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Archive-name: Fantasy/drnikki.txt


Archive-title: Dr. Nikki's Sperm Pool

     It is the year 6969.  A race of a-sexual humanoid creatures from

another galaxy have declared war on all earthlings and all forms of life

treaty-ed to the earhtlings.  Inter-Galactic Inteligence has uncovered a

plot by the enemy to engage in germ warfare.  They are allegedly

researching and plan to release a germ that will travel through space

and attack the male population causing thier genitalia to wither and

rot.  It is estimated that in a full scale attack approximately 84.3

per-cent of the male population will be decimated. 

     In an attempt to perpetuate the race it has been decided that all

males will report on a daily basis to a designated sperm collection

point.  At these locations they will be quickly tested for any ailments

or deseases that may affect their sperm.  Those males with healthy

spearm will then make 2 deposits which will go into the sperm storage

facility for retrieval use by females participating in the rebuilding of

the race after the germ has run it's course been eliminated.

     All sperm collected at these locations is double checked for

health, sanitation, and quality.  It is then added to the sperm storage

facility.  The storage facilty consist of several 500 gallon tanks in

which the sperm will be collected.  It has been decided that mixing all

the sperm in huge tanks will not only provide for easier storage but

also maintain the excitement of surprise for those women who will

rebuild the human race after the war.  This will also effectively

eliminate any racial lines as all races will be mixed into one giant

gene poole.

     Dr. Nicole lickmebitch was in charge of one such facility and is

assited by a staff of 14 nurses.  The entire staff works as a tightly

knot team and Dr. Lickmebitch prefers to be called Nicki.  In the past 9

weeks of operation Nikki's team has collected 1500 gallons of sperm for

the project.  It has been an exceptionaly busy day and the team has

finished collection for today and are filling al the final paperwork to

prepare to go home.  

     Nikki was walking through the storage room checking

everything before closing assitted by nurse Jenni.  Jenni was used to the

fact that once the men are gone and the doors are closed and locked Dr.

Nikki liked to relax and kick of her shoes, unbutton her blouse and

remove her bra, walking around the facility with her top open.  "why

don't you slip off that uncomfortable nurses work gown and just walk

aroudn in your slip, it's just us girls, no one will mind" suggested Dr.

nikki.  Jenni said she was comfortable enough and tried to avoid the

question but Dr. Nikki pressed the issue until Jenni finally admitted

that she was not wearing any underwear.  Dr Nikki giggled at that saying

"oh you dirty gal you, not that it would realy matter as it's still just

us gals but I understand just the same." 

      When they were done checking

all the locks and the settings on the storage room environment controls

and the like the headed back the the front office.  Dr. Nikki paused on

the catwalk and looked down into the vats of sperm for a few minutes.

Nurse Jenni stood quietly as she knew the Doctor frequently stopped to

think.  The Doctor was a very pensive woman.  She turned to Jenni and

said "I've been having this recurring dream at night where I find myself

swimming nude in all that sperm down there."  Jenni giggled, "that would

be an interesting sight Doctor."  "I might try it sometime." Dr. Nikki

replied.  Jenni thoght the doctor was joking as the doctor frequently

made dirty jokes around the nurses.  PLaying along Jenni responded "well

this is your agency Doctor, you can do as like with it.  you could

always go in the scrub room and clean your self off.  You would need to

shave your pubic hair to prevent contamination of the sperm as well."

All very clinical as if to play with a joke.  "Sounds good, I'm gonna do

it"  The Dr. said.  

     Jenni was sure she was joking and followed her

towards the scrub room.  On the way the Doctor started stripping her

clothes.  Jenni was beginning to get nervous as the Doctor got naked.

In the scrub room the Doctor grabbed a surgical razzor and hooped in the

shower.  "Why don't you join me Jenni?"  she yelled over the noise of the

shower.  Unsure what to think Jenni just said "No thank you."  Dr. Nikki

emerged from the shower clean and shaven bare.  She walked out the door

straight for the storage room.  Jenni's eyes widened and she followed.

In the storage room Dr. Nikki walked out across the catwalk, blew Jenni

a kiss and dived right in, head first into a 500 gallon tank of sperm.

     Jenni dropped the Doctors clothes she was holding and gasped.  The

doctor came up with a gasp for air and yelled "some on in, it's great,

better than I dreamed!"  Jenni just stood there shocked and watched as

the docotr swam around.  After a few minutes Dr. Nikki swam over to

Jenni, climbed out fo the tank with sperm clinging to her entire body

and told Jenni to join her.  Jenni shook her head but Dr. Nikki could

tell she was considering it.  "It's intoxicating, it's incredible,

you've got to join me!!!" she said.  Jenni just stood there looking at

the doctors body covered in sperm, especially at her shaven crotch and

licked her lips.  Dr. Nikki waited no longer for a resopnse and

unbuttoned Jenni's dress dropping it to the floor.  Jenni was indeed

wearing no underwear and her pubic hair was already clean shaven.  Less

work for the doctor!  

     Dr. Nikki grabbed Jenni by the arm jumped back in

the tank dragging her in with her.  The both came up laughing and began

swimming around.  Jenni started taking mouthfulls of the sperm and

squiting it at Dr. Nikki just as you would in a pool with the water.

Dr, nikki splashed sperm back at her.  The other nurses heard all the

comotion and wondered what the noise was.  They came into the room to

be shocked by the sight of Dr. Nikki and Jenni swimming around nude in a

tank full of sperm.  THey did not knwo what to do.  They just stared.

Dr. nikki saw them and yelled to them "Go scrub up and join us!  and

don't forget to shave your pubic hair!  we don't want to contaminate the

sperm!!"  The nurses just hesitated.  "That's an order!!" Dr. nikki

yelled.  The Nurses moved slowely to the scrub room.  They all scrubbed,

shaved and returned to the sperm tanks where they jumped in and began

swimming with the doctor.  

     They were playing in the sperm, splashing,

dunking each other, getting out and diving in.  It was sticking to their

bodys, it was clinging to their hair.  They loved every minute of it.

After about an hour they were all calming down and relaxing.  Jenni was

hanging on the side of the tank next to Dr. Nikki.  "Thank you!  All I

needed was that little encouragement live my dream"  Dr. nikki said and

she leaned over and kissed Jenni right on the lips.  Jenni had never

been kissed by a woman before but she did not pull away.  Instead she

put her arms around Nikki and sent her tongue probing in Nikki's mouth

for her tongue.  Dr. Nikki enjoyed this response and continued by

caressing Jenni's body.  Something in the sperm must have intensly

aroused them because all the nurses began kissing each other and

caressing each other.  Dr. Nikki climbed up and sat on the side of the

tank and Jenni moved in between her legs.  She spread the doctors legs

and then carfully began licking all the sperm from her thighs and crotch

and then bagan probing the depths of Nikki's love tunnle wiht her

tongue.  Nikki layed down on the catwalk and another nurse climbed out

and stradle Nikki's face lowering her own sperm soaked crotch right onto

Nikki's mouth.  Soon all the women were in a long chain, licking the

sperm from each others warm wet pussy's.  They carefully licked every

drop of sperm from each others bodies and then they made love for hours.

They decided the catwalk was too hard and cold and moved the fun to the

offices where they strechted out on the couches and made love for

hours.  They fingered each other, they licked each other, they nibbled

their nipples, they fingered and licked their asses.  Three of the

nurses produced vibrators from their purses and they took turns fucking

each other with the vibrators.   

     After several hours they decided it was

time for them all to go to their separate homes.  All but Nikki and

Jenni.  Nikki took Jeni home with her and they lived, worked and made

love together for the rest of their lives.  And they took many more dips

in the sperm tanks after work together and with the other nurses.


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