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Archive-name: Fantasy/husbprop.txt

Archive-author: Mitchell Knight

Archive-title: Husband Prophecy

	Zandria de Lac was a powerful sorceress who lived in the Kingdom

of Markor.  While this kingdom had a royal family, the real power rested

in her beautiful but capable hands.  She gave advice and lent her powers

to the royal family whenever they requested it and when not involved in

these activities, she spent her time studying her magic.

	Living with Zandria was her daughter, a young woman of even

greater beauty than her mother.  Her name was Melina, and she was

approaching twenty five years of age without having found a husband.  For

her this was no problem because, with her beauty, she was able to draw men

from all over the kingdom to share her bed.  Once she married and became

pregnant, she wouldn't be able to indulge in her sexual escapades.

	Zandria was becoming quite agitated with the fact that her

daughter wasn't married.  She was reaching old age, although one

wouldn't be able to tell from looking at her. (She used her magic to keep

her looking about as young as her daughter.)  It was prophecied when

Melina was born that she would bear a son who would become the greatest

wizard the kingdom of Markor had ever seen.  In Zandria's opinion, the

child needed to be born soon before Zandria's powers waned and she was no

longer able to teach the child all he needed to know.

	It was with this in mind that Zandria decided to go into a vision

trance.  On a moonlit night in the middle of summer, Zandria prepared

herself for the vision.  That night her daughter was in their cottage

cheerfully working the loom as she thought about the man she would meet

tonight in the forest after her mother left.

	"I am going out, Melina," Zandria told her daughter as she gathered her

magic implements.

	"You are?" Melina asked, looking up from her work.  She was a beautiful

young woman with sparkling big blue eyes, soft full lips, long curly dark

chestnut hair, and a soft creamy complexion.

	"Yes.  I will return within a couple hours," her mother answered.

	"Okay," Melina answered. 

	Zandria kissed her daughter lightly on the cheek and then left the

cottage.  Melina frowned for a moment as she worried about how she was

going to leave the house now to meet her lover if her mother would be out

there.  It wasn't necessarily that she was hiding this man from her mother

because Zandria knew about Melina's sexual life; it was just that Zandria

didn't like it flaunted in front of her, and Melina respected her mother's


	Melina had a great amount of admiration for her powerful mother. 

She saw how the people in the kingdom treated her with great respect and

kindness.  Sometimes Melina felt a tinge of jealousy that she hadn't

gained any of the powers that her mother had, but she also felt lucky. 

She didn't really want that kind of responsibility because it would

prevent her from living how she liked.

	The prophecy that Zandria had been thinking about earlier was one

that Melina was quite familiar with and one she was determined to prevent

at all costs.  While Melina knew that at some point she would have that

child (after all, prophecies cannot be denied) she was going to keep the

future at bay for as long as possible.  When she engaged in sexual

relations with a man she always took a special herb that she had learned

about from an herbalist that prevented her from getting pregnant.

	As Melina continued her work at the loom she decided she wouldn't

concern herself with her mother's activities.  She would meet with her

lover anyway.

* * *

	Zandria de Lac sat in a clearing with the moonlight pouring down

on her lovely naked form.  She wore only a crystal pendant.  Incense smoke

swirled up around her as she sat in a mystical circle she had inscribed

into the earth.  The power grew within her as she summoned it, and then

the vision came.

	She saw a white three tailed comet streak across the starry sky

and then the image of a young boy being born in a house somewhere within

the kingdom.  The name Akar was spoken in a hush from his mother's lips. 

Then the vision ended.


	The next day Zandria visited the king and went through the pages

of his census for men with the name of Akar, which was not an overly

common name, but she did find 20 men and boys living within the kingdom

with that name.  Then she matched their birthdates with her star charts

for the times the three tailed comet passed through the sky.  This brought

the list down to 3 men.

	"I guess my daughter will have to sleep with all three of these

men.  Any one of them could be the father of my prophecied grandson.  I

can't take a chance and guess," Zandria decided.

	So Zandria then carefully laid her plans as to how she would get

her daughter to sleep with these men.  She decided she would put it to her

daughter as a gift: three strapping men from the kingdom who would

pleasure Melina all at once.  (Zandria wasn't going to waste any time now

that she had found the right men.)

	"Tonight you will go to the far side of the lake where a man will

meet you and take you to his cottage.  There you will spend a night of

pleasure like you have never had before," Zandria told her daughter over

dinner that night.

	"Why, Mother, that sounds positively wicked!" Melina giggled.

	"It is."

	"I can't wait!"

	Zandria merely smiled as she watched her daughter eat her

specially prepared venison, seasoned with an herb which would counteract

the herbs Melina took to keep from getting pregnant.

 	Melina spent much time in her bedroom preparing for this special

night.  She was genuinely excited by the treat her mother had prepared for

her that night.  When the time was right, Melina left the cottage and

walked to the other side of the lake.

	Once she reached the other side, a man came out of the forest and

greeted her.  She admired his stocky, rugged build.  He was older than

most of the men she slept with, he looked to be in his forties, but age really

wasn't a concern for her.  The more experienced the man, the better.	

	His large, rough hand on hers sent a shiver down her spine as she

thought of the night to come when these hands would travel all over her

tender body.  He led her through the woods a few yards to an inviting one

room cottage.  

	Upon opening the door, she saw two other men seated next to the

large bed.  One looked to be her age.  He was an artist from the village,

and an albino with long white hair and pink eyes set in pale skin.  The

other man was more of a boy.  He might have been a teenager, or just out

of his teen years.  He was slim, but athletically built, and the way he

eyed her let her know he could satisfy any woman with his youthful virility.

	"Will all of you be staying?" Melina asked.

	The adolescent leered at her, his eyes devouring her body as he nodded

in response.  The artist rose and walked over to her.  He took her hand in

his and brought it to his mouth for a kiss.

	"It will be a pleasure making love to a woman as beautiful as

you," he said.

	Melina giggled and then lifted his head to hers and kissed him

softly on the lips.  She turned to her burly male companion and kissed him

on the lips.

	"Come here, and give me a kiss," Melina told the adolescent.

	Eagerly he got to his feet and walked over to her.  He kissed her

with the intensity of youth.  Melina wondered if he might be a virgin and

this excited her more as she looked forward to her night.

	"What are your names?" she asked.

	"We cannot tell you our names," the older man answered,

remembering the agreement he made with the sorceress.

	"Then what will I call you?" she asked.

	"There is no need for names this night, my darling," the artist said.

	He brought her finger to his mouth and slipped it in to suck on

its tip.  This gesture struck her as highly erotic and she closed her eyes

and let out a soft moan.

	He removed her finger and she opened her eyes.  She appraised the

men once again and decided that it was time to get her sexual adventure


	"Why don't you all take off your clothes," she said, smiling at them.

	Without a word, the men eagerly began to undress.  Melina sat down

on the middle of the bed to watch them.  The teenager was already untieing

his pants when she looked at him from her seat.  He had a lean muscular

body with a patch of black curly hair between his pectorals.  She noticed

a line of hair running from his navel down into his pants.  As he slipped

these off, she could see that it continued to the black curly hair at his

crotch.  His penis was quite impressive.  It looked about 8 inches in

length and it was almost at full mast as she stared at it.

	Melina then turned to watch the artist.  His body was completely

hairless except for a small mound of pure white hair at his crotch.  His

penis was average size, but it was that white skin and his albino features

that excited her.

	Her older lover was very burly with brown wiry hair all over his

chest, arms, legs, and crotch.  His penis was a little bigger than the

artist's, but it still didn't come close to the teenager's.

	Melina smiled at them as they now looked at her expectantly, their

penises either fully erect or on their way.  She decided she would get

them all ready.

	"Good job.  Now it's my turn," she explained.

	She slowly unlaced the bodice of her dress and slipped the dress

off each shoulder.  She caught it before it revealed her breasts and

clutched the fabric to her.  She smiled seductively as she slowly allowed

the dress to fall off her breasts, revealing the two creamy full breasts

to her audience.  Her breasts were still firm and stood out on her chest

with tiny light brown nipples.

	Then she slid the dress down her waist showing off her taut

stomach with her cute navel.  She had wide, sensuous hips and firm,

well-proportioned thighs.  Between her beautiful thighs was a V of curly

brown hair.  She hadn't bothered to wear undergarments on this night as a

special treat to the lover, or lovers as it turned out, that her mother

had picked out.

	Melina got off the bed and slipped the dress off.  Then she got

back on and laid down.  She noticed that her display had excited all the

men.  They were all fully erect and ready.

	From her bedroom in the cottage, Zandria sat and watched as the

men joined Melina in the bed.  She sat in front of her crystal ball which

was magically tuned to the cottage on the other side of the lake.  Here

she could watch and make sure the men followed through with her orders. 

She also found that she was becoming excited by the idea of watching her

daughter have sex with these three strangers.  

	Zandria pushed her dress up to her thighs and slipped a finger in

the leg of her undergarment and slowly fingered her pussy.

	The young man had pushed open Melina's legs and was eagerly

sliding his impressive cock into her pussy.  Melina was giving her older

lover a blowjob while the artist licked and sucked on her supple tits.

	Melina began to grind her hips with her young lovers slow thrusts

as she continued to suck off the burly one.  Suddenly an idea struck her,

and she realized that now would be the perfect time to try it out.  She

removed her mouth from his dick.

	"You know, I have more than two holes," she told them.

	Her older lover looked at her and smiled.  

	"I'll take you up on that offer," he said.

	Melina rolled over onto her side with help from the young man who

complained slightly about the interruption but went along with the new

position.   Then the older man lay down behind her and took his slippery

cock and rubbed it along her anus.  He dipped his finger into the slick

pussy juices that were starting to run out her as she fucked the teenager.

 He rubbed these onto his cock and then slowly worked his way into her

tight little backdoor.

	The artist had slipped his cock into her mouth after the older man

had left that spot so Melina couldn't cry out at the exquisite pain she

felt at his entry into her backside.  It was a great experience though:

she had all three holes filled by eager men willing to satisfy her.

	Her tight hole felt great on his cock.  He worried a little about

how she was feeling about it, but he didn't bother to ask since her mouth

was occupied with more important things.  The young man was now thrusting

fairly quickly into her pussy and the older man knew that he was probably

on the verge of coming.  He continued to thrust slowly in and out her

anus, enjoying this new experience.

	Melina stopped sucking on the artist long enough to scream in

pleasure as her orgasm hit her.  The young man continued to thrust

furiously into her, his face an expression of determined concentration. 

He finally came, pumping his load deep into her, and then he collapsed

against her, spent.

	Her burly lover slid out her backend, deciding that it was his

turn.  As soon as the young man slid out, he was taking the place.  The

artist slipped his cock out of her mouth; her sucking had become a little

too pleasurable, and if he wasn't careful, he would come in her mouth. 

That wasn't the place for his cum to go tonight.  He returned to sucking

and licking on her tits.

	Melina rolled onto her back as he thrust into her.  He was on the

verge of orgasm already after that superb new treat, but Melina beat him

to it.  She came again right before her burly lover sprayed his semen into


	Zandria was now on the verge of orgasm herself as she continued to

finger herself.  The peep show was very impressive.

	"Two down and one to go," she murmured as she sped up her finger


	The burly man moved aside and allowed the artist his turn.  The

artist kissed her tenderly as she came down from her last orgasm.  Then he

planted soft kisses all down the trail of her flesh that eventually led to

her crotch.  There he spread the lips of her vagina and licked delicately

at her slit where there was now a mixture of pussy juice and cum.  	

	The young man had recovered now from his orgasm and he returned to

the bed where he licked at her hard little nipples and ran his hands over

her smooth flesh.

	The artist slipped his length into her and she came again after

his second thrust.  He continued his motion until he finally came while

the young man played with her soft firm breasts.

	Zandria sighed to herself as she saw the artist's buttocks clench

in orgasm.  It was done then.  All three had spread their seed.  Soon

Melina would be with child, and the prophecy would be fulfilled.

	Right then though, Melina's young lover wasn't very concerned with

the prophecy.  He wanted another go at it.  Melina merely smiled when he

asked her.  She gave him a weary indulgent smile and he eagerly slipped

his erection back into her.  The other two men sat on either side of the

bed and stroked her and ran their hands through her hair.  She screamed as

she came again, and then the young man let loose another torrent of his semen.

	They all slept then, but woke up again during the night when the

teenager regained his erection.  It was a night of intense lovemaking for

them all which they hoped they would repeat.

The End


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