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Archive-name: Fantasy/falang12.txt

Archive-author: T.F.Yank

Archive-title: Fallen Angel - 12

     The ensuing vocal protests wailed about me like a screeching wind. 

I heard Amy's voice pleading for me not to stop.  Offering to do anything

I wanted if I would only continue.  But I wasn't paying attention to her.

I was watching Angelica.

     "NoooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Not now!  Not when she's so close!"

Angelica screamed at me.  Her face contorted in anger.  Her eyes shim-

mered, at first darkening, then changing to a sickly yellow.

     I felt a knot of fear grow in my belly as I suddenly remembered how

her face had transformed into that hideous monster early that evening. 

Whatever passion I had been feeling up to that moment suddenly vanished. 

I felt my harden shaft shrivel, as my heart beat wildly within the

confines of my ribs.  My mind screamed at me to flee.  But my body

refused to obey, frozen by the fear that was consuming me.

     I watched, mesmerized, as Angelica's emotions clearly showed upon

her face--  frustration, anger and hatred.  And I felt them, felt them as

clearly as if they were my own.  Somehow I was able to experience what

Angelica was feeling.  As she felt what I had been doing to Amy.  As she

had felt what I felt when we had made love the night before.

     With a clarity that surprised me, I suddenly realized that the

monster not only fed upon people's blood, but also on their feelings,

both emotional as well as physical.  And somehow I was acting as a

conduit, an amplifier, increasing the intensity of those feelings.  Not

just an amplifier, but a receiver as well.  I could feel Angelica's

anger.  I could feel Amy's physical frustration as well as her mental


     Angelica scrambled over Amy's body, grabbing my head between her

hands.  "Now, now, my precious.  We will have time to figure this all out

later.  Right now, you have more pressing matters to concern yourself

with.  I will not be cheated.  I have gone without for too long.  You

will finish what you've started, my precious.  I do not need you,

willingly, in the link.  But it is so much better if you do not resist."

     Angelica gently stroked my cheek as she added, "I can make you feel

whatever I want.  Pain..."  My breath caught in my throat as pain

exploded across my consciousness.  It was as if an invisible hand had

suddenly grabbed my testicles and was crushing them.  "Or uncontrollable

lust.."  As quickly as she said the words, the pain was replaced with a

intense physical hunger.  I reached for her, wanting to fuck her until we

both passed out from the exertion.

     "Yes, precious.  We both want that, don't we?  As does this sweet

thing beneath us.  Can't you feel her need?  And feeling it, doesn't it

inflame your need even more?  Just think how much more her orgasm will

add to your own pleasure.  Just think how much my satisfaction will add

to both."

     Suddenly I didn't feel anything.  That wasn't not quite true.  I

still felt fear, confusion.  I was feeling my own feelings.  But I no

longer felt what she had been making me feel.  My mind cast about,

searching for something else.  I sensed Amy's frustration.  I narrowed my

concentration and the girl's feelings became more intense.  Her feelings

were all inward, as if she was oblivious to what was going on between me

and Angelica.

     "She feels what I allow her to," Angelica explained.  "She is easier

to control than you, not having your abilities."

     I casted a questioning look toward Angelica.

     "You don't even realize the talent you have," she chuckled.  "You

are an Empath.  You can feel what others feel.   That is a rare talent

among the Living.  But even more unique, is your ability to make others

feel what you want them to feel."

     I wanted to deny what she was saying.  But the protest died on my

lips as my mind dredged up past memories.  I always did seem to have a

knack for knowing what people were really thinking.  Over the years, more

than one person had jokingly accused me of reading their minds.  And most

of my lovers had always praised me for seeming to know just what it was

they liked the best.

     But being able to make others feel what I wanted them to feel?  Okay

so maybe I was more perceptive than most people.  It didn't mean I was

some sort of freak with special mental talent. I didn't really feel other

people's emotions.  And I certainly didn't make others feel the way I

wanted them to feel.  Angelica was wrong.  This was just kind of a trick

to confuse me.  It was something she was doing.  Something she needed for

her own ends.

     "You can deny your talent all you want," Angelica said.  "But it

exists.  Did you not feel her need?  Did you not sense my anger?"

     "I didn't need any special ability to see your anger or her frustra-

tion," I replied.  "And it was you who made me feel the rest, just like

you made me feel the pain."

     "You dare doubt me?" she snapped.  Again I felt her anger wash

across my consciousness.  Only to have it replaced by a calmness. "I will

show you.  Let your mind open to mine.  Follow what I am doing," she


     I felt a presence on the outer fringes of my consciousness.  It no

form.  It was like a soft gentle breeze that blew across your skin on a

hot summer night.  It was difficult to focus on it.  I tried to narrow in

on it, only to have it fade.

     "No.  Don't think about it," Angelica said softly.  "Just feel.  Let

your conscious mind free itself from its physical anchors.  Don't look

outward.  Allow your feelings to open up.  Just flow with it."

     I tried to clear my mind of all thoughts.  I closed my eyes and

looked inward with my mind.  I listened to my breathing, the beating of

my heart.  I could sense the chilling tentacles of my fear radiating

outward from my center.  Mentally, I pushed them back, lessening their

effect.  As the mass which was my fear diminished, I felt stronger, more

in control.  With one mental thrust, I extinguished the fear completely.

     Deeper I went within myself until I tasted the remnants of my

earlier physical lust.  My mind grasped at the fragments and began

molding them into a single form.  I felt my body respond with increased

desire.  I cradled the form within my mind, stroking and caressing it.  A

burst of pure pleasure spread throughout my groin.

     "Not now," a voice echoed from without.  My pleasure flared briefly

and then went out like a doused fire.  "Follow me.  Watch what I do,"

Angelica instructed.

     Reluctantly, I turned my consciousness outward, searching again for

the form I had felt earlier.  This time it was clear within my mind. 

Like a small flickering flame, all orange and red, it danced just out of

my reach.  I moved after it and was pleased as it grew closer.  But as it

was just in reach, it moved away from me.

     I tried to move more quickly toward it.  I sensed it was Angelica. 

Or at least a part of her.  It gave off a sick, cold essence that chilled

me.  Again I felt the knot of fear.  I quickly pushed the fear aside, and

continued after her.

     I sensed a second form near by.  It glowed weakly, pulsing with a

pale bluish hue.  Diverting my attention from Angelica, my mind sought

this second entity.  A feeling of frustration filled me.  I fought it,

realizing it was coming from Amy.  As I examined her essence, I saw she

was locked within some sort of a loop which prevented her from feeling

anything else.  How I understood this, I didn't know.


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