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Archive-name: Fantasy/fortynts.txt

Archive-author: Rastro

Archive-title: Forty Nights - Chapter 2


    Sue was lying under her heat lamp, naked after a shower,

 idly running her fingers through her pussy, not really

 noticing that she was playing with herself. She thought of

 Sam's story about the champagne, about the sensations he

 described, about how many times he must have pulled his

 dick out of his pants and shot his wad as he wrote the

 story.  She thought of her trip to the Caribbean and of how

 much she wanted the perfect fuck; no fuss, just pleasure.

 Her mind wandered through possibilities as her fingers

 wandered through the hair and lips of her cunt and, soon,

 she found herself in a slow, luxurious warm cum, the honey

 from her cunt flowing over her fingers as she came up with

 the idea for her story to Sam.





    I'm lying naked on a beach on some deserted island.  The

 sun is beating down on me, warming my breasts and stomach.

 My ass is cradled in the warm sand.  Sweat runs down my

 thighs and into my crotch teasing me, making me think of

 sex, sex in the abstract.


    Right now, I don't want the bother of finding a man,

 dealing with his emotions, I just want those wonderful

 sensations, the weight on top of me, a warm tongue slurping

 up my cunt juices, hands on my breast, a warm cock sliding

 in and out of me. I need a good simple fuck.  Oooh, my

 fingers must have gotten me too excited because I can feel

 myself coming again, my ass bucking up and down on the

 beach, the depths of my cunt pulsing with pleasure!


    There's a noise out over the water. It's a dolphin

 chattering away flipping its nose at me.  Dolphins are such

 sensitive, sensual creatures. They pick up on emotions

 easily because of their intelligence. Their bodies are warm

 and just the right width to put your legs around as they

 swim bumping along. How embarrassing! The animal has

 probably caught onto my state and knows how much I lust!

    Well, there's no harm in playing around with it. Who's

 to know? No fear of pregnancy, it sure would be good to

 feel the sperm shooting up inside of me, filling me to

 overflowing without having to worry about getting knocked

 up. Oooh, I bet they've got long, beautiful, uncircumcized

 cocks which they skillfully use on female dolphins,

 thrashing and cumming in the warm water! Why not give it a


    I get in the water, it's just below body temperature.

 The salt bouys me up.  I yell at the dolphin, "hey get over

 here sexy" and he sees me waving. I'm treading water as he

 swims over, bumps my knees apart with his nose. He

 playfully bumps up and down as he swims through my legs.

 My puss slaps against his strong, sleek body. Unnhnh, he's

 got me hot.


    The dolphin swims backwards with powerful strokes that

 lift his body out of the water.  Is that his cute dick

 peeping its red head out?  I sure hope he gets a hard on.

 I'm going to need it if he keeps on like this.  He swims

 along behind me, bopping me in the ass with his head. I

 slide over his body, my feet getting caught by his front

 fins as he swims along. The warm water shoots over my legs

 and under my cunt as we zip along.

    He surfaces and whaddya know, his blow hole is right

 under my clit! It tickles as he breathes water and air out

 and then sucks air in. He dips down, takes in some water

 and shoots it at my clit again. I rub my pussy along his

 smooth back, I'm sooo horny, his breath on my clit, it's,

 oh it's making me cummmm! I'm out of control! I'm spasming

 up and down as he's teasing me!

    He ducks under the water and starts lapping my pussy

 with his big strong tongue, poking at me with his long

 nose. Oh, he's got me in a state of perpetual cum! My cunt

 is so wet and swollen, I could take him no problem. He

 swims backwards away and, as he gets halfway out of the

 water, his big 8" dick pops, pink above the surface of the

 water.  "Ohhh, I must have it, give it to me!", I yell at


    He swims upside down under me popping up so he's facing

 me.  The animal is panting and has that big dolphin smiley

 grin.  He must know what's coming next too.  I can feel his

 big cock resting between my ass cheeks and along my cunt. I

 slide along his smooth cock, my arms around his strong body

 as he keeps upright with powerful underwater slaps of his

 tail. I reach down and feel the bulb tip of it, guide it up

 into me, to fill me up.

    He slides strong into me and the feeling of his cock

 bucking around inside me brings me to the brink of a cum.

 I hold off as long as I can, sliding up and down his

 beautiful dick. His eyes bug out, a gutteral chattering

 sound comes from his throat, a high pitched squeal, then I

 feel his cock throbbing. He shoots gallons of cum into me

 and the feeling pushes me over the brink, into a thrilling

 pulsing cum!


    The dolphin and I disentangled as his cock shrunk and

 slipped out of me. He nuzzled his nose into my breasts,

 rubbed against me for a while (I probably would have sunk

 from exhaustion if he hadn't held me up), then he swam

 away.  He left me warm and satisfied with his wonderful

 dolphin cum dribbling out of my cunt. I'll take a dolphin

 any time I can get one!


                               ** End of File **



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