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Archive-name: Fantasy/in-woods.txt

Archive-author: Megara

Archive-title: Into the Woods ....

With my eyes closed I can hear so clearly the sounds of the woods. I lean

back against a tree and try to identify the birdcalls, rustling leaves, 

chattering squirrels and such. I inhale deeply and smell the pine and the

pungent odor of the leaves disintegrating into the ground after lying

there all winter. I can feel the moisture heavy in the air, collecting on 

my face and hair.

"It's wonderful, isn't it?" I hear a soft, rich masculine voice, but I'm

so deep in my revery it takes a few seconds to remember I'm a woman alone

in unfamiliar woods. Suddenly my body tenses and straightens, my eyes open

and as my vision focuses I see you standing directly before me ... but

far enough away not to be threatening. Yet. My mind races as I try to recall

how I got here so that I might escape ... then I realize you aren't even

looking at me ... and you're talking again.

"... rain helps keep the temperature comfortable, but it's hard to find a 

place to sit. There's a large split tree further ahead," as you gesture 

your hand, " which provides a nice perch, or fair shelter beneath it."

Your voice is so soothing ... it fits nicely with the sounds of the woods.

It's almost hard to distinguish your words from the gentle rustling of the 

leaves in the breeze. As you speak I find myself studying you. Your voice

is mellifluous and entrancing, and my body relaxes under its influence. I

can't quite see your face since you haven't looked directly at me. You're

not much larger than me, but then I'm a bit larger than medium as women go.

Your complexion is on the pale side, but the tip of your pixie nose is

pink from the cool air. Your hair is long, straight and fine - the color

of wheat with hints of red and gold. The breeze lifts and blows it easily,

giving you a somewhat wild appearance.

I feel intoxicated by my daydream and your voice, and I think to myself,

`Is this an elf? Could this be Shakespeare's Puck?'

"HA!" I utter out loud, unintentionally, realizing my silly thought.

Suddenly your eyes are looking right into mine. They are the steel blue of

winter skies. They reach deep into my soul. I feel myself drawn to you,

but I can't feel my body move. When I realize you've asked a question, I

suddenly notice I'm standing inches away from you, so I step back and lower

my eyes, feeling the blush rise in my cheeks.

"I'm sorry." I can barely whisper "I don't know what I'm doing. I didn't

mean to interrupt you ..." (`although I didn't hear what you were saying,'

I add mentally).

"Oh, that's okay ..." your voice is so enticing "I was just rambling ...

shall we walk?"

I nod, unable to speak. I want to listen to your voice, let it flow over

me and help me dissolve into this beautiful wood ... and I believe it

could be done. As we walk I struggle to hear your words, not just the

music of your voice. You talk about the variety of trees, the many creatures

of the woods, the strengths and delicacies of each ecosystem ... and when

I stumble over a root you catch me by the hand and we continue our passage

with fingers entwined, feeling as though we'd been doing this for hundreds

of years.

Just as we arrive at the split tree (a huge oak that had been struck by

lightning), a gentle misty rain begins to fall. I lean back against the 

tree, eyes closed, face turned up to feel the moisture, and I listen to the

hush surrounding me, forgetting briefly that I'm not alone. When I feel the

soft press of your lips against mine, my mind flashes a sudden warning, but

I know I want this. I open my mouth slightly and the tip of my tongue glides

just between your lips. You pull back as if you're just as surprised at 

having kissed me as I am surprised at my willing response. 

Looking deeply into each other's eyes, we both realize the answer to the 

unspoken question. You hesitate only a blink, allowing me the lead. I unzip

my jacket and toss it aside. You've unbuttoned your coat and I reach for you,

pushing it off your shoulders. Pausing a second to search your eyes for 

doubt, I take your mouth with mine and kiss you hungrily as I feel the fire

build fiercely in my stomach. I fumble to unbutton your shirt while your

arms hold me to you, your mouth locked on mine, until finally I can rip 

open my warm flannel shirt (thank god for snaps) and press my bare flesh

against you. You gasp and pull away to look at me. I guess you expected to

see a bra, and you smile to find nothing between my full round breasts, 

erect nipples and the cool, moist air. I smile at your pleasure, then moan

as your mouth explores the firm white flesh curving toward pert brown peaks.

As you lick and suck deliciously, fueling my passion, the mist condenses to

an easy rain, with large soft drops tracing quick rivulets down your back.

I tilt my head back, mouth open to collect a bit of rain, then I lift your

face with my hands and kiss you, sharing the sweet rain and somehow bonding

us together. 

I feel like an animal. I feel wild and fresh. I want to feel the rain over

all of my flesh. I want to share this need with you, my wild stranger.

I struggle to escape my damp, clinging jeans and as I turn to reach for you

again, you grab me and pull me to you. With one hand you grasp the hair at

the back of my head, firmly but gently, and cover my mouth with yours. Yes!

Your hunger is equal to mine! Involuntarily, I emit a low growl into our

kiss. As I dig my fingers into your buttocks, your engorged penis presses

harder and thicker against my pelvis. You pull my head back by the hair and

crush me between your body and the weathered surface of the old tree as you

bite down on the soft flesh of my throat.

"Hunh! Oh-god-yes!" I groan, my mind starting to fog, my self-control 

disintegrating as the rain increases its intensity in mild parallel to our

passion. Our hands probe each other ... my left alternately caressing and

clutching your buttock, thigh and back; my right hand hungrily stroking and

squeezing your swollen cock, you body so close I can feel your scrotum

brushing my thigh with each roll and twist. Your right hand is around my

back, simultaneously cushioning against the wood and bracing me upon your

left hand, with which you fuck me forcefully and deliberately. Wave after

wave of orgasm crashes through me as the thunder rolls through the sky


You gradually ease back and I open my eyes to learn why. You guide me to

the mostly-dry, leaf-covered ground under the huge tree. There's just 

room to kneel or sit. You lay me down gently and I succumb to your control.

You spread my legs wide, my knees slightly bent. You stare momentarily at

my soaked and swollen vulva, causing me to blush briefly, before you stroke

it gently and part the lips with your fingers. Studying my body intently, 

you press your thumb against my rigid clit, which fires electric lightning

through me.

"Huh! Hunh! N-n-n-n-o-o-o! P-p-please!" is all I can stutter, hoping you'll

understand. You do. You bring your body up to parallel mine, and I pull my

knees far back as I feel the head of your cock press against my cunt.

"Yes!" I sigh ... but you enter me ever so slowly, still teasing my and 

further increasing my fury. Your eyes watch my face closely for every reaction

as you fill me deeper and deeper. I try to keep my eyes locked with yours,

but as the head of your cock inches inward, I involuntarily lift my chin,

tilt my head back, close my eyes and feel an animal growl begin deep in my

stomach and escape my throat as you reach the full depth of me.


"Mmmm," you groan as you begin the rhythmic pumping ride that leads to total

ecstasy. It's the only sound you've made since we first kissed. Your eyes are

closed now as you focus on the silk tunnel embracing and milking your cock.

With each thrust we get one sweet step closer to explosion, and I can feel 

your tension increase with mine. There are no words, only sounds - animal

grunts and cries, sounds as wild as the woods around us.

Suddenly, we are there, together, at the peak. Your body shudders violently

as your cum erupts inside me. My body had been curved inward, hips pulled up

to allow optimum depth, my head curled down in tension and to enjoy the

sight of your body dipping into the glistening juice of my sex. Now, as the

electric fire of orgasm flashes through me, I throw my head back and roar -

a sound too deep and powerful to be a scream or anything else!

As the thunder rolls off in the distance, the intensity of our climax gently

fades. I look up into your face, your hair darkened by rain and sweat,

clinging to your skin or dangling over my breast. I watch as the sweet agony

is slowly replaced by realization and worry. You open your eyes and look

into mine with fear and uncertainty. I lift my head and tenderly kiss your

soft mouth briefly. You frown in confusion and start to speak, but I interrupt.

"Shhh," and I kiss you again, lingering this time.

Again you start to speak, but I touch my fingers to your lips and say, "Shhh,"

shaking my head.

Finally, I think you realize my intent - I see the spark of light in your eyes,

and you nod and kiss me very warmly. Then we slowly, gingerly disentangle

ourselves and begin the hunt for clothes. As I'm snapping my shirt, still

searching for jeans, I turn and see the mean-looking gouges I must've made

with my nails in your back!

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry ..." I start apologizing as you turn at the sound of

my voice.

"Shh! Shhh!" you hush me, embracing me as tears of disbelief and sorrow run

down my face. You kiss my tears and my eyes, then you open my shirt and show

me the teeth marks on my shoulder and the new bruises on my thighs and hips.

I gasp! I didn't even feel them! You take my face in your hands, kiss me, 

then those steel blue eyes pierce my soul, soothing me without a word.

We finish dressing silently, strangely comfortable with each other. Finally,

it's time to part. We turn to each other, sharing our thoughts and feelings

only through our eyes. I reach up and caress your long silky hair, lifting 

a tress to my cheek before I kiss you again softly on the mouth. I turn to

leave, but you grab my hand and I face you again. You take each of my hands

and kiss each fingertip gently, knowing by the tears in my eyes that I


Now I turn and walk away. I don't look back because I'm afraid you'll be

gone ... and I'm afraid you'll still be there. My pixie. My wild Puck.

I smile and keep walking.


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