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Archive-name: Fantasy/junglbok.txt

Archive-author: The Werewolf

Archive-title: Hidden Jungle Books, The

Chapter 1: Introductions

During the monsoons, a human child was taken from his parents by the

tiger Shere Khan when he was just a tiny baby. The wolves, lead by their

pack leader, Akela, saved the man-cub and brought him to the pack.

Akela asked the jungle animals who would come forth and offer a payment

of homage to spare the life of the young man-cub.  Bagheera, the panther

and Baloo the bear spoke for the man-cub and offered kills and free

passage for his life.

The pack leader accepted these gifts and took the man-cub into the pack

as one of their own and gave him the name "Mowgli".

Mowgli was raised as one of the wolves and the new cubs came to think

of him as just another wolf, albeit an odd looking one, and his scent

was added to the scent of wolves of the pack.  Mowgli, not recalling

anything of his human parents, accepted the wolves as his brethren and

tried his best to live up to the needs of the pack.

Since he was not a wolf, he couldn't run as fast, leap as far or bite

as hard as his wolf-brothers, but he ran hard and didn't tire easily.

He could do things they could not: he could climb trees, pick things up

in his paws and change them in subtle ways.  He could build things and he

seemed much more clever when it came to finding or seeing things hidden.

As he grew older, the pack came to rely on him for solutions to complex

problems which were above the rest of them and most knew than in time,

Mowgli would become the pack leader.

He had developed a special bond with Lala, a beautiful red furred wolf.

Her father had been beaten in the competition for pack leader when

Akela had taken the position.  She had blamed Akela for her father's

departure from the pack and passed that blame to Mowgli when he became

the favourite of Akela.

She had made his life miserable until one day when he had saved her from

Shere Khan using a throwing stick he'd invented.  Lala was surprised

because she'd been certain that he hated her.  They spent the night

walking through the jungle, talking, and she realised that he had never

held any ill feelings against her.

They became close friends and travelled together all the time.  When the

pack slept, she would always lie touching Mowgli.

Mowgli's closest friend was Alexander, a large gray and black male wolf

who was the son of Akela.  They had been raised together in the same

litter when Mowgli was taken into the pack and became inseparable.

Chapter 2: The Mating Time

It was late February and the air was heavy with the scent of female

wolves.  Mowgli was with the other males dreaming of she-wolves.

One of the older males barked a call: "the pack leaders are going

to mate!"  Everyone jumped up and ran to the clearing to watch Akela

and Dahlia.  He was a master at this and it was a true pleasure to watch

him mate.

Mowgli climbed into a nearby tree to watch and Alexander wanted to join

him, standing up against the tree.  Mowgli dropped acorns on him and

told him that he was too heavy.

Akela had been playing with Dahlia all day, rubbing her mound with his

muzzle and tonguing her.  She was deep in heat and was close to ending

the dance.  They broke onto the clearing and came to stop in front of

the gathered wolves.

She spun around and leapt on Akela, grabbing the back of his neck in

her mouth.  The wolves gasped and made approving sounds. Akela twisted

his massive shoulders and spun her to the ground. She lay there, on her

back, with her legs wide a part. Her swollen mound was clearly visible

as Akela brought his muzzle to her and started an eager licking.

She batted his head with her tail and snapped at him.  He jumped back

and she rolled to her feet and ran to him. She reared and grasped Akela

around the neck and plastered his face with her long, wet tongue.

He bumped against her and rolled her onto her back then straddled her.

Akela positioned himself so that his heavy sheath was directly over

Dahlia's head while he returned to his slow, deliberate licking.

Dahlia bumped his sheath with her muzzle and started stroking it with

her tongue.  Akela groaned and stood stiff-legged over her.  One of

the females in the pack said: "ohhh... Akela's getting hard... he's

so beautiful..."

Mowgli had straddled the branch he was sitting on and was massaging

the thick erection the love show had given him. He looked down and saw

Alexander curled up and licking his own erection.

The love dance was nearly over and the mating was about to begin.

Dahlia righted herself and stood her ground.  Akela's muzzle was under

her tail and licking the fragrant juices from her swollen mound.

Mowgli dropped more acorns on Alexander.  "Hsssst, idiot.... They're about

to fuck..." Alexander got up and reared himself against the tree to get

a better view.

Dahlia spun and snapped at Akela and the crowd murmured its collective

appreciation. Akela jumped back but pressed on and returned his muzzle

to her mound.  She spun again, carefully turning herself so that the

rest of the pack would get a good view and snapped again.

This time, Akela moved to her side, away from the pack, and pressed his

muzzle on her back. She groaned and stood firm, pressing back against him.

He reared and grabbed her, pulling her under his belly.  His forepaws

slid under her belly and gripped hard.

Their position was perfect for the wolves.  They saw Akela's thick

sheath press against Dahlia's swollen mound and open to expose the fat,

pink cock.  They moaned as one when it separated Dahlia's lips and began

to slip in.  They rocked in shared delight as Akela thrust his hard cock

deep into Dahlia and started his frantic, eager fucking.

Mowgli looked down and saw two of the younger males taking turns mounting

each other and thrusting frantically as they watched their pack leaders

mate.  From his vantage, he could see Alexander's cock well out of his

sheath and protruding from his belly as he stood against the tree.

Akela was rubbing his face and muzzle against Dahlia's back and whined

as he drove his stiff cock into her.  She was standing with her back

arched and her mouth open, her tongue dangling and dripping.  She worked

her rear back over Akela and pressed her back against his belly.

Mowgli slid down the tree and quietly moved behind Alexander.  Standing

up against the tree, Alex was slightly taller than Mowgli.  He put his

arms around Alexander and hugged him, moving his hand down to grasp

Alexander's swollen cock.  Alexander yelp in surprise, but stood his

ground and let Mowgli continue.

Mowgli started a rhythmic massaging of Alexander's stiff shaft.  He also

began rubbing Alexander under his tail, first stroking the soft fur of

his heavy ball sac, then his crotch and finally, the puckered opening

at the base of the excited wolf's tail.

Alexander started thrusting against Mowgli's hand as Mowgli moved in

closer, pushing his own rigid member under Alexander's tail. The large

wolf tensed and spread his hind legs, moving his tail to the side to

offer the man-cub freer access. He felt the peculiar, rounded cockhead

touch his anus and begin pressing insistently to push open his tight

ring of muscles.

Akela was fucking furiously and Dahlia was shuddering under the massive

male wolf's thrusts.  Her eyes were wild and she snapped at the air

and drooled in mind-numbing pleasure.  Alexander watched in rapture,

almost oblivious to the thick cock now worming into his rear.

Alexander panted and yelped as Akela grasped Dahlia firmly and pulled

himself deep into her to lock into the she-wolf's molten cunt, to feel

the ring of muscles grab the base of his ballooning cock and grip it like

a fist as his first orgasm gripped his loins and made him bite Dahlia's

neck and hold on for dear life.

He rested on her back for a moment and then slid off and turned away to

let wave after wave of come pour into her.  They stood rear to rear for

a few minutes as the other wolves mobbed them, licking their lips and

sniffing and licking them between their legs.

Alexander snapped out of his reverie as Mowgli's thick shaft slammed home.

He yelped in surprise but stood firm and the man-cub began a vigorous

thrusting in and out of the wolf's tight ass, rubbing the wolf's chest

and stroking his fat ball sac.

Mowgli's breathing became ragged and Alexander knew that the man-cub

would come soon.  He felt those amazing fingers work over his long,

stiff lupine cock and the other hand slide to the base of his shaft and

grip him behind his knot, squeezing firmly.

Alexander groaned and thrust madly into Mowgli's hands, working his ass

over the human's shaft.  Mowgli cried out and thrust harder into his

lupine lover and came hard.  A moment later, Alexander came and splashed

his watery semen over the tree he stood against.

Mowgli paused for a second then slipped his shrinking cock out of his

wolf- brother's rear.  Alexander dropped to all fours and licked at

Mowgli's balls, then curled up and licked his own cock clean.

Mowgli curled up next to him and dozed in the warm sun.

Chapter 3: Lala's Dreams

Lala had watched Akela and Dahlia's mating and felt her own warmth flare

into a deep burning within her loins. She had reached her first heat

and was confused by this desperate need and by the changes within her.

She walked away from the pack and went into the cooler darkness of the

jungle to be alone with her frustration.  She couldn't shake the sight

of Akela's heavy cock sheath.  Every time she closed her eyes, it was

that beautiful furry mound which she saw.

She carefully slipped under tree branches and let them stroke her back,

pausing to press the sensitive spot at the base of her spine hard,

sending shivers of pleasure deep into her.

As she walked, she could feel her tail brush against her cunt lips,

thickly swollen and wet with the juice of her fire, each motion slipping

the tender lips against the other and massaging her tumid clitoris.

Coming into a dark clearing, she stood still for a moment and then

gently sat, pressing her burning flesh against the cool, damp ground.

She lay down then curled her muzzle between her legs and started a slow

licking, tasting the rusty liquor of her heat.

Mowgli had gone upstream to take a swim in the river to clean up

after his coupling with Alexander, who joined him in the cool water.

They romped for a bit and then left the water and lay in the sun to dry.

Alexander shook his heavy frame and sent a cloud of water spraying over

Mowgli who tried, with little success, to return the favour.

As they lay in the warm afternoon sun, Alexander's nose caught the

delicate scent of a female.  "Mowgli," he said, "I think I scent something

very interesting..." and leapt up to creep into the dense jungle.

Mowgli got up and followed silently behind.

Lala was deep in reverie, slowly licking her mound and dreaming that it

was Akela's tongue which was giving her such pleasure.  She could see him

rubbing and touching her, licking her aching mound and then mounting...

She moaned as she imagined his heavy body pulling onto hers and could

feel the firmness of his sheath as it pressed against her cunt.

Her tongue started moving faster, like a crazed serpent, and her hips

began working to a desperate rhythm.

Alexander was the first to see Lala. He felt his cock swell at the sight

of the she-wolf trying to relieve her heat with her tongue.  A moment

later, Mowgli slid along side him and watched in fascination.  Both of

them could scent her musky smell and it made them all the more aroused.

Mowgli reached under Alexander and slowly stroked his hardening cock,

still nestled in its thick sheath.  Alexander groaned and rubbed himself

along Mowgli.

The man-cub whispered "She needs help..." and quietly stood up. "Mowgli,"

hissed Alexander," you know only the pack leaders are allowed to mate...

You'll get in trouble."

Mowgli waved off the warning and walked silently into the clearing.

Lala was deep in her dreams as Mowgli crouched next to her and added his

tongue to her own.  He tasted her juices and slid his tongue over hers.

Lala jumped and was startled out of her daydreams.  "M-Mowgli... what

are you doing?" she stammered.  Mowgli didn't say a word but simply

shoved his tongue deep into the she-wolf's wet vulva.  Lala moaned as

his tongue sawed over her clitoris, pushing her hips and pressing her

groin against the man-cub's face.

Alexander left the brush and walked into the clearing.  "Alexander,"

she gasped, "stop Mowgli... He shouldn't  be doing this."

Alexander quietly moved over to Lala's face.  "You know Mowgli," he said,

"I doubt that I could stop him."  He licked her face and lips.

She could see his heavy sheath from her vantage point, swinging under

his firm belly with each movement.  Mowgli's caresses were spreading her

heat over her entire body and now she didn't care about the pack rules...

she wanted to be mated.

Mowgli carefully turned Lala onto her back and looked into her eyes

hoping for permission to go on - her golden eyes hesitated for a moment

then gave way to her need.  He placed his hands on either side of her

barrel shaped chest and pressed his rigid cock to her cunt lips.

She gasped and moaned as the cock head slipped between her lips. He was

so cool to her touch, soothing to the fiery skin.  He pressed deeper

into her and stopped at the ring which hold males tight during mating.

He pressed harder and stretched the taut band of muscles, sending shivers

through Lala's muscular body.

She could feel the cool shaft slide down into her, stroking the excited,

quivering walls of the wolf bitch's vagina.  As Mowgli started pistoning

in and out of her, each thrust of his cool, smooth shaft racked her body

with waves of relief and agonising pleasure.

Mowgli lay in the bow of Lala's thighs and relished the soft fur as it

brushed his hips on each thrust.  Her tail was wrapped between Mowgli's

legs and up over his back, pressing firmly against his balls, crotch

and ass.  Lala's forepaws rested on Mowgli's shoulders as he lowered his

mouth to her open muzzle to lick the rubbery, black lips and the soft,

wet tongue behind the sharp teeth.

Alexander felt himself grow hot as he watch Mowgli fuck Lala.  Their musky

juices were in his nose and he scented his own male scent growing and

joining theirs.  He could feel his cock swelling and pressing within

his sheath and he could feel the first juices of precome start to run.

He walked to Lala and straddled her head. "Hey!" exclaimed Mowgli.

"Wait your turn."  Alexander ignored Mowgli and pressed the head of

his cock out of the furry covering. Lala's nose soaked in his musty

male scent and moved to touch the wet tip of the glistening shaft.

Her tongue slipped out of her muzzle and over the bit of wolf cock.

Alexander groaned and stood stiff-legged as Lala's muzzle slid over

the length of his cock and began a rhythmic stroking and fondling.

Mowgli was getting close to coming and slowed his thrusting to hold back

as he tried to get Lala to orgasm.

Lala felt her cunt walls stretch and rub against Mowgli's hard cock.

Each thrust was exquisite and added to the growing fire in her belly.

She mouthed the large wolf cock Alexander was poking out of his sheath

and luxuriated in its heavy scent.  Suddenly, she felt a grinding tension

in her groin.  Every muscle tensed and clenched as her orgasm gripped

and spasmed its way through her furry body.

Mowgli felt Lala's cunt grip tightly around his cock and he thrust harder

into her.  The tight ring of muscles he pressed through now clutched and

squeezed at his hard shaft.  Her thighs pressed tight against his hips and

she began a low wailing moan as her body stiffened and curled around him.

Mowgli slid his arms around the orgasming wolf bitch and thrust quickly

into her now tight cunt.  He felt the flash of fire as his own tensed

body came and jetted a thick stream of hot semen into the wolf bitch.

They held together, grasping and holding each other in their orgasm,

Mowgli's eyes tightly closed and Lala's large head pressed against

Mowgli's as her eyes stared unfocused into the woods and her long,

wet tongue lolled at her cheek.

Then, just as suddenly, it was over and the two exhausted creatures fell

to the ground, limp and panting. Mowgli slid his cock out of the bitch

and covered her mouth and face with grateful licks.  He moved to her

cunt and licked the black mound clean, then to her side to gather her

up in his arms.

"Thank you, Mowgli." Lala gasped. "No... it is you I should thank, Lala"

replied Mowgli. "I have never felt anything like that before".

Chapter 4: Alexander's Turn

Mowgli looked up to see poor Alexander curled up and licking his swollen

cock.  It was completely out of its sheath and Mowgli could see the twin

bulges of his knot.  The sunlight glistened along its wet length.

Lala look at Alexander, then at Mowgli and gave a chuckle.  "Poor

Alexander.." she whispered to the man-cub.  Mowgli licked her muzzle

and moved back.

She began to dance to Alexander, slowly rocking her hips and using her

tail to send the scent of her heat to him.  Alexander looked up at Lala

and gulped.  She moved her muzzle to his belly and started licking the

stiff shaft.

"Ohhhhh..." moaned Alexander.  She took the shaft into her muzzle and

mouthed it excitedly, rubbing the hot flesh with her sharp teeth.

He thrust into her muzzle and poured sweet-bitter precome over her

eager tongue.

She slipped the hard wolf-cock out of her muzzle and stepped away from the

anguished young wolf.  She turned her rear to him and flipped her thick

tail aside to expose her swollen black cunt.  He yipped and bounded to

her, licking her mound and drinking the salty juices.  He could taste

Mowgli's come, a taste he knew well, as the rich rusty taste of the

she-wolf's heat.

He concentrated on the dance and his cock slid back into its home.

She nipped at him and he feinted and snapped back at her.  They rubbed

their muscular bodies against each other and playfully nudged each other's

groins.  Finally, when the air in the clearing was electric with passion,

Alexander pressed on Lala's back and was greeted with firm resistance.

A silly, happy-wolf expression on his face, Alexander reared up and and

grabbed Lala's hips, pulling her under him and sliding his spread legs

around her rear.  Lala could feel his massive, male body slide over her

rump and along her back.  She felt his forelegs slip over her thighs

and under her legs into her groin as he pulled himself onto her.

She stood tense-legged as he finished mounting.  His sheath was pressed

against her crotch and he crouched a little as he thrust to find her

opening.  She could feel the slick cock-head rubbing against her, then

find its mark.  The pointed tip snaked between her lips and slid easily

up into her.

Unlike Mowgli, Alexander's lupine shaft was hot and slick.  She widened

her stand to make the passage easier and with a single, powerful thrust,

Alexander was all the way into her. He began a fast, frantic fucking,

the two wolves shaking and lurching under the force of his thrusts.

He felt his cock thicken and tighten inside Lala's cunt.  His knot was

starting to swell, so he paused in his thrusts and began working the knot

into her lips.  Lala felt Alexander stop and rock his hips from side

to side.  She felt the stiffening cock within her distend and stretch

her cunt, sending waves of pleasure through her tensed body.  Lala knew

what would come next, she tight- ened her muscles and leaned back into

Alexander's spread thighs.  She felt the knot grind into her cunt lips,

spreading them and stretching them around and over the swollen ball of

cock. She groaned at the size of this knot and pushed harder against it.

She could feel Alexander's precome gushing into her as he pulled and

swivelled his way into her.

There was a moment of hard resistance as Alexander's knot met Lala's

cunt ring and the two animals pulled and pushed at each other, then with

a pop, it was in and Lala's cunt grasped at the think shaft behind the

massive knot.  Alexander yowled as his cock went all the way into Lala

and started an even more excited fucking. His cock poured a steady stream

of precome into Lala, filling every space within her and squeezing his

already tightly clenched cock, swelling the hard flesh like a balloon.

Lala felt her cunt grip him and fill with the swelling wolf-cock.

A moment of fear passed through her as she felt herself stretch to take

this massive cock and the pouring wolf-come.  She shook with the force

of his desperate fucking and felt her cunt pulled and pushed now that

his cock was held tightly within her.

The pressure of his thrusting, the incredible stretching and fullness of

her cunt, his claws pressed into the fur of her belly all worked at her

and drove a fire from her cunt through her body.  She groaned and snapped

as another, longer, slower orgasm started to shake through her.  Lala felt

her cunt start to writhe, gripping and squeezing at Alexander's cock.

Every muscle in her body was on fire and she clenched herself into a

statue of a muscular wolf bitch and her orgasm consumed her.

Alexander felt the pressure and the caresses of Lala's cunt.  He felt

a fire burn in his groin and spread to his balls, swinging wildly in

their furred sac. A flash of heat burned through him and he slammed his

belly hard into Lala as his balls tightened and shot their load into the

wolf bitch.  He gasped as wave after wave of burning pleasure coursed

over him, grasping Lala's neck in his powerful jaws.

After what seemed an eternity, the flames faded and Alexander rested

his weary head on Lala's back.  He slid off and turned away from her,

pressing his rear to hers.  He felt a jot of fire flash through him

as another, smaller orgasm shot more wolf spunk into the wolf bitch.

They lay, sated, for several minutes as Alexander's balls shot a couple

more loads of spunk.  His cock was still firmly held within her cunt by

the muscular ring which kept him erect.

Lala panted as her cunt ground over Alexander's cock. Slowly, the burning

faded from her loins and the tightness within her cunt passed letting

his cock shrink and slide out.  A flood of Alexander's come surged from

her vulva and ran down her thigh. Alexander licked his slimy shaft clean

as it slid back into its furry covering, then moved to Lala's rear and

licked her clean.

Mowgli joined the exhausted pair and the three felt into a deep,

contented sleep.


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