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Archive-name: Fantasy/falang14.txt

Archive-author: T.F.Yank

Archive-title: Fallen Angel - 14

     I couldn't believe how intense Amy's climax was.  Until I realized

that I had been augmenting it, too.  Slowly, I withdrew my mental

augmentation, allowing the girl to ride out the rest of her climax

naturally.  Turning my full attention to Angelica, I gave one final

mental push, sending her over the edge in one blinding burst of savage


     Angelica let out one final howl of ecstasy and collapsed across the

girl.  Amy moaned softly, herself just bordering unconsciousness.  With

Angelica's final orgasm, the link between us was severed.  I lay there,

breathing heavily, feeling again as if I had sprinted a mile.  The room

was silent except for our heavy, exhausted breathing.

     Angelica was the first to stir.  "That was fantastic, my precious. 

You should only know how long it has been since I experienced anything

like that.  I knew there was something special about you that first

night.  Which is why I didn't kill you."

     She moved closer to me and pressed her mouth hard against mine. 

Reflexively, I responded.  Her tongue slipped past my lips to caress the

inside of my mouth.  Her hands stroked my face and hair, as she broke the


     "Poor you, my precious.  All this work and still you have not found

release.  But we will rectify that soon, I promise.  Move back a bit and

I will get this whore ready for you.  Ready for the best fuck in her

sweet, short life."

     Still dazed, I did as instructed.  Angelica laid on top of Amy, her

head resting on the blond triangle of pubic hair.  She ran a hand along

the sopping wet slit, and was rewarded by Amy spreading her legs wider. 

She gently pulled the outer vaginal lips apart revealing the now deep

pink center.  Her head bent further downward as she pressed her mouth

against the wet flesh.

     Amy obviously enjoyed what Angelica was doing as she again began to

make soft cooing sounds.  But I couldn't see anything with Angelica's

head in the way.  I shifted my position on the bed in hopes of improving

my view.  But it didn't help.

     Sensing my dissatisfaction, Angelica raised her face from Amy's

center.  A teasing smile played on her face, slick with the girl's

secretions.  "Poor precious.  You can't see anything, can you?  And you

do get so turned on watching two women go at it, don't you?  All these

years, you've felt threatened by your girlfriend and her female lovers. 

When what you really wanted deep down was to watch, and maybe participate

as they made love.  Well tonight, you can do both.  Tonight and every

night from now on."

     Angelica grasped Amy's hips and rolled over sideways.  Amy was

forced to follow until their positions were reversed-- Amy on top with

Angelica underneath.  I felt a twinge of excitement in my groin as I

stared at Amy's firm buttocks and thighs.  Angelica prodded the girl to

move her hips, thus centering the sweet vagina above her face.

     "There, my precious.  Can you see better now?  Can you see my tongue

lick this sweet flesh, like this?  Can you see her hot center as I stick

my tongue in it, like this?  Listen to her.  Hear how she whimpers with

delight?  Does it turn you on?  Does it make you hot to watch me eat her


     It did.  My shaft was fully erect.  God, I could never remember

being as hard, or as hot as I was now, watching Angelica lick and suck

Amy's wet box.  This wasn't the mentally induced passion of earlier. 

This was pure, animal lust.  A primeval urge, free of civilized notions

of love and gentleness.  I wanted to fuck, had to fuck.

     All thoughts but one fled my conscious mind as I moved between Amy's

spread legs.  My hands roughly grasped her hips and pulled her backward

until my shaft pressed hard against her opening.  With one thrust, I

embedded myself deep inside her.  The tightness of her vaginal walls

sheathed my rampant rod like a tight pair of gloves.

     Amy cried out at the brutality of my action.  But I didn't care. 

Again and again I withdrew and slammed back in her tight, hot hole. 

Searing streams of burning liquid pleasure ran along my shaft to burst

deep within my scrotum each time I forced my way inside her.  My scrotum

constricted and I felt the first burning surge of climax build up inside


     A voice intruded into my lust-filled world.  "NO!  Not yet, my

precious.  Control it.  Allow us to catch up first.  There is much more

pleasure in getting there.  And when we are all ready, it will be even

stronger, I promise.  Control it.  Don't let it end so quickly."

     I tried to ignore the voice.  I was so close.  But my concentration

had been broken and my movements faltered.  The break in the rhythm

caused the impending climax to recede.  And with it, the primeval single-


     I felt a twinge of guilt over my actions.  I always prided myself on

being a gentle lover, not a brutish, selfish one.  My partner's satisfac-

tion was always my primary concern in any love-making session.  But here

I had forgotten Amy and her needs.  I had never acted like this before.

     I checked to see if Angelica had been tampering again with my

feelings.  But I could find no evidence that she had.  Why had I

responded the way I did?  Was this a side of my personality that I had

somehow managed to suppress over the years?  Or was it that I was somehow

being influenced By Angelica?  I didn't know the answers.  And wasn't all

that sure I wanted to know them, either.

     "Jesus," exclaimed Amy.  "I thought you were trying to split me in

two.  Hey, I like a good fuck as much as the next girl.  But I already

told you I'm not into the rough shit.  I think I've given both of you

your money's worth.  Maybe I should just split, and leave you two to your

fun and games."

     During my bout of self-analysis, my erection had deflated and

slipped from Amy's vagina.  I was tired.  And I wasn't all that inter-

ested any more.  Maybe now would be a good time to take the girl back to

her street corner.

     "Not just yet my sweet," Angelica said.  "We couldn't possibly let

you go.  Not while you're still unsatisfied."

     "No, I'm fine," Amy answered quickly.  "Really I am.  I can't

remember ever cumming as much as....  Oooooooohhhhhhhhh" she suddenly


     I could sense Angelica as she manipulated Amy's sudden arousal. 

"Don't!" I protested.  "Let the girl alone.  Don't you think we've done

enough to her already?"

     "But she doesn't really want to leave us just yet.  And more

importantly, I don't want her to leave.  You have yet to fuck us, my

precious.  And sweet Amy here does so want you to fuck her.  Don't you


     "God yes.  I never felt this horny before.  Fuck me.  God fuck me!

Stick it in me again.  Please?"

     "And if I refused?" I challenged Angelica.

     "You are head-strong, aren't you?  Do you think I'd really give you

the choice?  Do I need to remind you of the pain?  Or of the lust I can

make you feel, with but the simplest thought?"

     I couldn't win.  She would have me do what she wanted whether I

agreed or not.  I saw no other choice but to do what she wanted.  And

hopefully, get it over with quickly.  Reluctantly, I grasped my limp

penis and tried to massage some life back into it.


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