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Archive-name: Fantasy/illiandy.txt


Archive-title: Illinois Andy

> .....but I found that the enterance to her vagina too small. 

   This sounds like a job for (hit the echo chamber) "ILLINOIS ANDY and the


   When we last left Andy he had scaled up the last leg of his journey and

   then hacked his way through the dense tangle of underbrush.  Only to

   discover the entrance was protected by two verticle barriers.  He was

   able to pry them apart - using both hands and all his strength.  Yet,

   entrance was still barred by a a tiny opening - too small for Andy.

   All this way to be met with failure.  There must be a way.  There must

   be a way to gain entrance and obtain the Treasure of Venus.  Andy stepped

   back to view the entrance.  It wasn't a necessarily unpleasant construct.

   The verticle barriers were easily moved back and forth - he detected

   moisture seeping through the walls - which in fact made the barriers

   easier to move.  The tangled underbrush was also wet with sparkling drops

   of dew.  Andy glanced upward and spied a small smooth round object -

   barely covered by the same barrier material - if he could just climb up

   there he might discover the secret to the entrance - or at least be able

   to figure out a way to make the entrance larger to gain access to the


   It was hot, moist, and steamy, yet Andy was able to secure handholds and

   toeholds in the undulating folds of the side walls and barriers - he pulled

   himself hand-over-hand upward toward his goal.  When he reached the top

   he noticed a hood-like covering over the smooth nodule.  Taking up a

   precarious balance he reached out with one hand to fold the hood back

   exposing the whole of the nodule - with the other hand he reached out to

   feel the texture - with the moistness he could not get a grip - it was too

   smooth, his hand kept sliding downward - he tried a pressure grip but that

   too simply slipped downward - at that moment the bulbuous nodule began to

   throb and shake - Andy almost lost his footing.  He had to hang on with

   both hands hoping the trembling would subside.  He noticed the side walls

   had flexed open a little bit and the tiny opening seemed to enlarge just

   a bit - before everything stopped moving.

   Andy resecured his position and again reached out to run his hand over and

   over the glistening and now very moist node - it began to tremble - a low

   rumbling growl emerged from below - it startled Andy - he lost his grip

   and his footing and plunged downward just as the gaping barriers began

   to close - he slipped right between the slick walls and landed right on

   the tiny opening - too tiny to let him through but it gave a little -

   with a little push and nudge he might just get through - but at that

   moment the walls closed in on him squeezing him between their soft

   moistness and the outer doors closed emersing Andy in utter darkness.......


   (to be continued)

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