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Archive-name: Fantasy/falang04.txt

Archive-author: T.F.Yank

Archive-title: Fallen Angel -  4

     I couldn't believe the feelings of pleasure I felt.  I was like a

rutting animal, the heat between my legs consuming me.  I attacked her

breasts, sucking in mouthfuls of the firm flesh.  My tongue lashed across

her nipples, my teeth lightly nipping them until I felt them harden.

     I sank to my knees, pulling her down with me.  My hands slipped

beneath the hem of her dress and searched upward.  They found the

waistband of her panties, and pulled them down.  I pushed her backward

until she lay on the ground beside me.  I pushed up the bottom of her

dress, exposing her nakedness.

     I lightly ran my hand over her thighs.  I ran my fingers through the

thick mass of pubic hair covering her mound.  My blood was boiling in my

veins as I lowered my face between her legs and nuzzled the bush with my

mouth.  I parted the hair, exposing her vagina.  Running a finger along

the edge of her outer lips, I gently blew on the tender flesh.

     "Y-y-yessss-s-s-s," Anggie moaned as she arched her back.  Raising

her hips upward, she spread her legs further apart.  Her hands entwined

themselves in my hair, and firmly pressed my face against her vagina.  I

responded by spreading her outer vaginal lips and running my tongue along

the length of the inner lips.

     Once again I seemed to be gripped by a sexual frenzy.  My pleasure

seemed to increase dramatically the more I tried to return the pleasure

to her.  My penis ached within its confinement.  As I stabbed my tongue

deep within her vaginal channel, tiny shocks ran up and down my shaft.

     "Stop!  Chris, stop.  Someone is coming."

     As quickly as my passion had come, it left me.  I was dazed and

confused by the sudden change in feelings.  I looked up at Anggie to see

her sitting up.

     "Help me with this," she commanded, indicating her bra.  I scrambled

to my feet and refastened the bra behind her back.  She moved to her

knees and pulled up her panties.  She stood and rebuttoned the front of

her dress.  Giving her dress a brief brushing, she held out a hand to me.

"Come, we have to leave here."

     Still dazed by the sudden turn of events, I slowly got to my feet. 

She grabbed my hand and pulled me after her.  Once again we were swal-

lowed up by the darkness of the trees.

     Soon we were back on the street in front of the entrance to the

park.  Anggie started walking in what I thought was the direction of the


     "We have to get you somewhere to stay tonight.  Did you have place

in mind?"

     I answered no, that I hadn't really thought about it.

     "There's a decent motel not far from here.  It's not the best, but

it's clean.  And not too expensive.  Why don't we get you checked in


     I had no objections.  I needed someplace to stay.  The motel would

be as good as anywhere else.  I suggested we get my car as it had my

luggage.  Anggie led us back to the restaurant where I located the car. 

Following her directions, we soon arrived at the motel.  Parking in front

of the office, we went inside.

     The desk clerk looked up as we entered, and eyed us suspiciously. 

Shit, I swore silently.  I could imagine what we looked like-- Anggie's

hair was a mess, and I looked as if I had rolled in a garbage dumpster. 

Trying to look like I knew what I was doing, I asked for a room.

     "We don't rent rooms by the hour," the clerk snapped.

     "I'm glad to hear that.  My wife and I were hoping to stay a few

days.  Had some car trouble earlier.  And right now I just want to get

out of these clothes and into a nice hot shower."

     The clerk still looked sceptical.  "We are pretty busy this time of

year.  If you expect to stay several days, you'll need to reserve the

rooms now."

     "No problem," I answered, taking out my wallet.  "Here's my credit

card.  Might as well run it through the machine," I said, tossing my AmEx

Gold card on the counter.

     At the sight of the card, and with the promise of several night's

bookings, the clerk's attitude suddenly changed.  "Right away, sir," he

said, getting up.  "And how many nights would you care to reserve for?"

     "Might as well make it for two, I guess.  What do you think,

sweetheart?" I asked Anggie, trying not to laugh out loud.

     She smiled and said, "Well, maybe we should just make it for one

night.  You never know what the rooms are like in a place like this."

     "I assure you, madam, our rooms are spotless, and very comfortable,"

the clerk said, as if to suggest otherwise was an insult.

     "I'm sure they are," I said.  "Book us one of your better rooms for

two nights to start.  We'll let you know tomorrow, if we intend to stay


     "That'll be Room 215, Sir.  Take the center staircase and turn right

at the top of the stairs.   You'll find an ice machine at the end of the

corridor, as well as vending machines.  The snackbar is closed right now.

But it opens at six in the morning, if you're interested in breakfast.

     Thanking him, and taking the key, we practically ran from the

office.  We both started laughing uncontrollably by the time we got to

the car.  I moved it closer to the stairs, and retrieving my bag, we

headed up to our room.

     Upon arriving at the room, I unlocked the door and waited for Anggie

to entered.  She motioned me to go first.  Thinking she was afraid, I did

so and turned on the lights.  I tossed my bag on the floor near the bed. 

Turning around I was surprised to see her still standing outside.

     Suddenly I was afraid that she wasn't going to spend the night with

me.  Walking to the door, I said, "Well, I guess..."

     "Are you going to invite me in?" she asked.

     Was she afraid I didn't want her?  "Yes.  Please enter my humble

abode," I said with a low bow.

     Anggie smiled and walked into the room.  Standing in the center, she

slowly turned around, checking out the room.  "Not bad," she said.  "It

looks clean.  Guess we'll just have to find out how comfortable it is."

     I moved to her and took her in my arms.  She raised up on her tip-

toes and pressed her mouth to mine.  Suddenly, I felt the return of my

passion.  My hands flew to the buttons on her dress and started to

unbutton them.

     "No," she commanded, pushing me away.  "First you."  And with that

she pushed my jacket off my shoulders.  As it dropped to the floor, she

moved to the buttons on my shirt.  I tried to help her, but she pushed my

hands away.  Freeing my shirt from my pants, she slipped it off.  Her

hands moved to my belt and unbuckled it.

     She pushed me backward until I stood at the foot of the bed.  She

pressed down on my shoulders until I sat on the bed.  Then she bent and

caught a leg in her hands.  Lifting it, she removed my shoe and sock.

     I watched her undress me and found it excited me.  Glancing at me

from under her lashes, Anggie smiled and raised my bare foot to her

mouth.  Her tongue flicked out and licked my big toe.  Involuntarily, my

foot jerked at the touch.  Slowly, she took it in her mouth and started

sucking on it.


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