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Archive-name: Fantasy/get-tan.txt

Archive-author: Robert E. Epps

Archive-title: Getting a Tan

A friend of mine, "Horny" Hal Gudmunsen, recently opened his own

tanning salon.  What I heard about this, I just had to go check it

out! I just couldn't picture him running his own business.  Hal, of

all people!  Besides, my own "tan" needed definite improvement.

So I followed the directions he gave me, and found the salon in a

surprisingly elegant little shopping center.  It was located right on

the end, closest to the street, and had a big sign that read:

                          HAL'S TANNING AND

                           BODY WRAP SALON

What the heck is a "body wrap"?  I wondered, as I walked through his

front door.  It sounds like something Hal would really enjoy doing.

(I suppose I would too!  Wrapping something around some girl's sexy

body, mmmmm.... And unwrapping it would be even better!)

Hal's parlor was even more elegant than the shopping center outside.

The walls of the reception area were covered with rich dark wood

paneling, the floor was thickly carpeted, and the furniture was

elegantly stuffed and very comfortable. I could have gone right to

sleep on that big couch! Not at that moment, though -- it was quite

fully occupied.  Two beautifully tanned (and beautifully curved)

young ladies sat together on the couch, giggling as they read the

Sunday comics.  They finished one strip and broke out in laughter --

must have been that Bloom County one where Opus cut off his nose with

dental floss while lost in dreamy rhapsody, I supposed.  Next to the

girls sat a big hulking guy, also quite bronzed, with a big muscular

arm behind the back of one of the girls.  At the far end of the couch

sat an older gentleman with fair skin -- the only person besides

myself who really NEEDED to be there!

Behind a large desk sat Hal, who saw me when I came in and waved.

"Hey, Rob! Be with you in just a minute.  Have a seat!"  I sat down

in a lounge chair and watched as Hal signed up a new member who had

come in just ahead of me.  God, she was cute too.  Hal seemed to be

doing good business, and what a clientele! If I were in his position,

I'd be going home from work every night with a hardon.

Somebody came out of the hallway that lead to the tanning rooms, and

Hal waved to him and said, "see you tomorrow!"  Then he jumped up and

disappeared through the hallway, then a minute later returned and

said, "Sue? Room 6 is ready now. Go on in!"  The girl next to the

muscular guy got up, kissed him on the cheek, and headed off to the

tanning room.  As soon as she went around the corner, the other girl

slid across the couch and rested her head against the guy's bulging

chest, and he put his arm around her sexy waist.  I sighed, and

continued to wait.

Pretty shortly, some more people left the salon, and the other people

in the waiting room were accomodated.  That just left Hal and me, and

he got up from behind his desk, came over to me, and shook my hand.

"How's life been treatin' ya!"  I grinned and responded, "oh pretty

good.  Looks like you got one heck of a business going here!"  "Shit,

Rob, it's been crazy!  I've been signing up at least a half dozen

people a day.  I can hardly keep up with all this.  I'm gonna have to

hire me some more helpers. So, wanna try it out?"  I nodded, and he

beckoned me to follow him into the hall.

There were six doors on each side of the hallway, and one at the end

with an "opening this door will cause an alarm to sound" bar across

it. Hal led me to the last door on the right side, pulled a ring of

keys from his pocket, selected a key, and unlocked the door.  "I keep

this room available for special customers," he said as he led me in.

It was a pretty large room, much larger than I expected a tanning

room to be. There was a chair and a loveseat against one wall.  On

the opposite wall was a bookshelf with a stereo and some tapes, and

next to it was a mirror that stretched nearly from the floor to the

ceiling.  Something seemed odd about the mirror, but I couldn't put

my finger on what it was.  Along the long wall opposite the entrance

door stood an SCA WOLFF tanning bed (which looked somewhat like a

giant metal-and-plastic hotdog bun) and another loveseat.  The floor

was thickly carpeted, just like the floor of the salon's waiting

room.  "This is really nice!" I said to Hal, and he nodded and smiled

and replied, "the nice stuff is yet to come."  He quickly showed me

how to operate the tanning bed, then said, "I better get back to the

front desk.  Have fun, and I'll see ya again in a while!"  Then he

left the room and closed the door.

I stripped off my clothes, set the bed's timer to twenty minutes, and

reclined on the bed.  Small goggles hung from the top half of the

tanning bed on a string, and I placed them over my eyes.  Then I hit

the START button on the wall and pulled the top half of the bed down

over me.  My whole body become bathed in uniform warmth.

Given little else to do, my horny mind began to imagine things.  I

imagined that I was a beautiful girl lying on the bed, my flawless

curves illuminated by the brightly glowing UV tubes.  I ran my hands

slowly up and down my legs, and in my mind they were gorgeous,

sensuous, silky female legs.  My cock began to rise as my mind saw

the hands sliding up the smooth shins, then caressing the lovely

thighs and rising slowly up to wonderful sexy hips. The hands

continued to travel up her (my) body, until they were next to the

wonderful boobs, the nipples almost touching the inside of the top

part of the bed.  Then the hands move toward each other, piling the

titflesh up, pressing the nipples up against the warm, clear plastic

that shielded the UV tubes. Caressing, squeezing, oohhh my cock was

really rising now as I thought of her lucky hands squeezing those

breasts, and the camera of my mind zoomed back to show this

incredible female, her knees rising and lower- ing as she played with

herself.  My cock hardened even more at the thought that this really

might be happening in one or more of the other rooms right here in

this salon!  But of course I would not get to see it.  A guy like me

never gets to see or experience such beauty, only guys like that

Neanderthal with the two girlfriends.  My hardon began to deflate

with such a depressing thought, and my mind hurried to correct the

situation by restoring the image of the beautiful woman lying right

where I was now.  My cock rose again as one her hands continued to

massage a breast, as the other slid down toward her pussy. The image

played on in my head as my hands followed along on my own body, until

the bed turned off with a "THUNK" and interrupted my blissful

thoughts.  My body instantly felt 20 degrees cooler, and I pushed the

top of the bed up.  I was about to get up when my dream goddess

stepped into the room through the mirror.

Actually, she didn't step THROUGH the mirror.  The mirror opened up

like a door, and she stepped in and closed it softly behind her.  I

couldn't move, or even speak, and my heart pounded as I took in the

sight of her.  My brain's logical abilities were suddenly rather

impaired, and my first thought was that this girl had simply entered

an occupied room by mistake.  The fact that she had entered naked,

and not through the door from the hall, took a moment to settle into

my mind. My whole body tingled and my thoughts clouded as I looked at


In one hand she had a small bottle containing of some kind of oil,

and in her other she carried a white rose.  She placed those items on

the floor at the head of the bed, then put her hands on my shoulders

and gently pushed me back down on my back.  Her hand on my right

shoulder began to slide downward, feeling my chest and gently rubbing

and tickling my nipples.  My mind was reeling!  I let my own hand

reach up and touch the side of her body, just above one extremely

sexy hip.  She did not seem to mind, so my fingers lightly caressed

the smooth tan skin.  The bottle of oil (I found out later that it

was aloe vera) appeared in her other hand, and she applied a small

amount of it to both hands and began to rub it onto my chest.  Oh

wow, those warm slippery hands felt so good as they rubbed against my

skin!  The feel of her body under my caressing fingers was even more

delightful, and I guided them up her side and around, massaging her

back and shoulder blades.  Then my hand came back around, stopping at

the side of her chest for a moment, then slowly pressing against a

luscious boob and gathering it up.  The big suckable nipple rose up

as my thumb slid underneath her breast and my fingers went around the

top and I gently squeezed that glorious mound and massaged it.  Her

hands continued to rub oil on my body, covering my sides and

shoulders and neck, then working down to my belly and thighs and

legs.  Oh was my cock throbbing now!!

Pretty soon she had fully oiled my body, and she set the bottle down

and picked up the rose.  She looked up at me and smiled, and her

tongue poked out and licked her sensuous lips.  Then she sat down on

the bed next to my right hip, and reached out her arm to hold the

flower right above my face.  My hand was still on her breast, the

thumb and forefinger toying with the now-hard nipple, and my other

hand reached up and landed on her hip, gently rubbing it.  She

lowered the rose until one petal was barely touching my lips, then

began to slide it slowly downward.  It traveled across my chin, then

down my neck and the top of my chest.  She let it glide from side to

side across my nipples, teasing and tickling them. From there it

continued downward, and I steeled myself in anticipation as the rose

neared my superhard meat. She twirled it around the base of my cock,

then let the petals glide to my balls and dance around on them. Then

she lifted the rose up and let it hover a scant millimeter above the

tip of my cock.  The rose paused there, as though rubbing its hands

in anticipation, then descended.

The feel of the petal gently grazing the tip was driving me crazy!

She swirled it around the head, then spiraled it around and down my

cock. I couldn't control myself any longer -- I was so consumed with

lust!  I sat up abruptly and wrapped my arms around her and embraced

her tightly.  Her breasts pressed tightly against my chest, and I

could feel her wonderfully hard nipples slide against my skin.  My

cock was being squeezed between our bellies -- what an amazing

feeling!  My lips found hers and we kissed; a long, wet, grinding,

lustful kiss with tongues darting in and out and exploring the

wonders inside each other's mouth.  I swung my feet around so that I

could slowly get up, and with her still clasped tightly against me, I

somehow made it over to the loveseat and fell into it.

She was under me now, and I was all over her, kissing her hungrily

and squeezing and kneading her boobs with my hands and grinding my

cock against her crotch and belly.  But my cock wanted more -- it

wanted to fuck those tits!  So I got up on my knees and slid forward

until that big throbbing tool was right where it wanted to be.  I put

my hands on either side of her chest, and pressed her boobs together

as I slid my cock in between them. She put her hands on my hips and

gripped tightly as my love missile drove back and forth between her

mounds, and I pressed those mouth-watering tits together until they

were wrapped around my cock with the nipples touching each other.  My

fingers came up and toyed with her nipples, and she bent her head

forward so that she could lick at the missile between her boobs every

time it slid forward.  Then she grabbed it with one hand and slid her

body beneath me until my flaming member was in the range of her

hungry mouth.

I shuddered as her lips slipped around it, and she slipped it deep

into her mouth.  Ooooo it was so WARM and WET!  She slipped it in and

out, sucking on it and slurping at it with her slithering tongue.

Then she pushed it in really deep, until her lips were around the

base of my cock.  She nibbled there and her chin rubbed against my

balls, and I could feel the tip of my cock rubbing against the roof

of her mouth way in back, and her tongue slipping and sliding all

over it, and her warm breath blowing from her nose against my crotch.

Oh man I am gonna come very soon I can't hold it much longer oh here

it COMES and then she slipped it out of her mouth and kissed the tip.

Then she began to STROKE it with her hand.  Rubbing and pulling and

squeezing it, first with one hand and then both hands going at it,

and then the hot juices exploded out of it, flying onto her shoulders

and chest. Her hands continued to jerk at it as the cum squirted, and

my hands reached forward to spread the hot sticky juice all over her

jiggling boobs...

About a half hour later I was fully clothed again and standing at the

front desk.  "So how much do I owe you for the, uh, tanning session?"

Hal looked up from the computer, where he was entering the info for

my new membership, and grinned.  "No charge this time around!  Here

are the rates for our regular sessions..."  He handed me a piece of

paper. "...and our SPECIAL sessions are normally six times that, but

for you, Rob, I'll let you in for 50% off.  So how many sessions do

you want to pay for now?"

There went my paycheck for the week!


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