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Archive-name: Fantasy/falang08.txt

Archive-author: T.F.Yank

Archive-title: Fallen Angel -  8

     I have no idea how long we were...  What was her word?  Joined? 

Yes, that's it.  I had no idea how long we were joined, but slowly, my

mind cleared through the consuming fires.  She stood before me, a bemused

smile on her face.  Her face.  It was normal, beautiful.  The face I had

fallen for the night before when I had first seen her in the mirror.  She

was once again my angel.

     I thought I must be going crazy.  Had I imagined it all?  The

discomfort of my erection, confined within my pants, was certainly not

imaginary.  I looked down at my chest and my heart skipped a beat.

     There they were-- two small holes just above the nipple.  Each

tinged a sick purple, obviously inflamed.  I quickly glanced at her,

expecting to see that monster.  But there only stood Angelica, sweet,

angelic, and beautiful.

     "Poor Christopher," she said.  "You are confused.  Don't worry, my

darling.  Soon you will get used to it.  Come, we must go.  I have had

but a small taste of that which I need, that which I crave.  They are not

in themselves the same thing.  But without either, I can not survive."

     I understood nothing of what she said.  It didn't matter.  I was

with my angel.  And whatever she wanted, she would have.  I followed her

back to my car.  Without further conversation, we drove away.

     Angelica sat at my side, her hand lightly on my thigh.  I was

finding it very difficult to concentrate on driving.  I wasn't even

paying attention to where we were going.  We were somewhere on Highway

103.  I tried to casually place a hand on her leg, but she simply placed

it back on the steering wheel.

     "Wait, precious.  Soon you will have more than you could possibly


     Feeling irritated, I snapped, "Yeah right.  Am I simply suppose to

drive around in circles all night, waiting for you to get in the mood?"

     She chuckled and told me to take the next exit.  The exit sign

indicated we were in Delston.  We must have been driving for about an

hour.  Once off the highway, she directed me to the older, shabby part of

the city.  I wondered how she knew her way around so well.  Maybe she

lived here.  It took me a moment to realize we had entered the 'red-

light' district.

     "Slow down," she urged.  "I've decided to allow you to select

tonight's entertainment," she said, rolling down her window and indicat-

ing the girls lounging along the street.

     While I had been to Delston several times, I'd never been in this

area.  The street seemed to be literally crowded with prostitutes.  It

was something out of a movie.  I slowed the car and watched the women as

we drove by.

     "They live such hollow lives, don't they?" she said softly.  "They

are the lost ones.  Cynical, frightened, they sell their bodies, even

their souls, to support their private Hell.  Whether that hell be some

abusive, uncaring man, or some soul sucking drug."

     "They are so lonely, so desperate, they give everything they have

for what little pleasure or sense of security they can find.  How alike

we are.  Well tonight, one of them will know, for a brief moment, the

ultimate happiness.  And the final solution to their petty problems. 

Pick one, my precious.  Pick one you find irresistible."

     I looked at each girl as we slowly continued along the street. The

fact that I had a woman in the car with me didn't seem to deter them from

hawking their wares.  Some were actually pretty, or at least would have

been if they weren't so tawdry.

     Suddenly, my eyes stopped on one standing back against a building. 

She was a small girl, blond and tanned.  Looked more like a college co-ed

than a hooker.  Dressed in a halter and tight shorts, she wasn't as

overly made up as some of the others.  I liked her clean looks.

     "Ah, she does look special, my precious," Angelica said.  "Shall I

call her over?"

     Without waiting for my reply, Angelica motioned to the girl.  The

girl glanced nervously to the left and right before awkwardly walking

over to the car.  It was obvious she was not comfortable in the high-

heels she wore.  It was also obvious she was frightened, as she kept

glancing back at the dark alley next to the building.

     As she neared the car, the frightened look was replaced by what she

must have thought was a seductive smile.  "Hi," she said, brightly.

     "We were thinking of having a party," Angelica told her.  "My friend

and I were wondering if you'd join us.?

     "Er... Sure," the young hooker said, her voice unsteady.  "We can go

around the back.  I have a room up on the third floor."

     "Actually, we were thinking more along the lines of going some place

private, and spending the night.  We'll make it worth your while,"

Angelica offered.

     "Well, I don't know...  I mean..."  She glanced back at the alley. 

"I'll give you a good party upstairs.  It's pretty private.  You don't

need to go anywhere else"

     "Maybe next time," Angelica said, motioning me to start driving.

     "No!  Wait," the girl cried out.  "Maybe I can.  I'll have to check

first and..."

     "You do that, sweetheart," Angelica said.  "But don't take too long,

the night is wasting."

     The girl hurried to the alley.  I couldn't see who she was talking

to, but the conversation seemed quite animated.  After a moment, she


     "It'll cost you extra.  I mean spending the entire night and all,"

she said.

     "And I'm sure you'll make it all worthwhile.  How much extra?"

Angelica asked.

     The girl mentioned a figure that caused me to let out a low whistle.

These girls made a pretty good living if that was what they normally

charged.  Angelica didn't flinch, and agreed to the price.

     "Er...  I gotta get the money up front," the girl said.  "Not that I

don't trust you or anything like that.  But..."

     Angelica opened her purse (I hadn't even noticed she had one),

counted out the money, and handed it to the young hooker.

      Once again the girl hurried to the alley.  We watched as she handed

the money to someone hidden in the shadows and then quickly hurried back

to the car.

     Angelica opened the car door and stepped out.  She indicted the girl

should get in first.  The girl hesitated, glanced back at the alley, and

then got in the car.  She slid over to make room for Angelica, and sat

staring straight ahead.  Once the three of us were the car, I started

driving.  Not really knowing why, I headed back to the highway.

     The girl became agitated.  "Where are you taking me?' she demanded.

     "It's okay, sweetheart," Angelica said.  "We're just going a couple

of miles.  You know the old motel out on the highway?"

     "You mean the Blue Swan?  The one near the truck stop?"

     "That's the one.  You ever been there?"

     "Once," the girl replied.  As we were squeezed together in the front

seat, I felt the shudder as it passed through her.


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