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Archive-name: Fantasy/falang09.txt

Archive-author: T.F.Yank

Archive-title: Fallen Angel -  9

     "What's your name, sweetheart?" Angelica asked.

     "Amy," the girl replied.

     "That's a pretty name.  Just the kind of name I'd expect a pretty

girl like you to have," Angelica added as she put an arm around the

girl's shoulder.  Amy's body went rigid at the contact.  "My name is

Angel.  And that's Chris over there.  Now that we know each other's name,

we can become better acquainted."  Angelica traced an imaginary line

along the girl's thigh, from the knee to the edge of the tight shorts.

     "Please don't," Amy pleaded.

     "Don't?  Did you say, don't?" Angelica challenged.  "Maybe we should

turn around and go back.  I'm sure whoever that was in that alley will be

more than willing to return our money."

     "No!  Don't!  If I go back now, he'll beat the shit out of me."

     "He?  Who's he?"

     "Rick.  He's... er... He's my manager.  Please don't go back.  You

can touch me.  I don't mind, really.  I guess I'm just feeling a bit

nervous tonight."

     "You're new at this, aren't you?" Angelica asked, her hand returning

to the girl's thigh.

     "I've been around," Amy replied, defiantly.

     "I'm sure you have.  But working the streets isn't something you've

done for long, my sweet."

     "Doesn't matter how long I've been working the streets.  I know what

I'm doing.  I'll do you good, you'll see."

     "I'm sure you will," Angelica said.  I could hear the laughter in

her voice.  "Have you ever done it with another woman?"

     "Well...  I and this other girl, Cindy did a special show one time

at this party," Amy said, somewhat timidly.

     "Good, I'm glad to hear you're experienced," Angelica replied.

     "Well... It was mostly pretend.  But I'm a quick learner, really I

am," she added.

     "I hope so.  Why don't you kiss me?" Angelica suggested.  The girl

just sat there.  "Don't be afraid.  I don't bite. ... Much."

     Amy turned and, pressing her mouth hard against Angelica, kissed

her.  Angelica immediately pushed the girl away.  "No, not like that. 

Kiss me like you would want someone to kiss you.  Come on, try it again."

     Again Amy kissed the woman, and again she was pushed away.  "I'm

glad you told me you're a fast learner," Angelica said.  "Because you

certainly have a lot to learn.  Here, sit back, and let me show you how

to kiss properly."

     I watched them in the rear-view mirror.  Angelica turned in her seat

and leaned over to kiss the girl.  Her lips caressed the other's mouth. 

Her tongue ran lightly over the girl's lips.  Softly, she placed small

kisses over the girl's chin. mouth, and nose.  Slowly, Amy relaxed and

allowed herself to enjoy Angelica's attention.

     I saw the lights of the motel up ahead.  I glanced at the two women

and saw Angelica insert her tongue between Amy's parted lips.  I slowed

the car and turned into the motel's driveway.  I watched as Angelica

moved back against the door causing Amy to follow after her.  I pulled

into an empty parking spot, turned off the ignition, and waited for them.

     Gently breaking the kiss, Angelica pushed Amy away.  "Now that was

much better.  I'm really looking forward to see what else you can do with

that mouth.  But for now, we'll just wait here while Chris gets us a

room."  As I got out of the car, she called, "See if we can get the end

unit, my precious."

     I quickly rented the room Angelica had requested, and returned

outside.  I had found watching the two girls kiss a tremendous turn on. 

I was eager to be alone with the two of them.   I saw them standing

outside the end unit and hurried over.  Unlocking the door, I went in and

turned on the lights.  They followed me inside.

     "Not as nice as our room last night," Angelica said, closing the

door.  "But it will do."  Motioning me to her side, she added, "Come, my

precious.  Amy is about to reveal her charms for our enjoyment."  Amy

stood there, a confused look on her face.  "Now my sweet Amy, don't be

cruel.  We stand here, eager to see what you have to offer."

     Suddenly understanding, Amy raised her halter over her head.  I

sucked in my breath as her breasts, freed of restraints, jiggled

provocatively.  The palms of my hands itched to touch them.

     "Oh they are lovely, my sweet.  So full and firm.  We shall both

love touching and sucking them.  And now the shorts."

     Amy undid her belt, and pushed the shorts down over her hips. 

Angelica moved in front of me, and pressed back against me.  I wrapped my

arms around her, my hands engulfing her chest.  My eyes were riveted on

Amy, as she bent to step out of the shorts.  As she straightened, I had

my first unobstructed view of her golden triangle.

     My breath caught in my throat in response to her beauty.  A beauty

in direct contrast to Angelica's.  Where my angel was extremely pale

skinned with midnight black hair, Amy was well tanned (couldn't see any

tan lines) and totally blond.  Amy was about the same height as Angelica,

but bigger built, with larger breasts and fuller hips.

     "She is a beauty, isn't she?" Angelica said.  "Can you imagine your

face buried in those breasts?  That sensuous mouth engulfing your hard

shaft?  The supple thighs wrapped tight around your hips as you cock is

buried deep inside her hot pussy?"

     If Angelica thought such talk was necessary to get me aroused, she

was wrong.  Already my shaft strained against my pants.  My heart beat

rapidly as I tried to control my breathing.  I buried my face in her hair

as I continued to stare at Amy.

     Angelica twisted in my arms until she faced me.  She called the girl

over as she started pulling my shirt over my head.  I quickly got rid of

the shirt, and waited.  Angelica pressed her mouth against my nipple and

kissed it.  A shudder ran through me at her touch.  Amy stood close by

and watched.  Her mouth and tongue still playing with my nipple, Angelica

reached out for Amy and pulled her closer.  Placing one hand behind the

girl's head, she gently drew her to my chest.

     Amy figured out what Angelica wanted, and her mouth attached itself

to my other nipple.  I felt my nipples stiffen under the dual attack.  I

marvelled at the different texture of each set of lips and tongue. 

Angelica's was definitely the more experienced.  But I could not fault

Amy's.  My knees felt weak as I softly moaned.  This was definitely going

to be a night to remember.

     Again the pleasure I felt seemed to grow in leaps and bounds.  I

reached for Amy's breasts as she pressed them against my ribs.  I wanted

one of them in my mouth.  Hell, I wanted to cram both of them in my


     But Angelica had other ideas.  She stopped her tender torture of my

nipple and stepped back.  Placing her hands on Amy's shoulder, she gently

pushed the girl down on her knees.  Angelica then reached out and

unbuckled my belt.

     "Why don't you see what that bulge is?" she suggested to Amy.

     Amy did as suggested.  First, lowering the zipper, she then pushed

my pants down over my hips.  She pressed her mouth against the bulge,

only the thin cotton fabric of my briefs separating my rock hard cock

from her warm, sensuous lips.  She licked and sucked my shaft through my

briefs until the cloth was wet with her saliva.


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