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Archive-name: Fantasy/gal06.txt

Archive-author: Heather Dawson

Archive-title: The Adventures of Galactic Girl - 6: The Jogger

         Although she could  have used the  portable Dresser in  the car  to

     create any kind  of clothing, dressing  in the confines  of a  Corvette

     wasn't high on  her list  of priorities.   Using  her communicator  she

     contacted the ship's computer to find the location of her next "victim"

     who turned out to  be a 36 year  old industrial tycoon  with a 15  inch

     long prick and a 16 year old son who was still a virgin.  The  computer

     advised her that the two men always ran through the Chattahoochee  Park

     in the mornings and that they lived in a mansion right on the river.

         Searching through  Diane's drawers,  Gigi found  a skimpy  pair  of

     running shorts made of white nylon with the legs cut all the way to the

     waistband and one of Joe's sleeveless undershirts made of ribbed cotton

     which had been cut  so short that it  just barely covered her  breasts.

     Stripping out  of her  stockings, garter  belt and  bra, Gigi  showered

     quickly and, without drying, donned the athletic attire.  Reviewing the

     computer's log, she decided  to transform herself into  an 18 year  old

     brunette with  short cropped  hair,  high, firm  "B" cup  breasts  with

     large, hard pink nipples,  and a hairy pussy  which she had trimmed  to

     the shape of a heart.   Since she wanted to  make herself appear as  an

     athletic woman, she  modified her skin  so that she  was tanned  bronze

     everywhere except for small white triangles on each breast, her  crotch

     and her ass.   Knowing that she  could get the  running shoes from  the

     Dresser, she turned and admired herself in the full length mirror.  The

     wetness from  the  shower  had  turned the  seat  of  the  shorts  into

     cellophane transparency as they stuck to her ass.  The water caused her

     tits to stick to the cotton and it also turned somewhat transparent  as

     her nipples caused a tenting effect on the material.

         Before leaving the apartment of the two exhausted lovers, Gigi left

     a bottle of the chemical  which was in her  lipstick along with a  note


         Sorry I had to leave.  I borrowed some of your clothes, but I left

         mine.  Here is a bottle of "Love Potion #9".  Use sparingly and it

         will bring instant orgasms for years.



         Running quickly to her car, she drove swiftly to the  Chattahoochee

     Park where she obtained a pair of Nikes and bright yellow anklet  socks

     from the Dresser along with a bright yellow sweatband which she  placed

     around her head.  She removed the chemical from her lipstick,  deciding

     that she was going  to bring pleasure without  alien assistance.   With

     her long bronzed legs sticking out of the car, she slipped the  anklets

     and shoes on before standing beside the car, stretching the muscles  in

     her legs.   The early  morning mist dampened  her skin  and caused  the

     material to stick to her firm, shapely body.  As she lifted her leg  to

     stretch the tendons,  she knew  that the  pants would  reveal the  soft

     curve of her ass and her thigh all the way to the waistband.  While she

     was stretching, she saw the man and his son enter the parking area  and

     run to the restrooms at the other end.

         When she saw them  emerge from the restrooms  a few minutes  later,

     she started an easy jog beside the river, knowing that they would catch

     up in only a few minutes.  Soon she heard heavy breathing behind her as

     the two men  ran only  a few  feet to  her rear.   "I  wonder if  their

     breathing is from the jog  or from the view of  my ass and back?",  she

     wondered as she remained in front of the men so that they could  admire

     her shapely ass  and firm legs  topped off with  a bronzed back,  naked

     from the shoulder blades down.

         When she got a few yards from the turnoff to the man's mansion, she

     fell with a sharp cry,  reaching down to grab her  ankle as if she  had

     twisted it.  The two men were immediately at her side.

         "Don't try to move until we  see what's wrong", the older man  said

     as he touched  her calf  and ankle.   "Can  you move  your ankle?",  he

     questioned as they helped her to her  feet.  "Our house isn't far  from

     here and we can put some ice on your ankle.  Just put your arms on  our

     shoulders and we'll help you there."

         As she raised her  arms to their shoulders  she knew that the  thin

     cotton top would ride up and expose the bottom of her breasts, and  the

     thought made her nipples stiffen even more.  As they walked together to

     the house, she watched the boy trying not to stare at her tits as  they

     bounced gently under the shirt, and she knew she would enjoy taking his

     cherry later that day.

         When they arrived at the patio at the rear of the house, she sat in

     a soft chair  while the boy  ran to get  some ice.   His father sat  in

     front of her and took her foot in his lap to untie her shoe and  remove

     her anklet.  "I'm  Roger Trotter and my  son's name is  Dave.  Can  you

     move your ankle?  Does it hurt when I move it like this?" as he  gently

     massaged and moved her foot.  She  extended her leg until her foot  was

     in his crotch.  She could feel a hard rod across her instep and another

     rod across the ball of her foot.  "He must have that monster twisted in

     a circle in his jock!", she thought as she wiggled her toes and twisted

     her foot on the hardening shaft.  She nearly giggled at the  expression

     on his  face as  she gave  him  a foot  job, but  she kept  a  serious,

     innocent face as she knew that the pressure of his expanding cock  must

     be very painful.

         Dave arrived  with an  ice bag  which Roger  placed on  her  ankle,

     keeping the bag and  her foot in his  lap as he told  Dave to have  the

     cook bring some  breakfast to them  on the patio.   Soon Dave  returned

     with three plates  of pancakes  with bacon, orange  juice, and  coffee.

     Dave ate hurriedly since he had to go to school, but he kept staring at

     the nearly naked  tits and completely  bare long, firm  legs under  the

     glass table top.  His own erection was impossible to hide as he got  up

     and ran to his room.

         Roger fixed  her a  plate of  pancakes and  poured syrup  on  them,

     letting a little drop down on her toes as he passed it.  "Dam'n!   That

     was clumsy of me.  Let  me wipe it off.", he  said as he reached for  a


         She lifted her leg  and said, "Why  don't you lick it  off?  I  get

     turned on by having my toes sucked."

         He took her foot in  his hand and, while  looking her in the  eyes,

     let the  tip  of  his  tongue  gently  lick  the  syrup  off  her  toe.

     Stiffening his tongue,  he licked the  area between her  toes and  then

     sucked each one into his mouth, letting his tongue play with her toe as

     he sucked and nibbled gently at each one.  Her hand went to the  crotch

     of her shorts and she pulled the crotch aside and let him see her white

     triangle with the dark  hair shaved into  the shape of  a heart as  her

     fingers lazily  stroked the  top and  sides of  her pussy,  the  action

     causing her clit to poke pinkly out of its hiding place.  Roger's  face

     became contorted with pain as his cock, finally becoming so large  that

     his jock couldn't contain it, sprang from the top of his running shorts

     to poke nearly up to his nipples hidden under his tank top.

         "That's quite some cock you have.  Do you think it would all fit in

     my pretty little pussy?", she questioned as Roger continued to stare at

     her face while licking her toes.

         Just then they heard Dave returning to the patio, all scrubbed  and

     dressed for school.   "Can  I take  the GTO  today?", he  asked as  his

     father tried to  hide his erection  under his shirt.   "Sure, OK,  take

     anyone you want.  And you don't have to hurry home after school.   Stay

     out as long as you like."

         As Dave walked back into the  house, Roger asked if Gigi wanted  to

     take a bath in the hot tub.  "But I don't have a suit!" she  exclaimed.

     "You won't need one  since the tub is  on my private  patio."  As  they

     walked into the house and up to  his room, Roger didn't comment on  the

     fact that, other than a limp from walking with one shoe on and one off,

     Gigi wasn't showing any signs of pain.   When they got to the  bedroom,

     Roger closed and locked the door, making sure than neither the maid nor

     the butler would disturb them.  He quickly stripped and stood with  his

     15 inch cock standing proudly erect, its weight making it stand  nearly

     horizontal as its pink eye looked directly at her.  She removed her top

     and pants and then sat down to remove  her shoes.  When she looked  up,

     he had moved  closer and his  cock head  was within easy  reach of  her

     mouth.  She reached up and placed her hand around the shaft just  under

     the head and  pulled gently  so that he  stepped forward  and his  cock

     entered the wet warmth of her mouth, her tongue licking the head.


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