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Archive-name: Fantasy/falang05.txt

Archive-author: T.F.Yank

Archive-title: Fallen Angel -  5

      A searing spasm of pleasure flared in my crotch as she sucked it as

if it was a cock.  All too soon she stopped and let my leg fall to the

floor.  She grabbed my other leg, and after removing the shoe and sock,

lightly ran her tongue along the sole of my foot.  Another spasm shook my


     "Lay back and lift your other leg," she said.

     I leaned back, supporting myself on my elbows so I could watch her,

and lifted my leg.  She grabbed the cuffs of each pants leg and pulled. 

To help her, I lifted my hips, and she pulled my pants free.  She looked

down at my body, naked except for my briefs.  Seeing my erection strain-

ing against the material, she smiled.

     My eyes drank in her beauty.  Her hair, still messed from our

previous romp, gave her a wild, wanton look that set my blood boiling.  I

watched, mesmerized, as her hands unbuttoned her dress.  As she shrugged

it off her shoulders, it fell to the floor, revealing her slender body.

     As she reached behind to unclasp her bra, my breath caught in my

throat as her covered breasts were thrust forward by her movements. 

Teasingly, she crossed her arms across her chest, as she slipped the bra

straps off each shoulder.  Slowly, she lowered her arms, exposing her

small, firm breasts.

     My hungry eyes devoured her body, naked except for the lacy panties

that hid her love box from my view.  God, I was horny.  I wanted to suck

and lick those dark nipples until they were rigid with desire.  I wanted

to bury my face in that hot, moist cleft between her legs until she

shivered with delight.  I wanted to grab her and fuck her right there on

the floor, until she cried for release.

    As if sensing my desire, she said, "Patience, Chris.  The waiting

will just make it that much better."  Her hands cupped her breasts as if

offering them to me.  Her fingers tweaked those succulent nipples, and I

felt my testicles constrict in response.

     I watched as her hands caressed and teased flesh that I wanted so

much to touch.  I groaned as I watched her hand slip beneath her panty to

finger her vagina.  I was going crazy with desire.

     Anggie turned her back to me, and lowered her panties, revealing the

twin globes of her buttocks.  Leaning over at the waist, she grasped her

nether cheeks and spread them, revealing the small brown rosette that was

her rectum.  Playfully, she slapped each cheek, causing them to jiggle.

     I struggled to a sitting position.  I had no more patience.  All I

had was lust, hot, demanding lust.  She had no right to tease me like

this.  I had to have her.  And nothing was going to stop me.

     Suddenly I was pushed back down on the bed.  Anggie stood at the

foot of the bed.  I wondered ho she could have moved so fast.  Hands on

hips, a scowl on her face, she stared at me.

     "I said patience.  Don't rush things."

     "Please," I whimpered.  "I can't take much more.  I need you badly."

     The scowl changed to a smile.  "You want me?" she teased.

     "God, yes," I replied."

     Anggie knelt between my legs.  My body arched upward at the touch of

her hands on my thighs.  Again, I had a brief sensation of being touch by

something clammy and cold.  But this quickly passed, as her hands seemed

to burn into my flesh.

     "Tell me how much you want me," she said.

     "I want you more than anything," I managed to gasp as her hands

lightly caressed my aching shaft through my briefs.

     "More than money?  More than happiness?  More than Ellie?  More than


     "Yes.  Yes!  Yes, more than anything," I cried out, the urgency of

my desire becoming more than I could bear.

     Her fingers played at the waistband of my briefs, as she asked,

"Would you do anything for me?"

     "Yes," I whimpered.

     "Would you follow me anywhere?  Be my slave, Chris?"

     "Yes, I'd do anything you wanted.  Please Anggie, I'm in pain."

      Slowly, she pulled on the waistband, drawing it down over my hips. 

My erection sprang upward, once freed of its constraints.  She reached

out and grasped it with both hands.  Her touch burned.  I've never known

such intense pleasure in my life.

     "Would you kill for me?  Would you die for me?"

     "Y-Y-Y-E-SSSSSSSSSS!" I screamed as her tongue flicked across the

tip of my penis.  God, the pain... the pleasure... I wasn't sure which. 

All I knew was I didn't ever want her to stop.

     Her tongue traced a line down the underside of my erection.  She

licked my scrotum and then gently took one sac into her mouth.  While her

lips tightly closed around it, her tongue continued to lash the tender

nut, sending searing waves of pleasure/pain along every nerve ending in

my body.

     "Please, Angel.  I can't take much more.  If you don't let up, I

won't have any control left," I begged.

     In answer, she sucked hard on the testicle in her mouth, causing me

to again groan in pleasant agony.  Releasing her hold on me, she lifted

her head and looked at me.

     "Don't worry, my precious Christopher.  I want you to come.  Take

the edge off.  That way we'll be able to able to enjoy a slower fuck. 

And not have to worry about you becoming too excited."  With that, she

took my bursting erection into her warm, moist mouth.

     Her eyes never left mine as her mouth tormented me.  Her hands

caressed my scrotum, squeezing and pulling the now tight flesh.  My hips

started a counter-rhythm to her movements, causing the tip of my cock to

strike the back of her throat each time she swallowed me completely.

     I felt my scrotum tighten further as the pressure became even more

unbearable.  I could feel my cum slowly force its way upward.  Finally,

in a searing, blazing nova of pure physical pleasure, I threw my head

back and screamed as I erupted into her hot mouth.

     Her mouth continued to suck my throbbing shaft as it pumped shot

after shot of hot cum against the back of her throat.  Finally, my

thrashing sub-sided, and I could feel my penis grow limp.  But she

continued to suck it until I was forced to beg her to stop.

     Almost reluctantly she released me.  Some of my cum had dribbled

down her chin.  Smiling, she wiped her mouth and her chin with her

fingers.  "That was good.  And it's going to be even better the second

time," she said, getting to her feet.  Moving around to the side of the

bed, she said, "Move up on the bed."

     My body was drained.  There wasn't an ounce of strength left.  I

can't ever remember being so totally sated before in my life.  I really

didn't want to disappoint her, but I was sure there was no way I'd ever

get it up again tonight.  All I really wanted to do was sleep.

     Anggie knelt on the bed, and, grabbing my shoulders, shook me. 

"Come on, move up.  We've only just started.  Don't quit on me now."

     "I'm sorry, Angel.  God knows I want to.  But while the mind is

willing, the flesh is dead."

     "And the dead shall rise with the second coming.  Just move up a bit

and I'll prove to you that your real name is Lazarus," she teased.


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