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Archive-name: Fantasy/gal10.txt

Archive-author: Heather Dawson

Archive-title: The Adventures of Galactic Girl -10: The Mission

         Galactic Girl  got up  off the  couch and  stood before  the  horny

     teenager.  "What you must learn," she  said as she let her hands  reach

     up and cup her  breasts from below, the  taut flesh bulging around  her

     fingers, "is that sex  and desire is  nearly all mental.   Oh, I  don't

     mean that the physical  act of fucking isn't  wonderful, but to  really

     turn a woman on, you have to appeal  to her mental images.  Women  love

     romantic situations, soft lights, slow music, tenderness.  They want to

     know that you're making love, not just fucking.  And you need to  learn

     to tease.   My nipples  and clit are  extremely sensitive  and you  can

     usually make me cum by  rubbing or licking them,  but to really get  me

     hot, so hot I cum again and again  and again, you need to tease me,  to

     suck on my breasts but not on my  nipples, to lick all around my  pussy

     but not really touch my clit, to  rub your fingers up and down my  body

     but touching so softly that I can't really tell whether its your  hands

     or a breath of air.

         "Foreplay is  extremely important.   Anyone  can do  a quick  fuck.

     Most of your friends are interested in one thing, getting their cock in

     someone's pussy and  fucking until they  cum.  Then  they pull out  and

     want to go do something else.  But to really turn a woman on, you  need

     to take your time.  Women don't get hot quite as quickly as men, and it

     takes time and effort  to bring them  to a complete  boil, so hot  that

     they'll do nearly anything you want if you'll just let them cum.

         "You need to learn  how to understand a  woman's movements so  that

     you can stop just before she has her orgasm.  Bring her to the edge but

     don't let her cum.  If you do that several times, she'll love you until

     you can't get it up anymore.

         "Be tender  at  first.    But  vary your  touch  so  that  you  mix

     tenderness with pain, cold with  hot, slipperiness with abrasion,  soft

     with hard.   Keep  her guessing  what you'll  do next  so that  she  is

     constantly surprised.   Usually, I  like tenderness when  I start,  but

     when I get ready to cum, I like to have my nipples pinched and  bitten,

     fell a  finger  drive into  my  ass, sometimes  I  even like  a  little

     spanking.   When I cum, you can squeeze my tits until your fingerprints

     show on my skin  and I'll love it.   But you can't  start out that  way

     normally, unless we're in a  rape/bondage scene where the initial  pain

     is part of the scene."

         While she was talking, Gigi had watched with interest as Dave's  12

     inch long cock had gone from  its somewhat flacid state to its  present

     iron-hard erection, its length uncoiling and twisting until it  pointed

     straight up his belly, its tip above  his navel.  "Enough talk!   Let's

     see if you learned anything," she  said as she reached down and  pulled

     his hands, bringing him to a standing position.  Quickly her turned  to

     the stereo and found WPCH, its soft music filling the room.  Taking her

     hands, he pulled  her to him  and began to  slowly dance, their  bodies

     touching only on the hands, arms, and the end of his cock which  rubbed

     on her stomach right below her breasts.

         She stepped  toward him  and  put her  arms  around his  neck,  his

     bulging erection feeling  like a muscular  tube between them.   As  she

     tilted her head for  a kiss, she felt  his hands rubbing the  still-wet

     skin of  her back,  massaging the  sleek muscles  under her  tan.   His

     tongue flicked out to  dance across her lips  and she opened her  mouth

     and swallowed  its length,  feeling  the slick  underside as  the  duel

     started.  She loved the taste of his young mouth and she moaned into it

     as his mouth moved around to the nape  of her neck, his lips and  teeth

     gently nipping at the sensitive skin at the base of her neck.  She felt

     something like a soft breeze caressing her buttocks, the touch so  soft

     and gentle that she really couldn't be sure that it was his hands.  She

     felt her inner lips moisten and begin to open like a flower between her

     thighs as a trickle of her pussy juice ran down one firm, tanned leg.

         She opened her legs  and tried to capture  his between them so  she

     could get more pressure on her clit, but he evaded the move and  gently

     steered her to the couch where he made her lie down on its length,  her

     arms still wrapped around his muscular  neck.  Gently he unwrapped  her

     arms and placed them at her side  as his lips kissed each eye and  then

     went to her ear.  She felt  the moistness as his tongue penetrated  her

     ear, wetly licking  and probing as  she moaned again.   His hands  were

     rubbing her sides, gently probing at her rib cage and her narrow  waist

     as his mouth left a wet trail down her chest, sliding between her  firm

     breasts and circling their tender underside, tracing the line where her

     tits jutted  up off  her  chest, the  line  between tan  and  whiteness

     guiding his trail.  As  his hands began to  caress her stomach and  tug

     gently at the heart-shaped  pubic patch, she felt  his lips open as  he

     sucked a  mouthfull of  her  tender breast  into  his lips,  his  mouth

     capturing the firm whiteness of her lower breast.  She could sense  the

     power of his mouth as she felt his teeth grating across her flesh as he

     drew his mouth off, the suction causing her breast to distort slightly.

         Her clit  was  now totally  erect,  and she  consciously  used  her

     alienness to cause it to grow to a full inch and a half in length,  its

     pink shaft poking bravely into the  air as her legs spread wide  apart,

     one leg hooking over the  back of the couch as  her other leg spread  a

     far across the floor as  possible.  She grabbed  his head and tried  to

     force it onto one erect nipple,  its firm shape resembling the  erasers

     on wooden pencils.  He resisted but  did let a drop of his saliva  drip

     down to  her nipple,  a silvery  strand linking  his lower  lip to  her

     nipple.  She sighed as the strand broke and he gently blew a breath  of

     air across its surface, the sudden coldness causing goose bumps  across

     her breast.

         He broke off contact  and moved down her  stomach, his soft  cheeks

     rubbing across  her hot  skin,  feeling the  contractions as  her  body

     started searching for its peak.  His lips went into the crease  between

     stomach and leg  and she heard  him noisly sucking  and licking at  the

     crease, his tongue flicking down toward  her slit but not touching  it.

     She groaned as he sat back and broke all contact with her body, looking

     at the  wet pinkness  of  her opening  flower,  the juices  flowing  so

     copiously that there was a wet spot beneath her hips.  He reached  down

     and carefully put his thumbs on the skin beside her cunt and spread  it

     even farther  apart, her  hole  pulsating as  it  opened to  his  gaze.

     Gently, he took both legs and pulled them together as he turned her  on

     her stomach.  She felt his breath and  the faint whisper of a touch  as

     he covered her tanned shoulders and lower back with caresses.  Her hips

     lifted off the couch as they  rotated in her excitement.  Suddenly  she

     felt the sharpness of a slap across her ass.  He had spanked her!

         He saw the redness radiating from  the hand print across her  white

     ass, and he swatted  her other cheek, the  slap resounding through  the

     pool house.  Leaning down, he  licked her ass, his tongue soothing  the

     hurt as she moaned even more, but with pleasure or with pain?  He could

     see her lips pinkly poking  out between her legs  as he let his  tongue

     slide down her crack, its wet point leaving a shiny trail in the depths

     of her crevice.  He let his tongue  form a sharp point as he forced  it

     into the brown rosebud of her anus.   Her hands came back and tried  to

     spread her cheeks to give him more room, and he pulled back and waited,

     watching her body writhe as she searched for him.  Finally she realized

     that he wasn't going to let  her participate, so she brought her  hands

     back to her breasts  where she could pinch  and twist her nipples,  the

     pain combining  with the  other sensations  to bring  her near  to  her

     orgasm.  "I'm going to cum!  Please stick your tongue in me and let  me

     cum," she pleaded as he forced her hands to her sides as he brought his

     hard cock to her fingers, letting her feel the strength of his  manhood

     before he moved away again.

         She was in agony.  She wanted  to cum so badly that she would  have

     done anything he demanded.  Her hips rotated in the air as she searched

     for his touch.  Turning her head,  she saw him sitting in a chair,  his

     rigid maleness poking away from  his belly at a  30 degree angle as  he

     watched her movements with anticipation.  She started to get up and  go

     to him  when he  told  her to  turn  over and  spread  her legs.    She

     complied, making a "V" as her  legs straigtened and spread.  He  walked

     over to her, his cock bobbing as he moved, and knelt between her  legs,

     the head of his prick just touching her creamy cunt.  Leaning over,  he

     pressed his lips to  hers as he pushed  an inch of  his rod inside  her

     slippery cavern.  Her mouth opened in  a moan as she felt his  invasion

     of her tender cunt, and she wanted more, she wanted it all inside  her.

     He could feel the spasms start as her tongue and lips searched for his,

     and he pulled back,  the moistness from her  pussy coating the head  of

     his prick and making it shine in the late afternoon sun.

         Rising, he straddled her chest and let his massive cock lie between

     her firm  breasts,  squeezing  them  together around  his  rod  as  the

     slipperiness from her pussy made a moist channel for his movements.  As

     she tried to capture the head of his prick in her mouth, he grabbed his

     cock and slapped her tit with it, the massiveness of his meat making  a

     loud S-P-L-A-T as the shaft beat into her nipple.  Each time she  tried

     to lick his cock, he  would beat her tit  again until the nipples  were

     shiny and slick with a combination of her cunt juices and his pre-cum.

         Finally he moved back between her legs and flipped her over on  her

     stomach, her knees on the  floor as he entered  her from the rear,  his

     large prick spreading the pink flower of her pussy as it invaded.  With

     one lunge,  he buried  himself  in her  body,  her whines  of  pleasure

     echoing through the room  as she let herself  build toward her  orgasm.

     Her pussy was spasming as she reached the precipice and he pulled  out,

     standing with unsteady legs over her as her hips continued to jerk back

     and forth seeking his cock.  Turning quickly, she captured the head  of

     his cock in her mouth, tasting the sweetness of her juices coating  his

     rod as she slid her mouth until he hit the back of her throat.

         Growling, he forced  her head away  and threw the  cushions on  the

     floor behind her.   He pushed  her on  her back and  knelt between  her

     legs, hooking her ankles on his  shoulders and rubbing his cock up  and

     down her creamy  cunt.  Reaching  down, she positioned  him so that  he

     could enter her  with one stroke.   She begged  him to fuck  her.   She

     pleaded as he again  used only the  first inch, in  and out, round  and

     round.  Finally, he began to slowly,  ever so slowly push his way  into

     her captive body, the moistness of her cunt making squishing sounds  as

     her cunt gave way to his invasion.   He could feel the coolness of  her

     juices dripping down his  balls as he continued  to force his way  deep

     into her, feeling her pussy walls give way before his onslaught.

         When he was  completely buried  in her  cunt, he  reached down  and

     grasped one  firm nipple  between his  teeth and,  as he  began to  now

     swiftly drive his cock in and out of her body, nipped at the  sensitive

     flesh, the  pain driving  her to  her first  major orgasm,  her  spasms

     lasting nearly a minute  as she cussed and  prayed and called his  name

     out loud.  When she recovered from her pleasure, he slowed his pace but

     kept shoving  in and  out steadily,  bringing her  to another  peak  of


         She lost count of her orgasms.  Vaguely she remembered reaching  up

     to pinch her own nipples and to  squeeze her tits around his teeth,  to

     rake his back with her nails, to tenderly suckle on the nectar from his

     tongue, to gently caress his sweaty face as his cock maintained its  in

     and out invasion  of her  pretty little pussy.   Finally,  as she  once

     again began  to feel  the stirring  of an  impending orgasm,  his  body

     started jerking rapidly back and forth  and she felt the volume of  his

     sperm fill her cavity, squeezing out around his rod to drip down to her

     ass hole.  Moving quickly before he could go soft, she brought  herself

     to her last orgasm, her spasming  cunt grabbing his cock like a  velvet

     glove and drawing the last of his cum from his balls.

         As he drew back, she could see a sticky strand of cum drooping from

     his cock to her cunt, and she reached down and captured it, bringing it

     to her  tongue  as  she  let  him  watch  her  taste  his  love  juice.

     Collapsing beside her, she  let him sleep as  she wondered at what  she

     had done.  Now she  had a sixteen year old  athlete with a twelve  inch

     cock who KNEW what  women liked and had  practiced it with  confidence.

     She wondered who Dave would go  for next, and she was slightly  envious

     of whoever she would be.

         Moving silently, she found her running clothes and donned them, all

     except for her  panties which she  left in his  pocket after  drenching

     them in the  juices between her  legs.   As she prepared  to leave  him

     sleeping there, she  wondered about  what the night  would bring,  with

     whom she would spend the night.  But she didn't have long to wonder.


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