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Archive-name: Fantasy/falang13.txt

Archive-author: T.F.Yank

Archive-title: Fallen Angel - 13

     Angelica's presence joined us.  "Now watch," the distance voice

counselled.  I felt a mental probe emanate from the form that was

Angelica and drift toward Amy's.  In my mind's eye, the probe resembled a

slender silvery thread.  It wrapped itself around Amy.  I watched as a

series of luminescent flashes of red streaked down the thread to wash

over the captured form.   The color slowly changed from pale blue to


     I sensed Amy's frustration recede as it was replaced with the first

hint of sexual arousal.  Another series of red lights flew along the

thread and Amy's emotions responded with heightened pleasure.  I felt my

own pleasure respond in sympathy.  As if from a great distance, I heard a

low moan.  It took me a moment to realize it was coming from Amy.

     "All you need do is reach out and transmit the feeling you want,"

said the hollow voice.  "You can change it as quickly as your mind can

conceive of another feeling.  Like this.."

     I watched as deep violet lights zipped along to engulf Amy's

essence.  As quickly, the feelings of physical pleasure were turned into

ones of pain.  And as quickly, Amy's moans had turned into cries of pain.

Somehow I had to stop Angelica.  Without conscious thought, I mentally

thrusted forward trying to counter Angelica's tampering and ease the

girl's pain.

     Two silver threads shot out from my center.  One attaching itself to

Angelica, and the other reached toward Amy.  A series of black flashes

flew outward, encompassing Angelica.  The force of the attack caused her

to relinquish her hold on the girl.  While I fought to hold her in check,

I reached out to Amy, replacing the pain with a feeling of pleasant


     Suddenly I was slammed hard, not mentally, but physically.  I flew

off the bed, and landed on the floor several feet away.  I looked up to

see Angelica standing over me, her anger slamming against my mind.

     "You dare attack me?  You?  If I did not have greater plans for you,

I would kill you right here."

     Fear engulfed me, my heart beating so fast, I was sure it would

burst.  I tried to reach down and control the fear as I had done before. 

But I found the way blocked.

     "You surprised me by how quickly you learn.  And by how strong you

are for one of the Living.  But you have not yet reached your full

strength.  And even when you do, I doubt you will be a match for me.  For

now, I find your weak attempts amusing."  Suddenly I doubled over, as a

horrible pain ripped through my body.  "But never forget who is the

stronger," I heard Angelica chuckle through my pain-fogged consciousness.

     I lay crippled with pain, whimpering in fear, unable to do anything.

My mind somehow realized these feelings were not natural, but rather

imposed on it by Angelica.  Again and again I tried to control my

feelings as I had done earlier.  But each attempt failed.  In desper-

ation, I launched another mental attack at her.

     Angelica swayed on her feet momentarily before she was able to

nullify my attack.  "Ah, my precious, you are a strong one.  But come, we

need not fight."  Suddenly both fear and pain left me.  In their place

was a deep feeling of contentment.  "We are destined to be allies, you

and I."

     Angelica reached down and grasped me under the arms.  With no more

effort than picking up a bag of dried leaves, she raised me to my feet

and carried me back to the bed.  Setting me down between Amy's legs, she

one again straddled the girl.

     "Now where were we?  Ah, yes, this sweet thing was just about to

have an orgasm, wasn't she?"  I sensed an immediate change in Amy. 

Almost instantaneously, she went from a passive state to one of full

sexually arousal.  "Aaaaaahhhh, yes," Angelica moaned.  "Now, you were

about to bring her to release, weren't you?."

     I lay there, doing nothing.  Suddenly the invisible hand was once

again grasping my testicles.  I yelped in pain.  "I can do this without

your conscious aid.  It won't be as satisfying for me.  But I promise it

will be very painful for you."

     Trying to fight the pain, I still did nothing.  "And painful for

her," Angelica threatened as Amy suddenly started howling in pain.  I

reached out mentally to change the girl's pain to something else, but

Angelica was prepared for me this time.  She easily blocked my amateurish

attempt while increasing the level of pain we were experiencing. 

Defeated, I gasped, "Okay...  Stop...  I'll do what you want.  Just don't

hurt the girl any more."

     The pain disappeared.  I lay there, gasping for breath as if I had

just run the mile.  I probed the girl beneath me, only to find that

Angelica had her held firmly in her control.  At least Amy wasn't aware

of how she was being manipulated and used.

     "Now let's start again," Angelica purred.  "Poor Amy here, does so

want to cum, don't you, my sweet?"

     "Oh god, yes.  Please stick them back in," Amy pleaded, rasing her

hips to me.

     I was momentarily surprised to hear Amy.  Once again she was con-

scious, fully aroused, just as she was before my little interlude with

Angelica.  Reluctantly, I reinserted my thumb in her still wet vagina,

and began to finger-fuck her.

     "And your finger.  Stick it in her ass," Angelica commanded.  Again

I complied.  Soon Amy was moaning uncontrollably in response.  I reached

out mentally to see if her reactions were her own or induced by Angelica.

I found no evidence of tampering this time.

     I watched as Angelica again mimicked Any's movements.  Despite the

situation, I found myself aroused.  There was something extremely

stimulating in knowing you were turning on two women at the same time.  I

lowered my face between Amy's legs.  My mouth and tongue sought out her

enlarged clit.  As my tongue flicked across the tender nub,  simultaneous

groans issued from the two women.

     "That's it, my preciousssssssssssssss," Angelica groaned.  "I can

feel it.  She is starting to cum.  More attention to her clit."

     My thumb and finger moved in and out of Amy's twin holes more

rapidly.  I gently grasped her clit between my teeth, as my tongue

continued to flick against the throbbing morsel of flesh.  I sent my mind

deep into her center until I located the bright blazing feelings of

pleasure she was experiencing.  I drew them to me and re-channelled them

to Angelica.

     "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh," Angelica sobbed.  "Yes, my precious.  Yes.

that's the way.  God, it has been too long.  Fuck the whore.  Fuck me."

     My own pleasure soared as I continued to channel Amy's physical

pleasure to Angelica.  I reached out to Angelica and augmented the stolen

pleasure with a mental boost.  Her hands tore at her vagina as her hips

thrashed about wildly.  Her moans grew in volume until they filled the


     Amy finally crested, her orgasm bursting across her senses.  Wave

after wave of pure physical ecstasy washed across my awareness as I

continued to channel Amy's feelings to Angelica.  Both women screamed as

they finally achieved release.  Caught up in the pleasure of their mutual

climax, I continued to furiously finger fuck and suck Amy's cunt.


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