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Archive-name: Fantasy/gal09.txt

Archive-author: Heather Dawson

Archive-title: The Adventures of Galactic Girl - 9: Dave's First Fuck

         Galactic Girl forced  her mouth  and tongue onto  Dave's, her  lips

     sucking his tongue deeply into her mouth as she felt his hands begin to

     lift the  skirt and  rub her  pantie-covered ass.   Unfortunately,  the

     skirt kept bunching up in front and she couldn't get her clit  directly

     on his hard cock shaft.  "Pull up my skirt in front," she breathed into

     his mouth, forcing her tongue into  his mouth as she felt the  material

     rise like a curtain  and she could  feel the rough  cloth of his  jeans

     rubbing her tender clit  through the thin cotton  of her panties.   The

     size and shape of the shaft was  just right to press her clit into  her

     pubic bone and she spasmed through an orgasm, her pussy juices  flowing

     freely, soaking her panties and leaving a wet smear down his pants leg.

         She pushed him down into a  sitting position and stood in front  of

     him, her hands caressing and kneading her breasts.  Looking him in  the

     eye, she brought her breast to her mouth with both hands so that,  with

     her tongue  extended fully,  she  could just  lick the  sensitive  bud,

     leaving the darkened skin glistening with her saliva.  She unhooked her

     skirt and let it drop to the  floor before she knelt between his  legs,

     her lips  going to  his hairless  chest where  she gently  licked  each

     nipple, her lips encircling his  erect flesh and sucking and  massaging

     his chest and pectorals.  Lightly nibbling, she let him feel her  teeth

     and tongue at the same time as she drew back, pulling his nipple as she

     lashed it with  her tongue.   She rubbed her  cheek against his  chest,

     feeling the hard buds poking into her soft skin as she moaned softly.

         Moving extremely slowly, she worked her way down his body, her lips

     and  tongue  dancing  on   his  skin,  causing   him  to  tingle   with

     anticipation.  He watched the shiny trails of her mouth criss-cross his

     stomach as she worked her way to the soft peach fuzz around his  navel,

     her tongue licking  gently into the  orfice as her  hands caressed  his

     thighs.  Taking the top of his Levis between her teeth, Gigi pulled the

     button open and grasped the zipper pull between her teeth, opening  his

     jeans like a flower giving up its nectar to a hummingbird.  She put her

     face into his crotch and inhaled his aroma, smelling the combination of

     his sweat and his desire as her hot breath caused him to squirm on  the

     couch.   Her hands  caressed his  chest and  then, using  her nails  as

     claws, she gently scratched  his chest and  stomach, leaving light  red

     lines on his tanned young body.  With her left hand, she reached  under

     the top of his jocky shorts and  slid her hand down to his crotch,  her

     nails lightly  scratching as  they went  through his  pubic patch,  the

     crinkly hairs parting before her fingers.   She let her fingers  gently

     caress the base of  his cock before her  cool hand encircled the  shaft

     and began to pull it from his tight pants leg.  She felt the length  of

     the shaft beginning to  unwind as it found  freedom, poking stiffly  up

     his stomach  above his  navel, the  head  a bright  red and  the  shaft

     bulging with veins of desire.

         Moving lower, she untied and removed his shoes and socks and pulled

     his jeans  down his  legs, leaving  him wearing  only his  white  jocky

     shorts with his 12 inch cock poking out of the waistband.  She  grabbed

     the shorts and tore them from his body, throwing the tatters across the

     room.  She licked her way up his  thighs until she could get her  mouth

     on his scrotum.  Taking each one in turn, she sucked his balls into her

     mouth and let  her tongue wash  his scrotum as  she gently rolled  them

     around.  She made her tongue into  a sharp point and licked her way  up

     the length of his  cock, concentrating on the  large tube running  down

     its underside.  As she  licked, his spasms caused  his cock to jerk  up

     and down, and she knew that he couldn't take too much.  She grabbed his

     cock and brought it straight out  from his body, the pressure from  his

     erection causing him some minor pain as his cock bent in an  un-natural

     position.  Looking into his eyes,  she let her tongue dance around  the

     head of his cock,  tasting the beads of  pre-cum which had leaked  from

     its slit.  His  hands went to her  head as he tried  to force her  head

     down on his aching prick, trying to get relief from his agony.

         "No!  Put your hands under your hips  and sit on them.  This is  my

     show, and I'll do what I want with  you when I want it!"  He raised  up

     and complied with her  order, his hands captured  by his own weight  as

     she continued her licking, occasionally letting the head enter the wet,

     warm sucking cave of her mouth as she put pressure on the head and  the

     top of his shaft.

         Finally she  knew that  he couldn't  take any  more of  the  sexual

     torture.  Standing and looking into his eyes, she quickly stripped  her

     panties down her legs, the soaking  crotch leaving wet trails down  her

     firm, tanned thighs.

         "It's shaped  like a  heart!" he  exclaimed, "Is  that the  way  it


         "No, I shave it so that it won't poke out of my bikini, and I  kind

     of like the heart  shape since it  points to the spot  where I get  the

     most pleasure."

         She moved  to the  couch  and placed  a foot  on  the seat  as  she

     straddled him, her crotch right in his face.  She couldn't believe that

     he was still a virgin as his tongue  found all the right spots and  his

     lips sucked at her clit and soft, pink inner lips.  Gigi began to moan,

     her orgasm nearly there.  His tongue found her clit again as he suckled

     at the erect  flower of pleasure,  his tongue lashing  it from side  to

     side as she came, her  juices coating his soft  young face and chin  as

     she overflowed with excitement.   Squatting down, she reached back  and

     grasped his cock, placing it at the entrance to her slippery wet  cunt,

     letting just the  head enter  as she worked  only two  inches back  and


         Leaning over, she kissed him deeply, her hands going to his nipples

     as she  sank slowly,  slowly down  his shaft,  feeling the  head as  it

     pushed into her, forcing her pussy  to spread before its assault.   She

     moved very slowly,  letting him  feel every inch  of her  pussy as  she

     worked the  foot long  shaft  up and  down her  cunt.   "Not  yet"  she

     whispered in his ear as his hips rose off the couch and began to circle

     round and round.  She sat completely down on his body, refusing to  let

     him move, waiting for  the impending orgasm to  subside.  Several  more

     times she fucked him nearly to orgasm and then stopped, bring tears  of

     frustration to his eyes.

         Knowing that it was now time, she dismounted and quickly turned  on

     her back, spreading her legs as she lifted them into a "V".  Taking her

     ankles, he placed them on his shoulders as he drove his shaft into  her

     pussy with one stroke, his cock  hitting her cervix as it plunged  into

     her.  His hands found her tits as he pistoned in and out, sweat pouring

     off his brow as he climaxed with  a loud groan, his hands clasping  and

     squeezing her  tender tit  flesh.   His hips  jerked rapidly  back  and

     forth, moving only an inch at a time as the pain/pleasure of his orgasm

     drove her to another climax, her pussy muscles grasping him and drawing

     the last of his cum from his cock.

         Completely exhausted, he collapsed on  her, his cock going soft  in

     her channel  as they  lay together,  their sweat  mingling and  causing

     their bodies to gleam as if oiled.  Finally he rolled off her, his cock

     not hard, but  not completely soft  either.  Smiling  to herself,  Gigi

     stroked his wet brow, leaning over  to kiss his closed eyes and  softly

     kiss his mouth, knowing that the next time he will last longer.

         She could feel the cum oozing out of  her cunt as she lay there  on

     her side,  softly  stroking  his  muscled  young  body,  caressing  and

     touching without trying to arouse his  desire.  She rose and went  into

     the shower,  turning on  the hot  water and  soaping her  body,  paying

     special attention to her pussy.   Stepping from the shower, she took  a

     towel and soaked it  in cool water.   Without drying herself, she  went

     back into the  other room  and began to  wash Dave's  hard young  body,

     removing the sweat and leaving him shivering in the coolness of the air

     conditioning, his nipples swelling up and goose bumps covering his legs

     and arms.  She lay full length on his body, her body warming his as his

     hands went to her back to stroke and massage her muscles, working their

     way down to her ass.  She felt his hands sliding on her still-wet flesh

     as they spread  and opened her  crack, the cool  air drifting into  her


         "Teach me how to make love to  a woman," he requested.  "I want  to

     know what feels good, what you like men to do to you, what makes you so

     hot you just want  to fuck and suck  until you're exhausted."   Kissing

     him softly, Gigi whispered, "So you want  all my secrets, do you?   OK,

     I'll tell you, but only if you'll  put that lovely cock up my cunt  and

     fuck my brains out after I've shown you."


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