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Archive-name: Fantasy/falang03.txt

Archive-author: T.F.Yank

Archive-title: Fallen Angel -  3

     Anggie reached for a napkin and gently wiped the tears from my face.

"Seems to me, it was a matter of pride and ego getting in the way.  I'm

sure if you went back and apologised, you'd find Ellie is just as

miserable as you."

     "I can't go back.  She's there with Karen, her queer lover," I said,

surprised by the bitterness in my voice.

     "Now you're not being fair.  You assume that because she and this

Karen were once lovers, she meant to sleep with her to spite you.  Ellie

was probably as hurt as you, and just wanted to be with someone who


     I knew Anggie was probably right.  But still, I couldn't face Ellie.

Not with Karen there, not tonight.  I said as much to Anggie.

      "Well, you'll need some place to stay tonight.  You can't very well

sleep in your car.  I'd invite you home with me, but I don't think you

and my roommates would appreciate one another.  Least, not just yet."

     She had actually considered me staying with her tonight?  I felt a

stirring between my legs at the idea of sleeping with her.  And then

promptly chastised myself for having such lewd thoughts.  I mean, she was

just concerned about me and only trying to be helpful.  And here I was

thinking of her as if she was some kind of whore.

     Again, I felt myself blush.  To avoid looking at her, I quickly

drained the last of the coffee.  The touch of her fingers on my hand

burned stronger.  I had this sudden urge to hold her in my arms and kiss

her.  I could almost feel her mouth pressed tight against mine.

     "Why don't we take a walk?" she asked.  "The fresh air will do you


     I raise a hand to my lips.  The feel and taste of her luscious lips

seemed as real as if we had actually kissed.

     "Come on, let's go," she said, standing.

     As if enthraled, I followed her to the cashier and paid for the

coffees.  We left the restaurant and started to walk.  I had no idea

where we were, but she seemed to know the neighborhood.

     After walking several blocks, we found ourselves at an entrance to a

park.  I hesitated, not feeling comfortable going in there at night.

     As if she read my thoughts, she said, "Come on.  It's safe.  I quite

often come here alone at night."  Feeling a bit foolish, I followed her.

     Once we entered the park, it became darker, blacker.  The street

lights were blocked by the trees.  I could just barely make out her

silhouette.  She took hold of my hand and led us deeper into the park.

     Suddenly she stopped.  As if getting her bearings, she stood

absolutely still for a moment.  "This way," she said as she plunged into

the trees.

     I stumbled after her, trying not to run into a tree or bush.  How

she could see in all this blackness amazed me.  I was about to ask her to

slow down when we came to a clearing.

     God, it was beautiful.  A small lake... well actualky it was more

like a large pond... stood in the center of the clearing.  A full moon

filled the area with brightness that gave everything a silvery glow.  As

I looked at Anggie, her pale, translucent skin seemed to grow brighter.

     "Isn't it beautiful here?" she asked, staring up at the moon.

     While she described the beauty of nature around us, I only saw her. 

I had been so taken by her angelic face and those mysterious grey eyes, I

hadn't really noticed the rest of her.

    She was slender, but not skinny.  She came up to about my chin.  I

figured that made her about 5'6".  Her midnight black hair cascaded

softly to just below her shoulders.  Small, pert breasts, a narrow waist,

and slender, almost boyishly narrow hips sat atop a pair of long, shapely


     She was still talking as I reached out a hand to cup her face.  As

she turned to me, I leaned down and brushed my lips softly against hers. 

When she did not move away, I pressed my mouth tighter against her.  Her

lips partly slightly, and I took this as my cue to slip my tongue into

her warm, moist mouth.

     It was as if I was kissing a live, electrical wire.  A current of

excitement coursed through my body.  I felt her melt against me, as she

wrapped her arms around my neck.  Her tongue met mine, and again I felt

an electric charge pass between us.

     Suddenly it was if I was caught in some kind of weird feedback loop.

An intense pleasure seemed to pass between us, increasing in strength

with each cycle.  The world receded from my awareness, replaced by her

warm body, tightly pressed against mine.

     One hand pressed tightly against the back of her head, the other

moved down across her back until it came to rest on her firm buttocks.  I

was surprised at the hardness of her as I gently kneaded one nether cheek

through the fabric of her dress.  She reciprocated by dropping a hand to

my waist and pulling me tighter against her stomach.  My penis, now fully

erect, tingled with the contact.

     I was finding it very difficult to breath.  It was if she was

sucking the air from my lungs.  Her tongue filled my mouth completely,

searching, exploring.  I experienced a mixture of relief and regret when

she finally broke our kiss.

     I felt a shiver run through her body as she buried her face in my

chest.  Still caught in that feedback loop, I, too, shivered.  I nuzzled

my face in her hair, an earthy aroma filling my nostrils.   Sheepishly,

realizing my hand still grasped her buttock, I moved it up to the small

of her back.

     I stood very still, not daring to move for fear of breaking the

spell that bound us.  When Anggie finally broke our embrace and moved

away, my heart skipped a beat.  It was as if suddenly I had lost a part

of me.  Involuntarily, I reached out to her and drew her back into my


      She looked up into my face and smiled.  The moonlight, reflected in

her eyes, made them seem shiny, feverish.  Her lips appeared swollen as

if our kiss had in some manner abused them.  Her hand caressed my cheek,

leaving a burning trail in its path.

     "Oh Chris, that was beautiful," she said softly.  "I haven't felt

like that in a long, long time."

     I lightly kissed her forehead in response.  She grasped my face and

tilted it downward until our lips brushed.  Thinking she wanted me to

kiss her again, I pressed my mouth against hers.

     But I was wrong.  She pressed my head further downward.  My lips

brushed against her throat.  My tongue lightly licked the skin in the

small hollow at the base of her neck.  I traced the outline of her

collarbone, first in one direction, and then in the other.

     I felt her hand push its way between us.  I moved to give her room,

all the while maintaining my contact with her throat.  I could feel her

unbuttoning the top of her dress.  My mouth and tongue moved down to the

newly exposed skin, licking and kissing the creamy flesh.

     Suddenly impatient with her slowness, I pushed the top of her dress

down over her shoulders.  I marvelled at the whiteness of her exposed

skin.  Reaching behind her, I undid the clasps holding her bra.  I pushed

the straps down over her shoulders, and roughly pulled her breasts free

of the confining cups.


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