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Archive-name: Fantasy/falang11.txt

Archive-author: T.F.Yank

Archive-title: Fallen Angel - 11

     Slowly, we both moved downward, tonguing and kissing the warm flesh

beneath us.  Angelica moved between Amy's legs and lightly ran a hand

over the wispy blond bush.  As much as I wanted a taste of that sweet

pussy, I was excited more by the fact I was actually going to see one

woman eat another.  Angelica smiled at me as she ran a finger along the

plump slit, forcing the outer lips apart.

     I rested my head on Amy's stomach and watched Angelica.  First she

teased the fleshy opening with her fingers.  Gently prying apart the

outer lips and lightly massaging the pinkness beneath.  Then she lowered

her face until her lips caressed the opening.  Finally her tongue licked

the tiny opening, teasing it to widen.

     I could feel Amy squirm beneath me.  Fascinated, I watched the

muscles in her thighs tense each time Angelica's tongue plunged itself

deep in her lovebox.  I could smell her musky odor, and see her love

juices shining on Angelica's mouth and chin.  I moved my hand to Amy's

vagina.  A shudder ran through me as Angelica pushed her tongue through

my spread fingers to continue her attack on the hot, wet box.

     Angelica continued to lick and suck the warm inviting slit, paying

particular to Amy's clit.  She pushed two fingers into the slick cunt and

began to finger-fucked the girl.   With an ear pressed against Amy's

stomach, I could hear her heart beating wildly. 

     "Oh god, yesssssssssssssss," Amy moaned.  "I can't believe it, I'm

really gonna cum.  Just a little more.  Ooooh yessssssssss.  God it feels


     I was not to be denied any longer.  I moved down until I was level

with Angelica.  I grabbed one of Amy's legs and pushed it up over my

head.  My mouth and tongue sucked and licked her tender inner thigh. 

Slowly I moved across her flesh until I was face to face with Angelica. 

Amy groaned loudly as our mouths competed for space, our tongues con-

stantly duelling for the privilege of tasting the sweet juices.

     Angelica forced her mouth against mine, her tongue pushing its way

between my lips.  My shaft stiffened as I tasted Amy in Angelica's kiss. 

Angelica broke our kiss to return to Amy's center.  She rubbed her face

around in the wet opening until even her cheeks and nose glistened with

the wet juices.  Lifting her head from between Amy's legs, she returned

to me.  She kissed and rubbed my face with hers until I was drowning in

the musky scent.

     Angelica drew us both down to Amy's cunt.  This time she moved aside

and allowed me access to that wet hole.  I pressed my eager mouth to the

opening.  I inserted a finger in her sopping wet hole as I tortured her

engorged clit with my tongue.   Amy clutched my hair as she rode the

final spasms of her climax.

     I continued to suck and lick the hot, throbbing slit beneath me,

coaxing every last bit of the orgasm from Amy.  As I looked up, Angelica

was mere inches from my face.   Her eyes wide and unfocused, her breath-

ing ragged, you would have thought it was she who was cumming.

     "Ah yes, my precious.  Just a little more.  The clit, tongue it. 

Oh, god yes like that.  I can feel it.  God, I can feel it," she moaned

as I did to Amy as she asked.

     Amy writhed sporadically beneath me, her moans slowly fading as her

climax passed.  I moved from her vagina until I was face to face with

Angelica.  I brushed my cum coated lips across hers, my tongue lightly

tracing the fullness of her mouth.  Her tongue slipped out and licked

Amy's juices from my mouth and chin.  I shivered with the contact.

     "You are very good, my precious," Angelica said softly.  "It is not

every man who knows how to use his mouth and tongue as well as you do." 

I started to deny that I had done anything extraordinary, but she stilled

my protest by covering my mouth with hers.  Her hands caressed my neck

and shoulders, her touch increasing my already burning passion.

     Breaking the kiss, she added, "You are much better than you realize.

As I am sure our sweet Amy will testify to, won't my sweet?"

     "God yes.  I've never come before like I did just now.  I still

can't believe it.  I thought you two were only bullshitting when you said

I would cum like I never did before.  And we ain't even started to fuck


     Angelica laughed as she reached out and grasped one of Amy's

breasts.  "You haven't even started to experience what we have in store

for you, my sweet."  She slid up along Amy's body until they were face to

face.  "Kiss me.  Lick your cum from my mouth," she told the girl.

     Fascinated, I watched as they kissed.  Knowing Amy must be tasting

herself only increased my excitement.  I buried my mouth between her legs

once again and smothered her still wet opening.  My hands slid beneath

her buttocks, kneading the twin globes of flesh.  My tongue sought out

her clitoris and rapidly flicked across the tender nub.  She squeezed her

thighs tightly against my head in eager response.

     Feeling movement, I raised my eyes to see Angelica straddling Amy's

face.  I continued licking and sucking the hot slit before me as I

watched her settle over Amy's mouth.  I could see the girl's tongue

tentatively lick Angelica's dark bush.  Each time Amy licked the vagina

above her, I did the same to her.

     "Yes my precious, show her what to do," Angelica said softly, as her

hands teased Amy's rigid nipples.  I felt my excitement increase as I

watched the girl squirm under my angel's experienced hands.  My hands

continued to knead her ass as my oral attention to her clit intensified. 

I gently pressed my thumb into Amy's warm throbbing vaginal opening as I

teased her small rectal bud with my middle finger.

     "Oh yes, do it.  Stick it in me," I heard a voice moan.  Glancing

up, I expected to see Amy doing the same to Angelica.  To my surprise,

Amy's hands were in plain sight, as they gripped Angelica's spread

thighs.  "Don't tease, my precious," Angelica pleaded.  "I want to feel

it.  Stick your finger deep in her ass,"

     Something was out of sync.  I watched Angelica closely as I slowly

pushed my finger into the tight anal passage.  Her breathing became more

ragged as a high pitched sound seemed to issue from deep inside her.

     "Yesssssssssssssss!  Now your thumb.  Fuck her with your thumb."

     I rammed my thumb in as deep as I could.  I moved both finger and

thumb in and out of the twin openings as fast as I could.  Amy moaned

loudly, her head rolling from side to side within the confines of

Angelica's thighs.  Her reactions seemed normal.

     But Angelica's reactions were not.  She had raised herself from

Amy's mouth.  There was no contact between her and Amy.  Yet she was

reacting almost the same as Amy.  Her hips moved in the same rhythm, her

moans rose and fell in the same rhythm.  It was almost as if it was she

beneath me instead of the girl.

     "Just a little more, my precious," she pleaded.  "She is almost

there.  All I need is just a little more.  Faster, my precious, fuck us


     The realization that Angelica was experiencing what Amy was feeling

suddenly struck me.  As I continued to plunge my fingers in Amy's nether

openings, I watched Angelica, amazed to see her pelvic movements mimic

the girl's.  I could almost sense both women's pleasure.  They seemed to

echo within my own pleasure.  Confused by what was happening, I stopped

my probing of Amy's holes, withdrawing my fingers from the hot, slick



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