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Archive-name: Fantasy/gal02.txt

Archive-author: Heather Dawson

Archive-title: The Adventures of Galactic Girl - 2: The Dance Contest

         "Why don't you come backstage with the rest of us," the dancer said

     as they walked back into the main room  of the club.  My name is  Diane

     and I'll introduce  you to the  rest of the  girls.  As  the two  girls

     walked back  to the  bar to  pick  up Gigi's  drink, soft  whistles  of

     appreciation preceded them as they strutted for the men's enjoyment.

         "Watch this," Diane said as she  stopped and stood behind a  blond-

     haired man with  bulging muscles  showing beneath  his tank  top.   She

     rubbed her breasts across the back of his head as her hands rubbed down

     his chest,  massaging  his pectoral  muscles  and pinching  his  tight,

     little nipples.   A  mouthfull of  beer spewed  from his  mouth as  the

     surprise attack caused him to choke.

         "You going to make sure  that you put lots  of money in my  garter,

     Honey?" she purred as she  leaned over to stick  her tongue in his  ear

     while continuing to rub his chest,  her fingers slipping under the  top

     at the arm holes  so she could  get her fingers  right on his  nipples.

     Before he could turn to get his hands on her, Diane danced away with  a

     giggle and  twisted between  the  tables, rubbing  her hands  over  the

     shoulders and heads of the men as she passed.

         Gigi stood rooted to the spot where she had stopped until she  felt

     a hand sliding up  her thigh from the  rear, the fingers massaging  the

     soft, white skin  of her upper  thigh and brushing  gently against  her

     crotch.  She jumped from surprise and turned to see a mousy little  man

     in a bow tie with a  bald spot the size of  a plate covered with a  few

     strands of long hair.  He reached into his wallet and pulled out a  $20

     bill which he folded and waved slowly back and forth.

         "What the hell," Gigi thought as she stepped forward and pulled her

     miniskirt up so he  could stick the  money in her  panties.  She  felt,

     rather than saw, his fingers slide under the crotch of her panties  and

     slide the bill  into the  folds of her  pussy, his  hand massaging  the

     front of her pussy and rubbing her clit against her pubic bone.  As she

     stepped back, his hand  emerged, shiny wet with  her pussy juices.   He

     licked his fingers with a tongue that looked to be about 5 inches long,

     the end wrapping around his fingers as he savored her flavor.

         Diane grabbed her arm and pulled  her to the door of the  backstage

     area saying, "Dam'n, if you keep doing that we could get arrested.  The

     only time the customer can touch us is when we're on stage."

         "Was his tongue as long as it looked?" Gigi asked.

         "That's Tommy.  He has the  longest, wettest tongue any of us  have

     ever seen.  One night when it got real raunchy at an after-hours party,

     he stuck his tongue all the way up my pussy while I was on-stage and he

     was standing  on the  floor.   He  really gets  off licking  pussy  and

     sticking that tongue all the  way up our cunts.   It feels just like  a

     thin cock sliding up,  but he can twist  the end so  that he can  probe

     spots a prick just can't reach."

         As Gigi contemplated whether she should transform her tongue into a

     5 inch monster,  Diane introduced  her to  the other  dancers who  were

     lounging around in various stages of undress.  Before she knew it,  the

     MC was introducing the Amateur Night  contest.  She let the other  four

     contestants dance before she  made her way to  the stage.  Even  though

     there had been  a cute  Oriental girl with  small, hard  breasts and  a

     shaved pussy, she knew that she was going to win the prize that  night.

     The whistles as she strutted on-stage were enough to prove that none of

     the other girls had a chance.

         As the speakers boomed  out with "Wild Thing",  she pranced to  the

     music, letting her long blond pony tail sway back and forth across  her

     firm, leather covered ass as  she moved from one  side of the stage  to

     the other.  Finally she stopped in  the center of the stage and  turned

     her back  to the  crowd, standing  with her  legs spread  and  shoulder

     thrown back.   She let her  hands rub up  and down over  her red  satin

     blouse, feeling the slick material caressing her naked nipples  exposed

     by the cup bra  which enhanced her already  firm breasts.  The  nipples

     extended until they were an inch  long and forcing the red material  to

     bulge out like a tent pole.

         Without closing her legs, Gigi leaned over and grasped her  ankles,

     knowing full well that that move would reveal her pantie-covered  pussy

     under the black leather miniskirt.   Slowly she let her hands slide  up

     the back of her legs until they reached the hem of her miniskirt.   Her

     hands slid farther up until they  were grasping the firm cheeks of  her

     ass.  She let the men watch as she alternately spread and compress  her

     ass  cheeks,  the  movement  causing  the  crotch  of  her  panties  to

     completely disappear into her cunt,  the blond hairs parting to  reveal

     the pink lips which were engorged with blood and excitement.

         As the  men cheered,  Gigi stood  up and  turned back  to face  the

     crowd, her fingers  going to  the three buttons  of her  blouse as  she

     again strutted back and forth on the stage, her movements timed to  the

     driving beat of the song.  She undid all the buttons and pulled the hem

     out of her miniskirt before letting  the front gap open about an  inch,

     letting the men see her soft white skin and the black lace of her  bra.

     Turning her back, she  slipped out of her  blouse and turned back,  her

     hands covering her breasts.  She  massaged her tits before sliding  her

     fingers off the end of her  breasts, her finger and thumb pinching  and

     pulling the firm nipples as she danced.  She could see that most of the

     men had their hands caressing their cocks, and she knew that she  could

     probably make them cum if she wanted to.

         She reached for  the side of  her skirt and  quickly unsnapped  the

     hook and let  it drop to  the stage, revealing  her black garter  belt,

     lace panties and soft, white thighs above black stockings.  She  turned

     her back to the  audience and reached behind,  pulling the seat of  her

     panties into a thin rope which  disappeared into the crack of her  firm

     ass.  She put her  legs together as she let  her hands slap her  cheeks

     firmly, the  sound of  the spanking  ringing out  in the  crowd as  her

     cheeks reddended and finger marks were plainly visible.  She turned  to

     face the lusty men and  reached down to let  her fingers play with  the

     soft skin between the tops of  her thighs and her stomach, her  fingers

     working their way together, pushing the black lace of her panties  into

     a string and revealing her blond pussy hairs framing her enlarged clit.

         Spreading her legs, Gigi let her  fingers pull her pussy lips  wide

     so that her clit poked  pinkly out at the crowd.   She let two  fingers

     slide up and down  beside her clit, the  pressure causing an orgasm  to

     start building in  her cunt.   Her fingers were  dripping with her  own

     juices as she brought  her hand to her  face.  Deliberately she  opened

     her mouth and let the men watch her tongue snake out to lick a drop  of

     pussy juice from one finger.  As she stuck the finger in her mouth  and

     closed on it, her cheeks hollowed from the suction, she heard groans of

     pleasure from the crowd and she knew that some of the men had just  cum

     in their pants.

         As the song ended, Gigi prepared to continue her teasing,  taunting

     dance when the MC jumped on the stage and told the crowd that there was

     no need for a vote, handing her a check for $250.  She reached down and

     picked up her  clothes and  walked off the  stage and  into the  crowd,

     feeling hands caressing  all of her  body as she  strutted back to  the

     Ladies Room.  Before she could shut the door of the stall, Tommy jumped

     in with her, falling to his knees  and letting his tongue snake out  to

     flick across her clit.

         "Oh God!  Lick me!  Stick that tongue up my cunt and make me  cum!"

     she groaned as she felt the tip of his tongue encircle her clit and rub

     back and  forth over  its sensitive  surface.   Since she  was  already

     excited, it didn't  take much  for her to  blow over  the top,  Tommy's

     tongue licking as  much of the  flow of  pussy juice as  it could,  but

     still the  moisture  ran  down  her  legs and  into  the  tops  of  her

     stockings.  As  his tongue continued  its intrusion of  her cunt,  Gigi

     shuddered through two more major climaxes along with countless  smaller

     ones before her legs completely gave out as she sank to the seat of the


         When she  opened her  eyes,  she looked  directly at  Tommy's  cock

     standing straight toward her mouth.   A few drops of pre-cum  moistened

     the head as she leaned forward  and let her tongue touch the  sensitive

     spot just under the head.  Tommy's hips jerked forward trying to  force

     his cock into the wet, warm cave  of her mouth.  Smiling, Gigi let  his

     cock force its  way past her  lips.   Now she would  prove whether  the

     chemical in her lipstick would work.


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