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Archive-name: Fantasy/gal01.txt

Archive-author: Heather Dawson

Archive-title: The Adventures of Galactic Girl - 1: The Mission


           COPYRIGHT (C)  1990  - by Solitaire One:          All rights

           reserved except  as provided for herewith: This document MAY

           BE freely  reproduced, or  transmitted by  any form  or  any

           means, electronic  or  mechanical,  including  photocopying,

           recording, or  information storage  and  retrieval  systems,

           electronic bulletin  board systems,  or magnetic  media,  or

           other means deemed suitable, providing it is not modified in

           part or whole nor sold, or combined with other products sold

           commercially, without  the express written permission of the


         As her rocket ship hurtled toward the third planet from the  small,

     yellow star, Galactic Girl  lay back on her  gravity couch and  thought

     about her assignment on this planet. Her first (and only) trip to Earth

     had been strictly as an observer.  Since her race has the power to make

     humans see them in any guise desired, she had remained invisible during

     the whole time, and had observed human behavior and customs so that she

     could begin her real mission--to  bring total sexual fulfillment to  as

     many men and women as she could contact during this trip.

         As she remembered her first visit, she knew exactly where she would

     make her first  contact. She remembered  an invisible visit  to a  club

     where the women danced naked before a cheering group of men, displaying

     their bodies and  driving the men  into a frenzy  as they wriggled  and

     pranced on stage, their breasts swaying and moving to the music.  There

     was one dancer  in particular  that Galactic Girl  remembered. She  had

     long blonde hair  frequently tied back  off the face,  big green  brown

     eyes, and a pert  little nose over a  rosebud mouth. Her small  compact

     body had been  tanned a deep  golden in color.  Her blonde pubic  hairs

     often revealed the pinkness  between her muscular  legs and nice  tight

     round buttocks.  Her breasts  were  full, firm  and medium  sized  with

     large, pink nipples. She remembered that the dancer's eyes had a lot of

     expression, intelligence,  pain,  gentleness  and  great  understanding

     giving away their great  wisdom.  Whenever she  danced, the men in  the

     back of the room  all would rub their  cocks, making their long  pricks

     harden and bulge down the leg  of their pants. Galactic Girl's  fingers

     went to  her own  crotch, sliding  easily through  the opening  in  her

     panties as she thought  about all the hard  cocks and jucy pussies  she

     had seen at  the club.   Her fingers  found her  hard, protruding  clit

     which she rubbed gently with her thumb as the other fingers  penetrated

     her virgin pussy, drawing the moisture  up and spreading it across  her

     pink lips which were engorged  with excitement. As her fingers  slipped

     easily into and out of her hole, her other hand went to the opening  in

     her blouse and slipped inside,  her finger tips touching and  caressing

     her erect nipple.

         As she  thought about  the  dancer's firm  breasts and  hard,  pink

     nipples, Galactic Girl  began to pinch  her own nipple,  causing it  to

     protrude about an inch  as the erect tissue  swelled with pleasure.  As

     her fingers pinched, the sharp pains radiated straight to her crotch as

     she shuddered through a massive, long orgasm, her hips raising up  from

     the couch  as  the pleasure  racked  her  body. She  felt  the  wetness

     dripping from her crotch to the couch as she continued to draw pleasure

     from the movement of her fingers on her clit. She sighed as she  waited

     for the trip to end so that she could start her mission of pleasure.

         She got up from the couch and walked to the computer where she  had

     stored all  the information  she had  collected on  the previous  trip.

     Typing quickly, she asked the  computer to design the sexiest  clothing

     imagined by most men.  Turning to the closet at her side, she extracted

     the articles designed by the computer. She stripped off the plain green

     blouse and skirt and  removed her soaking  wet panties before  stepping

     into the  shower where  the  soothing, cleansing  rays of  the  Cleaner

     caressed her body, the tingling sensations causing her nipples and clit

     to again engorge with blood, erecting into sensitive buds of flesh.

         Before she again got  caught up in the  pleasures of her own  body,

     she shut down the Cleaner and stepped to the mirror where she  surveyed

     her own glorious body.  She  decided that her natural, long blond  hair

     should be in a pony tail so she instructed the Dresser to comb and  fix

     it so that it would  hang down to the small  of her back, swaying  back

     and forth as she walked.  Undecided as to the color of makeup,  polish,

     and eyeliner, she instructed the Dresser to consult with the  computer.

     She inserted each hand into the Dresser  and then put each of her  feet

     into the lower slots.  She admired the bright red polish on each  nail,

     and she especially liked the way it made her feet look as if sweet, red

     honey was  dripping from  her toes.  The Dresser  expertly applied  the

     liner and eyeshadow before painting her  lips with the same bright  red

     of her nails.   The lipstick  had been specially  formulated to  always

     remain wet and shiny  without rubbing off, and  she had been told  that

     there was  a chemical  included  that would  give extreme  pleasure  to

     either a human clit or a human cock whenever they came in contact  with

     her lips.

         Moving behind Galactic Girl, the Dresser pickup up the black  half-

     cup bra and expertly encircled her  body with the lingerie, hooking  it

     in the  back and  adjusting the  cups so  that it  caused her  "C"  cup

     breasts to be pulled  even higher and more  prominent.  She raised  one

     leg, then the other as the Dresser pulled the lacy black panties up her

     legs, covering the natural blond  hairs which framed, but didn't  cover

     her pussy.  As she wiggled her  ass, the crotch of the panties  climbed

     up into her slit, disappearing as  her pink lips poked moistly  between

     her long, firm  legs.  A  black garter belt,  black stockings, and  red

     sandals with 4 inch spike heels completed the underwear portion of  her

     outfit, and she instructed the Dresser  to wait while she took  another

     look at her body displayed in "everyman's" fantasy.  As she turned, she

     watched her long, firm legs and rounded  ass move as the high heels  of

     her sandals caused her pelvis to thrust forward, tightening the muscles

     of her back and stomach.  Her hand reached for her breasts and began to

     rub up  and down  over the  exposed  tit flesh,  the sensation  of  her

     fingers causing her nipples to harden and lengthen.

         Quickly the Dresser helped her don the black leather miniskirt  and

     bright red  satin blouse  before adding  ear rings,  necklace, and  her

     personal communicator (which looked just like a human watch.)  Spraying

     perfume between her firm breasts and rounded thighs, she knew that  she

     would have no problem attracting any man she saw. She had decided that,

     in order  to  contact the  dancer,she  would participate  in  something

     called "Amateur  Night" where  women came  from the  audience to  dance

     before the crowd.  She figured that this would be a good entre' to meet

     the dancer  and  become  friendly  (she was  planning  to  become  REAL

     friendly before the night was out.)

         When her space rocket landed, she decided that she would convert it

     into a standard human vehicle.  She instructed the rocket to  transform

     into a bright red  Corvette convertible, a car  she had admired on  her

     first trip.  As she drove swiftly to the club where the dancer  worked,

     she heard  whistles  from  appreciative  men as  her  long  blond  hair

     streamed behind her in the wind.  Since she was early for the  contest,

     she took a  seat at the  bar, letting her  right leg swing  as she  sat

     partially on the  seat sipping at  a Screw Driver.  As she watched  the

     faces of the men in the room, she realized that, by spreading her  legs

     only slightly, she  would put her  pretty blond pussy  on display.  She

     felt the  heat as  several eyes  riveted  on her  crotch, the  gaze  of

     several men causing other to turn their heads and stare straight up her

     miniskirt.  Deliberately,  she put her  drink on the  bar and  strutted

     down the room, her firm nipples tracing circular patterns on the  shiny

     red satin of her blouse  and her swaying hips  causing the edge of  the

     miniskirt to move up and down, partially revealing the soft white  skin

     of her thighs above the  black stockings.  When  she got to the  Ladies

     Room, she quickly entered a stall and locked the door. Before she could

     even sit down,  the fingers  of both  hands were  clinched between  her

     thighs, one  hand rubbing  her clit  furiously while  the other  rubbed

     further back, spreading her wetness into her puckered ass hole as first

     one, then two fingers penetrated the  sensitive dark hole.  She  nearly

     collapsed as a massive orgasm wracked her body, her knees weakening  as

     waves of pleasure washed throughout her being.

         The aroma of her  pussy juices filled the  room as she reached  for

     the paper to wipe up the fluids that ran down her firm thighs.  As  she

     stepped from the stall, the dancer was just coming out of the adjoining


         "That must  have been  some orgasm  you had!  The entire  wall  was

     shaking when  you came.   What's  your name?  I haven't  seen you  here


         "Guess I just couldn't  wait," Galactic Girl said  as she tried  to

     quickly think of a name she could use. "Gigi. My name is Gigi and  I've

     just come into town and thought I'd enter the contest."

         "With that  outfit and  the pussy  smell, you'll  win without  even

     having to strip."

         Gigi was happy that she had met  the dancer, and she was sure  that

     in the next chapter she would get more involved.


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