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Archive-name: Fantasy/karene1.txt

Archive-author: Jim and Meg Norris

Archive-title: Karen Eliot's Excellent Adventures # 1

     The shiny red Integra glided through the late morning weekday

traffic on the Balboa Peninsula. The cool sea air blowing through

the sunroof and windows left Karen Eliot's flaming red hair

trailing in the sportster's slipstream. A rock'n'roll CD blasted

from her stereo. Tapping the tunes with her fingers on the

steering wheel she smoothly approached her beach house. The music

and engine died at the same instant. Karen reveled in the salty

sea air and the calls of the gulls as she strolled across the

carport. She never regretted her decision to live at the beach.

     Karen pulled her black halter top over her head and dropped

it next to the mail on the counter. The light nipples on her pert

breasts began to harden. She reviewed the letters that she'd just

collected from her mail drop as she stepped out of her shorts and

panties. She sniffed the g-string before dropping it the nearby

pile of clothes. She was wet. Settling on the bar stool she

reached for the stash. Karen rolled herself a slender doobie as

she listened to the messages on her phone machine. Lighting the

fragrant Thai weed, she opened the long awaited answer to a zine

ad. She examined the brochure which broadly sketched what she

expected. Yes, NQA did indeed mean No Questions Asked. "High

sexual adventure" was just as suggested in the advertisement. She,

as a player, wouldn't have any clues in advance to identify her

partner. The expert-system tailored encounter was absolutely

guaranteed to satisfy her desires. She had in fact wagered a large

chunk of cash based on two personal references. The arbitration

arrangements were excellent. Details would arrive by mail soon.

Karen absently licked two finger tips and rolled them lightly over

her moist clit. She lightly pinched her nipple with her long

finger nails. At this point Emma, her feline confidante and a

sister believer in the rightness of pussy worship entered and took

front row center seat for the unfolding show. Karen kept her

movements slow and her touch light. Sometimes a finger or two

would stray and disappear for a time beyond her downy trimmed

patch only to come back with more nectar to lovingly caress her

swollen clit. An electric feeling ran through her body, connecting

her erogenous flesh. Her hips bucked and rolled as she got herself

off. Slowly her low moaning and gyrations ceased. Opening her eyes

Karen found Emma still in rapt astonishment. With a soft laugh,

Karen said, "Think what you will, Emma, but it sure beats a

sandpaper tongue on the ass, which you seem to favor."

     As she adjusted the water in the shower she knew she'd be

watching the mail.

     Five days later Karen was adjusting the shower again, but

this time it was in preparation for her first Adventure meet.

Stepping into the shower and letting the hot water stream down her

contours Karen reviewed the instructions. It didn't take very

long. All the note had mentioned was Cool Dave's Steak House along

with the address, date and time. Karen soaped her breasts and

envisioned Cool Dave as perhaps an irresponsible surfer type whose

wealthy parents had set him up in the food business when law,

banking and corporate sharking proved beyond him. As she  finished

soaping her long legs, she turned her attention to her pussy,

giving it a gentle scrubbing in anticipation of wild frolic; a

flight of mind and body to dizzying heights and depths, not the

brief and mediocre in-and-out that too many of her partners had

let pass for a "great lay". Realizing that she had started to

stroke herself, Karen ran the other hand down the cleft of her ass

cheeks and continued until she was definitely aroused. Abruptly

she switched the water to cold to finish her shower. It always

made her skin feel alive and her mind wide awake no matter what

her previous condition had been.

     She had chosen a light peach knit dress that hugged her body.

The fabric conformed to shape of her upturned tits, flat tummy,

and graceful hips. Toweling herself dry Karen then powdered

herself before the mirror, assessing her body. She had a light

dusting of freckles. Her slender feet with high arches ended in

perfectly painted toes. Her legs were firm and taut, sculpted by

years of participation in a variety of sports. Gentle swell of

hips and ass. Smooth tummy. And those tits; even she thought that

she had a nice set. They required no upward coaching and were

crowned by sweetly protruding nipples that were more accurate than

a mood ring. The bright green eyes were the most outstanding

feature of her face. Naturally thick lashes and flawless skin had

saved much hassle with cosmetics over the years. The angular lines

of her face along with her bearing often reflected a serene

confidence. Satisfied, she slipped the dress over her head.

     Pulling up to a standard wood and glass restaurant of the

California style Karen noted a near empty parking lot, it was only

six thirty and Karen was happy to get eating out of the way to

make more time for the project at hand. Guided to her booth Karen

was a bit taken back to see no one there. Ordering white wine she

sat back to wait and scan the faces.

     Caleb, her waiter, suspected the redhead at the reserved

table right away. You just got a feel for them after awhile. He

read about this sort of stuff in magazines. Too bad sugar daddy is

late. Five minutes and I start bugging her to order.

     Karen glanced at the menu and hoped to any deity listening

that the waiter glowering in her direction was not Mister

Superfuck.It was then she felt the first feather like touch begin

to go up the inside of her thigh. She shifted slightly to

accommodate her unseen admirer who exhaled warmly on her downy

thatch. The fingers still playing almost randomly over her legs

were so light and gentle that except for their size she might have

thought there was a woman hidden under the table cloth. Also the

mouth that was becoming bolder had a mustache.

     Show time, Miss Scarlett, sneered Caleb's manly inner voice.

Arranging his face to appear suitably disdainful he strode to her

table. She had enough on the ball to go ahead and order a crab

salad he noted, but he knew the pressure was getting to her. Her

voice was a tad breathy and there was a fine sheen of perspiration

on her upper lip.

     Between a tongue that tantalized her clit and fingers that

had now picked higher ground to give their delightful attention,

Karen had a better idea why she was in the corner booth. She let

herself enjoy and savor the relative privacy. With the waiter gone

she was able to lift her hips enough to have her ass tenderly

cupped and kneaded. She eased one silky thigh on his shoulder and

could feel the roughness of his cheek on her. Remaining silent and

still required determination. Her lover eased away from her pussy

as the intensity of her orgasmic peaks approached overload.

Karen's orgasm faded. She relaxed as expert hands softly toweled

her crotch.  With a final kiss against her swollen mound, her

lover eased into the seat next to her. "I'm Brian", he said.

"Please follow me." He dropped a Franklin on the table as they

walked to the manager's office.

     Caleb had arrived with her crab salad. What a waste. The babe

was gone. He picked up the $100 bill and resolved to keep the

entirety. He returned the salad and destroyed the check.

     Brian assured Karen that Cool Dave was essentially out for

the duration. Or at least until the Brady Bunch special was over.

Dave's office was appointed with furniture which apparently hadn't

seen much use. Brian's intentions were clear as he stripped. Karen

felt herself responding to the enormous organ which he revealed by

shucking his jeans. Brian grinned at Karen as his penis grew with

every beat of his heart. Karen barely believed that the beautiful,

well muscled surfer with the gigantic dong was hers. With a grin

of her own, she pulled the dress over her head and shook her wild

curls. As they met in a warm embrace their tongues intertwined in

a deep kiss. They slowly explored each others hot mouths. With a

touch Karen led Brian to the sofa and had him lie down. She

planted her knees on the cushions next to his head. As she

prepared to concentrate on his manhood, she slid back on the sofa

and again presented her twat and ass to the accomplished muff

diver. Karen grasped Brian's thick slab of man meat with one hand

and cupped his hairy balls with the other. She licked the length

of his shaft until it was glistening with her saliva. She released

his balls and began stroking his pole. Brian gently licked and

nipped at Karen's pussy lips as her tongue ringed the purple head

of his throbbing dick. Karen reluctantly released Brian's rock

hard tool. She agiley positioned herself above him. Brian massaged

Karen's tits as she grasped his member. With one hand she spread

her labia and with the other she stroked the entrance of her

vagina with his dick head. Brian felt Karen's tight, hot cunt

engulfing his veiny girth. Karen established her pace to the time

of Brian's bucking hips. She'd never felt more stuffed than when

their crotches slammed together. Karen couldn't help her moans of

pleasure as they fucked faster and faster. Karen rocketed to

orgasm and slowly subsided on Brian's chest, where they gently

hugged. After a moment Karen arose and motioned Brian up. She took

his place on the sofa and said, "You drive". Karen raised her legs

to Brian's shoulders and Brian guided his cock into her invitingly

raised pussy. He grasped her ankles and thrust in and out with

briskly controlled strokes. Hard in, easy out, long, and short,

controlled by Karen's breathing and movements. Her pleasure

building beyond control, Karen came again and again.  Brian assumed

a position on all fours above Karen. They kissed deeply and with

great affection. He then extracted his rigid member and stood,

admiring, over Karen. She also rose and they warmly embraced.

"One more time, stud", Karen said. While holding his shoulders,

she jumped up and wrapped her supple legs around his waist. Brian

reached under Karen's legs and clutched her buttocks. As he lifted

her up his dick trailed the juices of their love down Karen's tummy.

He lowered her drenched snatch onto his shaft. Brian raised and

lowered Karen with his powerful arms. Karen's head was rolled back

as she moaned with delight. Brian's explosion was building.

They intensified their screwing until they came together.She could

feel his semen pulsing deep into her cunt. Her vaginal sphincter

spasmed on the root of his cock. They exploded in ecstasy together.

After a brief hug, they disentangled. Brian's semen ran from

Karen's snatch and down her thigh as she licked his love muscle clean.

He returned the favor by slurping the fluids from her pussy and thigh.

Brian produced a fluffy towel which they both used to contain the

wayward ejecta.

     Brian pulled out his stash as Karen relaxed. He cut two fine

lines of Peruvian blue flake and separated them on the small

mirror. He handed the mirror and a narrow tube to Karen. With a

delicate sniff she inhaled a line of the fine cocaine. She leaned

back in the growing euphoria. Brian snorted the other line and

secured the stash. They sat on the floor enjoying each other's

presence, warmly embraced in the glow of fucking and the coke. As

one, they arose, dressed, and slipped unnoticed from Cool Dave's

office and restaurant.

     Brian had already gotten a room at a nearby hotel and the

quality and variety of his sexual prowess had truly been

memorable. Karen had made another appointment for as soon as

possible on the strength of it. Now she pulled her car into the

convenience store parking lot because she was still early for her

meet at the hot tubs next door. Oh well, Emma was running low on

chow so she would pick up a few cans to avoid the accusing looks

that Emma meted out when disturbed by dietary restrictions.

     Ken glanced about with the practiced economy of a predator.

If something didn't happen soon, he was going to have to move on.

Avoiding ambush and capture had honed his sense for such things.

The lone clerk in the 7-11 had noticed him an hour or so ago. He

really didn't need the pigs on him over some vagrancy bullshit. As

he turned the corner out of sight he again nervously checked his

weapon. The Glock 9mm that he'd taken off a pig after wasting him

still had a nearly full magazine. Well, less that one round for

the cunt he'd greased in Texas last week. It was lucky for him

that the pig ran combat loads; one shot, one kill. Or two. He'd

seen a newspaper that said the bitch was pregnant.

     The electric company crew was pulling out. Shit, the place

was flat empty. The approaching red sports car got his attention.

A very attractive redhead got out of the Integra. It was spooky

the way she'd laid that penetrating glance on him. Her bright

green eyes seemed to see everything and more. This was it. He was

taking this one.

     Karen noticed a man who seemed to be waiting for someone by

the convenience store. Was this the guy? He was kinda cute, if a

little on the hunkish side. She didn't feel any thrill of

recognition like last time, but she could feel the tingly warmth

and wetness between her legs.

     Anyway, the guy didn't establish contact. She walked past him

and into the store.

     She was grabbed upon leaving the store. So it is him, huh?

     He'd immobilized her with a vicelike grip at one elbow and a

crushing arm around her waist. She could hardly breathe. All he

said was, "Come with me!". He quickstepped her around the side of

the store and to the back. Ken opened the passenger door of his

Mark IV and Karen stepped in with growing anticipation.

     Ken carefully drove the short distance to the secret corner

of the park which he'd earlier selected. The behemothic automobile

glided to a stately halt in the empty parking lot. "You first",

Ken said motioning, "In the back".

     Ken immediately began hardening at the sight of Karen's bare

boobs jiggling beneath her cotton shirt. Nips up, too. Karen

presented her lithe hips and slimly contoured ass to Ken as she

wiggled past him on her way to the back seat. The delicate aroma

of pussy aroused him further. This babe's knockers were

magnificent. Ken followed Karen to the aft of his land yacht. He

immediately set to groping her. Karen removed her shirt and Ken

began eagerly mashing her melons and roughly pinching her nips.

Suddenly deciding what he wanted, Ken turned Karen facing away

from him and tugged her slacks and panties over her hips and ass.

As soon as Karen realized that his hardon wasn't rigid enough to

penetrate her, she turned and gracefully began licking and

manipulating his wand. Karen wondered if he might be anxious. In a

few short strokes of her slender fingers, he was ready. Karen

turned back around to present her fuck target. As Ken closed, she

reached between her legs and guided his cock into her cunt. He

immediately began an incessant rabbit-like pumping. This bitch

really had a great attitude. Karen was starting to get into the

rhythm of Ken's hammering. Her orgasmic waves were building to

explosion peaks, but with great moaning Ken pulled out of her just

before coming. In the style of the porn vids with which Ken was

exceedingly familiar, he spurted his load of jism on her ass and

back. Ken had absolutely no doubt that he'd just had by far the

most pleasurable experience of his warped existence. Karen

suggested taking the blanket outside where there was more room to

romp. Entranced, he followed. As they spread the blanket on the

grass, Karen extracted a hooter from her stash. Lighting it, she

offered it to her partner, "Would you like a toke, mac?", she

asked. "What's a tokamak?", Ken dimwittedly responded. "It's a

small doughnut-shaped nuclear reactor in which a plasma is heated

and confined by electric and magnetic fields", Karen said, "But

that's not important now. Would you like a hit of my joint?"

Absolutely unable to deny the ultrafox wonderbitch, he imbibed.

They passed the smoke back and forth. After moments of silence,

Karen spoke softly, "Look. Let's do it again. This time, follow my

lead, okay? You got a name, Tiger?". "Ken", he said. "That's

better. Lean back, please Ken", were the last words possible from

Karen as she took his limp hose into her mouth. As Ken hardened in

her mouth, Karen accommodated his growing cock in her throat. Her

licking and sucking was sufficient to obtain a highly erect

member. Karen threw a leg over Ken. Lying on him, she hugged

herself to him. Karen's hot breasts pressed into Ken's chest.

Karen could feel his engorged dong against her belly as she

clamped his hips with her legs. After a momentary hug she lifted

her chest and shook her tits in an exaggerated fashion, rolling

her head of beautiful flaming locks.

     Ken rose on his elbows and licked gently around Karen's erect

nipples. He'd shift between light sucking on her nipples or

kissing and massaging her breasts. Karen rolled her head as Ken

pleasured her. She raised her hips and grabbed Ken's manly meat.

She toyed with his dick head at the entrance of her cunt. Slowly

Karen lowered herself on Ken's pole. Her controlled strokes paced

their united climb to orgasm. Several times she kept him from

coming by grasping his balls. When Ken's approach to his climax

became undeniable, Karen rode his bucking meat all the harder.

With cries that couldn't be held back, they came together. Ken's

soft dick slid out of Karen's snatch as she rolled off him. Within

minutes, Ken was fast asleep.

     Unable to rouse Ken, Karen yielded to her intuition and began

a quick but detailed search of his personal effects. If this isn't

Mister Superfuck then who is he? Keys and a gun. No papers of any

kind. She was reasonably sure that he wasn't a narc, but fascist

gangsters are dime a dozen. She rolled the handgun in the lunch

bag and slid it under the seat.

     There weren't any tools or even a spare tire in the trunk.

What was all this weird cult religious stuff? Tracts, banners, and

books. She'd never heard of the Campus Crusade for Cthulhu. Since

The Esoteric Order of Dragon, a debased, quasi-pagan thing

imported from the East a century before, the peculiar mythos had

made few inroads on Sol III.

Karen dumped Ken's clothes within the cavernous trunk.

     Ken was snoring in the grass when Karen got back to him. She

covered him with the blanket, giving him a decidedly homeless

look. A complete stranger to the Hawaiian smoke, and in a pathetic

post-coital torpor, Ken was soon snoozin'n'loozin as Karen split

with his car.

     Karen eased Ken's Lincoln back into its original parking

space. Like before, the area was dead. She removed the semi-

automatic pistol from the brown bag under the seat. After checking

the safety she ejected the clip and jacked out the chambered

round. Karen took the gun and ammunition to the gutter. With a

metallic clatter she dropped the lot to the street. Swiftly, she

kicked everything into the storm drain. The car keys followed.

     Karen bought a can of WD-40 and a butane cigarette lighter

from the bored clerk at the grocery. When she got to Ken's car she

carefully sprayed every interior surface with the penetrating

lubricant. After making sure that she had all her things she

locked and closed the door. As she walked away from Ken's car,

Karen tapped the lighter into an exhaust pipe so as to lodge it in

the muffler. The WD-40 can joined the gun and keys in the storm

drain. With a frisky swing of her hips, Karen headed for her car

in the front parking lot of the mini mall.

     Upon returning home Karen was not very surprised to find a

message on her machine asking why she had not made her meet. Ken

had not been an earthshaking lover at all. She didn't much like

having to ditch a gun and wipe a car because of him either, but at

least everyone would walk away mostly unharmed. And she could

still look forward to her next encounter.


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