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Archive-name: Fantasy/i-cupid.txt

Archive-author: Robert E. Epps

Archive-title: I, Cupid

  -----  A government building somewhere in Washington, D.C.  -----

"Your mission, gentlemen, is to go out and spread love to those

unfortunate men and women who do not presently experience it."

SNAP!  The Director's pointer smacked the large map of the U.S. on

the wall behind him.  "Abrams!"  The man seated at the desk directly

to my right looked up smartly.  "You will patrol the metro D.C.

area," the Director said, indicating the territory by circling it on

the map with the pointer.  "Here is your PLED."  Abrams got up and

strode to the front of the room, where the Director handed him a

manila folder and a device that looked something like the tricorder

from "Star Trek". "Baker!  You will cover New York City."  Someone in

the back of the room walked up and received his manila folder and

PLED.  More names were called; more agents received their materials.

Bossaker, Brown, Campbell, Cannon, Cogswell...  "Davis!"  That's me!

"You will cover Orange County in California."  I could hear some

chatter behind me. "Ooooh weee! That's where the BABES are!" somebody

whispered.  I got up and received my folder and PLED from the

Director, and returned to my seat. As more names were called and

assignments made, I examined my Portable Love Enhancement Device. It

had one pushbutton on the side, a knob on the other, and a small

video screen on the back.  On its side was the Rockwell logo, and on

the other side was a pink heart pierced by an arrow.  This device was

the end result of a fifteen-year research project spearheaded by the

ultra-secret U.S. Department of Sex.  I opened my folder and began to

read the contents to pass the remaining time.  Besides instructions

on how to operate the PLED, the folder con- tained my plane ticket to

LAX, a complete set of checks, credit cards, and an ATM card to cover

my living expenses, the keys to the new apart- ment where I would be

living, and the keys to the Lotus that would be awaiting me at the


No doubt about it -- agents of the U.S. Department of Sex are treated


                   -----  Newport Beach, CA  -----

The balcony of my new furnished apartment overlooked the beach.  What

a gorgeous view! I thought as I peered through the telescope at the

bikini-clad ladies walking sexily along the sand.  I returned to my

bedroom and continued the laborious task of unpacking my luggage.  I

came across the shoebox with the PLED in it nestled among the shirts,

and tossed it on the bed.  The vision of sexy bikini-clad girls would

not leave my mind as I hung my shirts in the closet, and pretty soon

I was at the telescope again.  Look at those luscious bodies!  There

were three girls walking together, obviously enjoying the stares from

the various horny males around.  Then the thought struck my mind:

why not test the PLED now?  I went to my bed, retrieved the device

from the box, and returned to the balcony.  The girls were still out

there, now talking with a group of guys who were resting after a

vigorous series of volleyball games.  I raised the device, aimed it

at the group of girls, and depressed the button halfway, as the

manual instructed.

The small screen lit up, and displayed the scene that the PLED was

cur- rently "seeing".  I moved the device until the group of girls

(and the guys whom they were talking to) appeared on the screen, then

turned the zoom adjustment knob until only the three girls were

displayed. Despite its small size, the screen showed their sexy

bodies in excellent color, detail, and clarity!

Superimposed over the image of the girls were some computer-generated

graphics: a set of crosshairs in the center of the screen, and a

small circle located somewhere over each person in the image.  Two of

the girls had red circles on them, indicating that they were in some

way "attached" -- happily married, engaged, in love, whatever.  The

third girl had a green circle.  Bingo!  My cock stiffened as I looked

at her image on the small screen, then peered into my telescope to

get a better look.  Ooooh was she SEXY!  This was going to be fun.  I

aimed the PLED again, depressed the button halfway, and adjusted my

aim until the crosshairs were on target.  It didn't matter where the

crosshairs were located exactly, just anywhere on the subject's body.

Mmmm what a delicious-looking body...  Then I pressed the button all

the way.

On the screen I could see her look up for a moment, seemingly

bewildered as if some thought had entered her mind out of nowhere,

then she shook her head and returned her attention to the people

around her. I grinned and then began to move the PLED about, keeping

the button halfway depressed so that the screen would remain on.  I

brought the four volleyball players into view.  All of them had red

circles above them -- shit! I scanned the beach for more guys.

There's one...  I whipped the PLED around and aimed it at a guy who

was walking past the three girls, looking at them with poorly

disguised lust.  Green circle. I lined up the crosshairs and pressed

the button.

The guy stopped dead in his tracks for a moment, and his face took on

that same bewildered expression for a brief moment.  Then it went

away, replaced by a look of sheer joy.  The girl I'd "zapped",

meanwhile, had turned to face him, and then they were running toward

each other, shrieking with delight as though they had been passionate

lovers who had somehow been separated a long time ago and had missed

each other badly!  They slammed into each other in a tight embrace,

and he whirled her around and around as they kissed hungrily and

passionately. The other two girls looked on in shock, and one of them

put her hands to her mouth and began to giggle.  My cock stiffened

even more as I watched them kissing, her wonderful body pressed

against his, those yummy boobs against his chest and their legs

seemingly intertwined.

Agent Charles Davis of the U.S. Department of Sex had made his first


I went into the kitchen, made myself a peanut-butter sandwich and a

glass of milk, and returned to the balcony.  They were still kissing!

The girl's female companions were standing around looking

exasperated, and one of them tugged at her shoulder, trying to get

her attention. Finally their mouths parted, and the newly-met couple

turned toward the other two girls, who were shaking their heads,

waving their hands, and saying things to them I couldn't hear from my

balcony.  Finally the whole group left the beach, the two red-circle

girls leading the way and the couple trailing behind, his arm around

her shoulders, their bodies pressed together.  One thing's for sure,

I thought.  I certainly made THEIR day!

I went to bed that night thinking about those sexy bodies and the

sight of that passionate embrace and kiss, and my horny mind imagined

what they'd be doing together in bed at that moment!  I fantasized

and mas- turbated for hours, then went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up feeling happy, invigorated, and HORNY!  I

couldn't wait to "zapmate" my next couple.  But where to go?  Then

the place came to mind -- a little-known place out in the desert

called Deep Creek, where people went to enjoy the hot spring water,

bountiful sunshine, beautiful desert scenery, and each other's

company.  Clothing was optional.

I crawled up the 55 to the 91, crawled a little way more, then

finally got past the stalled car which was slowing traffic and zoomed

all the way to Hesperia, then drove through town and onto that

difficult-to- find dirt road which leads to the canyon where Deep

Creek is located. All the way there my mind pictured the creek, with

its small strip of sandy beach covered with naked men and women

stretched out on towels or folding lounges.  Yummy naked female

bodies mmmmm my cock was stif- fening again!  I got there, paid the

$2 usage fee, and hiked the two- mile trail to the bottom of the

canyon.  I was not disappointed.  There were at least a couple dozen

people there that day, basking in the sun and splashing about in the


I stripped off my clothes and dove into the cool waters of the main

stream.  I looked back at the people on the shore and my cock really

stiffened when I saw a pretty lady stand up, remove her bikini, and

walk into the water.  She reacted to the chilly water by crossing her

arms tightly, lifting up her breasts.  She tried splashing herself to

get used to the water temperature, and her skin broke out in

goosebumps and her nipples hardened.  Ooooh I wished so badly that I

could snuggle up against her and warm her!

And then I thought of the PLED.  Oooooh....

I swam back to shore, passing right by her.  As I did I said, "you

should try the hot springs up on the rocks on the other side!

They're really warm, like a spa!"  She smiled prettily, nodded, and

said, "thank you, I will!"  Her soft, sweet voice made me feel

suddenly very warm and tingly all over.  Then she dove into the water

and began to swim across.

I got out of the water, headed to my little staked-out spot, and sat

down.  My eyes scanned the crowd surrounding me:  mostly big muscular

hunks lying in the sun, their hard chistled bodies darkening to a

deep bronze.  There were quite a few girls around too -- spread out

on towels, their scrumptuous bodies soaking up the sun and having a

mag- netic effect on male eyes, especially mine!  I'd hardly ever

been to nude beaches, so I was still not quite used to being around

so many naked people.  I reached down into my duffel bag, brought out

the PLED, set the knob for the most wide-angle view, and pressed the

button half- way. The small screen displayed the scene before me,

with lots of red circles and a few green ones.  I centered one

green-circled lady on the screen and turned the knob to zoom in on

her.  She was reclining in a folding chair and reading a paperback --

I could even see the title on the book:  Stephen King's

"Tommyknockers".  I pressed the button all the way.  She put the book

down in her lap, looked around with a quizzical expression, shrugged

(which made her boobs jiggle tantalizingly), and resumed her reading.

I turned the knob to wide- angle again and brought the PLED around to

point at a group of guys lounging around a big boulder.  Lots of

green circles there!  I zoomed in one one muscular dude, centered the

crosshairs on him, and depressed the button.  I looked up, waiting

for that look of bewilderment and then a joyous glance at the lady

I'd zapped, but it didn't happen. Puzzled, I looked back down at the

screen and saw the word "INCOMPATIBLE" flashing in yellow letters. It

can determine THAT?  Wow! I chuckled softly to myself and scanned

around for another good-looking green-circled guy.  There's one!  I

centered the crosshairs on him and depressed the button.  Zapmate!

The tanned hunk looked up, his eyes darting around as he scanned the

crowd for... what??  Then his eyes locked with hers, and a smile

spread across his face.  He got up and walked toward her, and she put

her book down again and got up.  Ooooh they're both naked are they

going to em- brace right here??  He came up to her, and took her

hands in his.  They just smiled and looked into each other's eyes.

Then he turned his head to indicate the trail leading along the

stream, and looked back at her. She nodded with a big grin, picked up

a large towel, and together they set off down the trail.

Are they going to "do it" here?  I was so horny -- I just had to see

this!  I waited a moment until they were down the trail a bit, and

then I got up and followed behind them.  The trail followed the

stream for a while and then began to switchback up a hill.  As they

climbed the trail they were teasing each other, fondling and feeling

each other, and as they passed a clump of bushes underneath the shade

of a big tree he pulled her off the trail.  With yelps of delight

they dove behind the bushes.

I quietly passed those bushes and continued up the trail, and then

left it and clambered across a steep incline to another clump of

bushes about twenty feet above the newly zapmated couple.  I sat down

and shifted myself into as comfortable a position as I could, and

watched the hot and sexy action below me as my cock stiffened and

stood straight up.

The girl's towel was spread out on a slightly inclined clearing

behind the clump of bushes, and she and her newfound love were make

hot passionate love on top of it!  He was on top of her, his muscular

chest pressed against her boobs, and their legs were wrapping around

each other wildly.  They were kissing so deeply and passionately, and

my breath was quickening just watching it!  His face dove downward

and buried itself in her breasts, shaking back and forth, licking,

sucking, enjoying...  her arms flew around his back, then they rolled

over and she was on top, swinging her boobs from side to side across

his face. He grabbed her sides and pressed his face in that wonderful

flesh again, then sat up quickly as she swung her legs forward, and

they embraced tightly as his lips and tongue hungrily devoured her

chest and shoulders and neck and cheeks and lips, and her fingers dug

into his powerful muscular back...  ooooh I was becoming sooo

HORNY!!!!!  I had to resist the temptation to jump up from behind the

bush, climb down to where they were, and join the action somehow.

They were rolling all over now, kissing and rubbing and licking, and

then he was sitting up and she was lying across his legs, and he had

one hand on her hot pussy, rubbing and fondling and tickling, and the

other hand feeling all over her breasts, and she had an eager hand

around his hard cock, and their lips were pressed tightly together as

they kissed with an incredible sexual vigor that only true love could


Her hips began to buck as his fingers spread her pussy lips and

squeezed into her channel.  They wiggled and bent and twisted as they

slid in and out, and her whole body writhed and undulated as those

fingers drove her to heights of ecstasy she had perhaps never

experienced before!  Then he pulled out his fingers, bent over

between her legs, tickled and licked her pussy lips with his tongue,

and then plunged it inside her.  Now MY body was moving as I watched

his mouth press against her pussy, his tongue no doubt snaking in and

out and all around, and her body bucking and writhing wildly as she

moaned and shrieked, and her hands alternately grabbing the back of

his head and squeezing and kneading her boobs. Then he sat up again,

spread her legs wider, and with one hand guided his big cock into

her.  She SHRIEKED as he PUSHED it into her (her pussy must have been

tight!), and then it was sliding in and out, faster and faster,

pushing her whole body up and down.  His hands went to her boobs and

played with them as he rammed his MX Missile into her still harder.

My second matching certainly looked to be successful, and I was eager

to do more!  I tore my gaze away from the hot sex before me, got up,

and returned to the trail.  I heard moans, grunts, and shrieks coming

from behind those bushes, and they were becoming louder and louder,

nearing a crescendo, as I headed down the trail and returned to the

shore of the stream.  My cock was still rock-hard and throbbing, so I

lingered behind a boulder for a moment to let it relax before

emerging into the crowd of sunbathers.  Ooooh man there's that lady

whom I talked to in the water! She was lying naked on a towel and

rubbing Coppertone on her stomach and chest OH WOW and my cock

immediately stiffened again!

I fell in love right then and there.  I wanted to be married to her,

love her all my life, be the father of her children. I went to my

duffle bag, pulled out the PLED, pointed it at her, and pushed the

button halfway.  Green circle.  My whole body tingled with

excitement. I pressed the button all the way and watched her stop

oiling herself and look around with that familiar brief puzzled

expression.  Then I turned the device around and pointed it at myself.


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