldn't come back until tomorrow. Brenda

opened the door and headed for the fridge. The faint sound of

the running shower echoed from the upstairs.

"Is that Brandon?" asked Brenda. "No, it can't be. He's got a

shift in the Peach Pit. It must be Mom." She dropped the

subject, browsed through the fridge and found no sodas. Instead

she poured them some orange juice. Andrea emptied her glass

first and put it in the machine. Other girls took their glasses

with them to Brenda's room.

The door to the bathroom was half open. Brenda took a quick look

inside while Kelly and Andrea proceeded to her room. The Mom was

in the shower... but there was someone else, too. Some man, whom

she couldn't recognize behind the untransparent glass. It wasn't

his father. Brenda stepped forward and closed her mouth. She

hadn't made a single sound. The pair in the shower had heard

nothing through the water and their own moans. And yet there was

something very familiar in the man. It took a long time for

Brenda to believe it.

The man was Dylan, and he was taking a passionate shower with

her mother.

"It can't be. It just can't be", she thought hectically behind

her frozen expression. Her eyes and ears told her the truth her

mind was trying the deny. It was definitely Dylan. Her very

boyfriend, whom she loved more than anything else in the world.

Andrea had appeared behind her, watching the scene over her

shoulder. She made no sound either. Brenda pushed her softly

away and took her to her room, where Kelly was lying on the bed

without a hunch. Brenda shut the door and told everyone to be

quiet. Then she leaned her back on the door, closed her eyes and

clenched her hands in a fist.

"Who's that man in the shower with your mom", Andrea asked in a

very, very unsure voice.

"It's Dylan", Brenda answered monotonously. That kind of thing

was just too much. It was like you can walk on the hot coals if

they are hot enough and burn your feet if they are colder. It

was just too much. How could Dylan and her mother end up making

love? She imagined how it had happened. Dylan had dropped

Brandon home. Brandon had invited him inside. Mom had been home

and they had chatted. Dylan had stayed long enough, and Brandon

had left for work. Dylan had forgotten something and returned to

their home. And then...

Andrea stopped Kelly for going to see for herself. Brenda opened

her eyes, stopped the film that was running in her head and told

her friends to get out. She'd give them a call afterwards. Kelly

and Andrea rushed out as quietly as possible. Brenda went to the

bathroom door and looked in.

Dylan and Mom had stepped out of the shower. Brenda saw Dylan's

fully erected dick in her mother's palm. They were french-

kissing so intensely that they didn't notice anything. Her mom

run her other hand in Dylan's wet hair while he had his both

hands firmly on her nicely-shaped ass. She lowered herself

gradually, licking his handsome chest until she finally reached

her penis, which she circled with her tongue. Dylan had his face

turned down to his partner.

She took his penis in her mouth and started humping it

rhythmically. Dylan moaned in pleasure. Brenda saw her mother's

swollen tits swinging as she gentled them with her free hand.

Brenda stood there, both fascinated and angry. She wanted to

scream but she couldn't. She just watched her mother and her

boyfriend enjoy each other.

Dylan pushed Mrs. Walsh's head gently back, telling her he

didn't want to come yet. She sat down on her bare wet ass and

opened her legs, telling him to enter her. Dylan got on his

knees and told her to open herself. Brenda saw her mother have

her usual, beautiful smile, which turned into a round,

pleasantly surprised o when Dylan entered her. Dylan leaned on

her and kissed her smoothly, and they both moaned when Dylan

moved his penis back and forth. And they didn't even use any

protection. For some strange reason, Brenda was more shocked

over this than the whole situation itself, and she wondered why.

Brenda was able to see clearly how Dylan's cock moved in an out

between her mother's pussy hair. Little by little they found a

mutual rhythm. After a few minutes of humping, Dylan's movements

intensified as she thrust his dick deeper and deeper. Brenda saw

her mother push her tongue out, and after Dylan did the same,

they played with each other, sometimes licking each other's neck

and face. "I'm coming", Dylan told her, and she answered with

loud moans of pleasure. Suddenly Mrs. Walsh's body went tense,

she stretched herself and yelled with pleasure of her orgasm. In

mere seconds Dylan reached his climax, shooting his load into

her pulsating pussy. Mrs. Walsh grabber Dylan's ass to control

his movements. She helped him push his dick deeper than ever,

intensifying his orgasm beyond infinity.

Dylan fell on the top of her, totally drained of all energy. She

relaxed and hummed something. "You are fantastic", Dylan said.

"Well, thank you", she replied, "now aren't you glad that I was

able to persuade you to stay?" She smiled at him so beautifully

and kissed her. "My daughter is such a lucky young woman to have

a boyfriend like you."

"I love Brenda", Dylan said in a serious voice. Brenda felt a

sudden emotion too strange to describe with words, but then it

passed. She retreated to the corridor without knowing what to do

next. "I really enjoyed this, but I don't want to continue with

this kind of relationship", Dylan said in the bathroom. "Someday

she'll find out. I love her too much to hurt her like that."

"I know", Brenda heard her mother say. "And I love Jim, and I

could never hurt him. So, let's keep this our little secret,

shall we?" Brenda heard Dylan say nothing, but she knew that he

had agreed by nodding his head. Brenda walked out of the house

as quickly and fast as possible, because they'd come out of the

bathroom in a matter of minutes. She didn't want to embarass

them. Perhaps she'd tell Dylan about this - some day.


L.A. Beat - part 3

"And you didn't do anything", Kelly's voice asked astonished.

Brenda nodded to no-one, then realized how stupid it was to nod

when talking to a phone, then realized that no-one had seen her

stupidity. She went on telling about what she had done. She had

slipped out of the house and driven quietly away for half an

hour. When she had came back, Dylan had been gone and her mother

had looked like her normal self as if nothing had happened.

Brenda had gone to her room and called Kelly immediately. Mom

was going to spent the rest of the evening with some of her

friends and was doing her makeup.

"Well, at least your life is settled for a while", Kelly said,"

but guess what has happened here? My mom just told me that we'll

have dinner together with Mel and David! And they'll be here any


Brenda giggled for a while, imagining David sitting at the table

ashamed in front of Kelly's eyes. Kelly had enough authority to

keep David's eyes set to the ground.

"Wait a minute", Brenda said suddenly. "What about the tape?"

"Andrea asked to have it for a day, and I saw no reason why

not", Kelly answered. "Don't worry, it will be all right. She'd

never show it to anyone else." Brenda heard the doorbell ring in

Taylor's house. "Uh oh, have to go now. Wish me luck."

"Sure", Kelly heard Brenda say before hanging up. She stood up

and walked downstairs. Mel and David were at the door welcomed

by her mother, and as the girls had predicted, David couldn't

look at Kelly's eyes for a second. Something about him touched

Kelly and she promised not to be too harsh on him. After all,

he'd already gone through quite a humiliation. Kelly wondered

how he had survived to his home without clothes.

"Hello, Kelly, you look marvelous", Mel said and gave her a hug

with his normal, gentleman-like courtesy. Kelly asked herself

how father and son could be so much unlike, found no answer and

quit bothering herself with the thought. The delicious smell of

her mother's cookings filled the air, but they'd have to wait

for ten more minutes for the food to be ready. Jackie asked them

to wait in the living room while she set the table.

David and Mel sat on the same sofa, and Kelly took a position as

far from them as possible without looking suspicious. "So, how

was your day?" Mel asked, obviously trying to start

conversation. "Well... you know, the usual", she answered. "Girl


Something in her answer created a little smile on Mel's face,

and Kelly felt an invisible rush run through her spine. David's

eyes travelled on the furniture, ceiling and (mostly) floor,

while Mel's intense but very mild-mannered stare made Kelly feel

somehow awkward. Kelly felt the smell of spicy fish in her nose,

and for a minute the situation was very surreal for her. Vision

of Mel Silver and Jackie, gone sooner than it even appeared.

Blue tulips. And his soothing smile.

"Girl stuff?" Mel said, laughing a little. "I'm sorry, but girls

have always been an unfathomed sea for me. Could you tell me

something more?"

"Well... girl stuff. Like shopping with your friends with your

renewed credit card. You know." Kelly had a hunch that she

couldn't deal with this man the same way she used to remain one

of the most popular girls in the high school.

Mel looked outside the living room door and then at Kelly. This

time his face told Kelly he knew before he even opened her

mouth. They heard her mother take the kettle off the stove.

"Kelly, I know what happened earlier today. It took a lot of

persuasion to extract the information from David, but there

aren't too many excuses for a boy to phone his father and ask

him to pick him up at a quiet place near the beach. And this boy

happened to be completely naked. He hadn't even picked a

newspaper to cover himself or anything. All he had with him was

his video camera."

David obviously wished that his father had remained quiet,

staring at the ceiling, teeth securely locked together. Kelly

hid her face in her hands, desperately thinking of something to

get her out of this and quick. "David told me everything that

happened. Everything, even though it was too unbelievable for

me. At first." Kelly wanted to die, and when she heard her

mother open the oven's lid she gasped with frenzy. Mel calmed

her down, telling her that he wouldn't tell anything to Jackie.

There was one condition, though.

Kelly's mother noticed that the dinner had been quite tense. She

had tried to start a conversation several times, but all the

feedback she got were little noddings and one-syllable words.

There had been an invisible bond between her daughter and her

husband-to-be, but she hadn't been able to tell anything about

its nature or meaning. And David had been so quiet and shy all

the time. Something was definitely going on, and she was going

to find out everything about it.

"I gave it to Andrea", she heard Kelly say as she stepped into

the living room. Everyone looked surprised for her returning so

fast from the bathroom. "You gave Andrea what?" she asked.

"Nothing. Just a thing."

"Stop that, everyone", she said, almost screaming. "I know there

is something going on here, and no-one has told me anything

about it. My patience is almost over, and it's very obvious that

you all know something serious." Her sudden burst of anger

didn't surprise anyone - it had only been a matter of time. "So.

Who's going to tell me about it?"

No-one had anything to say, so Jackie repeated her threat, this

time louder. Kelly was the first to break. She jumped on her

feet and ran past her mother, straight upstairs to her room. Mel

started talking, telling her everything he knew with his calm

voice. David wasn't able to listen, and he ran after Kelly.

Jackie made no effort to stop him. Mel's story ended with his

request for Kelly to return to tape to David to pay for the

humiliation. Of course, David had to promise under oath and

severe consequences of breaking it that he'd keep the tape in a

secure place and never show it to anyone else.

Jackie sat on the sofa and let her head fall behind, staying in

that position for a while. Mel apologized, saying that it had

been a stupid idea and if Jackie was mad at him he'd understand.

Jackie looked back at him, and she was laughing happily, her

worries proven wrong. Mel felt a part of the stone in his throat


"And I thought that it was something serious", Jackie began.

"Those girls spend so much time with each other that it's not a

surprise that such things happen sometime. I guess this is all

right to tell you, and you have the right to know, but I once

had a sexual relationship with a woman in my youth. I'm sure I

can understand Kelly, because in her age they are just testing.

As an M.D., you know that, don't you, Mel?"

"That's right, but David did a bad thing. I understand that he

is interested in watching, but videotaping them went a little

too far. But he's already got his punishment", Mel said. Jackie

looked upstairs, as if wondering about their children. "I think

we'd better consider this case closed. No-one is hurt, but our

meddling with it would only make it worse", she said. Mel agreed

with that.

Jackie stood up and went to sit with Mel. They wrapped their

hands around each other and kissed passionately. "I think I want

you right now", Mel said as their lips parted. Jackie rushed

back on him and they french-kissed for a minute, caressing each

other with common passion. "My place or yours?" Mel asked,

trying to sound like a private eye in a film noir movie. Jackie

giggled and smiled. "Yours", she answered, "let's leave the kids

settling this with each other. I'm sure they won't do anything

they'd regret later."


Brandon couldn't believe his eyes. He was in his room watching

some tape he had found on her sister's desk. First he had

thought that it had been the recording from the recent school

event, but he had soon learned that he had been wrong. The first

ten minutes were various shots from the beach - he had even

laughed a little when a beach bully appeared in the screen, the

picture shook and then there was a cut to the other side of the

beach. Then there was a cut to something that made him snap wide


The recording was done in a bush, several branches and leaves

disturbingly on the way. Then Brandon recognized her sister's

moaning face between the green. Here the cameraman approached

the actors a few feet and zoomed in a bit, so he could clearly

see the scene. Brenda was totally nude, fingering herself in a

frenzy. Her lily-white flesh wiggled with frenzy as she fingered

herself. Zoom in to her pussy. Fingers moving back and forth.

Zoom out, full scene. Pan to left. Brandon gasped his breath

when he saw Andrea fingering naked Kelly, both's eyes closed in

passion, smiles so wide that their teeth were showing. Beautiful

smiles. Zoom in to Kelly's rocking pussy. Pan to tits and face

writhing in ecstasy. Brandon had never seen Kelly so beautiful.

Andrea had just come to visit Bren and they had left ten minutes

ago, laughing and telling apparent inside jokes. Zoom out, pan

to Andrea's face. She's saying something he can't make out. Zoom

out to full scene. Brenda reaching her orgasm, Kelly soon to

follow. Andrea with an expression Brandon could have never

imagined on her face.

Brandon heard the door open downstairs and footsteps rushing

upstairs. The damn machine took its time to eject the tape, and

when it had finally done it, Brenda was already rushing past his

door to her room. "No!" she yelled, and Brandon knew why she'd

come back. He heard Andrea calling for Brenda, probably at the

foot of the stairs.

Brenda appeared on his door, looking furious. The situation was

so obvious that neither of them had anything to say. "Andrea!

Come here", Brenda shouted, not leaving her eyes off her

brother. "What is it?" Andrea asked, and they heard how she

climbed the stairs quickly.

"Give that tape back to me right now." Brenda's eyes had

narrowed and her voice was icy. Andrea arrived and realized the

situation instantly. She stared at Brandon, who was grinning at

them. "Looks like my sister and my editor-in-chief share some

interesting hobbies together. Who filmed the tape? Oh yes..." he

said as if he had remembered something, "the peeping tom was

David, wasn't it? Looks a lot like his camerawork."

They had had arguments like this when they were kids, but

naturally none on this subject. "No matter who it was", Brenda

said, ready to murder. "You are going to give it back to me.

Right now. Can you hear me?"

Brandon walked calmly on the VCR and inserted the tape. It

started playing automatically, while Brenda made no effort in

getting the tape back, stunned by Brandon's behaviour. Her face

appeared on the screen, eyes closed, mouth open, saliva on her

lips. Quick pan to left, in Andrea. She blushed when she saw

herself on Brandon's television set, smiling her usual,

beautiful smile. Then she realized that her nipples were poking

through her blouse.

"It's not what you think!" she suddenly yelled, surprising them

both. "I would have done it with you, Brandon, remember? When we

were riding in that carousel and you just couldn't understand

what I was offering you? I'm no lesbian! We were just having


"I'm sure you were", Brandon said. "And some fun it was", he

continued. On TV Kelly and Brenda were lying on their towels,

too exchausted to do anything but moan and caress their bodies.

"Would you like to go on with that fun?"

Brandon's question snapped the girls to react oppositely. Andrea

was delighted, smiling surprisedly at Brandon. She'd definitely

agree. Brenda was shocked, his own brother asking her to do

this. Definitely not! There had to be some limits!

"Come on", Andrea said, releasing her horniness. "He doesn't

want you to touch him. But I want you to touch me where it feels

the best." She kissed Brenda on the cheek, making her fight with

different emotions. Andrea purred and slid her hand along her

body. Brenda made no effort to resist.

"That's the spirit, Bren", Brandon said and sat on his bed.

Brenda answered in Andrea's kiss, probing her cheeks with her

tongue. Andrea moaned and placed her both hands on Brenda's ass,

rubbing them softly against it. Brenda run her fingers down

Andrea's spine, making her whisper how much she lover her touch.

In a few minutes both girls were naked and doing 69 on the

floor. Brandon was only wearing his shorts, but they couldn't

hide the bulge inside them. Andrea was on the top, lapping

Brenda like a dog, while Brenda practised some more

sophisticated methods. Brenda massaged Andrea's neck with her

toes, sometimes playing with her long hair. The door was locked,

even though there was no-one else home at the moment.

Brenda moved her hands to grab Andrea's dangling tits and

started playing with her nipples. This made Andrea bury her face

on Brenda's silky pussy hair and suck on her clitoris

frantically. Brenda pulled Andrea closer to her and moved her

tongue inside out, moaning as if she was humming. Brandon put

his hand inside his shorts, gave his dick a few good strokes,

then stopped and pulled his shorts down.

Andrea turned her face to look at Brandon, and she was

positively shocked at the sight of Brandon's hard-on. She stared

at it for a long time until Brenda used her feet to gently push

her back to her pussy. Brenda opened her eyes and saw Brandon

approaching. To her surprise, she felt perfectly at ease. Just

as long as Brandon didn't try to do anything on her.

"Come here, Brandon", Andrea begged and took her face off

Brenda's pussy. Her lips were wet with Brenda's pussy juice -

there was a lot on her nose, too. Brandon went on his knees in

front of Andrea. Andrea moved her body so that she was sitting

on Brenda's face, smiled at Brandon with her usual, cute smile,

the closed her eyes as if hit with sudden pleasure. Brenda's

hands were eagerly groping her tits, and Andrea returned the

favor by massaging Brenda's beautiful, white breast. Brandon

took a closer look at her sister's pussy wide open in front of

him, but then Brenda pulled her legs together, blocking the


Disappointed for a while, then reminding himself that it would

have been forbidden for him anyway, he went on his knees above

Brenda's pussy, careful not to touch it. He was sitting two feet

away from Andrea, who still had his hands on Brenda's swollen

breasts. She opened her eyes, saw Brandon front of her and

smiled. She gasped her breath sharply, remembering that she was

going to touch a man for the first time now. It felt different

than she had thought, almost as if she had done it before. Eager

she was, though - and it would still be Brandon, just like in

her dreams!

Both Brandon and Andrea bent forward, meeting halfway for a

delicious kiss. Brandon lift his hands on Andrea's tits,

caressing them with Brenda. Andrea moaned and Brandon could feel

her warm breath. He felt the taste of pussy juice on her mouth,

remembered whose taste it was and enjoyed it. He felt the

forbidden pleasure run over his spine, and he wanted to taste it

for as long as possible.

Andrea pulled back, her tongue hanging out of her mouth. She

lifted her hands and placed them on Brandon's cock, sliding them

curiously all over it. Brandon closed his eyes and whispered how

he wanted more. Andrea was inexperienced, but very satisfying.

Brenda's slurping became louder and more intense, and the girls

formed a machine, working in a one, perfect rhythm. Brandon

could feel Brenda's work through Andrea. He opened his eyes and

saw Andrea going down on him.

First she teased his cock with her tongue, licking it like

candy. Brandon placed one of her hands gently on his balls, and

she started caressing them. It wasn't perfect, but she was on

the right lines. Brandon put his hands behind Andrea's neck,

massaging her only with his fingertips.

Andrea took his dick properly in her mouth, holding it with her

left hand at the same time. Her right hand was still handling

his balls. Andrea's head was moving back and forth, and her

mouth was dripping a mixture of her saliva and Brandon's pre-

come. Brandon was ohyessing when his dick operated like a piston

in her mouth, and he intensified the movement with his hips. No-

one had ever done anything this good to him - not Cheryl, not

Emily, and those were the girls he'd gone to bed with so far.

Brandon had felt it so nice last time when he had been high on

Emily's euphoria. But this was clean, this had no side-effects

nor a hangover.

Andrea suddenly stopped and rose up. Brandon saw Brenda's face

appear, and she gasped when she saw his wet cock above her. "I

want you to come inside me", Andrea said. Brenda moved a few

feet backwards, leaving some space between her and her brother.

Brandon reached out for the condom he had placed on the table

next to him, took it out and rolled it on his dick. Andrea

kissed Brandon and positioned herself facing Brenda, telling her

that she'd return the favour. Brenda smiled and spread her legs

wide, and Brandon caught a glimpse of her wet pussy. Then Andrea

lifted her butt up, Brandon lowered himself on his knees and

carefully inserted his tool in the shaft between Andrea's legs.

"Oh yes, do it to me", Andrea moaned and closed her eyes. She

supported herself on her elbows while fingering Brenda. Brenda

rocked her body around and lifted her legs high. She was licking

her tits, giving equal turns to both of them until they were

soaking wet. Andrea's breathing had turned extremely short and

sharp, and Brandon was moaning like a steamboat.

"I think I'm going to come real soon", Andrea said before

reaching out Brenda's pussy with her tongue. Brenda was

fingering herself, but stopped that to give Andrea more room to

operate. "Oh yes, I am going to come. Just don't stop, Brandon,

please do it to me." Brandon increased his pace, getting hornier

and hornier with Andrea's every word. Andrea lifted her head

again, arched her back and started yelling. Brandon felt her

orgasmic muscles tickling the tip of his cock, and suddenly his

balls started spurting their come. He thrust his rod deep inside

Andrea's vibrating love hole, and they both yelled in ecstasy as

they came simultaneously.

Brenda, moved by the sight of their faces when they came, got

herself over the egde, exploded inside her body and went aaaah

while moving her finger rapidly inside her pussy. The muscles

above her waist felt the floor and added their share in the

orgasmic flow. When Brandon pulled out, Andrea fell forward on

Brenda's pulsating abdomen and remained there, smiling happily.

Brandon's hardon had lost most of its might, but he still felt

the pleasure as he rolled the condom off his dick. He caressed

him postorgasmic penis for a few seconds until he couldn't do it

any more.

"Oh God", Brenda said, sat up and kissed Andrea. "Well, was your

first time good for you?"

"This was better than I ever imagined", Andrea answered and

turned to kiss Brandon, who had sat down beside her. "I love you

both." Brandon gave Brenda a wink, and she blushed like a

schoolgirl. Somehow they didn't feel ashamed at all, and Brenda

didn't try to hide her private parts from Brandon. Then they

both gave some smooth, tantalizing caressing on Andrea's ear

nipples, which felt so funny she giggled. "You are both


Brandon stepped up and started the tape. "Oh no", the girls

said, playfully though. "Oh yes", Brandon said and came back to

them. On the tape Andrea was getting her pussy eaten in a

closeup shot. She blushed and turned her face down, but Brenda

gave her a quick kiss, which made Andrea start a joyful little

pillow fight with her. "I wonder if should have invited Kelly,

too?" she said when the fight had been resolved with lots of


"I wouldn't have minded her", Brandon said carelessly. "But I

still would have wanted to come inside you, Andrea", he

continued, understanding the hint in her face.

"Good for you", Andrea laughed. "But I think that that would

have caused quite an inequality between sexes here. Then we

would have invited Dylan also. Don't look at me like that,

Brenda! You would have had a monopoly on him, of course."

"And good for you that you said that, but I don't think that it

would have worked out. I mean, we are all friends, but... I

don't think that it will work with groups bigger than this. And

I don't think I even want to try that."

Brandon agreed with that, and Andrea asked him how they were

going to go on after this. Brandon sat down and told her that he

liked her very much, but couldn't go steady with her. Andrea

sighed, but seemed to accept the fact. Brenda gave her a kiss

and welcomed her to the club. She had seen so many girls enter

the club, knowing that they'd never get Brandon.

On the television screen Andrea was just starting to come in the


L.A. Beat - part 4

"I'would have never believed that I passed that history test

with a B", Kelly laughed. Donna agreed and picked a gorgeous

blouse from the rack, posing it to Kelly in front of her. "Oh

God", Kelly said, "now how come I missed that artifact? Please

give it me, I'll pay you anything for that!"

"No way", Donna said, searching the price tag. "I wonder what

David will say about this. He never makes any comments on

anything I wear."

Donna's words conjured an image in Kelly's mind she didn't want

to share with Donna. After all, she wouldn't probably

understand. Kelly had had a little discussion with David the

previous day: he had apologized and was still friends with

Kelly. She had promised not to tell Donna anything about their

little incident.

"Are you going to buy it?" Kelly asked, eager to grab the blouse

for Donna's smallest hesitation. Donna found the price tag and

nodded her eyebrows. She was on the egde, and Kelly tried to

invent something to make her give up. After all, Donna could

never spend $400 on a blouse unlike Kelly, who sometimes spent

$1000 an evening for new clothes she'd wear for a day or two.

"Well... no. You can have it. It's too expensive, and I was

going to buy new bikinis", Donna said, and Kelly had grabbed the

blouse before she could finish her sentence. Kelly examined the

garment greedily, ready to kill it with her credit card. For a

moment Donna thought she saw her ancient foremother come to

life, then the moment passed and she set her course to the

beachwear department.

"Do you think that David will like my wearing these", Donna

asked playfully. The bikinis were only slightly larger than the

amount of dollars on the price tag. Kelly was pretty amused of

Donna's chitchat how David never seemed to watch other girls

while they were in the beach together. Then her attention was

drawn to a pair of real killer bikinis, which would make every

beach hunk turn on his stomach when seeing her pass wearing

them. Though she had no intention of buying those - even less

actually wearing them in public, she remembered her Halloween

experience too well - she decided she wanted the kicks for

seeing how she looked like wearing them. Only she and the

mirror. She picked up the bikinis and went to try them on.

In a minute she was alone in a little room, a big mirror on one

wall, curtains on the other and her naked in the middle. She

stopped for a while to look at her naked body. Yesterday's

experiments hadn't altered her body in any visible way. She

released her hair and let it set itself free with a few

movements of her head. She noticed how it reached down to her

nipple when she struck some funny poses. To her surprise, she

managed to look like a nude Vogue cover for a while, then burst

laughing and picked up the bikinis.

"Kelly!" she heard Donna whisper. She instinctively covered her

pussy with the bikinis she held her right hand and her tits with

the left hand. "What is it?" she whispered back. Donna was just

behind the mirror wall, her voice obviously indicating some


"I can't understand how this wretched thing works!" Donna said

quietly but angrily.

"Wait a second, I'll be there to help you", Kelly said and

pulled her shirt and the bikini top on. She peeked between the

curtain and the wall that the route was clear - and of course it

was, it was a corridor sealed from the sight of curious male

customers, forced to follow their wives to choose from endless

row of clothes they couldn't differentiate from each other.

Donna was wearing the bikini bottom when Kelly came in. She was

also wearing the top, but it was hanging loose in a very ugly

way. She was battling with it when Kelly entered. Kelly closed

the curtain after her, which made Donna stop her efforts.

"Unbelievable, did they make this in Russia or what", Donna

said, her face blushing. Kelly smiled when she realized the

situation: Donna had faced the new generation of bikini tops.

Kelly had had difficulties coping with them, but now she used no

other kind of swimwear.

"Stand still", she giggled. "I will put them on you. These can

be a bit tricky at first." Donna turned around, facing the

mirror. Kelly stepped behind her and quickly succeeded in

putting them on Donna. For a while they examined her image in

the mirror, saying a word or two now and then, but something

wasn't right just then. "Now I think I know the problem. It

shouldn't be worn like that with breasts shaped like yours",

Kelly snapped. She quickly placed her hands on Donna's tits,

altering the position of the bikini top.

Donna, surprised of her friend's effectiveness, just stood

still, feeling her little hands working on her breasts. "Is

there something wrong with my breasts?" she asked shyly, unsure

of the situation. "No", Kelly said, checking her progress in the

mirror. Not yet perfect, but an improvement. Donna closed her

eyes and sighed. There was something unbelievably erotic on

Kelly's action she couldn't understand. "They are just

differently shaped than mine. Now I think that I got it. What do

you think of it now, Donna? Donna?"

Donna opened her eyes as if woken from a dream to harsh reality.

She cleared her throat and started telling how good it looked

like now when Kelly had done the great job she could have never

done herself and now the bikini looked just great. Kelly didn't

pay attention on her obvious avoiding and denying of something,

she just kept looking at her, smiling. Donna stopped her talking

and looked shyly into Kelly's eyes.

"Did you like my hands on your breasts?" she asked.

After a while, Donna nodded and turned away from Kelly, looking

at herself in the mirror.

"As I look at that top now", Kelly said, "I don't think that it

is still OK." She repeated what she had done a moment earlier,

but this time she concentrated on what was under the bikinis.

Her fingers found Donna's nipples and traveller around them,

making them harden. Donna's breathing became audible as Kelly

slowly approached her shoulder and gave it a kiss that barely

touched it. She followed her aura along the neck, caressing it

smoothly while removing the top with her hands. Donna shook a

bit when she saw her nipples appear in the mirror, but then

Kelly started caressing her ear nipple and brought her hands on

her breasts, letting the bikini top fall on the floor.

Donna brought her hands closer to Kelly's. She placed her

fingers between hers and started controlling her passionate

movements, gradually intensing them as her breasts swell.

Kelly's lips moved down the her neck and started their slow 

journey along the spine. "Oh yes", Donna moaned as Kelly's

tongue massaged every single bone on her back.

When Kelly had reached her butt Donna moved theirs hands to the

waistline and guided them to grab the bikini bottom. Kelly

rolled it the her ankles, the smell of her passion intensifying

her own. Donna turned around and sat down, spreading her legs.

The bikini bottom was still hanging from her other leg. Kelly

took a good look at her friend's virgin pussy lying front of

her. She couldn't decide whether to taste her beautiful breasts

or her pussy first. Donna was supporting herself on her elbows,

her head leaning back and her hands or her tits. Kelly dive into

her cunt, dying to taste her smell and compare it to her

memories of Andrea and Brenda.

"Oh YES", Donna moaned when Kelly touched her pussy with her

tongue. "Oooh, it feels so good! Ooh, do it to me!" she

whispered and placed her other hand on Kelly's neck. Kelly

probed her interiors, found her pulsating, swollen and delicious

clitoris and and caressed it with her tongue. Donna thought she

was going to die, the feeling was so intense. She wanted to grab

Kelly and do the same to her, she wanted Kelly to do it to her

at the same time, and the lust was so total that she wanted to

do everything to her at this very moment. She let her torso fall

on the floor and leaned her head as back as possible to see

Kelly in the mirror. All she could see was her blonde hair

rocking above her pussy, and she felt how her soft and wet organ

filled her vagina as nicely as it could ever be.

"I want you, Kelly, I want you right now to fuck me", she

demanded, moaning softly between and during each word. She sat

up, took Kelly on her armpits and pulled her face close to hers.

They kissed passionately while Donna placed herself in the

horizontal position and pulled Kelly above her. She slid her

hands under Kelly's bikinis and caressed her soft and cool butt,

travelling closer to her pussy every second. Kelly finally

pulled her bikinis and shirt off and threw them in the corner.

They wrapped their legs around each other, took one good look at

each other's lustful face and started the action as if

controlled by same mind.

Kelly started humping her, the sound of their genital hair

rubbing together making her wilder and wilder. Then she found

the position and the pace, and Donna relaxed like a medusa as

she took everything Kelly offered her. Their tits dangled

together, smoothly touching each other. Donna reached as far she

could with her hands and found the end of Kelly's vaginal lips

close to her asshole. This made Kelly ahh as she lost the

control of her body for a moment, the she regained it and went

on with making their pussies one. Kelly placed her arms under

Donna's shoulders and her head, running them through her hair

and neck.

"You feel so good", Donna said, then felt a sudden shiver of

pleasure which made her bite her teeth together and then cry a

little, sharp cry. Kelly lifted her torso up, offering her hips

a better way to move back and forth. The smooth, silky sound of

their pussy hair mixing was incredible. Donna inserted her

forefinger in Kelly's asshole and felt her anal muscles shiver

at the touch of her fingertip. "I'm going to come", Kelly

announced. "Just hold it right there, Donna, it feels so good.

It has never felt this good before."

Donna's clitoris felt how Kelly's love organ transformed and

started vibrating, as did her anal muscles around her finger,

and her face had the ultimate expression of pleasure. Her

thrusts stopped for a while, and Donna felt her clit covered

with something sticky and wet, then Kelly thrust once again,

this time very differently when compared to what she had done

before. She was coming, and she was coming good. For a moment

Donna was unsure of what to do, then the feeling on her pussy

took the control over her whole body. She had masturbated only

for a dozen times in her life, and this was so different. This

time she had her best friend with her, her whole body against

hers, feeling the mutual feeling.

Her own orgasm reached its absolute climax when Kelly was

already calming down. Kelly inserted her tongue in Donna's mouth

and licked her tongue and teeth thoroughly. Donna took his

finger out of Kelly's asshole and dig them all in her sweating

butt. Their pussies were touching each other again, and now it

was her turn to lubricate them. Kelly fell on Donna, and for her

surprise she didn't feel heavy at all. "Oh God", she gasped.

"What a ride." Kelly gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

In a few moments Kelly had sneaked out after checking that the

corridor was safe. It was a quiet time of the day, so no-one had

heard them. They both dressed quickly, took their shoppings and

headed towards the shop assistant who had been inventoring the

jacket racks. They paid for the things they wanted - Kelly's

blouse and Donna's bikinis and went outside, giggling and

winking at each other. Donna put her sunglasses on as they

hopped on the car, telling Kelly that they'd now hit the beach

and try her new outfit out. "It felt really good", she said.

"But I want you to keep this as our secret. You mustn't tell

Brenda or Andrea anything about this. They'd think we are some

kind of freaks."

"Well", Kelly said, thinking how to continue, "I think that

they'd understand. You see, Donna... I think that you are now

entitled to know. This wasn't exactly my first time with a girl.

Even yesterday, in the beach with Andrea and Brenda..."


"It is finished", Andrea said with high self-esteem and pulled

the paper out of the typewriter. She was still smiling as she

passed her article to Brandon, whose expression was mildly

shocked after reading the headline. "Beautiful Secrets", he said

aloud. "Oh no, Andrea. I know that you are serious, but they are

never going to let you print this."

"And why not?" Andrea snapped back, as if she didn't know. She

was just smiling her beautiful, innocent-looking smile, her head

slightly leaning to the left.

"Because..." Brandon said, reading the article forward, "Andrea,

this is a beautiful and well-written article on the subject. But

I don't think that the school is ready for this. You just can't

write about these things at the school's paper. I know it's

wrong, but that's the way it is."

"Now listen, Brandon. We have had editorials on drugs, teenage

sex, gun control and even rape. I think that we are facing the

ultimate hypocrisy of our society here." Andrea's voice had

suddenly frozen. "We must be able to talk about these things.

There is too much guilt and too much fear now, and I want to

change things."

Brandon read the next paragraph. It told about how high school

freshmen often broke themselves and their sexuality with stupid

experiments, often drunk, often with fear of getting caught or

seen. And there was an alternative for it, an alternative no-one

ever even whispered a word. It was safe, it taught you a lot

about your body and its reactions and it was free. It was

everyone's own beautiful secret. Masturbation. She had said it

aloud. Masturbation. The word itself was the beauty.

"I don't know about this chapter where you admit that you do

it", Brandon said, puzzled and confused. "I think that it is

too... raunchy for a high school paper."

"Raunchy?" Andrea asked with sudden fury. "What's the matter

with you, Brandon? I can't believe I heard you put it that way!

Of all the staff around here I expected you to support and

understand me in this. I guess I was wrong", Andrea said and

took the paper from his hand. She turned away from Brandon and

started reading, her face grim and sulking.

"Andrea, stop that. I didn't mean to say it like that", Brandon

tried to settle things between them. "I really think that what

you do is important and requires a lot of courage..."

"But it shouldn't! Everyone should be able to do the same with

no fear of consequences! Something in our world is really sick!"

Andrea's loud voice turned many heads in the room to see what

was happening. Suddenly she realized that and felt embarrassed.

One by one they went back to their work, constant typing filling

the air after a short while. Andrea blushed and told Brandon she

was sorry, and he accepted her apology.

"You're the boss", Brandon finally said. "If you want to run the

article, I can't stop you. I advice you not to, but if you

really think it is so important, then go ahead. After all, what

is the worst that could happen?"

"Yes, Brandon, I think that it is important. It is so important

that I want you to do something about it."

"Anything you say, boss", Brandon agreed jokingly.

"I want you to do a supporting article for this. In fact, it

should include a little survey on attitudes around here."

Brandon guessed what Andrea was going to say, tried to raise his

hands to defend himself and refuse, but Andrea was unstoppable.

"I want you to ask everyone... well, mostly the boys... about if

they do it and what they think about it. And what do they

fantasize about when they do it. Oh, and ask them also if they

have ever done it in groups, I think that some boys have

experiences of circle jerks..."

Brandon fell down laughing, and so did Andrea. "Perhaps I should

also ask how far they shoot", he said between his laughter, and

they both started laughing like maniacs. Brandon laughed so hard

he almost couldn't breathe. "Do that, and of course you must ask

when they did it for the first time, and ask if they've ever

fantasized about someone of their own sex, and ask which style

they prefer - do they caress the tip or the balls..."

It took ten minutes before the editorial staff could make them

stop laughing, wondering what could be that funny, and still

they just had to look at each other to start again.


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