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Archive-name: Fantasy/gal08.txt

Archive-author: Heather Dawson

Archive-title: The Adventures of Galactic Girl - 8: Like a Virgin

         Before letting Roger  go to sleep,  Gigi told him  that she  needed

     some clothing since she couldn't run around in the torn top.   Groggily

     he pointed to a chest, mumbling something about an ex-wife.   Searching

     through the  drawers,  she  found  a white  Oxford  cloth  shirt,  blue

     cardigan sweater,  Tartan  plaid  miniskirt with  a  large  safety  pin

     holding the  slit  together,  white  knee  socks  and  a  white  cotton

     decollete bra and white  cotton bikini panties  covered with tiny  pink

     roses.  Another drawer contained a yellow bikini and matching  cover-up

     along with towels and sun tan lotion.

         Donning the bikini and cover-up, Gigi took the other clothing  with

     her to the pool  house.  Sitting  by the pool,  she covered her  nearly

     naked body with  the lotion  before lying on  her stomach  on a  chaise

     lounge.  Reaching behind, she untied her top and let it lie beneath her

     as she lay in the hot sun,  perspiration beading on her tanned skin  as

     she used her personal communicator to contact the computer to determine

     Dave's  schedule.    Happily  she  noted  that,  because  of  Teacher's

     conferences, he  would get  out of  school at  noon and  wouldn't  have

     baseball practice until after  six o'clock that evening.   The hot  sun

     made her sleepy and  she dozed on  the chaise until  she heard a  sound


         Lifting her head, she  saw Dave staring at  her nearly naked  body.

     She started to sit up and then remembered  that her top was off.   Just

     before he could see anything, she  covered her breasts with her  hands,

     saying "You scared me!  I didn't know  you would be home so soon.   Let

     me go in the pool house and  change into some clothes."  She rose  and,

     with her hands  still holding  her breasts and  concealing her  nipples

     from his view, walked into the pool house, Dave following along like  a

     small puppy, his  eyes glued  to the  roll of  her hips  in the  yellow

     bikini bottoms.  She went into  the bathroom and showered, washing  the

     perspiration and oil from her smooth, tanned body.  She let the  shower

     play across  her clit  as she  soaped  her pussy,  making sure  all  of

     Roger's cum  was gone.    As she  dried, she  asked  Dave to  get  them

     something cold to drink.  When she walked into the other room with  the

     towel wrapped around her, he handed her a cold Coke, his hands shaking.

         "Turn around so I  can dress", she said,  knowing that he would  be

     able to watch her in the mirror as she dressed.  He turned and  watched

     as she dropped the towel to the floor and slipped the cotton panties up

     her legs and around her hips, using her fingers to spread the crotch so

     that she was completely covered.  Next he watched her encircle her body

     with the white bra, her firm breasts bulging out of the low cut top  as

     her hands went behind her  back to hook the  strap.  Sitting, she  drew

     the white  socks up  to her  knees before  slipping her  arms into  the

     sleeves of the Oxford cloth  shirt, hooking the plaid miniskirt  around

     her waist, and placing the sweater  around her shoulders.  Running  her

     fingers quickly through  her short,  dark hair,  she told  him that  he

     could turn around.

         "Let's sit on the couch", she said as she sat with her legs  curled

     up under her and  patting the seat next  to her legs.   As he sat,  she

     gazed into his eyes as she asked him about school, baseball, and  other

     inconsequential things before asking him  about his girlfriend.   After

     some time she learned that he  was still a virgin, that his  girlfriend

     let him touch her breasts through the bra, and that the farthest he had

     ever gone was to put  his finger inside her  pants and touch her  pussy

     for only a moment before she pulled his hand out of her skirt.

         "Do you like  kissing?"   He nodded "yes"  as she  leaned over  and

     placed her soft red lips on his.   She let her lips suck on his as  her

     tongue slipped between his lips and  caressed the inside of his  mouth.

     He opened his  mouth and  let his  tongue duel  with hers,  alternately

     sucking and licking  together, his  cock starting to  rise even  harder

     than it had while he watched her  dress.  She pulled back slightly  and

     moved her mouth  to his ear,  letting her tongue  wetly slide into  the

     canal as  her  lips  caressed the  lobes.    "Do you  like  that?"  she

     whispered.  His moan told  her all she needed to  know.  She could  see

     the bulge down the leg  of his pants, and  she started to get  excited,

     her aroma starting to fill the room.

         "Do you like touching her breasts?"  she inquired as she drew in  a

     breath and forced  her chest  to expand toward  him.   His head  nodded

     affirmatively as  she asked  if he  wanted to  touch her  breasts.   He

     reached tentatively toward her, letting  his fingers just barely  brush

     her shirt.  She put her hand  behind his and pressed his palm into  her

     breast, compacting the bra  into her nipple as  she wriggled her  chest

     back and forth, her lips continuing  to lick his ear, her teeth  gently

     nibbling his ear lobe.   "Unbutton my blouse,"  she urged in a  throaty

     whisper as  she felt  his hand  start to  squeeze her  tit of  its  own

     accord.  His fingers trembled as they  tried to open the buttons.   She

     giggled and decided to help him.  Sitting back on her legs, she  looked

     into his eyes  as she  opened one, then  two, then  three buttons,  the

     shirt gapping open nearly to her waist.

         Reaching down, she  took both  his hands  and brought  them to  the

     opening in her shirt, placing his hot hands on the bare flesh above her

     breasts.  She felt his hand slide down until they contacted the top  of

     the low cut bra, his fingers caressing the firm, resilient flesh.

         She closed her eyes and  moaned softly, "That's it.   I love to  be

     touched.  I like to feel your  hands on my breasts.  Slip your  fingers

     down inside my bra and touch my nipples.  That's it!  Take them  gently

     between your fingers and roll them around.  Now pull on them gently and

     make them get harder.  Use just one finger.  Can you feel how hard they

     are?  I get excited when you do that.  Push the bra down so you can get

     more of my breast in your hand.  That's it.  Now push the cup under  my

     breast.  Can you  feel how hard  my nipple is against  your palm.   Now

     squeeze gently.  Use your fingers to milk my tit.  Grab it and  squeeze

     while you pull your hand off.  That's  it.  Grab my nipple and pull  on

     it.  Pinch it a little harder.  Ohhhh!  That feels so good it makes  my

     pussy cream."

         Reaching down, she pulled the tail of the shirt from the  waistband

     of her  skirt  and  unbuttoned  the last  two  buttons,  shrugging  the

     material from her shoulders.  She giggled as she saw his face, his eyes

     as round as saucers  as he looked  at her breasts  revealed by the  bra

     cups which were  cutting into  the tender  underside as  it forced  her

     nipples higher and firmer.  "Would you like to kiss me there?  Now take

     my nipple into your lips and suck on  it.  Use your tongue to flick  it

     back and forth as you suck.  That's  it.  Now lick my nipple.  Can  you

     feel how hard my nipple is?  Look how it shines.  Use your teeth gently

     and nibble on it.  Ohhh, that's it.   I like a little pain when I  make

     love.  Are your nipples  sensitive?  Let me see  your chest.  Take  off

     your shirt."

         When his  shirt was  on the  couch, she  reached for  his  nipples.

     "Ohhh, your nipples  are as hard  as mine.   Does it feel  good when  I

     touch them?  How about now when I  pinch them?  Do you like me to  pull

     on them?  Does that hurt?  Let  me kiss it and make it well," she  said

     as she dropped her head to his chest, her lips and tongue caressing his

     nipple as she  pulled his hands  back to  her own.   She flattened  her

     tongue into a  paint brush as  she licked  wetly up and  down over  his

     nipples, the erect bud bending from the force of her tongue.  Her teeth

     captured one  nipple as  she felt  his fingers  starting to  pinch  her

     nipples.  As he  increased the pressure on  her nipples, she  increased

     the pressure from her teeth, drawing a moan of pleasure from his  lips.

     He started to really pull and  pinch her nipples, and she  reciprocated

     by biting him harder.  His hand went to his crotch and he began to  rub

     his cock, trying  to cum  as her  hand caught  his and  pulled it  away

     saying, "No.  Don't do that.  You'll  ruin all our fun.  I want you  to

     cum in me, not  in your pants.   I want to feel  your cum as it  shoots

     into me, filling me with your love."

         Reaching behind her, she unhooked the  strap of her bra and let  it

     fall between them.  She reached up and began to caress her own breasts,

     her hands pressing the firmness into her chest as she stood up, pulling

     him to his feet.  "Let's dance.   Find some soft, slow music and  let's

     dance."  He turned the radio to  WPCH and turned back to find her  arms

     around his neck, her firm breasts rubbing against his, the wetness from

     his nipples merging with hers as  their breasts rubbed back and  forth.

     She felt his hands move  down her back to  caress and squeeze her  firm

     ass as she felt his hard cock  rubbing against her thigh.  Opening  her

     legs slightly, she captured  his thigh between her  own, her wet  pussy

     rubbing directly on the hard shaft bulging down the leg of his jeans.


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