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Archive-name: Fantasy/gal07.txt

Archive-author: Heather Dawson

Archive-title: The Adventures of Galactic Girl - 7: The Hot Tub

         As Gigi's tongue rolled around Roger's cock head, he threw his head

     back with pleasure as the sensations of warmth and wetness brought  him

     to the brink  of cumming.   Each  time he was  just about  to cum,  she

     stopped her sucking and grasped his  cock firmly at the base,  stifling

     the orgasm just  in time.   Time  and time again  he was  taken to  the

     heights of pleasure  by this young  teenager as his  15 inch cock  felt

     even more swollen and longer than normal.  Finally he could take it  no

     more.  Taking her hand, he pulled her to her feet and kissed her firmly

     on the mouth, his tongue dancing with hers and tasting the saltiness of

     his own pre-cum.  His cock  rose between them and, with the  difference

     in their heights and the length of his massive pecker, the head  rubbed

     up and down over her tits,  her hard nipples poking into the  sensitive

     area below the head and moistening them with the residue of her saliva.

     His hands went to her firm ass cheeks as he pulled her against his hard

     body and began to rub his cock  across her soft stomach and firm  tits.

     Her hands went to the back of his  head as she began to strain  upwards

     on tip-toe, trying to capture his cock between her legs.

         Picking her up in his arms, Roger walked unsteadily to the door  to

     the balcony where he placed her on the rim of the hot tub, letting  her

     sink into the hot  vapors rising from its  surface.  Climbing into  the

     tub, he  pulled her  to  himself and,  with near  superhuman  strength,

     lifted her so that his cock could enter her soft, slippery wetness.  He

     pulled her down  so that  only about  6 inches  of his  cock was  still

     uncovered, but he couldn't  get any further in.   Suddenly he felt  her

     cervix release  as his  cock sank  all the  way into  her pussy.    The

     sensation of the  extra warmth  and pressure  on his  cock head  nearly

     drove him  insane as  he began  to fuck  her up  and down,  driving  as

     quickly as possible to a completion.

         Gigi had  felt his  cock pressing  against her  cervix when,  using

     muscles known only to aliens, had  release the pressure to give him  an

     opening.  She reveled in the sensations wracking her sweet pussy as his

     shaft rubbed her clit and the walls of her cunt with his every  motion.

     Although she really wanted him to  wait, she knew that neither of  them

     could hold out much longer so she began to contract her pussy  muscles,

     the compression acting  as a  vibrating glove  against his  cock.   The

     feelings were too much and they both exploded into a frenzy of orgasmic

     contractions, his cum shooting directly  into her womb and filling  her

     pussy with even more slipperiness and warmth.  She could feel her  cunt

     fill with his fluids as his piston, nearly out of her cunt at one time,

     forced its way back deeply inside her and causing the cum to be  forced

     out to float on the water's surface.

         She raised up so that only the last six inches was in her cunt  and

     she began to contract  and release her cunt  muscles as she moved  only

     and inch or two up and down, keeping him hard and eager for more.   She

     lifted completely off his  cock and knelt to  kiss the inch that  stuck

     above the water.   Turning her  back, she leaned  over and brought  his

     cock to the entrance of her pussy.  From this standing position,  Roger

     could watch as each  inch of his cock  disappeared into her wet  pussy.

     Again she allowed his  cock to enter her  cervix where she could  apply

     additional pressure and stimulation.

         Sated by the first  orgasm, Roger was content  to move more  slowly

     this time, letting the  sensations of the invasion  bring each of  them

     back to a boil.   Gigi looked back and told  Roger to hold still,  that

     she wanted to control their fucking.   He gritted his teeth, but  stood

     still in the water, letting her rock slowly, slowly back and forth, her

     hands crossed on her chest as she pinched and pulled her own nipples as

     the sensations of his cock head as it pushed and pulled its way up  and

     down her pussy brought another series of mini-contractions.  Roger  put

     his hand  between them  and  pushed his  index  finger into  her  anus,

     letting it rub the  top of his  shaft through her  thin membrane.   She

     grunted with surprise as she felt  the invasion, but then groaned  with

     pleasure as he stuck a second finger beside the first.

         "I want you in my ass!" she  said as she pulled completely off  his

     cock, "but I want you to  fuck me when I'm tied  to the bed so I  can't

     get free."  Climbing out of the hot tub, she ran into the bedroom where

     she began to search through drawers and closets for something he  could

     use to tie her to  the four poster bed.   She pulled the sash from  his

     dressing gown and found a couple of flexible, stretch belts that  would

     suffice.  He  grabbed her arm  and pulled her  to the bathroom  saying,

     "There's something we have to  do first!" as he  made her kneel on  the

     cold tile floor.  Looking back, she saw that he had a douche bag  which

     he quickly filled with warm, soapy water and attached it to the hook on

     the back of the door.  She felt the cold hardness of the rubber tip  as

     he forced it up her ass just before she felt the warmth of the fluid as

     it began  to run  into her  intestines.   At  first the  sensation  was

     pleasant, but then as the amount  of fluid increased, her stomach  felt

     bloated and the pleasure turned to pain as she had to try very hard not

     to let any leak out around the rubber tip.

         "I have to  go" she  said, looking back  over her  shoulder at  the

     nearly empty bag.  "Not yet!  Wait for the soapy water to really loosen

     you up." he said as he kept  her from rising.  To further torture  her,

     he began to slide the rubber tip in and out of her ass, the larger head

     pulling at  her ass  hole as  it emerged  and making  her squeeze  even

     harder.  Finally  he let her  get up and  run to the  toilet where  she

     could relieve herself.  The sensations  of the fluids running from  her

     ass were totally different  than she had  ever experienced before,  and

     she decided that she liked the feeling.

         He tied her to the end of  the bed in a standing position with  her

     arms and ankles securely fastened to the bed posts so that she couldn't

     move very far.  "Please put some Vasoline on it" she begged as he stood

     behind her with the tip  of his long cock just  at the entrance of  her

     ass.  "No, I think  I'll just use natural juices"  he said as he  knelt

     and began to tongue her ass, letting  his tongue work its way down  her

     crack until  he could  tongue her  anus.   She  could feel  his  tongue

     stiffen as he began to force it into her and she decided that this  was

     another sensation she liked.  When  he stood again, she could feel  the

     wetness from his saliva dripping down her bronzed thighs as he put  his

     prick between her legs and began to 'dry-fuck'.  She tilted her body so

     that her clit would come in contact with his prick as he shoved it back

     and forth.  She could see  about five gleaming inches emerge under  her

     soft belly as he worked it through her flowing pussy juices,  drenching

     the entire shaft in her lubrication.

         She caught her  breath as she  felt him step  back and prepared  to

     fuck her ass  hole.  She  relaxed as  much as possible,  but she  still

     wasn't prepared for  the sharp, tearing  pain as the  head of his  cock

     forced its way into her  anus.  She started to  scream as she felt  his

     hand clamp over  her mouth and  his other  arm go around  her waist  to

     force her back onto his fuck rod.  With the end of the bed in front and

     his massive cock behind,  she couldn't evade the  torture, so she  just

     relaxed and let him force his way all the way into her, the end feeling

     like it was in her throat.  When  he was all the way in, he slowed  his

     motion and only moved  about an inch  at a time,  letting her begin  to

     accommodate the invader.

         Finally, she was ready for all her could give.  "Fuck me!  Fuck me,

     you bastard!  Fuck my little ass hole before I squeeze your cock  off!"

     She felt his hands go to her chest where he grabbed her tits roughly as

     his cock began  to piston at  least fourteen  inches in and  out.   His

     fingers grabbed her tits  at the base and  began to milk them,  causing

     them to stand out  from her chest  and her nipples  to engorge so  that

     they were at least an inch long.  Taking each nipple between thumb  and

     forefinger, he dug  his nails  into the tender  flesh, drawing  another

     groan from her tortured throat and  another tightening of her ass  hole

     on his straining cock.   She was really  getting into this bondage  and

     ass fucking as she felt the spasms start in her cunt.  He reached  down

     and began to slap her  clit, his fingers occasionally hitting  directly

     on it and causing her to shoot over the top, her contractions  dragging

     the last of his cum from his cock  as he filled her ass with his  seed.

     As he began to  soften, he nearly collapsed  before he could untie  her

     hands, but he got her free and then staggered to the bed, falling  into

     an exhausted sleep almost before his head hit the pillow.

         She felt like she had a corn cob stuck up her ass as she walked  to

     the bathroom to  shower.  Even  though her own  pussy juices had  given

     some lubrication, his cock had still  torn her tender flesh in  places,

     and she noticed small drops of blood on her nipple where his nails  had

     pierced her skin.   While showering,  she tried to  decide whether  she

     should leave now, or wait for Dave to come home from school.


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