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Archive-name: Fantasy/falang10.txt

Archive-author: T.F.Yank

Archive-title: Fallen Angel - 10

     Angelica undressed as she watched us.  If anyone ever asked me, I'd

have gladly told them that having your cock played with by one woman

while another undressed just inches away was definitely a turn-on.  As if

sensing my heightened desire, Angelica, now fully naked, laughed and did

a slow bump and grind.

     Amy, still sucking my covered shaft, tried to push my pants over my

shoes.  I attempted to help by lifting a leg, but all I accomplished was

falling over on top of her.  As we struggled to untangle ourselves,

Angelica stood there laughing.

     I finally managed to get into a sitting position, and quickly

removed shoes, socks and pants.  I reached for Amy, and pulled her to me.

As I was about to bury my face in her ample breasts, Angelica suggested

we move to the bed.  I wasn't about to.  The attraction I had felt for

this girl earlier had grown into an almost uncontrollable lust.  I fully

intended to take her there on the floor.

     "Not yet, my precious," Angelica said as she pulled the girl from my

arms.  "First we take the edge of what you're feeling, then it's my turn

to discover her delicious charms."

     I watched, dumbfounded, as Angelica led Amy to the bed.  I scrambled

to my feet and followed.  I quickly discarded my briefs by the time I

joined them on the bed.  Angelica positioned me between them, and then

urged Amy to resume her attention to my cock.

     A shudder ran through my body as Amy's lips lightly brushed against

the tip of my swollen gland.  Her tongue flicked out and slowly travelled

down the underside of my shaft until it reached my balls.  Her hands

wrapped around the length of my shaft, and slowly started to pump up and

down.  Angelica leaned over and took the tip between her lips.  Her

tongue played at the small opening in the tip, driving me crazy.

     I was going crazy.  Two mouths tortured my throbbing cock, two

tongues lashing against the screaming flesh as four hands stroked,

caressed and squeezed my balls, buttocks, thighs, and cock.  I thought I

was in heaven.

     As if knowing I was near, Angelica moved upward until her face was

near mine.  Amy continued to suck my cock, having taken it fully into her

mouth.  Angelica kissed and nibbled my ears and neck as her hands roamed

over my chest.  I could feel my orgasm building, and tried to hold off

just a bit longer.

     "Come in her mouth," Angelica said softly in my ear.  "I want to

watch your face as you explode in her hot, wet mouth, filling it with

your cum.  I want to feel your excitement as she swallows mouthful after

mouthful of your hot cum.  I want to feel your desire as you watch us

kiss afterwards, as you watch me suck the remains of your cum from her


     That was all I could take.  I felt the first hot burst of cum

explode from my cock as Amy continued to take me fully in her mouth.  My

pleasure increased with each burning spasm, as she sucked down hard on my

throbbing shaft.  I could feel her throat working as she swallowed spurt

after spurt of my climax.

     At last I was finished, my breathing ragged, my chest heaving.  I

glanced down at Amy, and felt a twinge of pleasure in my groin as I saw

her mouth and chin covered in my cum.  Small spasms continued to shoot

through me as she continued to milk my deflating shaft.

     Angelic reached out to the girl and drew her upward until they lay

face to face across my chest.  I watched as Angelica licked the traces of

my cum from Amy's face.  Her tongue greedily pushed its way into Amy's

mouth.  Again I found it a turn on to watch them kiss.  It was almost as

if Angelica had reached deep down into my subconscious and was acting out

my secret fantasies, one by one.

     I reached out and cupped a breast in each hand.  Amy's, larger,

softer, overflowed my grasp.  Angelica's, firmer but smaller, easily fit

in the palm of my hand.  I kneaded their flesh as they continued to kiss.

My fingers teased their nipples, stroking and pinching until they grew

hard and rigid.  Even Amy's nipples were bigger, thicker than Angelica's.

I just had to have it in my mouth.

     I raised my head and took the turgid nipple into my mouth and

sucked.  My tongue circled it teasingly, before zeroing in and lightly

flicking rapidly against it.  My efforts were rewarded as Amy pressed

against my face.  For a moment, I couldn't breath as her ample breast

blocked my nose.  Shifting my position, I continued to suck and tongue

her delicious tit.

     Angelica gently broke their embrace.  Lowering her head, she took

Amy's other breast into her mouth.  She moved closer to me, until mere

inches separated our mouths.  Her mouth left the other breasts and joined

mine.  Her tongue traced the corner of my mouth as I continued to suck.

     The touch of her tongue sent electrical sparks through me.  I eased

off a bit on the tit in my mouth until my opened lips barely enclosed the

rigid nipple.  Angelica's tongue forced its way between my lips and

lashed out at the nipple.  My tongue joined in the fun.

     God, I couldn't believe what we were doing.  I was surprised to feel

a stirring in my groin.  The feel of Angelica's tongue against mine, as

it licked Amy's nipple, was driving me crazy.  And it was getting to Amy,

too.  Or so I thought.

     "Oh god yes," Amy moaned.  "Suck my tittie.  Lick it.  Oh fuck yes,

just like that.  God, it makes me so hot, both your mouths sucking my

tits like that.  I can feel my cunt getting all wet and juicy, I'm so

hot.  Oh fuck, that feels so good.  You make me just wanna cum.  Fuck,

just your mouths on my tittie like this, sucking and licking my burning

nipple, and I'm so hot I could cum for hours."

     Angelica stopped what she was doing, sat up and slapped the girl.

     "Hey?  Why'd you do that for?" Amy cried out.  "Shit, that hurt.  I

ain't into that stuff."

     "And I ain't into bullshit," snapped Angelica.  "So cut the 'I'm so

hot' crap.  Don't pretend, don't fake it."

     "But that's what I always do.  Most of my tricks . . . er . . .  I

mean . . .  lovers, they like it when I talk like that."

     "I don't.  And we are not like most of your tricks.  There is no

need to pretend.  You will 'cum' as you say, I promise.  You will

experience more pleasure tonight than you have ever done in your young


     "Sure.  Whatever you say," Amy said, sceptically.  "But no more of

the rough stuff, okay?"

     Angelica smiled, and kissed Amy.  "No more rough stuff," she said. 

"Come, slide across him and lay between us, so we both may sample what

you have to offer," she instructed the girl.

     I helped Amy settle between us, using it as an excuse to run my

hands over her plump ass and firm thighs.  They were everything I hoped

they might be.  I promised myself that before the night was over I would

take her doggie style.  Once Amy was settled between us, I joined

Angelica as we once again sucked and licked those luscious breasts.


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