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Archive-name: Fantasy/jackhamm.txt


Archive-title: Adventures of Jack Hammer, The

I was cruising last Saturday night when I saw her.  What a babe.  Those

tits were at least 38D's and I was pretty sure I could get one hand around

her tight little waist.

I gave her a sly little wink and she licked her lips seductively, then she

rounded her mouth into an "O" and I could see her tongue moving in mock

blowjob fashion.  Then she took the cherry from her drink and swallowed it

seductively, after a few seconds I saw her throat muscles ripple and the

cherry reappeared in her mouth . . . so naturally I went over and introduced


I had more than a little trouble walking, what with my cock hitting my chin

at every stride.  She paid our tabs and tipped the barkeep a hundred as we

strolled out.  I couldn't help but notice the puddle of pussy juice she

left on the chair and down all over the floor.

Turns out she lived across the street and we went up to her penthouse

apartment.  Before I knew it she and I were naked.  She came up to kiss me,

but of course my cock kept her pinned at 20 inches away.  She dropped to

her knees instead and began the best blowjob of my life.  Most girls can't

even get their lips around the 4 inch diameter of my fully erect cock, so

you can imagine my surprise when she slipped her jawbone out of joint and

proceeded to deep throat about 18 inches of me.  It had been so long since

I had felt a warm wet esophagus that I came immediately.  I blasted a pint

or so of my sweet spunk down to her stomach over the course of my 23 spurts-

lifting her up clear off the ground as I did so.

She quickly yanked my still-hard monster out of her throat and pushed me

back on the bed.  Straddling my face she pushed her gushing pussy at me.

I began by tickling her walnut-sized clit with my tongue and then moved down

to her pussy.  To my surprise I could not get my tongue in her tiny opening,

but did manage to work a pinkie in as she came again and again.  It was like

a flood down there, my hair, the pillow, my shirt, the floor was all wet with

her overflowing cream.

Finally she climbed off me and lay down, by now my rock-hard member was back

and I had to be careful of the ceiling fan as I rolled from my back to get

ontop of her - I'd made that painful mistake before!

So there I was, firehose-sized cock poised to enter an opening the size of a

dime.  This was going to be a good one, I could tell.  I made a mental note

to try to find out her name later.  Anyway, I was poised.  I decided to take

it slow and gentle with her.  About three seconds later I was fully enveloped

by this vice-like pussy, I had plunged all the way up the her liver when I

noticed I had past the halfway point I had tatooed on my organ.  What a girl!

She smiled and between orgasms 57 and 58 she pulled her knees up to her chest

- a clear signal she wanted more of my 20" python in her.  So I grinned as I

slammed my way clear up to her stomach.  I could see the outline of my cock

as it moved silently beneath her abdomen - like a stealth submarine.

"MMMMmmmmmmmmmm" she said, and that was all it took to set me off again,

shooting my boiling cum in spurt after spurt that lasted at least 10 minutes.

When I finished and my cock receeded to its 14" flacid state I noticed cum

running out her nose.  She just smiled and sent her tongue out to lick up

the running juice.

She said her name was Ellen or Kathy or something like that.  Anyway, she

jumped out of bed and left, telling me to make myself at home, but she had to

leave the country for a few weeks.

She had left me a keg of beer in the fridge and I tapped myself a tall cold

one and went out on the porch for a smoke.  As I sat out there, naked, I

thought I could really get used to a girl like Kathy, or maybe it was Janet?

Anyway, that was when I noticed a girl in the neighboring building eyeing my

hot still-hard cock.  I smiled.  She motioned for me to come over.  I tried

to open the porch door to leave, but couldn't reach the handle, what with my

dick sticking out in front of me...

The End

More adventures upon massive audience request.


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