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Archive-name: Fantasy/falang06.txt

Archive-author: T.F.Yank

Archive-title: Fallen Angel -  6

     I inwardly winced at her blasphemy.  But I squirmed upward until

just my feet hung off the foot of the bed.  Anggie straddle my legs and

laid down on top of me.   Her head didn't quite reached my chin.  She

pressed her crotch against mine, rubbing her bush against my limp penis. 

I felt nothing.

     "I'm sorry.  Really I am.  But you are truly beating a dead horse,"

I said, trying to make light of the situation.  I really did feel bad. 

She had just given me the most extraordinary climax of my life.  And so

far, she had received nothing in return.  "Why don't you straddle my

face.  I can at least do for you what you did for me," I offered.

     "Don't sell yourself short.  Or for that matter, me.  You just need

a bit of rest, and maybe some stimulation.  I want the real thing.  I've

waited too many years for this.  I won't allow you to disappoint me."

     Anggie moved down to the middle of my thighs.  She placed her hands

on either side of my chest and pressed her body tightly against mine. 

She slowly rubbed her body against mine as she moved forward.  Her mouth

and tongue licked and kissed my flesh as she moved upward.  Her breasts

pressed hard against me.  And her stomach rubbed against my penis.  Once

she reached my upper chest, she reversed her direction and moved back

down my body.

     God, that felt good.  As she continued to move up and down my body,

the friction she was causing seemed to stimulate the nerve endings in my

chest, stomach and groin.  I was surprised to feel myself respond.  I

lightly wrapped my arms around her and allowed myself to drift in the

rising tide of pleasure I was feeling.

     Anggie moved upward slightly, until her vagina pressed against my

shaft.  Raising her upper body just a bit, only her breasts continued to

brush against me.  She continued her slow, titillating movements, using

her body to gently massage mine.

     I felt myself harden under the direct contact of her vagina.   So

did Anggie.  She squirmed a bit until her outer vaginal lips enfolded my

semi-erect shaft.  Her movements became more exaggerated as her vagina

slid up and down the length of my shaft.

     Once again my pleasure seemed to grow in large increments, almost as

if it was doubling and tripling with each passing moment.  My shaft, now

fully erect, jumped each time its tip slipped from the soft folds of her

slit and brushed against her thick bush.

     Soon I was moaning uncontrollably.  Anggie pushed herself up, and

with a deft movement of her hips, impaled herself on my shaft.  I groaned

with pleasure as she settled back, forcing my cock deep inside her.  I

arched my back, trying to push myself deeper still.

     "No!" she snapped, pressing my hips down.  "Let me do it.  Just lay

there and feel it.  Feel what no other woman can ever give you, my sweet

Christopher.  Feel, so I can feel."

     God, she was right.  No one had ever made me feel like this.  It was

like an addiction.  Each new plateau of pleasure left me wanting to go

higher.  Anggie again did something with her hips that caused a sudden

surge of raw pleasure to course through my body.  A continuous groan

escaped me, increasing in volume as she continued to torture me.  A

torture I never wanted to end.

     Anggie continued to ride me.  Sometimes so slowly that it seemed she

hardly moved at all, her vaginal muscles playing over my embedded shaft. 

Other times, she moved so rapidly, the room filled with the sounds of

flesh striking flesh as she slammed against me.

     Briefly, in the back of my mind, I wondered how much longer I could

take this.  I had never lasted this long before.  But such thoughts

disappeared as my senses were overloaded with the raw power of pleasure

she continually fed to me.

     But nothing lasts forever, no matter how much we want it too.  Once

again I felt the pressure building deep down in my center.  I could no

longer restrain my body, and my hips started to rise and fall with her

movements.  My hands dug into her and pulled her down on top of me.

     Anggie reached between us and grasped my shaft between her fingers. 

Raising herself until the tip of my shaft broke free, she pinched it hard

with her nails.  GOD!  THE PAIN!  My mind screamed in protest as I tried

to catch my breath.

     "Not just yet, my precious," she whispered, gently stroking my

shrinking shaft.  "I have not yet had my fill.  But soon, I promise you. 

Soon we shall join together in the ultimate physical pleasure.  Just be

patient a little bit more, my darling.  Just let your Angel feel a little

bit more."

     Less than gently, she stuffed my softened penis back in her love

box.  Again she started her torturous ride, as her vaginal muscles gently

squeezed and released my shaft.  God, I've never known anyone like her. 

Quickly the pain was replaced by pleasant sensations, and my shaft

hardened in response.

     Soon my whole body shivered with mind-numbing pleasure.  Anggie

again lowered her upper body so her dangling breasts lightly caressed my

chest.  Her rigid nipples burned across my sensitized skin, adding

further overloads to my nervous system.

     My body floated in space.  Each time I felt a part of her against

me, it was like a thousand volts of electricity passed through me.  Her

hands burned my skin as she raked her nails across my chest.  Her nipples

were like fiery brands, leaving charred flesh wherever they touched.  Her

slit was like a bed of coals, encasing my straining erection.

     I had passed beyond pleasure.  I had gone beyond pain.  My entire

body had turned into a gigantic cock.  My entire being was one continuous

orgasm, never diminishing, never ending.  Surely I had died, and my

angel, my sweet fallen angel had carried me off to some special heaven.

     I was moaning uncontrollably as Anggie pressed her mouth to my

breast, her tongue lashing against my nipple.  That proved to be the last

straw, as I felt my orgasm swell within my near bursting shaft.  This

time Anggie did not try to stop the inevitable.  Instead she started

nipping my chest and nipple with her teeth.  I was surprised that instead

of being painful, it only increased the pleasure I felt.

     Suddenly I felt her teeth sink into my flesh.  A searing pain

coursed through me as I screamed, "God damned bitch bit me!"  Then as

suddenly as the pain came, it left.  A pleasant burning sensation filled

me as my orgasm exploded.  All the mind-blowing pleasure I had experi-

enced up to that moment was nothing compared to pleasure I felt now.  The

intensity of the pleasure that shook my body was more than my mind could

take.  Suddenly, everything ceased to exist as my mind fell into total



     Slowly, I emerged from the blackness.  There was a high school

marching band clamouring around in my head.  And the Sahara desert had

moved into my mouth while I slept.  I groaned out loud as my head

suddenly realized it was hung-over.  

     Every muscle in my body protested as I tried to turn my head.  God,

I've never felt this bad after a drunk.  The dim glow of sunlight,

leaking in from around the curtains, seared my eyes.  I shut them tight

in pain.  Slowly, I opened them to mere slits and found I could just

tolerate the brightness.


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