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Archive-name: Fantasy/floor-40.txt


Archive-title: Fortieth Floor, The

"Ms Wilson? I'm Mike Stringer, from Executive Compensation."

The buxom, attractive brunette turned away from the window and

smiled at me.

"Come in. I was just admiring my new view. Please, call me Linda."

"Hi, Linda. You're lucky to get an office on the Bay side of the

building. Anyway, first let me offer my congratulations on your

promotion  and say welcome to the fortieth floor!"

"Thank you. I'm looking forward to meeting the rest of the team."

"Oh, most of them won't be in for a while yet. I came in early

because I guessed that you would, and I wanted to explain a few

things about how the fortieth floor operates. As an executive, I guess

the first thing you need to know is that we don't actually do anything

up here. The corporation promotes to this level almost exclusively

on the basis of how well a  person trains staff and delegates work.

You, for instance, have no worries about your former department

getting along without you, right?"

"Well, no, not really. Bob Morales is a good man, and I left him a

pretty smooth operation."

"Exactly. Mr. Morales and staff will do all the work and send the

documents up here for you to sign,  which you will do after an

appropriate interval. You'll find that it's not even necessary to read


"But... what does everyone do all day up here?"

"Linda, we screw around." I left that flat statement hanging in the air

for a while.

"Well, screw around doing what?"

"We screw around....screwing. Welcome to the longest running

corporate orgy in San Francisco! Perhaps you should sit down while

I explain." She took a seat on the couch that extended along one wall

of her office. "You have worked extremely hard for the Corporation,

right?" She nodded. "You're damn right you have, and you've made

us a ton of money. Well, this is your reward. A beautiful office, a fat

salary, and more or less non-stop sex."

She looked quite nonplused, as could only be expected from a loyal

employee when suddenly confronted with our major corporate

secret. "Non-stop......?" Her voice trailed off.

"Well, there are limits. That's what I'm here for, to explain to you

what your options are, so we can get your preferences into the

computer.  It will then match you  up to the right, ah, resources."

"What do you mean, resources?"

"To be blunt, there are only so many cocks and pussies to go around

here on the Fortieth, and of course we never allow outsiders up here,

so it takes a certain amount of scheduling to make sure everyone

gets enough of what he or  she wants. We've found it most efficient

to offer a series of package deals, with each of us committing to one

package for a month at a time. Since the male and female packages

complement each other, all we have to do is get an equal number of

matching sets, and everything goes smoothly."

"What sort of 'package deals'?"

"They all have names. For instance, one package is called 'Slow and

Easy'. It starts in the morning on the elevator. You noticed that the

executive elevator to the Fortieth rises quite slowly?"

"Yes, I wondered about that. It's also the only elevator I've ever seen

that has a bar in it."

"Right, the chairman's whim. With this package, you can have an eye-

opener, or a cup of coffee, or whatever, while one or our men

squeezes your tits all the way up in the elevator. Later, about mid-

morning, a man will come to your office and give you oral sex for

half an hour. This is a good time to make some long-distance phone

calls. Finally, just before cocktails, you get a nice slow fuck on your

couch. Conversely, you will get a schedule from the computer that

tells you when to be on the elevator  to give hand jobs, who's

scheduled for a blow job on a given day, and so forth." She was

looking at me as if she was wondering if I was on the level, so I

handed her a package of glossy brochures, all bearing the corporate

logo. The one on top said 'Slow and Easy'. She picked up the next

one, 'Morning, Noon, and Night', and cocked an eyebrow at me.

"Just what it says.. Good, plain sex as soon as you come in, just after

lunch, and just before leaving. You might consider that for your first

month. Clears the senses marvelously after all your labors


Just then a tall, statuesque blond walked by the office. Her

appearance was distinctly disheveled; her hair was in disarray, she

was carrying one of her shoes, and her right breast was hanging out

of her partially unbuttoned blouse.

"Uh oh - looks like Elizabeth got a Surprise Package in the elevator."

I leaned out of the office. "Morning, Betty. Nice cleavage!" She

glanced down, giggled,  then tucked the boob back into place in her lacy

bra and continued on her way to her office. "For the adventurous,

you can have the computer assign random times for a quickie. We've

seen it assign as many as four in one day. We've made it  a custom to

give extra style points if you accomplish your assigned fuck as

quickly as you hear about it. This makes it rather hard on clothes, so

you get an extra $500 per week clothing allowance with this

package. You'll notice that you have a nice large closet." I gestured

at a door in the corner of the office.

"Yes, I did notice. What are all those clothes in there? They look like

costumes or something."

"They are costumes. Every Friday is Dress-up day. All schedules are

suspended, and you get to have sex with anyone you want, as long as

you keep a mask on. Keeps things from getting monotonous. I think

you'll find that everything fits."

"Hmmm." She looked thoughtful. "How many other are there?"

"Oh, there're quite a few, and people think up new ones all that time.

The Chairman is very open to suggestion."

"Like what?" I could see that she was beginning to like the concepts

that were unfolding in her imagination.

"Well, there's the Wednesday Naked Lunches, for instance, and on

the last day of each month the Female Executive of the Month gets a

gang bang and a cum shower on the conference room table. That's

always a crowd pleaser." This definitely made her eyes light up.

"If we don't do anything all month, how does someone get to be

Executive of the Month?"

"Well, actually we all just sort of decide who would enjoy it the

most at the time. 'We' being the four men designated by the

computer as gang-bangers." She stood up and walked closer to

where I was perched on the edge of her desk.

"In that case, keep me in mind, OK? Tell me, Mike, what plan are

you on this month?"

"I'm on call for Surprise Packages. When my beeper goes off, I

consult the computer for my partner then go sneak up on her. This

package has its drawbacks - I've had two dry days in a row right


"How about sneaking up on me? Is that permitted?" She reached

under my suit jacket and ran her hand up my ribcage as she looked

into by eyes, licking her lips quickly.

"As long as the beeper doesn't go off." I took her into my arms and

grasped one of her big, firm breasts as I kissed her. Minutes later, we

were both naked. I bent her backward onto her brand new desk and

lifted her ankles to rest on my shoulders, then slid my ready cock

into her welcoming pussy. We humped away for just a couple of

minutes before we both came together in a mutually satisfying

orgasm. Afterwards, as I dressed, she remained nude as she settled

into her executive chair behind her executive desk. She observed

that my cock was still  semi-erect as I tucked it into my underpants.

"Tell me, Mike, what happens when you guys can't get it up when

the bell rings, or whatever?"

"That never happens up here. Practice, I guess."

"Oh, I think I've died and gone to Heaven!" she said, looking at the


    {Of course, that is just exactly what had

    happened. Neither Linda nor Mike had any

    memories of the sudden accidents that had

    sent them to a special part of Heaven that

    is reserved for hard-working business people

    who die too young.}

"Linda, we just call it the Fortieth Floor."

                THE END


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