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Archive-name: Fantasy/futrfed.txt


Archive-title: Future Feeder

     During the early 21st century advances in electronics,

bio-engineering, and genetics made enormous leaps forward.

These discoveries led to the ability for scientists to

concur most of the major disease's known to man, thereby

increasing the quality of life for the general populace.

It also brought the ability to customize the human body.

The process of "body molding" was perfected by the mega

conglomerate, "Fantasy International", during the mid 21st

century. Their goal, (other them making the worlds largest

profits), was the moulding of the human body to full fill

personal sexual fantasies. Their reputation was built around

personal privacy, an extremely important issue in the 21st

century. And their ability to deliver their services to

anyone who could afford it.

     Cherri sat in the personal service advisor's office at

Fantasies International. Her advisor, a good looking woman in

her late forties was busily showing her holograph portraits

of what other customers had requested. "As you can see

Cherri, what ever you desire as an ideal body can be yours

for the asking. Here, look at this portrait of a young woman

who came to us last year." She held up a holo gram showing a

young woman whose bust was amazingly large. "When she came to

us she had no bust to speak of. We were able to enlarge her

bosom like this for her. Anything you desire we can do for

you. All we ask is that you be as specific as possible, in

order for us to serve you so your dreams may be full filled."

Cherri looked at the holo, then back to her advisor. "What

I'm interested in is to have the ability to eat as much as I

want, when ever I want. I love to eat, and my husband goes

wild whenever I over eat to the point of gluttony. Its a

major turn on for the both of us. And as important, I want

EVERYTHING I eat to make me fatter." She ran her hands over

her flat stomach and frowned. "I hate being thin. Its so

boaring being like everyone else. What I want is to be able

to eat and eat and eat, getting fatter and fatter." She

closed her eyes as she mentally pictured herself getting fat.

"I want to eat and eat until I'm a huge pile of soft, sexy

fat. But I don't want any health or mobility problems, no

matter how fat I get. I know its allot to ask, to be hugely

fat and still be completely mobile. Is my dream a

possibility?" Her advisor punched a few buttons on her

computer and a new holo gram sprang up in front of them.

Cherri gasped as a woman of epic proportions literally dance

in front of them. This woman was fatter then anyone she had

ever seen, and watching her dance around so freely was the

most erotic thing Cherri had ever witnessed. Her advisor had

been watching her carefully, and was please that she had

indeed found what her client was looking for. "As you can

see, we've had other requests like yours before. The only

difference between what you want and what this client

requested is that you wish to do the fattening yourself. That

will present no problem. As far as your concern for health

and mobility, that too can be handled.  We would have

recommended it anyway. Now, since we know what your dreams

are, all that's left is to fill out some forms and a brief

stay with us of about a week. Then you'll be on your way to a

new happiness for yourself and your husband." Cherri

completed the forms and handed them back to her advisor.

"When can we start?" The woman smiled. "Would imediatly suit

you?" Cherri nodded enthusiastically, "Yes! the sooner the


     Brian was working on their new auto-chef when Cherri

entered their home. He was so engrossed that she was able to

sneak up behind him give him a playful slap on the behind.

He yelped in surprise as he turned around. "Cherri!  your

home! I didn't expect you till tomorrow." He pulled her into

his arms and kissed her passionately for a long time. Then

held her at arms length and looked at her lovingly. "I missed

you so much. Two weeks alone was almost to long just for a

fantasy." Cherri stepped away from him and put her hands on

her hips, a playful grin lit her face. "Too long to full fill

our mutual desires? Gee, do you think I should go back and

have them undo it?" Brian pulled her back into his arms and

hugged her tightly to him. "Not on your life my little

vixen!" He let her go finally and they sat on the couch.

"Tell me all about it. What did they do to you, and what

tricks can you do now?" "Actually Brian, there isn't much to

tell. They put me in a comfortable room with a bed in it and

had me lay down. A woman came in and place a small device on

my head that caused me to fall asleep. When I woke up I was

still in the bed but two weeks had passed. I guess that I was

kept asleep while they did whatever they did to me. All I

felt was well rested.  Then I was taken back to my advisors

office who explained what was different about me now. To tell

you the truth, I really don't feel any different then I did

the day I went in. But my advisor assures me that our dreams

can now come true." Brian was impressed. "So what exactly IS

different about you now?" Cherri stood up and began pacing

around as she spoke. "First off, we don't have to worry about

my health or mobility. She told me that as I gain weight, my

bodies physiology will adapt. My hart, lungs, and muscle

structure will increase to handle any load place on them,

keeping me totally comfortable as my body grows. She also

told me that EVERYTHING I eat will be used by my body. I

might only have to use the bathroom once a week because of

the increased efficiency of my digestive system." Cherri

stopped pacing and sat on Brian's lap. She put her arms

around him and touched his nose with hers. "But I haven't

told you the most important thing yet. Would you like to know

how much I can eat, right at this moment? Brian held his

breath. This was what he had been waiting to hear all along.

He nodded his head for her to continue. Cherri glanced over

at the auto-chef. "I can eat." She paused for a second to

build the suspense as she felt his body tense with

excitement. "Without limit." The air in his lungs gushed out

as her words hit him.

     " limits at all?" He managed to stammer. "Are

you telling me that you can just keep eating and eating?"

Cherri smiled triumphantly. "That's right lover boy. My

system is so efficient that I almost can't overeat. As fast

as I can shovel it in, my super body will turn all that

lushes food into glorious fat..fat.. FAT! The only other

effect gorging myself will have is that I'll sleep allot more

then I used too. My advisor told me to take lots of naps

during the day." Cherri stood up and pulled a pamphlet out of

her jumpsuit pocket and handed it to him. "Take a good look

at this, lover. Its a list of different types of foods they

gave me." Brian noted that the list was broken into five

parts, each headed with the title of a body type, like bust,

or belly. "Ok, but what does it mean?" Cherri smiled

seductively. "What it means is that as a bonus, Fantasy

International gave me the abilities to customize how my body

gets fatter. For example, since I know you would like me to

develop huge tits, all you have to do is feed me lots of

stuff from the bust group. And as I want an enormous hanging

belly, gorging on items from the belly group will cause that

to happen. Well, what to you think of that! A pretty neat

surprise, isn't it." Brian was speechless, his thoughts

whirled around in his head as he tried to comprehend the idea

of customizable fattening. In all the times they had talked

about sending her to "Fantasies", he had never even though

about being able to chose how she became fat. Cherri broke

into his musing. "Well, are you just going to sit there and

fantasies about it in your head, or are we going to start

making it a reality!" That was all the prompting Brian

needed. "Why don't you go get changed and make yourself

comfortable. I'll have the auto-chef ready to go in a couple

of seconds!"

     Brian finished connecting the auto-chef to the auto-mart

delivery system, then tested the subsystems. He smiled as the

status lights all indicated "GO". (The auto-chef was designed

for high volume food production. In a matter of seconds it

was able to produce any food dish from its wide menu by

molecular synthesis of a rudimentary soy bean paste.

The paste was in turn suppled in any quantity needed by the

auto-mart delivery system.) Brian then opened a door in the

side of the auto-chef and test the optional direct feeding

tube. When he had purchased the system, he had custom ordered

the unit to be able to divert the normal output into this

tube. When the option was activated, the auto-chef produced

the food as a thick fluid, then pumped it through the tube at

low pressure. The system also contained a pressure sensing

device that would temporarily halt the output until the

pressure dropped below 3psi. After the pressure dropped, it

would then automatically start pumping again. The end of the

tube had a nipple like device on it that was designed to be

sucked on. It sensed when the nipple was placed into the

mouth, which then activated the pumps. when it was removed,

it automatically shut the pumps off. Satisfied that

everything was working correctly, he then mounted the remote

control for the auto-chef to the specially built chair Cherri

would use. It had been built to maximize her comfort, while

allowing her ease of movement. The chair's built in serving

tray was connected directly to the auto-chef. With a push of

a button any food Cherri wanted would be placed automatically

in front of her in just seconds.

     Cherri came out of the bed room and stood in front of

Brian, showing off the outfit she was waring. She had on a

black bra and panties made from some smooth material, covered

by a very sheer, frilly black night gown that almost touched

the floor. "What do you think of my outfit? I had it custom

made just for you." Brian nodded his head in approval. "Its

beautiful, just like you. But won't it become uncomfortable

as you get fatter?" Cherri smiled seductively. "Not at all my

love. The bra and panties are made from a material that will

stretch almost indefinitely. I thought you would especially

enjoy watching me develop a few FEET of cleavage to bury your

head into! And as for the night gown, lets just say I'm into

the sound of ripping material." She looked at the Auto-chef

and the chair. "How about you, are you all set up?" Brian

took her hand and sat her down in the chair. He quickly

showed her how to work the remote control, and then where the

readout was for the chairs built in scale. The readout

indicated she weighed 134 pounds. She smiled and patted the

arm of the chair. "My, what a small number! Well, I'll just

have to do something about that, won't we!" Brian reached

over and activated the video system which would record her

every bite, then settled back on the couch he had placed

strategically for the best possible view of his lovely wife.

     Picking up the control Cherri activated the Auto-chef.

She looked over at Brian, enjoying the slightly impatient

look on his face. He wanted her to get going, and she was in

complete agreement with him. It was time to stop fantasizing,

and start eating. "Well, this is it! Anything you would like

me to start with Lover. After all, this is you fantasy too!"

Brian had been aching for her to ask him this question.

"Pastries and cream. Lots and lots of pastries with gallons

of cream to wash it down!" She smiled as she had anticipated

his response. He wanted her to be busty as quickly as

possible, and she was not going to disappoint him. "Ok lover,

you got it!"

     Cherri punched a couple of buttons on the remote control

that made the Auto-Chef start humming. Moments latter a large

tray overflowing with different types of delicious pastries

and large glasses of light cream slid onto the tray in front

of her. She picked up a pastry in each hand and began to eat.

She ate quickly and efficiently, not quite gobbling the

delicious pastries. After stuffing several pastries into

herself she drank two glasses of the light cream, enjoying

the smooth, rich flavor. Then it was more pastries, followed

by more cream. On and on she ate until the tray was empty.

She burped contentedly, then rubbed her swelling belly.

"Ummhh, that was delicious. I think I'll do that again!"

Another platter appeared in front of her, this one even

larger then the last. Brian watched in amazement as his wife

demolished that pile also, and then another after that! Her

belly was already remarkably rounder then he could believe,

and she was just getting warmed up! He also noted joyfully

that her breasts were already swelling slightly. Her small

breasts had already begun to fill out and she had developed


     But as excited as Brian was, Cherri was even more

excited. As she ate she could feel herself getting fatter.

She couldn't explain the feeling, other then it was the most

erotic thing she had ever felt. She ordered a huge plate of

pasta and several gallons of beer to wash it down. She dove

into the pasta with gusto, and in only minets it was gone.

Cherri found that the pasta intensified the erotic feelings

deep within her, so order the Auto-Chef to keep it coming.

Mountain after mountain of different types of pasta appeared,

then disappeared from in front of her. She began eating

faster to increase that erotic feeling. Her body filled out

in slow motion, responding to her massive intake of food. Her

stomic became fatter and fatter, finally splitting into two

rolls of expanding tummy flesh. Her arms and legs filled out

as the fat poured on, and her breasts filled out fuller,

pushing her bra outwards.

     Brian watched in disbelief as his wife became fatter

right in front of his eyes. His wildest fantasies were

coming true as he watched in amazement as she ordered yet

another mountain of pasta and began gobbling it down. Every

minet that past brought more and more luscious pounds to his

wifes swelling body. He wanted to run over and make love to

her so badly that it hurt, yet he was glued to his chair. So

he contented himself to watch her unbelievable bout of


     After several hours of the most wonderful gorging in her

life Cherri needed to take a break. Her arms were slightly

sore from over use, but other then that she felt glorious.

Her newly fattened body felt wonderful to her, and she ran

her hands over her fat belly contentedly. As soon as Brian

realized she had stopped eating, he rushed to her side.

"How are you feeling Cherri? Are you alright?" She smiled at

his concern. "I feel wonderful. I never dreamed it could be

this wonderful being able to gorge myself like this. How can

I explain it to you? Contented, that's it, I feel contented.

And very sleepy too." She looked at him lovingly. "I think

I'd like to take a nap. Will you help me up?" Brian was

taking her arm to assist her when he noticed the display on

the chairs arm. "Cherri! Look at this, you weigh 365 pound!

That means you've gained almost 250 pounds, in less then

three hours!" Cherri smiled through half closed eyes.  "Does

that make you happy lover?" He helped her get to her feet,

noting that she really didn't need his help really. He stood

back from her and look her over carefully. "Your more

beautiful then I've ever seen you look. I can't seem to find

the right words to describe how wonderful you look." She

hefted her big breasts, holding them up for his inspection.

"These feel wonderful too. They make me feel so womanly, and

very sexy!" She jiggled them around, then let them fall onto

her fat belly. "But I'm not through yet. After my nap I'll

show you some REAL gluttony!" She walked towards the bedroom,

doing her best to make every part of her newly fatted body

jiggle seductively. Brian watched in awe as the twin globes

of her ass shook almost with a life of their own. She glance

back at him. "Well, aren't you coming lover?" Brian raced

after her into the bedroom, where they both savored the

delights of her new fulness.

     After a few hours of rest Cherri was back in the chair,

gorging herself happily. Only this time she took her time

eating, enjoying the food instead of just wolfing it down.

Plates of sweets she followed with mounds of whipped potatoes

dripping with butter. Gallons of cream, beer, soda, and

chocolate milk were guzzled happily. Then it was on to

several whole black forest cakes, chocolate layer cakes, and

oddles of cream filled pastries washed down with heavy cream.

Cherri was chosing carefully what she ate to help fatten up

her body fairly evenly. The only exception was the heavy

cream to boost her bust line to the maximum. Her bust had

already become huge, and held in by the bra she now showed

over a foot of bulging cleavage. (A fact that pleased her

husband no end.)

     After an hour Cherri felt contented and shut off the

Auto-Chef. She rubbed her belly lovingly, noting the weight

display now read 407 pounds. Brian came over from his chair

and hefted one of her breasts. "You're breasts are

magnificent my darling, I never dreamed they could get this

big. And knowing your doing it for me makes it all the

sweeter." He kissed each bulging breast, then moved up to

nibble on her neck. "My breasts are here for your pleasure

Brian, but personaly I love my fat stomic. It feels wonderful

to be fat. I fell so soft and cuddly, so much more of a woman

now that I'm becoming fat. Brian looked at her ruefully.

"Getting fat?. My dear, you ARE FAT! Wonderfully, gloriously

FAT!" Cherri pushed his head deep into her bulging cleavage.

"Fat? I'm just a light weight now. But in a few weeks, look

out. I'll be the Fat Queen of the world. After that, maybe

I'll try for goddess statue. I can just imagine myself as a

human blimp, or as a majestic sea of rippling flesh. Its

going to be great!" Brian burred his head deeper into her

breasts and mumbled something about floating on her ocean."

                   Chapter 2

     As Brian slept peacefully next to her, she felt annoyed

with herself. For the first time Brian had not been able to

satisfy her sexual need. It wasn't his fault, but an

unforeseen by-product of her expanding body. After a week of

careful use of the auto-chef, Cherri's weight now exceeded

700 pounds. They were both very pleased with her progress in

this respect. The problem occurred when they made love.

Cherri loved laying on her back with Brian making love to her

while laying flat on top of her. This was defiantly her

favorite position, but with her body becoming so fat he was

just not able to achieve any real depth of penetration. And

no matter how hard she had tried to arrange herself, she

could barely feel him inside of her. She layed there for a

long time mulling over the problem. What could she do to

rectify his inability to fill her during love making. Then an

idea came to her. It was brilliant, and devilish at the same

time. She spent the better part of an hour going over the

details in her mind, then drifted off to sleep satisfied it

would work.

     "I'm sorry honey, really. But I thought you would want

to know how I feel." She could tell he was distressed by her

admission that he just didn't have what it takes to satisfy

her sexual needs anymore. He thought desperately for a

moment. "Can't we try some new positions? Maybe that's all we

need to do. If I can't satisfy you from on top, how about

from behind?" She shook her head. "You now how much I enjoy

sex this way. I couldn't dream of making love without you

floating on the sea of my belly. Its what pleases me the

most!" She hated manipulating him this way. The only reason

she had even concidered it was that she was sure he would

love the surprise she had dreamed up. She waited patently for

him to work out the solution for himself. Finally he reached

the conclusion she had hoped for. "I've got an idea, maybe

the people over at "Fantasy International" can help. I hate

the thought of having a penal inlargement, but I hate the

thought of not pleasing you even more!" Cherri faked a

shocked expression for his benefit. "That's a great idea!

They may be able to help at that. I'd hate to think we

couldn't enjoy our favorite position any more, but I want you

to be sure this is what you want. If your not happy with the

idea, then we'll just have to find some other solution." He

shook his head. "No, I've decided that I'm going to do it,

for both of us. As you made your breasts huge for me, I'll do

this for you." He put his arms as far around her as he could

and gave her a big hug. "I'll call right now and make an


     As soon as Brian left for "Fantasy International" she

put her plan to work. She called her advisor at Fantasy and

explained what she wanted. Her request was so unusual that

she ended up talking to one of the vice presidents there. He

ended up liking her plan and said he would arrange everything

personaly. As she disconnected the vid-phone she smiled.

Phase one was now complete, so it was time for phase two. She

went to the Auto-Chef and opened the side panel where the

feeding tube was stored. Brian had no idea that she knew

about this option, but was sure he would when he came back.

She smiled gleefully as she dragged the tube and the remote

control into her bedroom.....

                     Chapter 3

     Brian woke up in his room at "Fantasy International"

feeling great. He stretched vigorously, then pushed the call

button beside his bed. Within moments his advisor entered the

room with a worried expression on his face. "How are you

feeling Brian?" "I feel great. But why the concern?" His

advisor looked around nervously. "We had some problems with

granting your request. But don't worry, I'm told that

everything worked out perfectly." Brian was puzzled. "So if

everything worked out fine, what's the problem?" His advisor

seemed to stiffen slightly as he responded. "Our people had

some problems. And because of the problems we had to keep you

here a little longer then planned. You've been her for a

total of 14 days." Brian was stunned. He imediatly thought of

Cherri. "I've got to call my wife! Does she know what

happened, is she all right?" His advisor held up his hands to

keep Brian from running out of the room. "We've been in

constant touch with her. She knows everything that's

happened, and gave us permission to continue on inspite of

our difficulties. Our staff has already told her your awake

and everything is fine. Now, please relax. She gave me this

message to give to you. She said to tell you that she's fine,

and that she can't wait until you come home. I've taken the

liberty to arrange one of our air limos to take you home. Is

that satisfactory?" Brain nodded and let his advisor lead hin

to the waiting limo.

     Brian had calmed down during the ride in the limo, and

was looking forward to seeing Cherri. But when he let himself

in he was surprised that she wasn't there to greet him. He

went to the comm set and punched the page button. "Cherri,

are you here?" After a few seconds her voice drifted from the

speaker. "I'm in the bedroom darling, why don't you come on

up." Brian smiled. So she was already in bed waiting to try

out his new equipment. It was then that he remembered during

his haste to get home, he really wasn't sure what they had

done to him. His advisor had been vague about what they were

doing, but had assured him complete satisfaction. As he made

his way to the bed room he hope his advisor had been right.

     He pushed the bed room door open and walked two steps

into the room before stopping dead in his tracks. His jaw

dropped and his mind went numb, overloaded by the scene in

front of him. Cherri was laying on their bed propped up by a

bunch of pillows, holding the feeding tube front the Auto-

Chef in one hand.  And she was giganticly, enormously,

STUPENDOUSLY FAT!  She smiled at his amazement. "I decided

that since I had the time I'd go for goddess status. Do you

think 1800 pounds puts me in that category?" Brian opened his

mouth to say something, but nothing came out. His mind was

reeling, unable to take her all in at once. He shut his eyes,

then opened them again. Her face was still beautiful, except

it was slightly sunken under a mantle of flesh that flowed

downwards, completely hiding her neck under multiple chins.

Her upper arms and shoulders were covered in thick rolls of

fat. So thick that he doubted she could bring her hands to

her mouth. Her breasts were huge, bloated balloons. Each

mammoth breast hung to either side of her, flowing upwards

and away from her chest. Brian estimated that they must be

over five feet in diameter each, crowned with nipples the

size of dinner plates. (He also noticed that her big nipples

were stiff, a sure sign that she was horny!) His eyes

lingered on her breasts for a moment longer, then went down

to her belly. It rose a full four feet off of the bed, and

spead outwards like an ocean covering almost the full width

of their king size bed. Even laying down her belly was split

into rolls of flesh, flowing downwards and completely

covering her upper thighs. And what thighs! Roll after roll

of creamy flesh pushed her legs far apart. And even with her

legs spread there was no gap between them until you went past

her knees. Her calves were richly covered in smaller rolls of

fat that obscured her ankles. "Even her tows are fat!" he

thought to himself. His eyes slowly wandered back up her

body, pausing now and then to examine this roll, or that

curve.  Finally his eyes met hers again. Only this time he

was more in control of himself, or so he thought.

     Cherri just lay there, letting him absorb her beauty.

She enjoyed the way his eyes had to move to behold her body,

that they couldn't take it in with just a glance. She was

also very pleased at the enlarging bulge in his pants. (When

she had spoken to the V.P. at "Fantasy International", he had

assured her that no matter how fat she became he could still

make love to her while being on top. He had gone on to

say that the fatter she became, his body would compensate

with his penis becoming longer and thicker.)

     When she sensed that he was ready, she played her final

ace.  "And since you've been gone so long, I've become a very

horny goddess at that! Are you man enough to handle a

goddess?" So saying she lifted her mammoth legs straight up

and opened them as wide as she could. Every part of her body

suddenly went into motion, especially her blubbery thighs.

The rolls of fat fell back, bouncing and quivering with a

life of their own. She then somehow managed to pull her

massive belly back exposing her wet slit for him.

     Brian almost had a hart attach watching her move. The

bulge in his paints became so painful that for a moment he

had to take his eyes from her to remove his cloths. Once

undressed he didn't even notice how huge his own erection

was. He was too busy watching her stupendous thighs and belly

quiver as her slightest movement set ripples of flesh

cascading along her body. Cherri was so horny now that she

grew impatient. "This goddess of fat is VERY horny, and needs

some attention now!" Brian need no farther prompting.  He ran

to the bed and literally dove into this mountain of woman

flesh. He wadded in past her knees, and fought valiantly

past her emense thighs. Finally, hanging on to a particularly

thick roll of belly fat he thrust himself deep within her.

Her huge belly rolled back away from him with the force of

his thrust, then rolled back against him like a tidal wave.

He rode the wave and thrust again, filling Cherri to the

fullest. Back and forth her ocean like belly swelled. And

each wave brought them both closer and closer to a veritable

volcanic eruption. As the storm of their passion rose higher

and higher Cherri gasped and moaned with pleasures never

dreamed of. Finally, with one titanic thrust they were

hurtled together onto the shores of ecstasy.

     He layed on top of her for a long time, at peace in the

after glow of their love making. Her warm, soft body both

pillow and bed to him. He was just drifting off to sleep when

he heard a strange, sucking kind of noise. He lifted his head

and was amaze to see her sucking on the feeding tube. She

removed it slowly when she saw him watching, then used her

tongue to sensuously lick the last drop from the nipple.

"If making love was this incredible with me being 1800

pounds, just imagine how awesome it'll be when I'm 2800

pounds!" And so saying she popped the feeding tube back into

her mouth and began sucking happily away. Brian layed his

head back down on a thick roll of belly fat and closed his

eyes, thinking how wonderful that certainly will be.

                     The End


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