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Archive-name: Fantasy/falang07.txt

Archive-author: T.F.Yank

Archive-title: Fallen Angel -  7

     I appeared to be alone.  At least Angelica was no longer in bed with

me.  Carefully turning my head, I saw the bathroom door was open.  I

could neither see nor hear her.  Guess she took off.  I felt a pang of


     My groin area ached from the work-out it had received last night. 

Matter of fact, my whole body ached.  I felt as if I had just run a

marathon.  But God, she had been fantastic.  Even in my widest dreams, I

never imagined sex could be that good.

     I'd had my share of sex partners.  And Ellie and I had a great

physical relationship.  (Even if our emotional one was shit at the

moment).  But I'd never experienced such extreme physical enjoyment...

enjoyment?  Shit, more like pure, raw ecstasy.  Just the memory of last

night caused my penis to throb.

     I closed my eyes, and allowed my mind to re-experience the night's

events.  Once again, my angel's face hovered above me, her grey eyes

sucking at my soul.  Her firm, hard breasts caressing my chest, her tight

womb swallowing my being as I drowned in a sea of sweet, vibrant pleas-

ures.  And once again I fell into the blackness.


     My consciousness struggled to the surface, chasing away shadowy

images of a beautiful fallen angel.  My eyes opened slowly, fearful of

the brightness, only to find the room bathed in a soft, diffused light. 

The racket in my head had subsided to a tolerable dull roar.

     I was still alone.  My body felt limp, without energy.  But when I

moved, there was less discomfort than earlier.  Slowly I slid a leg off

the bed and onto the floor.  Pushing myself up into a sitting position, I

sat there, girding myself for the next step-- standing up.

     I was surprised at the way I felt.  I was numb, listless.  Just

standing seemed to take more effort than it was worth.  But somehow I

managed to get myself into the bathroom.

     After relieving a bloated bladder (which in itself was near

ecstasy), I stepped into the shower.  The blast of steaming hot water

seemed to help clear the cobwebs from my brain, but did little to

rejuvenate my sagging energy levels.

     Still feeling sluggish, I towelled off and returned to the other

room.  Looking around I saw someone had picked up my clothing, and having

neatly folded them, placed them on a chair.  My bag was where I had left

it last night near the door.  Grabbing the bag, I tossed it on the bed

and opened it.  Taking out a change of clothing, I got dressed.

     As I dressed, images of last night flashed through my consciousness.

My penis, fully erect, throbbed with pleasure.  As I pulled my pants on,

the confinement of my shaft became pure agony.  I briefly played with the

idea of jerking off.   And just as quickly, discarded it.  I wasn't some

pimply-face teen aged kid.  At last dressed, I headed down to my car. 

With no destination in ming, I drove away from the motel.

     Several cars driving in the other direction flashed their headlights

at me.  I suddenly realized the sun had set, and I had been driving

without being consciously aware of doing so.  I quickly turned on my car

lights, and tried to take my bearings.

     For a reason I could not fathom, I seemed compelled to drive in a

certain direction.  I did not spend much time trying to analyze the

compulsion, but simply went with it.  I drove by the old cemetery. 

Nowadays, it was more of a historical site.  There were few people still

alive who had relatives or loved ones buried here.  (Most of the burials

took place at the newer cemetery located on the other end of town.)

     I suddenly needed to park the car.  Again, I briefly wondered why

the sudden urge.  But as soon as the question appeared in my mind, it

disappeared.  Getting out of the car, I walked to the entrance.

     The next thing I knew, I was standing outside a large mausoleum. 

How I got there, I had no idea.  As I looked back to where I thought the

road was, I heard movement near by.

     Turning toward the sound, I saw her.  She was dressed exactly as she

had been the night before.  A burst of raw, animal passion surged through

me. God, I wanted her.

     "Ah, my precious Christopher.  At last you have come.  I was afraid

you would resist.  I am so weak this night.  But soon you will help me

with that.  And then later, we shall explore and feast together.  Come!"

she commanded, entering the mausoleum.

     I couldn't have refused her even if I thought to.  Like a dog who

smells a bitch in heat, I followed her eagerly into the building, waiting

for the chance to satisfy my lust.  The inside was dark.  I could just

barely see her.  I quickly moved to her, grabbed her in my arms and

smashed my mouth against hers.

     Her hands flew to my chest.  Her fingers fumbled with the buttons of

my shirt, only to realize they couldn't remove it that way.  (I had put

on one of those pull-over golf shirts.  You know the type with the three

or four buttons at the neck?)  Her hands tore at my shirt as she pulled

it from my pants.  She pushed me away from her as she raised it to my


     I had a fire burning between my legs.  I pressed my groin hard

against her stomach.  My hands left her and tore at my belt buckle.  I

glanced up at her expecting to see her tearing at her clothes, and froze.

     Her face!  It was changing.  God, I must still be drunk from last

night, I thought.  Her chin elongated, growing longer and more pointed. 

Her lips stretched in a sick smile, across her face as her mouth grew in

size.  And her teeth.  Those sweet, white pearls had suddenly become

ragged, cruel, with long, protruding canines.

     Her eyes change from the deep grey to a sickly, glowing yellow.  She

was a monster.  And I couldn't move or cry out.  My limbs no longer

obeyed me.  It was like I had suddenly become a prisoner within my own

body.  I could think.  But that was all I could do.

     "Ah, my precious.  Does my appearance distress you?" she hissed

through those hideous teeth.  "Have you never seen pictures of vampires

before?  Let me assure you, I am one of the least hideous.  But come, we

waste time.  I can feel my strength ebbing.  I know you're still weak

from our last joining, but I promise I will only take a little.  Just

enough for me to manage until we make other arrangements."

     Through no will of my own, my body moved closer to her.  I felt a

shiver as she caressed my bare chest.  She lowered her face to my breast

and her tongue lashed across my nipple.  Again, I felt the fire burn in

my groin.  My mind was screaming in terror, yet my body screamed for her


     Suddenly, I felt a cold stab of terrifying pain as she sank her

teeth into me.  And then, as it happened last night, (I wondered why I

had not remembered this happening last night until this moment.) my body

was consumed by the most exquisite physical ecstasy imaginable.


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