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Archive-name: Fantasy/gal03.txt

Archive-author: Heather Dawson

Archive-title: The Adventures of Galactic Girl - 3: Sapphic Pleasures

         Tommy yelled  with pleasure  as he  felt the  chemical from  Gigi's

     lipstick go straight  to his  brain and his  cock came  in three  large

     spurts, filling  Gigi's  mouth with  salty,  white sperm.    Swallowing

     quickly, she continued to  use both her tongue  and her lips to  caress

     the hard shaft, letting her tongue concentrate on the sensitive tube on

     the underside of  the shaft.   Without ever becoming  soft, Tommy  went

     through three climaxes, each of which, because of the pleasure from the

     chemical, contained enough cum to fill her mouth.

         "Enough," he said as he slumped back against the door of the stall,

     his cock still rock  hard and still  ready for more  action.  "My  cock

     wants more, but the rest of my body can't take it," he complained as he

     zipped his  fly  and  staggered  into the  main  Ladies  Room,  drawing

     complaints from the other women who had been listening to the groans of

     pleasure from both occupants of the stall.

         As Gigi  walked  out  of  the Ladies  Room,  Diane  was  on  stage,

     strutting her stuff.  She had what looked to be about 50 bills stuck in

     her garters, and as  Gigi watched, one man  slipped a bill between  her

     shaved pussy lips,  the stickyness  of Diane's pussy  keeping the  bill

     from dropping.  Pushing  her way through the  crowd, Gigi took the  $20

     bill that Tommy had stuck in her panties earlier and motioned Diane  to

     come over  to  the  edge  of  the stage.    As  her  undulating  pelvis

     alternately revealed and concealed her  pussy, Diane squatted in  front

     of Gigi, licking her lips as she did.  Gigi leaned forward and  pressed

     her lips to Diane's,  forcing her tongue into  her mouth as she  forced

     the money up into  her cunt, her fingers  spreading the orifice as  she

     did so.  Diane  gasped as the combination  of the chemical and  fingers

     caused her to spasm into a full blown orgasm, right there on the stage.

         "I want you.  I've got to have you tonight," she whispered when she

     got her  breath  back.   "Come  home with  me  and make  love  with  me

     tonight," she pleaded.

         Gigi stepped back and  said, "Hurry up and  finish your shift so  I

     can lick you until you faint from pleasure!"

         As soon as Diane got off the  stage, she told the manager that  she

     was leaving, even though she had more shifts scheduled.  She was so hot

     that she couldn't think of anything  but making love to Gigi.   Driving

     swiftly and expertly,  Gigi guided the  Corvette to Diane's  apartment,

     feeling Diane's hand rubbing  her white thighs as  she drove.  Just  as

     she was about to grab  Diane's hand and force  it into her pussy,  they

     arrived at  their destination.   Walking  hand-in-hand, the  two  women

     walked to  the stairs  where Diane  quickly unscrewed  the light  bulb,

     leaving them is near darkness.  As Gigi started up the stairs in front,

     she felt hands pulling at her panties, ripping them from her body  with


         "Bend over," she heard as  Diane started expertly licking her  ass,

     using her teeth  to gently chew  on the firm,  muscled flesh.   Leaning

     over, she felt  Diane's tongue flatten  into a broad  paint brush  that

     swept from her anus  to her clit, drawing  her sensitive lips with  her

     mouth.  She felt her clit being  sucked into Diane's lips and she  felt

     the tip of her tongue lash it back and forth as it grew even longer and

     harder.    Just  as  she  was  approaching  climax  for  the  seemingly

     thousandth time that day, Diane shoved  one finger up her cunt,  coming

     in contact with her hymen.

         "Dam'n, you're still a virgin!" she exclaimed as Gigi reached  back

     to shove her face back into her sopping cunt, exploding into a  massive

     orgasm just as the door the downstairs apartment opened, flooding  them

     with light as two  gay men stepped into  the vestibule and watched  the

     scene of one  woman kneeling between  the legs of  another as her  cunt

     spasmed into one wave of pleasure after another.

         "That's disgusting", one of them said.  "At least we go behind  the

     bushes when we suck."

         Giggling, the  two  women  ran  up  the  stairs  and  into  Diane's

     apartment where they collapsed on the couch in gales of laughter.  "Did

     you see his face?  I thought he was going to throw up when he saw us."

         Gigi stopped laughing and pulled Diane  to her feet.  "Show me  the

     bedroom," she said as she let her  hands rub up and down Diane's  back,

     squeezing her firm ass cheeks with each hand as she pulled her  closer.

     Without letting go,  Gigi forced Diane  to walk backward  as they  made

     their way to the bedroom.  As  Diane started to reach for her  buttons,

     Gigi slapped her hand away.

         "I'm going to undress you slowly.  I'm going to kiss and lick every

     part of your body as  your clothing reveals more and  more to me.   You

     keep your hands to  yourself and keep your  eyes closed," Gigi  ordered

     the compliant girl.

         Obediently, Diane  shut her  eyes tightly  and waited  for Gigi  to

     start.  She heard  Gigi moving around her,  and occasionally she  would

     feel the soft caress of her fingers as she inspected the supple,  young

     body before her.   Wetness and warmth filled  her ear as Gigi's  tongue

     slipped into first one, then the other orifice.  Her lips were  lightly

     licked by the tip of Gigi's tongue as fingers worked the buttons of her

     blouse open, sliding  the garment  down her  shoulders to  hang in  the

     waistband of her skirt.  Since she wasn't wearing a bra, the warm night

     air blowing across her body made her nipples stiffen.  She felt  Gigi's

     lips moving over her shoulders and down her naked back, the tip of  her

     tongue tracing patterns over her flesh  and causing her pussy to  start

     to quiver with a mini-orgasm.  Without warning, Diane felt Gigi's  lips

     suctioning on her breasts, probably making little hickies as all of her

     tits except for the nipples was either sucked, licked, or nibbled  with

     gentle bites.  Her body swaying to try to get her nipples the attention

     she craved, Diane raised her hands to try to capture Gigi's face.

         Firmly her hands were returned to her side as Gigi said, "Try  that

     one more time and I'm going to have to turn you over my knee and  spank

     you."   Diane quivered.    How did  she know  that  Diane loved  to  be

     spanked, loved to be tied into  impossible positions and beaten with  a

     hair brush?  Her ass tingled  with the anticipation of the beating  she

     had been promised as she felt  Gigi's mouth finally engulf one  nipple,

     sucking as much of her tit as she could while washing the hard bud with

     her wet tongue.  She felt the pressure as Gigi, still maintaining  full

     suction, started drawing her mouth  off her breast, the action  causing

     her tit flesh to compress and her tit to lengthen.  Finally, when  only

     her nipple was still captured, Diane  groaned, "Bite it!  Grab it  with

     your teeth and pull on it while you bite!"

         Pain radiated  straight  from  her tortured  nipple  to  her  clit,

     changing into a ball of white-hot  pleasure as she came, the pain  from

     her nipples feeding the pleasure of her clit and vice-versa.

         When she recovered from her  pleasure, Diane found herself  sitting

     naked on the  bed with  a blindfold covering  her eyes.   Strong  hands

     forced her onto her back, and she felt silk scarves binding her  wrists

     to the headboard.  Her legs were lifted toward her hands and her ankles

     were tied to her wrists,  leaving her body bent  into a "U" shape  with

     her pussy fully exposed.   Suddenly she felt  something probing at  her

     anus!  Gigi had obviously found her collection of dildos and was  using

     one to give  her an ass  fucking.  Quickly  she reviewed the  possibile

     implements:  the large, black vibrator; the softer, pink dildo with the

     raised ridges;  the double  headed cock;  the French  tickler with  its

     revolving head; and the Monster--the "John Holmes Model" which she  had

     found in San Francisco on her last  visit.  As she felt the shaft  ease

     into her channel, she was releaved  that it was the double headed  one.

     She often used it to fuck both her cunt and ass hole at the same  time,

     so she knew that she would be able  to easily take it now.   Gratefully

     she felt the other end being forced up her cunt as the pleasures of the

     double fucking continued.   Just as  she was about  to cum, all  motion

     stopped and she lay there right on the edge.

         Over the next half hour, she  was taken from the peaks of  pleasure

     to the valleys as Gigi alternated shoving the cock up her cunt and  ass

     with absolutely no movement.   Finally, Gigi pulled  the cock from  her

     cunt and Diane felt the tingling of her soft breath on her clit.   Gigi

     enclosed Diane's  clit  in her  lips  and  Diane went  soaring  to  the

     greatest orgasm she had ever experienced.  The chemical in her lipstick

     kept Diane in a constant  state of orgasm for  over ten minutes as  she

     came and came and came again and again until, completely exhausted, she



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