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Archive-name: Fantasy/firswife.txt

Archive-author: anonymous

Archive-title: First Time

    Belgarath and Garion left the room, Belgarath closing the door

softly behind them.

    "Well, so now you are as powerful a sorcerer as I am a

sorceress", said Polgara, putting her hand on Durnik's arm softly and

moving close to him.  Durnik looked as his new wife lovingly, her

regal beauty making him a little nervous.

    Polgara had taken off her cloak and was standing in her

beautiful blue velvet wedding dress. The white lock of hair on the

front of her head showed brilliantly against the rest of her long

black hair as they fell lusturously about her shoulders. Her eyes were

black and twinkled with laughter as she saw how nervous her poor

simple husband was and how his eyes were filled with love as they

gazed upon her. A soft smile played on her lips as she put her arms

around Durnik's neck, the rose that Durnik had created for her still

in her hand.

    "It isn't hard once you know how", replied Durnik, awkwardly

putting his hands on Polgara's waist, "and I will never be as powerful

as you".

    "Nonsense. Our master asked me how I would feel about living

my life with no more power that you. Since I still have my powers, it

stands to reason that you have as much power as I do - untutored of

course. I will take you in hand and train you in sorcery - among other

things...", said Polgara, her voice trailing off as she pulled

Durnik's face down to her's and let her lips touch his.

    "I love you Polgara", said Durnik softly, after the kiss. His

voice carried a little more strength and he looked less nervous than

he had earlier.  Polgara glanced at his eyes and saw the love shining


    "I love you too, darling", whispered Polgara, "you have

changed since your death and - for lack of a better word - rebirth. I

think I like the change".

    "I'm glad you do, I didn't want to change. I am a simple

blacksmith, from a small village, I am not used to all this", replied

Durnik, refering to the events that had brought them together.

    "You are no longer a simple blacksmith. You are the husband of

the most powerful woman in the land, and a powerful sorcerer in your

own right.  Come, we have a few more hours till Garion and Ce'Nedra's

wedding, I would like to rest a little".

    Polgara moved into her bedroom, now Durnik's too, and started

to take off her wedding dress. Durnik, at a loss for knowing what to

do, stood at the door, and looked longingly at the outside door, maybe

hoping that he was back in the stables with the horses, mending their

shoes or something. Instead, here he was with the most beautiful woman

in the world as his wife, and with absolutely no clue as to what was

expected of him. His newfound confidence vanished as he heard the soft

rustle of Polgara's velvet dress. He had heard about the disgusting

things that men and women did after their wedding, but couldn't for a

moment think of subjecting his lovely wife to something like that,

even if the thought made his heart beat faster. Polgara saw Durnik

eyeing the outside door and laughed.

    "Where are you thinking of going?", Polgara asked, letting her

dress fall back into place.

    "Oh, uh..nowhere."

    "Good, I wasn't planning on letting my newlywed husband escape

from me before I have even had him to myself for a few minutes! Come

here. I want you near me."

    Durnik walked to her, a little relieved that the dress was

back in place. He wondered why his breathing had become so difficult

and why his knees weren't holding him up too well.

    "Hold me now, just hold me", said Polgara, throwing her arms

around his neck when he came within reach. Durnik nervously put his

arms on her waist.


    "Tighter..", Polgara whispered into his lips, "put your arms

around me. You are not afraid of me are you? I am in love with you my


    Durnik put his arms around her and drew her closer. Her

perfume made him a little dizzy, a nice kind of dizzyness really.

Polgara looked into his eyes and saw too much.

    "You've never been with a woman before, have you?", she asked.

    "No. I have always loved you", replied Durnik.

    "I have never been with a man either, it is a little

unbelievable don't you think? I'm more that a thousand years old, and

have never been in love before. I guess there was never time. Now

however...we will have to teach each other you know".

    "Teach? I don't need to learn to love you! I've loved you ever

since you came to Fandor's farm."

    "I know darling, but isn't all there is to learn, there are

things that men and women do when they are in love. I read about them

as part of my study of human beings, an ancient book, the "Kamasutra",

written in another age, another time".

    Durnik looked down at Polgara, a little excited, but more

scared. Those things again, he thought. With her?

    "I..", he murmurred.

    "Don't worry, just hold me for now", said Polgara softly,

cutting him off.

    Durnik held her, feeling her body arc under her velvet

dress. Her breath was warm against his neck as she nuzzled it with her

face buried in his neck. He couldn't resist kissing her ear sorftly

through her hair, letting her hair

tickle his face. On feeling the kiss, Polgara drew her face back, and

looked in Durnik's eyes with a smile.

    "Kiss me", she whispered.

    Durnik raised his hands to Polgara's face and held it, his

fingers brushing her hair back. A slight jolt of electric power cruised

through his nerves as his fingers touched the white lock of hair, but

the shock was pleasing, the touch lingering. Polgara's eyes closed as

she drew Durnik's lips to her's.

    Their lips touched, lingered, broke apart, came back together,

tasted the other and broke apart again. The need was more than what

the touch could satisfy, though neither knew what the need was.

Durnik's hands fell around Polgara's body as they

held each other while their lips came together again. Their kissing

was getting more and more demanding, their breathing harder as their

chests got a tickling feeling inside that neither had experienced


    As they were kissing, Polgara opened her mouth and tasted

Durnik's lips with her the tip of her tongue. Durnik was taken aback

on feeling her tongue, but she held him tight and would not let him

move. Not that he really wanted to, her lips felt nice, her tongue

exciting. Slowly, almost as if she felt nothing except her tongue,

Polgara started to push her tongue against Durnik's lips until his

lips opened. Polgara raised her body and pushed against Durnik as her

tongue entered his mouth and slowly caressed his tongue. 

    Durnik was feeling giddy, his breathing shallow, his lips and

tongue responding to the sensual touch of Polgara's lips and tongue.

It was slightly embarassing for him, but his member was straining

against his trousers as he felt Polgara's body sway against his. He

tried to hold his body clear of her body but wasn't quite successful.

Polgara's breasts were pressed against Durnik, their firm pressure

insistent as she moved her body against his. She kissed him, drowning

in the sensual pleasure her lips and tongue were giving her.

    Slowly they broke the kiss. Polgara looked up at Durnik with

dreamy eyes and smiled. They clung to each other, neither very sure

that they could stand unaided. Polgara was still moving her body

against Durnik's slightly when she felt his member. It had been

pressed against her, its pressure insistent, but she hadn't realized

what it was till now. She looked down and saw Durnik's trousers look

awry as if there was something in his left pocket that was sticking out.

Durnik followed her eyes and when he saw what she was looking at he

blushed an unbelievable red as he pushed her away. Polgara laughed and

held his arms to pull him back.

    "Oh my darling! Does that hurt? How do men walk around? I

mean, doesn't _it_ get in the way? And shouldn't it be more to the


    ", it doesn't hurt...please you're embarassing

isn't always like this...", Durnik blurted out.

    "I want to see it. I've never seen a grown man naked. Poor

Garion was so young when I took care of him. I don't think he could

fill up his pocket then the way you are now! Can I touch it?"

    "Touch it?! I mean why? You're embarassing me"

    "Please Durnik, I love you. It is a part of you too, I want to

know you, all of you."

    Saying that Polgara went down on her knees and expertly opened his

trousers. His trousers were no different from Garion's boy trousers

except for the size and came undone easily. Polgara glanced up at

Durnik and saw that he was standing with his head bent, watching her, his

breathing slow, sensual.

    "Take off your shoes. Didn't your mother teach you to take off

your shoes before taking off the trousers?"

    Durnik kicked off his shoes and backed off a little,

reluctantly. Polgara pulled him close with his hands and slowly

lowered his trousers. His shorts got snagged on his trousers and came

down too.

    "Oh!", gasped Polgara as Durnik's member jumped free, "it is

so big! How does it fit in your shorts?"

    "It isn't always this big", replied Durnik, "besides, this

isn't big, only six inches long. I've known men that are a lot bigger."

    "I think this is big enough for me, I don't think that we

could do any of what we're supposed to if it was any bigger. It wouldn't


    "Wouldn't fit?", said Durnik, choking on his words.

    "Yes, in fact I'd be surprised if even this would. Look, it

has little balls behind it. Can I touch it?"

    Then, without waiting for an answer, she took his member in

her hand. Durnik gasped at the touch, but didn't move otherwise.

Polgara ran her hands all over his member, feeling the smooth skin on

it, felt the balls hanging behind it. She ran her finger through the black

curly hair around them.


    "It's beautiful", she sighed.

    She pushed at the skin to expose the glans and then pulled the

skin back over it. Durnik moaned slightly and Polgara looked up at him.

    "Do you like that? When I run the skin back and forth?"

    "Yes...", moaned Durnik, "yes."

    Polgara put her left hand at the bottom of his member, her

fingers and thumb holding his member steady, and held the shaft with

her right hand. She started to move her hand back and forth slowly, looking

his face as his eyes glazed with the pleasure.

    "I have to sit down, I can't keep standing like this", said Durnik.

    Polgara let his member go with a sigh, and stood up. She put

her hands around Durnik's neck and their lips met again in a loving

kiss. She unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall away and then pulled

him to the writing table. She held his arms as she looked at his

muscular body, naked except for a light coating of sweat. He looked

very vulnerable in his nakedness. She thought she would like to hug

him and squeeze him squeeze him till they were one, if that was

possible. She pushed him back into the chair and sat down in front of him.

    Polgara pushed Durniks legs apart and took hold of his member

again. Her left hand held his member steady and her right caressed it,

moving the foreskin back and forth. He looked so helpless with his

penis in her hands that she felt that she had to kiss him. Since his

lips were so far away, she kissed his penis instead. His engorged

glans was in her face, and she kissed it, almost shyly. Durnik's

reaction was a sigh of pleasure. Encouraged, she licked the tip of the

glans, still running the foreskin up and down the glans with her hand.

She remembered the pleasure her tongue had given her earlier when they

had kissed and started to lick Durnik's penis until it gleamed with

her saliva on it. She took the tip in her mouth, just to find out what

it would taste like. She found that it fit pretty well in her mouth

and that she liked the feeling. She started to bob her head back and

forth, sucking and licking Durnik's penis, holding it steady with her


    Durnik was sighing with pleasure, the sensual feeling and lust

filled his loins. He felt Polgara feeling his balls with her hands as

she sucked on his penis. The feeling was unbearable and was growing

from somewhere deep inside him. Polgara's body was calling out for

something, a feeling deep inside her was warming her hips, her legs,

that secret place between her legs. She realized that Durnik must be feeling

the same thing. She continued her ministrations, loving her husband's

body, feeling everything that she could feel with her hands, never

once letting go of his penis.

    "Oh Polgara, don't stop!", moaned Durnik as his

need came to the surface and his body greedily revelled in the

pleasure that his wife was giving him. Suddenly his body was

shuddering as he spasmed and spewed his semen into Polgara's loving

mouth. Polgara was surprised at this new taste in her mouth and drew

back, still moving the foreskin back and forth with her hand. She saw

Durnik in the throes of pleasure, semen spurting out of his penis,

onto her hands.

    "Oh, it's beautiful", she breathed, watching as his penis

dribbled its last drops of semen onto her hands. Remembering the

peppermint taste of his semen, she started to lick it off his penis.

At first a little tentatively, then, as she started to like the taste,

more actively. She licked her husband clean and wiped her hands on her

dress and stood up. Durnik looked up at her with love overflowing his

eyes, her beauty still stirring up his heart.

    Polgara slowly unbuttoned her dress and let it fall off her

shoulders in a soft whisper of velvet on skin. She looked into

Durnik's eyes, held them and slowly took off her lace underclothes

till she was naked in front of him. She had a mature woman's body,

tall, soft and inviting. She stood in front of Durnik, her hair

falling around her slim shoulders, half covering her full breasts as

the dark pink erect nipples were revealed. Her stomach was flat, with a

hint of muscle - soft to look at - inviting a caress. Her slim waist

curved out at her athletic hips and legs. She stood with her legs together,

her right leg slightly bent. A small patch of jet black hair showed

between her legs.

    Polgara looked into Durnik's face and saw a kind of lust, a

kind of need reflected on it. She smiled and help out her hand. Durnik

took it, got up and took her naked body in his arms. She lay back in

his arms as he kissed her neck and traced a path down between her breasts.

    "Kiss me on my breast, darling", said Polgara, a little breathlessly.

    Durnik, moved his kisses to her left breast until his lips

touched the erect nipple. Polgara sighed and rubbed her breast on his

face, the nipple tracing a path around his eyes, his nose and finally

his mouth. She held his face in her hands and made it come to her

breast. Durnik, following some urge deep down inside him, opened his

mouth and took the nipple in his mouth.

    "Oh yes! This is beautiful!", moaned Polgara.

    Durnik started to suck her nipple and rubbing his face on it.

He did what came to him naturally, driven only by Polgara's sighs and

his need. He licked her nipple, sucked it, squeezed it between his

lips. He held it captured between his lips as he ran his tongue over

the tip till Polgara was moaning with pleasure almost continously. He

took the other breast in his hand and mimicked his mouth and tongue

with his hand by holding the nipple between his fingers and running

his thumb over the tip.

    Polgara felt an undeniable need between her legs and felt that

she was very wet there. She pressed Durniks head, pushed it lower

down. Reluctantly, Durnik let go of her breast as he was pushed down.

    Durnik caressed his wife's stomach with his face. Polgara's

stomach quivered in anticipation as he moved closer to her need.

Durnik stopped at her navel, running his tongue around it, kissing it.

Polgara sighed in pleasure, but still pushed him lower. 

    Durnik's lips moved on till he got to the small patch of hair between

her legs. Durnik could feel the heat emanating from there as he looked 

up into Polgara's face. Her eyes were closed as her hands kept pushing

his head between her legs. Her legs were apart now, and Durnik could

see the slit that was generating all the heat. She pushed his head to

her slit, and Durnik slowly brought his face to it. The hair tickled

his nose and the warm musky smell was like nothing he had smelt

before. He followed the hair till he was sliding under her torso and then

brought his lips up to cover her lips in the most private kiss there is.

    "Oh my darling, that is delicious!", sighed Polgara, contented

for the moment as she held his head between her legs.

    Durnik nuzzled the hair between her legs with his face, blew

on it lightly, and kissed it gently. Polgara sat down on the chair on

which Durnik was earlier and leaned back against the backrest, her

legs apart, still holding Durnik between them. Durnik could now see

her pink slit as it opened slightly under his kisses. He took one long

taste of it with his tongue.

    "Yes! Right there! Do it again, please", moaned Polgara as he

got near the top of the slit, "it feels so right!"

    Durnik let his tongue travel into her slit and felt something

jutting out slightly. He licked it and Polgara moaned as she writhed

in pleasure from the touch. Durnik realized that this was a pleasure

spot and continued to lick Polgara's clitoris, sucking the skin around

it, pushing into it with his tongue to stimulate the clitoris

directly. He sucked the clitoris as Polgara raised her legs and put

them over his shoulders.

    Durnik started to explore her cunt with his tongue, his finger

still massaging her clitoris lightly. He tasted the inner lips and

moved inside. He moved lower, to the region that Polgara's hand was

pushing him. He felt an opening at the lower end and slowly let his

tongue explore it.

    "Deeper darling, a little deeper."

    Durnik realized that his tongue wouldn't go any further. He

moved back up, his finger exchanging places with his tongue. He let

his tongue caress Polgara's clitoris again as his finger slowly

entered Polgara. 

    "Slowly darling, I read that you have to stretch me first"

*** Author's note: I'm not sure how the stretching is done, this is

                   how I did it...

    Durnik inserted his finger very slowly into Polgara's waiting

hole, moving it around very slowly in ever widening circles. Polgara

was moaning with pleasure, the combined touch of his tongue on her

clitoris and his finger moving inside her bringing her closer and

closer to satisfaction. Durnik slowly widened the circling of his

finger, pushing it slowly inside at the same time. Once his whole

finger was in, he started to move it around till he felt Polgara start

to grind her hips. He inserted another finger, this one went in

easily. He moved his fingers in ever widening circles, while his

tongue played solo on Polgara's clitoris.

Polgara's hips ground in time with the rhythm of Durnik's fingers, her

legs alternately squeezing and coming apart around his head. The

pleasure started to build deep inside Polgara's cunt and cruised

through her body to the tips of her breasts. Her cunt started to

convulse around his fingers and her orgasm hit her. Her body arced in

pleasure, her voice rising, her legs bent over Durnik's shoulders as

she held her thighs, holding her legs open to see Durnik lick her

clitoris. She came in a crashing cresendo as Durnik had trouble

holding her, keeping him tongue in line with her clitoris. Polgara

kept coming, the spasms hitting her in waves after waves. The touch of

his fingers deep inside her body driving her on and on as his tongue

sucked on her clitoris to complete her pleasure.

    "I love you Durnik", sighed Polgara, after she could speak again.

    "I love you too Polgara", replied Durnik, carrying her in his

arms to the bed. 

    Durnik lay her down on the bed and stood back. His member was

erect again and Polgara smiled when she saw it.



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